What is it about AFRICAN AMERICANS that makes them the most violent group on the planet?

What is it about AFRICAN AMERICANS that makes them the most violent group on the planet?

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>>835378948>african americans the most violent>whites waged the most war and created weapons that can literally end all life on earth

>>835378948purely economic factors

>>835378948Surprisingly it isn't the testosterone that makes them more prone to violence. Black males actually have higher amounts of estrogen in their blood than their white counterparts, while having identical levels of testosterone. The estrogen is what makes them impulsive and dumb, this is why they are more violent than the civilized races.

They’ve got nothing to lose

>>835379019>whites waged the most war and created weapons that can literally end all life on earth> and have not used it after its first shock where niggers would be firing them off for fun

>>835378948Whites freed African Americans and now they are regretting it.

Why are "racist" white people so bold with their racism while being anonymous online but once their identity gets exposed and their racism goes viral, they backtrack and apologize? How come ya'll dont keep that same racist energy when ya'll get exposed?

>>835378948>he was unarmedThe only person who was unarmed in all these fucking incidents was the commie who got his arm blown off by Captain Kyle the Kenosha Commie Killer.

>>835379019> Conflating violence and tendency for violenceBlacks clearly have a higher tendency for violenceWhites are just better at violence> Whites waged the most warLook into Asia's history, dumbass

>>835378948Culture. You can follow the trail backwards from there to see why and how


>>835378948Da white man keeping them down.


>>835378948mama says negroes are so ornery because they got all them ashy spots but they dont got no moisturizer

>>835379244Because they have jobs and for some strange reason business would rather cowtow to the people who do more shoplifting than purchasing and fire you rather than tell the mob to fuck off.

>>835379353Guys, it was the whites in china...and the whites in japan, and the whites in Korea and vietnam..


>>835378948Having too much sex with white women will make any real man go crazy.

>>835378948>What is it about AFRICAN AMERICANS that makes them the most violent group on the planet?What is it about AMERICUNTS that makes them the most violent group on the planet? oh yeah... AMERICUNTS... Complete retards... Love guns... Don't understand the word militia... Married to sister...Educated in the US [sic}...You cunts love shooting each other. Only the US has high school shootings as a national sport


>>835380021You take that shit back motherfucker, we do too understand the word militia.

>>835380097Top quality trolling... by that I mean shit tier trolling...

>>835378948What is it about WHITE TRASH that makes them sit around bitching on the internet about what pissed them off THIS time?

>>835379019You already know if those niggers could push the red button against a rival block they would...

Where's El video Chan?

>>835380323u mad?

>>835379508violent white people wiping out entire populations

>>835378948Anything's possible when you lie.Though it probably doesn't help that they're an incredibly oppressed minority in a country that expects them to act like they're not. Racism isn't over just because you stopped chaining them up.

>>835379494But they dont keep the same energy after being fired and exposed. If you are fired and exposed on the internet as a racist to the point no one wants to do business with you, why not double down and keep the same racist energy knowing that your rep is already smeared? Why fake apologize when no one cares about the fake apology?

>>835378948Ape genes

>>835379019what is even china?

>>835380837Because their desperate not to loose everything they have so they grovel to the mob. I'm sure a lot of them eventually do do a full fuck you but by that time no ones paying attention. Unfortunately whites don't help each other at all and that's why this shit happens. Take for example the conformity cloth. Niggers can organize a store smash and grab in less than an hour but you can't get 20 people organized to walk into a store simultaneously without a mask.

Fuck niggers, gang members, leftists, antifa and protesters

>>835379019>whites waged the most warBeing good in what you do or being effective doesn't mean that you do it often. Niggas have a certain joy to fighting and dominating those who they consider weak, but they just suck at it.

>>835378948They aren’t human. Niggers are vile smelly apes that act on impulse because they aren’t human. Niggers are animals not people. Stop treating niggers like people.

>>835379573Nigger lover

>>835382648Your mum sure is

>>835379019how is it this early in the day and this low quality bait is here? did you skip school user?

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>>835378948Lower IQ, higher testosterone.Same reason gooks commit less crime than cumskins.>>835379019They also created a system where pajeets, nigs, gooks, and spics can all be equal if they work hard enough... A system NO other country has followed YET.

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>>835378948i wouldnt say its African Americans as a whole, but ghetto African Americans yes. honestly its probably some primitive instinct that is awakened by low intelligence, like a its a perk you unlock only if your INT is 1-3/10

It's a minority of blacks, but yes, that minority is very violent. Most of it gang related. Most of that economic and lack of family a proper structure, as in no fathers and mothers that tell their own kids they're ll never be shit because everyone is out to get them, not only whites although that does come in to play hard. I know this becaue I grew up in the worst ghettos in the US and I'm straight up telling you the cycle of violence and victim hood mindset along with the fear that comes with it is passed on, usually from a single mother. You would think a mother would do all she can to shield their children from such things, but they don't. They teach it to their kids lie they're doing them a favor, like it's a survival strategy when it's in fact damaging.

