Where were you on 9/11?

Where were you on 9/11?

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Middle School

>>835384930Grade 11 Politics class

>>835384930At work.

in my mom


northern canada

>>8353849305th grade. You could tell America was going to fall apart at the seems within a week, even as a 5th grader

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>>835385100what a coincidencei was in your mom too

>>835385134I understood that reference

>>835385150what a coincidenceI am his mom

>>835384930me and some friends were going on a flight. one of them was on lsd though and went off on the pilot. i jumped out the plane though.


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I just was born lol

>>835384930laughing with mr. bush about how these retards will think it was al quaeda. we were scared when the third plane didnt arrive but people ignored the third building falling, shits fucked.

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I was 4 years old, watching the tv in my living room with my grandfather. He was crying and told me to remember this day.

San Jose, CA, laid off of work, slept in through the whole thing. Went out to the bar that night. Even all the way across the country people were freaked.

Grade 7 English class.I was playing with Magic the Gathering cards I had recently acquired. I was annoyed that the news was interrupting my game.

>>835385381Do people even believe the official story anymore? The only people that act like the "official" story is the truth are redditors

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>>835384930Celebrating my birthday. Thanks for nothing al qaeda

Working for screening security at JFK.

7th grade, history class. I don’t think we did anything but watch the news that period. After the towers fell I think they told the teachers to turn off the TVs and continue class as normal. By mid day half of the kids were picked up by their parents. Didn’t know at the time but I’m sure kids were getting pulled out because the pentagon got hit. We weren’t far from the pentagon. Was only a few miles from the NRO building. I think parents were scared they were gonna hit that next.

At home watching the local morning news before going to school in So Cal (10th grade). Woke my brother up (11 at the time) and told him this was our Pearl Harbor moment even though he probably didn’t get the reference at the time.

>>835384930idk and i dont give a shit

>>835385582it doesn't even matter at this point. the irreparable damage has been done, and anyone who was truly behind it will never be held accountable. it happened, and shit got worse. the logical conclusion is ww3

In my house (random capital on south america) wake up and listen in radio about some aircraft collided with a WTC building. That fact about learning about that event before anything more happened gave to espectacular perspective: nobody at the moment knew what really was happenning, nobody knew if were 2, 3 or 10 aircrafts hijacked and ready to being used as a missiles. Nobody expected the towers to collapse. Was better than any movie i have ever seen in my life a roller coaster of surprises.

In school.

>>835385180You double dicking whore!

was supposed to go to a Rammstein concert...

>>835384930Building a Lego plane in front of the TV.Was a cool plane.

>>835384930In the sack with the whore you call your mom


>>835385500I was in Los Angeles. Worked downtown. Didn’t want to go downtown because I thought planes might hit it next.

>>835385960damn. I would hate Bush 10x more for making me miss that

>>835384930Coming home from work. Walking through town to get to the Bus station was strange. Everyone was quiet/subdued. Got home and the News was on just as the Second plane went in.

>>835385763I saw all on the tv news was like seeing history happening in front of your eyes, like first moonlanding but with surprises

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>>835384930I was in Paris. Walking down the latin quarter. My ex-girlfriend texted me and straight away I heard a wierd buzz in the crowd. Everyone had crowded around a creperie window where a small tv was showing the plane hitting it. When the second plane hit, french people everyone started shouting Vive la révolution and were dancing in the street. The French fucking really hate you yanks. I went to bar and got drunk with a Irish girl. She took me to her studio apartment and we fucked like rabbits all night.

on a plane, not flying into two skyscrapers by a bunch of allahu snackbars

>>835384930i think i was in 3rd or 4th grade, i know i was in elementary school for sure. I dont really remember i didnt really know about it till after and i was just bummed out that George Bush was on tv instead of Ed,Ed and Eddy


>>835384930Who cares, only 6% of those people died from terrorism. All the rest died of pre-existing conditions.

>>835384930in school in florida, reading to some punk ass kids

>>835386103fbi open up

>>835384930Just getting out of bed, and heading to Boeing. I ignore the news, too busy doing real work. As the morning passed murmurs and chatting increased unusually, around 9AM I heard info of what had happened, and a day later before enough details described the event.Before the same day the next year I was laid off among 40,000 other BCAG employees. Don't miss that job, the work was easy but coworkers were total fucktards.

