More incest stories>couldn't get better angle for the pic. Sorry

More incest stories>couldn't get better angle for the pic. Sorry

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Dad and daughterDad think daughter prettyDad stick it in daughterSexDad and Daughter happy

>>835386817I coomed

>>835386817Incest is the purest form of sex, especially brother/sister. And incest babies are the best. The deformity myth was created to scare people away from incest.

>>835386676>be me>15>minding my own business one night listening to music in a spare bedroom we used as a music room.>mom appears in the doorway.>stands there for 20 seconds or so.>I say, "What's up?">she says, "You wanna rub your penis head on my asshole?">"No I Don't!! You old, tired, dried up, worn out lesbian!">that's it. we didn't do anything.>the end.

>>835387408you must be an incest baby to be this retarded


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>>835388138Aren't you afraid someone she knows will see this and be like. Yo your brother posting pics of u on 4chan This is my cousin

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>>835387616not really incest then is it?Although as they say, incest is the best put your family to the test.

>>835388138mmm,nice short little skirt.needs to be felt up with no panties and her pussy ate

is fakeshit greentext fic allowed on this thread? not a copypasta, youve got my word



>>835388138>>835388203Either of you interested in feeding me pics and your fantasies while I stroke?

>>835388203More cousin

>>835388138Would love to see her around the house in her pj's.

>>835386676Sister and I live together


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>>835391362Jesus Christ... im not usually an ass guy but I feel an overwhelming urge to lick hers.

>>835391362>>835391401as the professional ass guy, i want to pound that into the cement

>>835391401>>835391465was sad the camping trip got canceled this year because of covid. it's really the only time i get to see her and we can all hang out

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>>835391685I'm going to make a huge mess any minute... bikini?

>>835391761she's surprisingly modest

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>>835391848Your favorite pic? The one you go to when you need to cum?

>>835392107so many to choose from

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>>835392298Fuck... that's a good one. Keep going.Or kik JackSample06 if you're tired of captcha.

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I fucked my cousin multiple times, she always wanted me cumming in her ass then she'd suck me off. Now I'm debating on asking my mother for a hand job and seeing how that goes. Here's my cousins pussy

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>>835393029Post more of your cousin

>>835393029Looks tight af

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>>835393029I would mutilate that pussy with my dick given half of a chance

>>835387616>He said no to free incestSpot the retard.

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>>835392976Why are her legs so freakishly long? She looks like a fucking crane.

>be me>be living in small apartment with my sister and her son>let them move in bc her kid's dad is abusive and alcoholic, she had nowhere else to go>her kid sleeps on the couch, sister and I share my bed cuz really small apartment >been living together a few years now>sometimes at night we make out to practice our kissing skills, nothing weird between siblings. Just practice.>sometimes we have sex, not in a weird way though. Just to blow off some steam.>we cuddle each other nearly all day>we almost always shower together >we always cook dinner together >sometimes if her kid isn't around and things get steamy I'll bend her over the kitchen counter and fuck her. >Or put her up in the counter and eat her pussy.>"I love you user">"I love you too babe">one day be out shopping together >some older guy comes up and starts talking with her, asks for her number>she tells him she already had a bf>think to myself hmmm I never see her with anyone, or even go out anywhere >then she comes over to me, grabs my hand, holds it up and kisses it>I think wtf to myself>am very shaken for the rest of the day, not sure what is going on>I am definitely NOT a sister fuckerNot sure what to do anons, she clearly has the wrong idea

>>835393556So let me get this straight. You fuck your sister on a daily basis and still call yourself a "NON sister fucker?"What's going on in your mind?

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>>835393682It's complicated, user.

>>835393748no you're just retarded

>>835393748If you assume the role of a boyfriend these are the results you get. Doesn’t matter if she’s your sister or not. I don’t envy the conversation you’ll have to have with her.

Why is it that the topic of incest excites me so much, but the idea of actually doing something IRL with a family member grossed me out?

>>835393556Either kick her out or accept you're basically her boyfriend now.

>>835393880Because your family ain't hot user

>>835393748I hope this can help you

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>>835393554i think it's hot. she's the reason i like taller girls

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Can I post my moms creeps?

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>>835393556endless kek

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>>835394054Post them all

>>835394010Thanks user, I kek'd

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>>835394013That's not a normal tall girl though. The proportions don't look right, like her organs are being crushed.

>>835394121lmao lmao and fag?? what, dont like chicks taller than you??

>>835394054She bent over and flashed her pussy at me not long after this

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>>835394235Hot, what else do you have

>>835394235ohh youre THAT user

>>835394179She don't look right. I'm not into fucking the deformed tbh fam.

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>>835394054>>835394235Wish I could watch this view all day..

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>>835394054cant stop looking at that chin

>>835394235>>835394264>>835394269Yeah fucking threads keep pruning or getting deleted before I can post it, FINALLY here it is

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>>835394444Checked. Keep going

>>835394369What chin? That's all neck, man

>>835388138hannah T?

>>835394574yeah kek, thats not a dc. id know. im on an incest thread ffs

>>835387408>The deformity myth was created to scare people away from incest.>The deformity myth was created>The deformity mythNice try Hapsburg

>>835393439This is the fakest shit I've ever seen you queer

>>835395147It's a redshit post soo.

>>835395440>not calling reddit "faggit"

>>835387616I'm proud of you. You did the right thing....faggot.


>>835392298You should dump your photos onto a mega or something

>>835388203Step 1 - find a dude you hateStep 2 - post pics of his sister while pretending to be him.Step 3Step 4 - Profi!

>>835394235Nice user, ever get close enough to smell it?

