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>>835388437OP's annual basement award

>>835388437his asshole will be sucking buttermilk if it hasnt already.

>>835388437For retards maybe

>>835388437/POL/ Holla Forums Holla Forums kill yourself faaaaaaggot!

Killed antifaTrue hero

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Un héroe para todos los conservadores del mundo (A hero to all the conservatives in the world)

he's fat

>>835388437You misspelled tubby little faggot.

Yeah he looks like an American Hero: fat, confused, weak chin, carrying a weapon of war everywhere because he's just so frightened of what he doesn't understand.Good call, OP. And also pathetic.

>>835388644Where ever there is a police violence insighted riot, there are larpers who would vote fascist in a heart beat

This is what justice looks like

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>>835388437When he's 40, and still in jail, I wonder if he'll miss farting with noise.

>>835389957Not as much as he'll miss not having shit constantly running down his legs.

>>835389526take your blood pudding and shove it up your ass, you veiny eared faggot

>>835389957fantasize more about a minor getting sodomized. that's not abnormal or anything. and enjoy seething when he's found innocent since those faggots attacked him first with deadly weapons. truth always wins eventually.keep living in that fake little bubble. wish i could be there when it pops.

>>835388644he had a t1 not an acog


>>835389745Jesus ChristDid a raptor take a bite out of him?

>>835388437damn, Gibby really fell into one hell of a downward spiral after iCarly got cancelled, huh?

2 dead losers. It's a start.Pity he missed the black dude who tried to stomp on his head.

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>>835388437angry shitboy that went out looking to hurt people>waiting for image of him cleaning up graffiti on community service for being a shithead

>>835390734Incidentally, the dude in the middle was a pedophile

>>835390457He'll be an adult by the time he's convicted.Seethe harder when he's not allowed to use self defense since he shot someone in the back.I will kek heartily when Holla Forums becomes full of conservacuck REEEE threads. Moreso than it already is.

>>835390745> angry shitboy that went out to hurt people kills angry shitboys that went out looking good hurt peoplek. cool.

>>835388437but if a member of antifa did it,you'd call him a your president would do

The piece of shit who escaped death

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Can anyone post this guy's video ? Still haven't seen it in full

>>835390457It's what lies in his future. And yours too.

I'd say this qualifies as "fearing for your life".

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Deserved it.

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Why are all Ameritards such pitiful trash?

>>835390876By far the most informative page about

>>835388437His mom drove him.

>>835390782>He'll be an adult by the time he's convictedI'm... pretty sure that's not how it works?

>>835390782>t. Rosenbaum, the convicted child molester

>>835388437Why are we still talking about this faggot? Move on people.

>> not a .22

>>835389232No necesitas traducir amigo

>>835388437One Dead Child MolesterOne Dead Wife BeaterOne Wounded Felon with a GunSounds like a Fairy Tail Ending for an HERO

>>835388576dont project your fears

>>835391377Except it was a .223

gods messenger

>>835391510was it???......not much difference

>>835388576Being as the biggest car in the world (81) has respect for him. Do you know how many prison guards are militia men?AFFA

>>835391617Diameter isn't all that matters. There's a world of difference between .22LR and .223

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He didn't do to bad, three hits. Kept his cool, not bad in your first combat. Real life is not tv.

>>835388437I can’t believe this board is a supporter of so much racism. The severity of what this privileged white man has done will echo for centuries. Maybe millennium. The younger generations will look at us and laugh. All our generation knows is hatred thanks to fuck up Trump.

>>835389957Funny how you 'progressive' types use bigot slurs to insult people who disagree with you.Ironic fascist scum known as antifa need to be eradicated without prejudice (all of them)

>>835388437he didn't even do anything, he should a bunch of people because he was scared. Any fucking gang banger can shoot people in the heat of the moment, he didn't do jack shit. You guys will worship literally any zoomer that reddit spams pictures of. get a grip

>>835391708You're right there is a world of difference, but don't underestimate the .22LR.It won't blow a liberal's faggy bicep out, but it can punch through 4 layers of denim and 11 inches of ballistics gel at 100 yards.

>>835391617Well, there is. You can shoot a .223 in a 5.56 rifle, but you can't shoot a 5.56 in a .223 rifle. But yes, very similar. What makes them so nasty is their super high speed.

>>835391708The fuck you talkin' 'bout Willis?Who said anything about a .22LR?