>>835384930Chemistry 101 in community College

At home, then elementary school. It was a somber day, but I was comforted by the ribbon ceremony our school held.


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>>835384930Wherever you are before you exist :^)

I was finishing up rigging the demolitions mate

>>835384930in my room fapping

Shitting in a diaper 50 miles north of towers

>>835384930Bass fishing

>>835387339All went good until " fuel pours down elevator shaft" WTC collapse didn't happened because a Matrix style explosion.

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Watching Cartoons on the other side of the world.

>>835384930I was a freshman in high school. I went to a catholic school and they assembled everyone together for prayer. I was psyched because I thought they were going to dismiss us early, but they didn’t so I spent the rest of the day pissed off.

>>8353849307th grade, we were all huddled around the TV in the middle of biology class watching it unfold

>>835384930First paid holiday from work, playing Q3 when the news, well the planes hit

Detonating explosives in some high rise new York finance building

>>835384930Just finishing 9th grade algebra.

In my crib sleeping because I was a month old


>>835388046What are you, but yesterday's newfag?

>>835384930I was in high school, first class of the day which was basically nothing. The faggots at my school actually thought they were going to hit our school next, even though we're nowhere near NYC or anything else of significance. Even though we had to stay at school that day, no teachers taught any classes, we just hung out.

>>835385381>mr. bushFuck, can you even Dick Cheney?

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>>835384930Standing by the Hudson across the river in Hoboken. Saw the 2nd tower fall with my own eyes. It was an eventful morning.

>>835384930I was born two months before 9/11 so I was probably sucking on my mom's tits, shitting myself, taking a nap or crying.

>>835384930on the floor, laughing.

>>835384930The immaterium

On American Airlines flight 11

>>835384930I was in Okinawa on camp Futenma wearing full body armor manning a .50cal machine gun pointing at the streets of japan on the front gate. They made me fill sandbags when I wasn't on the gun. Fucking sand niggers making me work on a saturday.

>>835384930At home getting ready for judo class which i did not want to atrend to. Was happy that I could stay home but Simpsons was cancelled so i waa bumped out

at work

>>835384930In my apartment on Bleecker, between Lafayette & Bowery when the first plane flew over & I heard the third of impact. In the shower, coming to my senses as the second plane, carrying my HS friend, his wife & toddler daughter hit.At the intersection of Canal and Broadway as I and others around me watched in horror as the towers collapsed, one after the other. I had been on my way down to try to help. I wish I could forget more than I witnessed that day, and in the weeks that followed.

>>835384930On the toilet, shitting my fucking bowels out. Spicy food has never been good to my colon.

>>835384930i am back in kitchen makinng smegma bjutter when fone ringamerica are deadno

I was literally half a month old

>>8353897462012 was 17 years ago>>835389888Checked

I was sitting in college History class. Fucking professor heard about it from his TA but didn't stop or even tell us until the end of his lecture, and by that time it all was over. How can you know history, the subject you teach, is actually happening and ignore it? Fucking waste of space.

>>835384930drunk in bed

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>>835391164and has been drunk ever since

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>>835384930playing sim city 2000 on snes, demolishing buildingsmama comes in, switch to TV newsamerica demolishing skyscrapersgoodgraphics.avi


i was 4 so prob just being a retarded 4 year old

>>835384930In the shower getting ready for school. My dad knocked on the bathroom door, and told me not to go to school. Ended up joining the Navy two years later.


>>835384930Middle School. Watching it live.Classes all stopped and we all watched it together.

>>8353849302 years old proably kindergartenweird to feel i will be called a baby but i really feel like an odlfag at 21

>>835392535>yeah bro i swear we had tvs in our classrooms

In the plane, shit was cash.

>>835393202you aren't

i was sat at home drinking brain fluid when fred ring"9/11 is die""no"

>>835384930Got back from school and my dad turned the TV on. I remember watching it for like one minute and then going upstairs to do other stuff. Didn't even think about it again for weeks. Northern Ireland we had our own problems.


