YLYLNon-Holla Forums edition

YLYLNon-Holla Forums edition

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>>835390658>the white stuff is clorox

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>>835389990Why did someone put Hair on the boy to make it look like a girl does that make it worse?

>>835390921If true, how does it lessen the theme?

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>>835390875is this real

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>>835391300no, its an episode of south park.

>>835391300No worries, prosthetic. The laws of nature are still that much intact.

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Fucking stupid 2MB limit.

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That's my dump and here's my wipe. Later tards.

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>>835391968This artist is the biggest faggot. How many disks does he suck

>>835390555Took me a second but that got dark quick. Also, nice trips.

>>835392383hating stonetoss can only mean one of three things youre a nigger a faggot or mentally ill

>>835393081And, you're all three.

>>835393211only in spirit, I cant take cock nearly as well as you. and dont make fun of the gays that makes you a nazi like stonetoss


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>>835390555finally, a funny family circus!


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>>835390713this isn't the image of women hiding inside of jet planes

>>835390875>>835391300someone doesn't know how biology works, you can't even mate with a chimp


>>835393961Jews have been pushing crossbreeding for a while now

>>835391300It is biologically impossible for a human to produce offspring with a different genus. I had this same argument with some idiot one time who insisted it's possible for a human to impregnate a pitbull. I told him go ahead and try.

>>835394664your telling me your a genus? i think your a retard

>>835391048It makes it better

>>835390975I just noticed, what the fuck.

>>835391459I'm really glad I don't look like that guy.


>>835392209It's a giant pain in the dick.

>>835391939fuckin died

>>835393884Nigga you off by 9

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>>835393884FUCKING LOST

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>>835391736Did nothing wrong.


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>>835393961*SuccessfullyYou most definitely can try

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>>835393961Then explain blacked.com.

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>>835398400Did he really? I already knew he was based, but...

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>>835389825That isn't funny in any way.

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>>835399135>>835399173>>835399202This is an odd new trend in memes.

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>>835398582And what they're doing in Minneapolis happened because cops murder unarmed people with impunity. Those actions have consequences too

>>835393277>that makes you a Nazi like stonetossGod I wish I was as BASED as Lord stonetoss. Eat a dick and die you faggot pedocrat tranny.

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>>835399551>mourning the loss of a drug fucked criminal welfare leachKYS

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>>835398493Lost. I must kek


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>>835399508>>835399542>>835399601>>835399616>>835399645It's the same exact joke 5 times in a row

>>835399764Hmmm... you're right.

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>>835397507>This user knows

>>835399764bruh im trying to help itmilhouse ftw

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>>835399956So is drinking the trucker piss a fetish? You know you can purchase meth right? Its pretty cheap

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>>835399256never drop character.

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>>835399819what's your deal with piss OP?

>>835399312>trend in memes.>be me>retard middle schooler humor>think drink pee is hilarious>rotfl lmfao

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>>835400147Just a funny concept to explore.

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why are you faggots talking about piss..... gtfo

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>>835399663Reminder that white people tax the welfare system and do drugs significantly more than black people could ever hope to

>>835394664You won’t be laughing when I finally have a litter of lion children ready to ATTACK

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>>835400389where's the joke?

>>835398599I just google 2 girls blond army blowjob behind the scenes and usually find it

>>835391300That's the ManBearPig.

>>835390942If you've never worn your cum sock, you are not a true Holla Forumstard.

>>835398493Good dad right there

>>835400243"drugs? no thanks I'll have drugs"what's the joke here?

>>835400307Lost. Lost bad...

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Boo hoo. Peepee poopoo

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>>835392383You cannot swallow disks dummy.

>>835399645So what you’re saying is I can get high from drinking pee? Man, to think that I’ve been spending money on weed all this time.

>>835400690not just any pee... pee from Drug users. You can eat mushrooms and then drink your pee and trip again tomorrow

>>835392383Confirmed cuck.