>>835390734It's ok. One of us will get him where he lives

>>835391617not much difference between the 5.56x45 and the .223

>>835391757>millenniumMillennia>when niggers try to sound smart

>>835390979I would oli over his pinko corpse


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>>835388437why is Holla Forums full of gay, trump loving, gun fags?

>>835391800Or bounce around in someone's skull, scrambling their brain.Fun fact. If they're an organ donor the hospital will keep the """alive""" long enough to transport for harvesting.

>>835391757stfu nigger



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>>835392034oh god,God, sides. another liberal who believes that myth.

>>835392056the only time trump takes a knee is when he's giving Putin a blowjob

>>835392034>Or bounce around in someone's skull, scrambling their brainFuck me I thought retards stopped believing this years ago

>>835391911Dubs. holy fuck

>>835390913Damn, milfs are so fkng hot

I just got a 338 Lapua magnum.Haven't used one since I was mos0317. Pretty stoked about it.

>>835388437People are growing sick and tired of the childlike autistic tantrums from the criminal left.

>>835392128Dude I'm on the toilet. I don't need an erection rn

>>835392034>Or bounce around in someone's skull, scrambling their brain.Semi-related story:Dad told me a story about a unit in Viet Nam that was at a village.One soldier goes around the corner to check an area out and the rest of the unit hears him scream like crazy and start dumping his magazine.Everyone else rushes to help eliminate the threat.When they round the corner, they see the soldier pinned between two trees and a fuck off big bison or something had him pinned there and the bullets were just bouncing off its head from point blank range.

>>835391783What bigot slur you retarded faggot. And antifa stands for anti facist, you dumb fuck. Calling anti facist a facist is like calling you anti gay.

>>835392228We get it.You sit down to pee.

>>835388437Oh look, a thread full of faggot leftists wishing death on this kid because a poor chomo died. I assume it's the chomo they're upset about; one of their own and all that.

>>835388437It's not fitting that a fat bootlicker is a hero to fascists who worship losers of wars like it makes them rebellious and individuals.USA could do so much better.

>>835388576don't project your fantasies.


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>>835388586fuck you scumbag, eat a dick.

>>835392133Patient in EIRMC, bonneville county apex 2 weeks ago.Flown to salt lake for harvest.Self inflicted under the chin. So you want to argue with ICU staff, or post more conjecture?

>>835392252>Over 170 poundsWtf dude

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>>835390745The lefties are butthurt Kid goes out of his way to defend his workplace and takes medical supplies and a weapon to defend himself is put in the position to defend himself lefties lose their minds..You can't go around smashing up other peoples stuff you're not 4 anymore so larping around streets at nightpretend you're in a communist country pretending you're going to execute the Romanovs, The left are children.

>>835392233Gnarly.I when I was a kid, shooting whistle pigs while my dad sighted in his deer rifle. I watched 22LR (cheap ammo) bounce off a badgers head. Dad shot it with his with a 270 after I peeled it's face and crippled a leg.

>>835392475He also put out a fire rush and grab extinguisher on 2 videos his seen that where those fuckwads tried to attack him.

>>835392358.22s don't "bounce around" you dumb asshole. They don't rebound more than the width of your pinky finger. It's lead hitting bone for fuck's sake.You think if you shot one through a block of jelly and into a piece of wood, it would bounce back THROUGH THE JELLY instead of spending it's kinetic energy deforming like bullets do? There's a guy named Paul Harrell on youtube who debunks retarded fat kid shit like this regularly - go look up his video on .22LRs, and once you find out how stupid you are maybe put one into your own fucking ear.

>>835392358I'm not arguing with ICU staff I'm being bitched at by some anonymous faggot whose source is "dude trust me"

>>835388437I hope the terrorists he shot died in agonising pain before they checked out. True hero.

>>835388437doesnt matter, still going to prison.

>>835392475So what? The milspec larpers showing up itching for a chance to use their guns are worse, because they're killing people.Right wing extremists have killed over 300, left-wing, none. Cops are involved in right-wing groups. You're a fat blob spectating on the demise of democracy.

>>835392237And that's the exact vernacular I'm talking about. Thank you for proving my point, bigot.Antifa ought to be called AiNTIFAscist for promoting (think globally act locally) national socialist politics with brownshirt tactics...