>>835384930I was at home watching it with my mom, I was 4 years old and only had half school days then. I only knew it was "bad" because my mom seemed worried, but I had no idea what was happening and I got my disaster movie fetish from it


>>835393330shit was SO cash>>835393363i'm not what?


>>835393481very similar to me, same age too. I used to watch that nicholas cage 9/11 movie with my dad and the scariest moment for me was when he said "fuck". I think being exposed to 9/11 at such a young age made some people immediately sociopathic tbh.

>>8353849307th Grade computer class. Thought it was a movie, but didn't care: was more concerned about new games like Metroid Prime and Smash: Melee, and reading Harry Potter. As the school year progressed, it became more apparent that it was something serious.

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Where were you...

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>>835393760yeah i know cause i'm fuck ur mom but urmum gay

>>835393850I was sat at school when photr tingamerica is die>no>yes>mfw

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>>83538493015 mins away from the city wondering why all my classmates were getting picked, and if my mom was dead. (1st Grade)

>>8353938029/11 didn't make you sociopathic, you just aren't phased by it because you're a natural sociopath

at home, watching cartoons. I remember as a kid how happy I was something like this happened to the filthy americans and sad that the attackers died (didn't understand it was a suicide bombing, thought it was some military hit). Then my mum explained to me that the attackers were also filthy goatfucking retard who helped the us 20 years ago do the same thing in another country, which made me feel even better.

>>835394152I wonder if this guy survived this amazing jump from the World Trade Center tower? An incredible photo.

>>835393850I was returning some video tapes

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>>835394301I mean, I was 4 years old. My understanding of the world would absolutely have been different than if I watched it at 24. My 4 year old brain sees people falling from burning skyscrapers and I think "wow, the world is pretty intense", and i subconsciously 'prepare' in case this happened to me. I think it would be a pretty different scenario if I grew up watching MTV and skateboarding without a worry in the world

>>835394599I think I know why all the zoomers are assholes now

>>835384930"working" at atria assisted living. really just on the computer in the kitchen director's office looking at drudge report

>>835393265Yours didnt?Youre black, arent you?

>>835384930In bed. Woke up to the news on the radio. Said to myself, "This is the end of America as I knew it."

>>835395117>This is the end of America as I knew itThat's pretty perceptive. Were you already an adult when it happened? I was 1st grade

>>835395117>this is the end of america as i knew itmeanwhile,in 2020

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Let me just pull out my fucking diary. Hold on, no wait a moment -- just one second. Oops, I forgot, that's right I was fucking snorting a big fat fucking bump

>>835384930I was driving to pick my youngest son up from high school when I heard about it on the radio.

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second grade, they treated it like a normal day even though you could see the smoke from my house

>>835384930In school, felt surreal. the uncensored documentary was pretty heartbreaking.

>>835395527>the uncensored documentaryLink?

>>835384930on my couch watching it on TV

>>835384930On my way out the door to school in 9th grade... thought it was a movie til the 2nd plane hit

>>835395353>>835395117911 - "This is the end of America as I knew it."Every presidential election - "This is the end of America as i knew it."The difference is SJWs and libtards only cried over one of them

In college, sleeping off a hangover when one of my roommates woke me up. Roommate was a stoner bro from mountains in NC, never saw him freak out over anything before then. Woke up to him beating the shit out of my door, telling me to get the fuck up because WW3 just started. Turns out he was right lmao

>>835394509Rewound tapes I hope."Please be kind, and rewind"

>>835384930getting an activation call, I was deployed to Secaucus the first night


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>>835396342Kids today will never know the struggle

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>>835384930i was at dance class

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>>835384930In the coffee shop across from it.

>>835397156i never rewinded Basic Instict. Always left it when shes getting railed before the murder so the dudes at the video rental would have to deal with boners.

>>835384930>7th grade>didnt know it happened but pretended to be sick to go home>get home, parents are crying>go to your room user youre "sick"> mfw i didnt realize i could have left school like the other kids because of it>motherfucker

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>Rochester, Michigan>4th grade and home alone>hear phone ring >answer and it’s my father>”Turn to channel 7 user!!”>see two buildings crumbling to the ground>Okay.jpeg>Turn on HBO and watch Crashbox

They missed this asshole.