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>>835400762sounds like something a poor person would do. I just buy regular drugs

>>835399217its a doll dumbshit

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>>835400818these jokes aren't landing

>>835400456it's funny cause it's true

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>>835400843I never met a rich shaman.

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>>835398400Is this for real? I knew I liked this guy kek

>>835400937How much money does it take to be rich, in your mind?


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>>835400359*And molest kids

>>835400869They land just fine.

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>>835390773>underrated file name


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>>835398493should have sold the pc, and killed his kid

>>835391300Are you legitimately retarded. Like really. Are you mentally handicapped?

>>835401004To have a car and home and family. Check check and check.

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>>835401266Ironically this is the story as it turns out- just chemically instead of by force

>>835389990That's why I always hated it when my dad worked from home


>>835389825Clearly staged for shock value.

>>835395442Peak genius of computation right here

>>835398909Based Roman

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>>835398909MuH tEn ThOuSaNd

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>>835391939Imagine the smell

>>835391968If only there was a way to test a person's blood before donating. Oh wait there is. Dumb comic is dumb

>>835392341Nice jim Jefferies joke that he stole from his school days

>>835393081Or the comics are unfunny bullshit

>>835398400Mcafee is pretty funny

>>835390975makes it sexy

>>835401954Ah, clearly a nigger faggot. From outer space, perhaps?

>>835399764Its stupid too. American truck drivers all get random UA's now. The methed out trucker scene ended decades ago.

>>835401890They still ask to avoid risk. Sometimes viral loads can be low enough to be difficult to detect, yet high enough to infect someone. If you knew anything about anything you wouldn't sound so stupid all the time

>>835400014Plz..... No

>>835401954If you're a gay jew, maybe

>>835399764I like it. Hope it catches on like that fisting fags bear amputee shit.

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>>835393961we've had more success with less genetically similar species. Chimps, Bonobos and humans can certainly cross-breed. Some research team in china had succesfully impregnated a female chimp with human sperm, but apparently the goverment shut the project down and the pregnant chimp died due to mistreatment and negligence before she could give birth.And no, all humans (even chinese) descend from Homo Erectus. No "niggers are chimp descendants" racist bs has any real ground.

>>835391079genetic encoding comes up at around 8 - 10mb, and being that haploid cells only have half, i'd say this is fairly inaccurate.


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>>835392383aww, user got his fee fees hurt

>>835401752its not in the toe now is it?

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>>835390773She has two boobs and it would be a shame if she got off balance.

xddxdxdxddddddxd lol lmao

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>>835400539>When you put on the cum sock but keep it on because its still the cleanest sock you can find.

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>>835400359Probably because there’s a shitload more white people than blacks? Cope harder, melanin enthusiast.

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>>835398740Kek but ew

>>835391537funnier without the text


>>835389825Fuck you Holla Forums time

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>>835393961>>835394664>blogs scientificamerican /primate-diaries/stalins-ape-man-superwarriors/

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>>835392209that's some lil rascals shit right there.

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>>835391968I Mean,that is a stupid rule. When it was put into place it was thought only gays get HIV and we know that's bullshit.

>>835400111check'd and based

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>>835403785wtf why?

>>835401848Fun fact: burning flesh smells almost exactly like burning hair. That is to say, fucking nasty.

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>>835402692I would very much like to read about the Chinkpanzee. Do you have any links?

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>>835404277it smells sweeter like when someone with the flu breathes in your face but like 1000x that mixed with the smell of burning wax and hair.

>>835390629I dont mind shills trashing trump 24/7.I just wish they didnt post reddit-tier trash.

>>835401365ironically, or completely predictably?

>>835401266whatdid you notice how the first picture cannot possibly be the second picture based on the position of the carliteral stonetoss readers lol

is someone trying to force a drinking bottled piss meme?

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>>835398493based marty

>>835391300moron haha

>>835398244Hey dont be discus ting, chimps are much better.

>>835390942Classic. Lost

>>835399256Awesome fucking joke, slut doesn't know comedy.

>>835399551rarely - and they do it more often to white people.