>>835388437Mutt spotted

>>835392599You are arguing with hospital staff who directly delt with the above mentioned patient. But please, continue to shit post your opinions in place of facts.>>835392665You don't have to trust me. Shoot yourself under the chin with a measly little 22 LR. Please.

>>835388437So what's with the gloves? This kid came to kill someone. Bottom line. The gloves where to hide residue. I just wonder if he'll be considered a hero in prison when he's dry fucked up the ass by a couple of 10 inch black cocks. How you gonna save him? He's being tried as an adult. This little fuck is going to be rightfully killed in jail. Build your shrine now to a dead man.I'll give the kid credit for one thing. He's got bigger balls than you ever had in your mouth.

>>835392727ITT: CHAZ didn't happen and if it did they were right wing agitators and if they weren't they weren't real left wingers either

>>835390818I actually hate trump pretty much and I support (true) BLMI also think the boy did what he had to do to survive and he didn't have intention of killing in the first place. Those retards asked about it. I mean whole "BLM" protests that has nothing to do with black ppl.Stop making this political when it's not. You have your own fucking brain and you can actually think of yourself fucktard. You don't have to take opinions of politicaly influenced media or politicians. Jesus. Thigs aren't just about fucking trump or other retards like him.

bin laden

>>835388437>retards actually calling this faggot a heroif a 17 year old nigger from the wrong state killed a whiteboi you'd be crying for hours

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>>835392916Dip your hands in Goof-Off for 2-3 hours and see what happens.Dumbass.

>>835392237Antifa are using the exact same tactics that Hitlers followers used to silence the masses and take over Germany. They are literally using fascist tactics and claiming they are Anti-Fascist. The fact that you refuse to see that says a lot about your character and morals.

>>835388532>>835388576>>835388586>>835388606>>835389259>>835389327>>835389526>>835389699>>835389957>>835390745>>835390782>>835390818>>835390881>>835391152>>835391210>>835391319>>835391757>>835391792>>835392027>>835392128>>835392289Leftists scared and upset that two of their own were wrecked by some kid. We all hope you're next.

>>835392237>NKDP must really be democratic since all names are inherently trueThanks for the update, you mouth breathing retard. Make sure you remember to put on your helmet before you go at that Mac and Cheese mom made for you.

>>835391757Because killing pedophile=racismjust stfu, ty

>>835393019Oh but the homos marching with tiki torches and chanting "The Jews will not replace us" are 'very fine people'. RRRiiiiggghhhtttt

>>835393019>fascism is a tactic>all violence is fascismimagine being politically illiterate

>>835393048But that's the point, stupid. People are scared and upset that fat bootlickers like this kid are tacitly supported by paramilitary pigs and this whole situation would be a laugh if it was in central America but in the USA?Shit's way past started, yes people are scared and upset, thanks for catching up.

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>>835393220>my violence is different because it has a different nameImagine being this stupid

Attached: 1598484164774.jpg (950x843, 35.79K)

>>835393290>protests about cops executing poors for jaywalking are terrorism>cops executing poors is not fascismthe USA is done.

>>835392916Residue would be on more than just his hands. Keep it up "antifa" and we start smoking commies and domestic terrorists.mos0351 1998-2001, mos0317 2001-2006, MSOR 2006-2016 det2 III%IDz8. ORGANIZE WITH YOUR LOCAL MILITIA OR START YOUR OWN.

>>835393369>protesting>setting fires and attacking peopleI'm guessing your brain has almost no crevices on it.

>>835393263Another leftist upset and scared because people like him got shot and died by some kid.

>>835392088EMT here, we have seen bullets ricochet within body

>>835393175So you apparently do not actually pay attention to what is going on and just believe every single thing that the nice people on the news tell you. The president has denounced a lot of groups and a lot of racist and he has done so very openly and publicly but because you blindly listen to the media, you do not see it. Again, your true self shines through.

>>835393369we're just watering the tree of liberty.pessimism is preparedness.The police can't do their job with all their fancy 'military' grade hardware. So I'm on the side of defunding them. It's a waste of tax payers money. The national guard won't step in. The president won't send in the devildogs. So veterans and true patriots will. And we're going to take our country back from the bank, back from the corporations, back from these franchised politicians pretending to serve WE THE way or another, things are going to change so pick a side and stand for what you believe in even if you disagree with me. "Those who make peaceful resolutions impossible make violent revolutions inevitable."People need to see it's both sides of the political coin are working against the citizens. We can team up and stop burning our communities or we can have the bloodiest war the earth has ever witnessed. Either way, I'm ready.

