YLYL animal editionAlso post smiling cat

YLYL animal editionAlso post smiling cat

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>>835381903cringe, you made a fake filename from this twitter image

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This thread is gay

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>>835382324 im gay/thread

>>835382457The real?

Fuck man that shark attack! Thanks for sharing. Joe Rogan needs to see it.

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Pepe no!

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speaking of gay wolves

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>>835384145Rip pepe

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wow. never won this thread before

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How could a shark step on something?

>>835385296I hope you die in your sleep.BEFORE the part where you get to feel up your hot teacherand if you awaken, please eat this.

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>>835385581The Shallows

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>>835384161is that his bike?

>>835385604>The Shallowskk

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>>835384203So humbling seeing a black man raising his son for once.

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>>835386444Nice trips!

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Pic related

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>>835381903Funniest shit for some reason and want to know if any bros got more vids like thistwitter com/kaiserneko/status/1301029076929515522?s=21Scenes with the sound removed and/or synced up to something different

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>>835386340Only because he's handcuffed to him

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Please don't tell me this thread is dying. It's the only thing I have today.

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>>835386969I love these kinds of stories because you can't make this shit up, you know. It's like one of those things people said fifteen years ago and everyone was like "naaah that will never happen!" And yet, here we are and shit like this is so damn retarded. It's like the alleged 13yo in Sweden who won every race at his school. When you saw the picture of him it was clearly a grown man who lied about his age upon arrival from the middle east. (Pic related)You just can't make this shit up

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>>835382324how in the fuck did I lose to this

>>835388843Because to you it is relatable

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>>835384161Hey!! That's my bike

>>835386028Is this real?


>>835388774Nooooo not my middle school track races noooo this is what they took from us white men, return to ervopa !

Does anyone have that pic where there's a cat mounting another cat on the right, then on the left there's a cat looking in the camera shocked?


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>>835389772lost, hard

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>>835389905Average white woman, they love pitbulls because they are alpha dogs and, well, you know what white women do with their dogs...

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>>835389594Yeah sorry rabbi, but I don't want my kids going to school with a 40 year old Syrian man

>>835385761This ones got some traction

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>>835381903>>835390830I LOVE animal! hahaha

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>>835389932posting random letters is funny how?asfgas afsdfad fgadfadg......sgds gdas!...sdga sgd!

>>835391209>only you and me>and me>and us

>>835390477how much is 60 pounds in bananas?

>>835391330inaccessible cardinal.

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>>835391310are you hitting on me? if so, why?

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>>835390320you fucking asshole


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>>835384852the new wheres waldos look great

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Good bread

>>835390011you see that google search

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>>835385205wow. you must really suck

>>835390477Is that Charles Martinet?

>>835390477Yeah, all those wolves in new zealand are a big threat to sheep.

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>>835392382you from there?

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>>835384182I lost wtf


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>>835386969And so I cry some times when I lie in my bed

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>>835385761Why the fuck did I lose to this?

>>835390262Y did I lose?

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>>835384161>animal edition


>>835391558That was deliberate, you can see the elephant actually braced on the tree then got on its knees in preparation. Holy shit.


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>>835386182Ugh. Hate I lost to this crap.

>>835393708Elephants are smarter than niggers


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>>835392744Yhea, i feel you too.. people need to stop this delusional thing; what was a joke on soutpark is now a reality.I hope you feel better user :)

Some idiot is literally posting the decade and a half old shit from sesame street? It's a ylyl thread, not post stale shit everybody's seen a billion times from eons ago thread, you fucking retard.

>>835394899was gonna say something myself tbhnot sure what 3 people are left that haven't seen this old overplayed crapit sure as hell doesnt belong in a thread in 2020

>>835394864x3it's like some newfag just discovered ebaumsworld and ran over here before his mom found out he was using the computer again after dinner without doing his homowork

>>835389915>when you notice the browser tab

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>>835389874you monster

>>835394899I don't mind one or two, but a whole string of them is fucking cringe.

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>>835384203A monkey and his pet

>>835390857>pitbulls because they are alpha dogsI don't think you even know what "alpha dog" means, retard. Try not to embarrass yourself.1. Only wild canines that are "pack" canines have an "alpha".2. There is only 1 alpha in a pack. Ever.3. No species is an "alpha". See 2.4. Pitbulls are not even pack canines. They are an entirely domesticated dog, never existed in packs (unlike, for example, wolves), wouldn't know what the fuck a "pack" is, wouldn't run with a "pack", nor would they know what an "alpha" is, as pitbulls are a genetic product of man's interbreading numerous other species of dogs together (principally, British bull and several variety of terriers with several varieties of mastiffs). It is a misconception that domesticated dogs are pack animals, and only retarded trainers from 50 years ago who haven't read any scientific studies in the past several decades keep claiming that domestic dogs need an "alpha" (it's ludicrous and they sound retarded to actual trainers such as myself). British bulldogs are also not pack animals, nor were terriers (with some exceptions), and certainly not mastiffs (solo hunters, period).5. I love all dogs, but to be honest, the pitbull breed is an abomination of a breed. They are dumb, bread for all the wrong reasons at their inception by those who had no idea what or how to breed, and are glorified mutts with bad dispositions (the whole point of a domesticated breed), make shitty guard dogs compared to actual trained guard and warring dog species, and are loaded with far more genetic defects than practically any other breed that exists.Only retards buy these dogs, and 99.9% of licensed and educated trainers steer people away from this species because they are frankly, dumb as fuck. They are also far from being the toughest dog, and frankly, they are not even good fighters. Match one against an actual bred fighting dog and it will kill several pitbulls in