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>>835397506Joseph Mengle Cuomo

>>83538493011th grade history

In Manhattan at work. Not ashamed to say it was scary as fuck.

>>835398089i can imagine it was scary as fuck i know id be shitting my pants if i lived in new york

>>835384930Week 4 of bootcamp

>>835384930Getting conceived

>>835385725Ok jewYour time will comeIsrael did 9/11

>>835399315>israel did 9/11nope, it was the real enemy! the church of Scientology, they did it as a false flag attack

>>835384930dripping out of your mother's asshole.

>>835399315muslim detected

>>835386121>"French"only jews and muslims would have reacted like that, but "révolution" signs the kikes

>>8353849308th grade history about 10 minutes into class. My teacher Mr. B turned on the news on that big box tv in the corner of the room. Kid named Jacob walked in late and said “oh cool movie day. What movie is this?”

>>835397316old ass nigga

>>835399409>in this poorly constructed comeback>user confesses to being cum and shit.

>>835388135Extra crispy :ok sign:

>>835386121>When you try to reach the quota before the end of the week and the beginning of Sabbath.

>>8353849308th grade English class

>>835384930Been in my company having a break. Seeing the news. Grinning like in the picture.Imperialists got what they had coming. Sadly it had to be sandniggers :-)

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>>835399437>muslim detected sure, what ever you say. how did your last thetan scan go?

My uncle's birthday party. Adults sitting in front of TV all day, too late in the year to swim in the pool. Pretty boring day.

>>835399988Niggertologist detected

No really, faggotsThe kikes did it


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>>835400629>L. Ron Hubbard postingdont try to fool me nigger, i bet youre tom cruise, behind 10 Scientology funded proxies

>>835400868Fuck, you got me. Now sharpie pooper.

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>>835384930 In my homeroom class.

>>835384930at school, wondering why the jews fucked us again this time


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>>835401599were you really that based that long ago?

>>835401817I doubt it


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>>835401817not everyone is born retardedit's not like it was not obvious back then

I was in 2nd grade, and I woke up and went right into my brothers room for school where the live news tv was on, as my parents explained what the world trade centers were to me and gasped at the planes crashing into the buildings. I went to school and we weren’t allowed to play outside. No planes were flying overhead but military later in the day.

>>835384930Algebra II class, announced over the speakers. Bush was down the street from my high school that day at an elementary school, motorcade drove by our class window. Coincidentally three of the hijackers also learned how to fly in the same town. Totally surreal day

>>835384930>Where were you on 9/11?asleep. by the time i woke up, one of the buildings had fallen. then i went to the bar. i sat and got shitfaced while i watched the 2nd building fall. yeah, bars open that early here.

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>>835402773>bars open that early hereMidwest U.S.?

>>835395176Yeah... I was 44, and well-traveled from childhood. Third Culture Kid, as it were. It was too different from anything I had seen. I also predicted in e-mails to friends at the time exactly what was going to happen, and alas, it is still unfolding. We had an opportunity to unite the world, but we chose assholism under Bush.

>>835402773Why are you posting such a comically wrong meme? Is this a YLYL thread now?

>>835384930>2001>Searching for vidya on Internet>Towers get hit.jpegOh shi

>>835384930High school usa.Every thing got real gay after that day

I was..uhh..I forget. But my mom was talking to me about it, and i was just really confused. She's like are u scared? Im like uhh...no

>>835403378>YLYL threadI lost

>high school>one class was just ending>principal on pa>second tower hit>"probably a terrorist attack, we're not sure yet">wtf>class ends>next class is a social studies class>can't remember the exact class name>but remember the teacher>one of those who REALLY understand their subject and stays current>this motherfucker>called the next 10 years 100%>5 min after the towers were hit>prob osama backed by wealthy dudes, invade afghanistan, prob going to iraq while we're over there, airports going to be fucked, etc, etc>this dude CALLED it>everyone can say "oh yeah, i knew about that">but they really knew weeks later>after we'd been flooded with info 24/7