>>835392088I'm a retired Marine and not a liberal.I know more about shooting people that you ever will.

>>835393220Not all violence is fascism. Where did you get that from? 90% of the violence you see from BLM are just opportunist that are piggybacking in on the protests just so they can steal, kill, and destroy in the open and nothing will happen to them. I did not say fascism is a tactic, I said they are using fascist tactics ( Tactics used by fascist governments in the past). You are the politically illiterate one in this thread my friend. Quit trying to one up me because you are not smart enough for it.

>>835393766EMT != forensics expert

>>835390505I'm pretty sure he did not have a fucking aimpoint T1 on his shitty DMPS AR-15. It was probably a sub $200 chinese micro red dot.

>>835393766I have personally experienced bullets bouncing around in my body, hence retiring 2 years before I hit 20 years service.

Skateboard man was the hero, brave mofo went after a micropenis with a gun.

>>835394184The retard brought a skateboard to a gun fight lol

>>835394311Hey man, Bravery is just stupidity with purpose lol

>>835394184He was a retarded nigger that was part of a retarded mob doing retarded shit in life and got what he deserved. Attack someone with a gun and get shot.

>>835394311No he brought it to a protest. Fascist scumbags decided to turn it into a gun fight

>>835394461Burning businesses != protest.That's a riot.

>>835390645Yes, a Kylus Raptorenhausus.

>>835393005The least this pedophile deserved was to lose his radial feeling in his hand. He got what he deserved.

does anyone know where i can watch the whole video of this kid blasting those guys?? thanks

Pretty clear to me.

>>835394748the guy at the gas station was the pedophile idiot

>>835394788All of the related videos with a timeline and analysis here:

American heroFtfy

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>>835392128go away, chang

>>835393175They were say "You will not replace us."Imagine that. Changing facts to fit your narrative.

>>835394892> you!

>>835394952and thank you!!

>>835394916Whoops, my bad. Still, the three parasitic commies got what they deserved.

>>835390505Lol'd hard.

>>835395081Its clearly "jews". As well as "gas the (racial slur here)" and "race war now"

>>835393565You're proving his point, bootlicker. Go suck off the democrats and the republicans some more

>>835390827Kyle was less than a half-second away from death when he shot this dude. Watch vid-related closely: Armdude comes up trying to flank Kyle, sees his mate take a bullet, wisely stops, stupidly fake-surrenders (hands up, gun in R hand, cellphone in L), sees Kyle apparently having to clear a jam on his rifle, drops hands, steps forward and right as Kyle brings rifle up AIMING CENTER-MASS to eliminate the threat (as ya do), Armdude brings right arm around, muzzle pointing toward Kyle's head as his left arm MAKES CONTACT with rifle barrel just above his wrist, causing him to drop his celly, wrecking Kyle's aim and his own arm in the process.

Attached: 1598551632518.webm (328x304, 565.46K)

>>835395349If you watch all the videos in order with the analysis it becomes pretty clear what took place. Bunch of dumbasses out doing dumb ass shit resulted in serious consequences. What a shocker.

>>835395349My bad: I haven't saved any of the longer vids that show more of the lead-up to this interaction. Kyle's gun apparently jams after shooting Skaterboi, and he has to clear it while under attack. Cool head.

>>835395456Right? Place stoopid games...

>>835391275>i'm pretty sure people can't have birthdays when they're on trial

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>>835395515Hook, line and sinker...

WUT?!I thought you commie FAGGOTS wanted 'community policing' tho ... well this is what 'community policing' looks like motherfucker

>>835395614No police = The Wild Wild West. Also, if you think the cops are bad just wait until the Mafia takes over to "protect" you.

OH - and BTW, pistol commie fucked himself out of being able to to sue after opening his big fucking mouth and saying his only regret was not killing Kyle - stupid asshole HA HA

>>835395657>no police = sheriffs and deputies

>>835393048>democrats>their ownFucking kek.

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Mfw whiteys are scared of blm

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Attached: kyle.png (750x926, 1.41M)

>>835388644You need to be less of an idiot.