>>835388203Dude thats blondiewondie

>>835393556i burst out laughingfunniest shit i've read in a while


>>835392976She's super sexy>>835394013


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>>835393682Troll post, and obviously.

>>835393556If this is real, then you're seriously delusional. Or a fucking ass hole. Or both.Or she just didn't want a creepy old man hitting on her.

bumping for stolen sister nudes

>>835393880Same boat. The answer: we got ugly family user

Little sis

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>>835397496did you take this?

>>835397496moar howd you get em

>>835387616Best stoory

>>835393439Fake and gayyyyyyyy


>>835397496Idd little

I'd love to fuck my 12yo niece's brains out

>>835397508>>835397517 yes>>835397567>>835398075

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>>835398350Lucky u should get her pregnant

>>835398144do tell


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>>835398703What about her ass and pussy?


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>>835386676I once retrieved a condom that got stuck in my older sisters pussy that she couldn't get out from the one night stand she had with some guy the night before, that's the best story I got with my sis.

>>835386676 found some cousin pics

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Found some nudes of my older sister on her phone. Any ideas on how can I proceed to get more? She doesn't know I have them yet

>>835398701She's just sooo cute, awesome body, perfect little ass

>>835398991Sounds like a nasty whore.

>>835400098might have to see them here so we can figure out how to help

>>835400272Might have to see them? Do you need to see them yes or no?jk, not gonna post them here. Anyone with serious answer hmu yobthr#2425


>>835400098Install diskdigger and look at deleted pics, if she had nudes saved then theres definitely ones she deleted.

>>835394013bitch built like the chloe moeretz troll lmao

>Be me stuck at home taking care of my daughter while wife works 2nd shift at grocery store >Diaper change tiem!!

I hooked up with my sister in college cause we were both horny

>>835402594Only once? Bareback? How was the sex?

>>835402889No it was a few times. We kinda had a standing hookup if either of us needed it. We only went bareback once though, didn't finish in her. It was good. Weird at first but hot cause of the taboo.

>>835402466>But dad, I'm 15, I don't wear dispers

I’m 19 but my 15 year old sister made a move on me when we lying down in the bed watching YouTube. My horny self almost caved but I’m really glad I didn’t. Tbh just rub one out to avoid temptation

>>835403268What kind of move? It may just have been your imagination

used to sneak into fresh laundry at night and borrow sisters thongs to fap with. if i got really kinky i put on the webcam and jerked to strangers while streching my sisters panties over my cock. would blow huge loads and soak em completely.never really jerked off to her pictures or anything tho, except once on vacation i woke up and saw her almost bare ass and to stroke my cock. thought about just shooting my load on the floor but pussied out and fell asleep


>>835403429May be a little expreme, but I thought about it ngl.Anonymously?

>>835403268Why are you glad? NEVER turn down hot pussy, user. Never.

>>835403344She legit moved my hand towards her pussy but above her shorts. Idk, she’s my half sister but still it’s not right as hornet as I get sometimes

>>835403490I can get some that isn’t my sister. Yes I got horny as hell at times so I’d fuck anything but I think of the consequences afterwards and I’m not really willing to open a pit of problems if parents or others find out

>>835403599Just admit you like dick, it's ok

>>835403599You probably did well. Contrary to what the thirsty loners of /b think, not everything is about having sex.The relationship between you two would've changed in a way you can't really predict.

>>835403664Fuck no. I can get pussy that is not my sister unlike most the people here who have not been with a girl lol.

>>835403672Agreed 100% also she’s just horny so I can’t blame her for that age.

>>835403771Lol I highly doubt that

My older sister wanted to fuck me when we were kids but i was to autistic to take the hint. I still regret it to this day

>>835398991... and you told her that your fingers weren't long enough to reach it so you'd have to use your dick?

>>835403771I'm this user>>835402594It can be pretty fun if you have boundaries set

I fucked my father >and this is our kid

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>sister decent looking>but always wearing tight low cut shirts>bra in house is 50-50 chance>wears those loose athletic shorts all the time>start trying to get peeks up them>hard to not seem obvious>fuck it>start taking creep shots>ho>ly>shit>jackpot>she almost never wears panties>pics are amazing>they're on my other phone>my hard drive crashed>you don't know her>she goes to another schoolmaybe have some pics on kikDefNotHomoPhishingLet me hear how you stroke your hard cock to my hot sister.

>>835404285I guess if we talk about it. We just haven’t talked about it. Whenever we’re alone again I might just straight up ask her

>>835404410My sister originally bought it up so that helped

>>835393748Fucking kekBait wasn't even that strong, how so many hooked?

>>835404410rule #1, never take the advice of anyone of /b when it comes to sex. Most of the people here are sad larpers that just want you to do the things they'll neve be able to, even if that fuckes up everything with your family.

>>835404327>be me 10 year old sleeping at night>share a room with 14 year old sister>suddenly sister wakes me up>tells me she cant sleep and ask if she can sleep in my bed>tell her ok>she gets in bed next to me>i go back to sleep>she starts to kick me>ask her whats up?>she tells me she is cold>she starts to rub her legs on my mine and rubbing my groin with her feet.>she then grab my leg with both of her legs and starts to rub her pussy on my thigh>im really sleepy and tell her to stop.About 5 years later realized what happened.

>>835393556>Practice kissing skills.Fake.

>>835386817Holy shieeet how did your daughter react at first? Does your wife know or suspect anything?

>>835387408t. Muslim

>>835393029Seriously why is it that cousins always want you to cum in their ass?

>>835404840Cause they can't get anyone else to

>>835404840After so much larping about cousins, they don't know what else to made up, so they go with the old classic "anal creampie with cousin"