>>835389359And so is this

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>>835389092Eh id watch it


>>835391676>zucc>whiteNice try shclomo

>>835390659>down under tea partyThere are only a couple different species of tarantula in Australia and those aren't one of them, most likely America that pic was taken. We mostly have huntsman. I couldn't find the picture I was looking for, so here is a redback eating a brown snake (second deadliest snake in the world)

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>>835392830Except there are only a few blacks. The right side should be teenagers and soybois with like 1 or 2 black people

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>>835393586That's alright, the indians weren't using it anyway. Toilet is probably cleaner than the river

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>>835394785Fuck. I would have never thought about chuck testa again in my life

>>835396532saved.>aussie posts picture>a spider eating a fully grown snek>explains snek is also deadly af>welcome to a land down under

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>>835384145That snake is gonna trip balls.

>>835397364Nah that was only a babyThis is a fully grown brown snake

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>>835389772Haha classics

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>>835381903You go OP

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>>835397641with the difference in size i suppose the redbacks poison works fast, right?this would mean, technically a redback could kill a fully grown snake despite the fact its to huge to eat it of course.

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>>835389932> nur ich> und ich> und ich> und meine rechte Hand> und Porn

>>835398182das problem kenn ich nicht. ich bin linkshänder.

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>>835391585Hahahaha fuck me, I wasn't expecting Waldo to actually be in that pic

>>835397936If it could penetrate the scales which I don't think it can, it's venom would kill it. I struggle getting a shovel through a fully grown brown snake. I usually just use the shotgun, when I see them under a meter though, a shovel is quite easy to get through.

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>>835388774Why the fuck would a grown man even want to race against children?

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>>835398424He's middle eastern, he's looking for the slowest one so he can rape it later

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>>835398616>I have several questions...

>>835398387pragmatic insights in how to daily snek.

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>>835398845Yeah, it's a $5-10k fine to intentionally kill one but everyone does. No one cares, even the local cops run them over when they are sunbaking on the roads. They say they are endangered but I get at least 10 come into the house paddock a year. As does everyone else in any country area in the rest of Australia. Fucking greenies, I swear

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>>835390805This is a shoop, I can tell by the pixels.

>>835399211they dont seem to be that rare then anyway.

>>835399211Wtf theres a fine for killing snakes? Wouldn't be surprised nowadays but still, the standard protocol everywhere I have been in Aus is get the shovel

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>>835399371Not at all, you get them in suburban Sydney but they are still considered "protected species" because they may be and endangered species. These are the same cunts that fought against back burning becuase it's a threat towards wildlife. So we couldn't back burn for a few years and look what happened at the end of last year. The whole Australia was on fire. Guess what we have been doing all this winter? Back burning lol

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>>835399454Yeah, I think within the last 5 years. It's good fun with the shovel hey, love the tiger snakes.


>>835395778Someone's wife fucked a pitbull

>>835390477>coat gets hard>"You don't have to become hard"Sum little d1ck energy rite thar

>>835385164Kys 9fag

>>835385296>he doesn’t know about walking sharksIgnorance is bliss.

>>835381903Sharks are not animals, they are fish, stewpid



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>>835399560looks like they dont use practical experience for the decision-making.i guess the forest fires of last year were enough warning.

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>>835391676Zuckerjew is an alien


Do not read filename

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>>835391070Not funny, but now I'm worried about what a timeraptor is.

>>835392591is that the new Gwyneth Paltrow candle?

>>835387051Based newfag

>>835400105the scale isnt right here. those things are way bigger

>>835400105Nah, it's just the radical left, live in their city apartments and have a little bit of power.

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>>835387126I lost actually. wow.

>>835383336100% Yes.

>>835391388this is boring

>>835400303Fun fact, the platypus are also blind and deaf underwater, hence the big strong beak, they just bash into stuff and work their way around when swimming.

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>>835384182good man

>>835400680ok lost.

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>>835384965>imagine murdering plants is any better than meat

>>835395917Oats, brother


>>835399265Supposedly they exist in the outer regions of the Hawaii's.

>>835391676nice watermark


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>>835387741Threads already dead

>>83539133089 bananas (provided they are European standard bananas)

>>835393059Fake and gay

>>835399454In germany we have a 3k fine for killing waspsThey are not even close to being endangered, profit massively from human trash and all that but for whatever reason we are not allowed to kill them>Nobody cares tho, i doubt anyone had to pay that fine ever, gassing entire nests is absolutely normal

>>835403292That's fucking retardedLol'd at the "gassing entire nest"You Germans sure love doing that don't you?

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>>835403405That's dust2

>>835394138Bremen is crazy at night

>>835395917Haha, charade you are