>>835394892This rekts the leftist

>>835395275It IS clearly Jews. Allow me to clarify. The function of the Jewish culture is to destroy us, fundamentally, without ever actually enlisting a Jew to it’s cause. It pretty much just says “you will follow these rules and become successful and make Jewish people more successful” (by exploiting the white man)So of course the Jewish people also have a “hell”, that is they believe that there come times where people tire of their exploitation and lash out against Jewish people. This is why the religion ALSO trains them unconsciously to subvert the idea of Jews as an enemy, through any means necessary. That’s why the only way to kill Jewish people is to round them up and send them to camps, of course that happened, definitely, because we want to take as long as possible to deal with Jews since we don’t have a serious war to fight. Yeah it definitely happened.Now, communism is also going to destroy us, independently of the Jews, but it’s more like a beast of hell they have unleashed using their Jew magic. As communism makes every man in the west become a tranny faggot or something, the Chinese communists will sweep through India and The Middle East, surrounding Israel. That is why any Jew worth a fuck would be studying Chinese by now, but it’s too late. Chinks are like the locust hordes turned against the creators, devouring their food and surrounding them, eventually enslaving the Jews to make even more Air Hordans for the negro dark matter annihilating western civilizations. The only choice you have, is being a tranny faggot or striving to become based and redpilled

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i tried to find any video of him shooting into a crowd like reports say. the only thing i saw was he was shooting at people that attacked him. stupid people with guns shouldn't attack other stupid people with guns

>>835392128literal midwit take keep watching your national news

>>835394892Good post, I read the whole thing

>>835397036Delusional retard.

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>>835388437A true specimen of inbreeding.

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>>835396183>Democrats all telling people to take to the streets and “”””protest”””””>sure they’re not related promise, they jus foolin’

>>835388437Based Kyle "Kommie Killer" Writtenhome

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Attached: antifa.jpg (960x862, 46.06K)

>>835390734Yeah I wish he would've killed that nigger that tried to stomp his head get got real lucky, also the one that deserved to die the most the one that pulled that big fake out move with the pistol didnt die which really sux


Attached: armed and unarmed.jpg (720x574, 56.19K)

>>835388437American Hero


Attached: dem virus 2020.jpg (2188x1308, 675.19K)


Attached: blm 2020 riots denial.jpg (750x420, 46.75K)

>>835391911Based boomer digits

Attached: 1593707866841.jpg (241x230, 20.44K)

Kyle is a wannabe pussy playing a video game on the streets. He want s to be a tough guy? Join the Army or Marines where he can meet some real men who will eat his lunch. Fuck him. He will get his ass greased in prison like the little bitch he is.

>>835398399Lol what it’s true. You think I wanna be associated with the likes of miss guided orcs. Not even your elected “choosing one” would stand a whole hour around the likes of those idiots. Get a fucking clue you moron.

>>835388576Yeah, with my cum. I’m gonna break this cutie out of prison and rail his boypussy over a bunch of dead commies

>>835398542The Nazis had a gassy by mostly peaceful protest against the Jews

>>835398380>democrats>leftists>totally the same

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Buncha children idolizing a fatass, cowardly faggot in this thread.

>>835388437He fights for trouble Wherever there's freedomGI Schmoe is thereGI SchmoeA real American ZeroGI Schmoe is there

>>835389832that was a good thread

>>835398386Kyle “1776 2: commie boogaloo” Rittenhouse Kyle “hot lead for every single red” Rittenhouse Kyle “join, or die” Rittenhouse Kyle “remove reds” Rittenhouse Kyle “smoke commies, cause I cant smoke cigarettes” Rittenhouse Kyle “they fucked around, they found out” Rittenhouse

>>835388437>HERO>Will also be President in 12 years

>>835398745They’re both utter clusterfucks of psychotic nonsense. What’s the difference?

>>835398962So which one is that incomprehensible windbag Trump?

>>835398962>what it looks like when you get your information from right wing mouthpieces and can't be bothered to do any research yourself

>>835392358>You wanna keep arguing with a larper?

>>835392727>source: bias

What if he was Muslim? Would he be a hero then? Would it be fine that he murdered 2 white Christian men, and got a Hebrew guy disability for life? If he prayed to Allah that morning, would he still be an American patriot? Would he still be the hero of Holla Forums?

Attached: delicious farts.jpg (640x706, 106.5K)

>>835399008Dumb fucking doofus orange clown > psychotic nonsense communists Don’t try to distract from the fact that Trump’s baboonery is MUCH preferred to the shit offered by the other side

>>835399188>Trump’s baboonery is MUCH preferred

Attached: 345764553242754.jpg (735x720, 131.74K)

>>835394131>confusing bullets with cocks

>>835393971>eats crayons for a living >me are smart

>>835388437LIFE PLUS 419 YEARS

>>835399079>t. I only watch Rachel Maddcow or a plethora of boring comedians for my news

>>835399226Violent savages going around destroying america Trump leaving me alone in my house.Its a difficult one user. Really hard choice.

>>835393971Seriously, whats your favorite flavor?

He'll have an anal prolapse within the first year of prison. Totally worth it.

>>835391757Stay angry faggot nigger

Attached: 1598672501293.png (730x656, 41.05K)

>>835399172What if he was a dog? What if?Fucking retard

>>835388437He should have killed more

>>835395349Dat red arm mist tho

>>835388437>>835389259>>835389327>>835389526>B-but he he crossed state lines.>He-he is 17.>Is that a fu-fully semi aoutomatic rifle?>He is ugly.

Attached: loser.jpg (604x580, 195.23K)

>>835399557>this pointed out the liberals and leftists aren't the same>i'll show him by comparing liberals to conservatives

Attached: 35468998767.jpg (1200x474, 81.85K)

>>835400031If he was a dog they would have put him down, gun or no. You implying if he was Muslim he'd have been put down? I agree.

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Attached: 2D00BC6E-FC9F-4C07-865F-A4C2C8CFA81E.jpg (1024x979, 142.79K)

>>835400230>Democrats hold media conferences encouraging AntiFa and BLM>ThEyRe DiFfErEnT aNd NoT rElAtEd

>>835400535>democrats do something leftists don't>buh-buh-but they're th-th-the same REEEEE!!

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Attached: 4dsgld.jpg (888x500, 259.6K)

>>835388437no. just another american dipshit

>>835401161Keep reaching user, you’ve almost got it.

Attached: 64450131-32B7-4F4F-BD27-8702A35DC5C8.jpg (480x360, 35.47K)

>>835388437Figures an American Hero would be someone who kills kids.

>>8354021101/10 made me reply


Attached: irony.jpg (1382x1080, 183.24K)

American coward. Now he is prison rapemeat. Keep pushing the hate that real Patriots are rejecting and the polls keep sliding toward Biden.

>>835402242Keep reachin’ you’ve ALMOST got it

>>835402448>it didn't work, i better try again

>>835395489Kek. Thanks.

Jesus fuck Holla Forums is full of commie fucking scum. Obvious self defense. Great presence in the moment to eliminate threats. even held back on the filthy jew with the illegal firearm. The fact that there is so much leftism on Holla Forums is terrifing. Enjoy this for what it is a bright young man taking out nigger-lovers ffs you dumpster fire of a board

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>>835389745Yeah must suck being free and not in jail.

>>835388437Retard that will get life in prison.

>>835390913Who's this?

>>835402827Shut the fuck up, your kind isn't welcome here so follow your leader and eat a bullet, Nazi Scum.

>>835402924Yiff in hell you commie furfag

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>>835402827"Hmm, today i will bring huge guns to a volatile protest. What could go wrong?" This twat's mom shouldve kept him home. Good point about the "jew with an illegal firearm" when this chubby faggot is too young to legally carry. This isn't left wing ideology, it's common sense you retard.

>>835403057Dude was carrying a long barrel rifle perfectly legal with open carry gun laws you fucking cretin. people 16 years or older may carry long barrel rifles or shotguns for hunting in WI you window licking shitbag

>>835393048coming from the guy letting teenagers who ran the slowest mile in gym class fight his battles

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>>835392916Notice how leftists can't help but project their cuck fantasies onto others by mentioning black cocks any chance that they get.It's a recurring theme any time you try to engage in discussion with the degenerates.

>>835403161>for huntingthis is bait, and im not bitin'!

>>835403234also sage

>>835392475>you're not 4 anymore so larping around streetstell that to that tubby bitch kyle

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>>835399557my god how are you this stupid.The riots are directly trumps fault.My god how are you this stupid!

>>835403428BITCH TITS FOR PRESIDENT!My god you losers are pathetic worshiping this teenage cumguzzler

>>835403430lol the riots are funded by Dems and not recognized by Dems>b-but they're Trumps fault cuz orange man bad

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>>835388437Kenosha Kyle was built for BBC

>>835403430Drink some more kool-aid, libtard

>>835403519>>835403556Watch interviews with the rioters. They're practicing what is the American way and trying to make a change since big government doesn't give a shit about them.It's very simple what they want: Trump out of office, and police reform. If Trump stays in office with his love of the police state, what the fuck do you think- the riots are gonna get any better?Dig out your Holla Forums brain worms and think critically and with nuance.

>>835403623also sage

>ITTBrain-washed morons believe a movement that has caused over a billion in property damage, 20+ civillian deaths and over 900 police casualties in the name of falsely framed "systemic racism" is more virtuous than a young patriot that free'd the population of three criminals

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>>835391803I thought is was the scary black "assault rifle" they were shot from and the "banana clip".A wood stock .223 is nowhere near as deadly.Kek

>>835403623How about you go search your local church for sunglasses and wake the hell up

>>835388437Faggot you meant to type

>>835392192meh, that's smaller than a .380-that guy that said Kyle was shooting a .22

>>835388437Fair feel over while running away... If he was a hero he'd have stood there and looked them dead in the eye as he pulled the triggerNot cowering on the floor firing wildly like a frightened little girl

>>835391152Nobody cares about your irrelevant country, go away. The adults are talking

>>835388644Learn what fascism is dumbass

>>835389745that statement is so retarded it goes beyond beliefYou truly want your country to revert into a justice less state where people shoot each other in the street to resolve their disputes? Cause that sounds alot like Afghanistan

>>835388437Only white people would call "not minding your damn business" heroic

>>835392128I bet the sounded really funny inside your head, sorry it didn’t translate well into text.

>>835389232Conservadores, liberales todos son lo mismo al final

>>835403918Only niggers would dis a guy for defending himself and his fellow man's property.

>>835403918he was commisioned by the owner of the establishment for protection. His Lawyer just had an interview nigger and the defense sounds air-tight. He even has Sandman's lawyer pro-bono for the defamation of character shit from the commie run media

>>835404011In other words: "not minding his OWN damn business"

>>835404088And the rioters who attack people at random and burn down small businesses are minding their own business? Nice logic. If somebody tries to stop a rapist, do you also tell them to mind their own business, or is it only when your handlers pay you to spread your degenerate propaganda?Fuck you.

>>835394892>i bet this site is biased towards the gun. Just look at the name

>>835389745Well according to his hat he's a paramedic, so he's good.

>>835388437G.I. Kanosha Kyle, based pedo remover.

>>835390979a fallen hero who tried to stop the nazi kyle from shooting more than 3 people. may god welcome him home.

>>835392916Maybe bc he was there as a medic you retarded fuck. He was actively helping people on both sides on top of putting out a dumpster fire the rioters started. Imagine getting ass blasted bc someone was interfering with rioters trying to burn down small businesses and looting. You’re so brainwashed you have no idea what you even sound like. >crossing state linesIrrelevant, so did half the rioters>glovesIrrelevant, he was a medic>but him carrying a gun was illegalIt wasn’t, he was carrying legally>he shouldn’t have had a gunIrrelevant, rioters had them too as well as illegal conceal carries>he crossed half the world to be there!He didn’t, he worked there and it was less than 20 miles from his home>he’s being tried for murderYea, so would anyone else. Doesn’t mean anything, he WILL walk. I could on and on. There’s not one thing this kid did wrong. The left has lost its mind at this point. I wish people like you would just be honest and say that you agree with murdering, looting and burning down communities as long as you get good boy points with your black friends and coworkers.

>>835395456and a kid with dead beat parents end up with a child who's commiting murder in the streets after curfew. I bet they didnt even bothing to give a shit when the cops called.

>>835392955Happens everyday actually, nobody cares though. Have a good night Tyrone

>>835400264Get scared by firecrackers

>>835395456First dumbass was the underage kid that illegally crossed state lines with a stolen gun.

>>835393980Wrong. In every live feed of the riots it’s easily half at least. Whoever is out after curfew Is up to no good. In your scenario, it would be up to BLM leaders to condemn it and to separate themselves from it but they don’t. They actively condone it. You’re wrong in every point

>>835391674Angels don’t post on 4chan. GTFO poser

>>835394461>protestWeird bc the word that matches what they were doing is called a “riot” or “terrorism”. I think your confused

If this kid was running for 2020 I would vote for him