>>835379103Source? I'm genuinely curious and want to read more. Is the reason they're physically stronger relative to hormones, or just bone structure?

>>835379065This is a cop out, being broke is not a freedom pass to be a shit bag criminal.

>>835382774exactly. in the US nothing holds you back from becoming what you want aside from the person themself

>>835379019Just cause whites did it better doesnt get blacks off.

>>835378948How do you get validation as a gang member? Did he have a card?

>>835379471underrated post

>>835378948I think it's all the 'DUMB' they got in they head.only DUMB pulls a gun in front of multiple police officers.

>>835378948They are just genetically predisposed to violence and a low IQ.

>>835380021"Not being from the US is my entire identity."

>>835382183But if they grovel to the mob, then that means they have no integrity and they were always cowards. A person is supposed to stick their chest out and stand on their words. Muslims will openly tell the world they are against homosexuality online and in your face. Meanwhile a racist whiteboy will say the N word heavy online and apologize when exposed. Thats cowardice and lack of integrity.

>>835379244Because we live in a society

>>835379508> who were the Mongols

>>835380323Gawd.. another racist nigger dead...who fucking cares?... no one.

>>835379244Niggers are the most racist people on the planet.Want to end racism?... end niggers.

>>835383477That is correct

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>>835379573The slags that these niggers be having, can hjardly be called women.. not that niggers care.. a hole is a hole...

>>835378948>he had a gun>the cops were justified in shooting himThat's racist thinking that takes away his humanity as a black man

They aren't, not by a long shot. But they have the combination of numbers, rights and opportunities others don't have. > There are third world countries throughout south america, the middle east, africa and south east asia where the most harcore african american gangster would be dead in a week. But those countries are shitholes so what happens doesn't make the news, and the violent groups are either in charge so they control the narrative or openly slaughtered by police in a way that would make BLM shit bricks> Other groups in more successful countries such as pikes in ireland, islanders in south east asia and tribal groups in places like brazil are more violent, but they don't have the numbers. Those not already in prison are pushed to the edge of society and don't have the SJW backup to cry racism when theyre locked up or run out of an area like african americans

>>835383697not sure if meme or bait

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>>835383716Also it doesn't help that americas obsession with propaganda means that even the most racist whites want to prop african americans up as the baddest criminals in every form of media imaginable just so they can say americas gangs are tougher, while every other developed nation downplays their criminal elements.

>>835378948Not enough points in intellect and charisma, unfortunately.

to be 100 percent honest all this wellfare and coddling by lidtards has made them worse to a very noticeable extent. pair that with the media and hiphop telling them its cool to act like kindergarteners and you get the perfect storm of nigger autism. The only hopeful part to me is that alot of them are starting to notice this a heavily resent it. For example if a charismatic black leader told them to beat the living shit out of all the white liberals at a BLM protest 30/70 they might very well do it.

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One word comes to mind... Pandering.

>>835383815It's the DUMB is what it is.

>>835378948Your ancestors stole them from their homeland, owned them as property for 100 years, then subjugated them as inferiors for the next 150 years. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU EXPECT?

>>835384454that they would leave

>>835383604That doesn't answer the question. Aside from Nick Cannon trying to keep a job, Black folks dont have a popular wave of saying racist things online only to apologize when exposed. Thats a white people thing, not a Black thing.

>>835378948they love mom and dadi told u orphans are better for war

>>835384454The USA nuked our country twice and yet we are still alright, dont use your past as an excuse for your poor judgement and behavior

>>835384524We tried to leave. Marcus Garvey...Remember? But your small penis having egos interfered with that too.

>>835384880you mean hoover. we hated him just as much as you do. he wasn't nice to the irish either. was Hoover a jew?


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>>835384454The only one keeping you in chains is yourself

>>835384752no they can just walk up to and say racist shit and you are expected to nod and agree. fuck niggers they're way more racist

>>835384454Every race was a slave at some point in history.Slavery is alive and well in Africa, yet that's never brought up.


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>>835384833even with the two nukes Japan is awesome, at least the history is, im not a anime fan, but id love to see the temples and museums in your country

>>835385176smuggled out one their swords in a golf bag. 10/10 my favorite sword and the only one I really clean. katana by sadatoshi

>>835384833Bullshit equivalence you dunce. An entire country rebuilding is not in any way similar to systemically abusing a sub-population based on race.

>>835384933Only difference is, according to Black folks, Jews and Irish all fall in the category of "white." Bottom line, we had a whole movement, set up to get the fukk out of this racist country and go back to Africa. But white hatred wanted to cut its nose off to spite its face and did everything in its power to just fukk with Black folks trying to leave AmeriKKKa as a whole. Tell us to go back to Africa then sabotage things when we actually try to go back to Africa. SMH.

>>835385264badass will keep in mind i guess i will need to buy golf stuff then lmao i hope there are alot of antique stores there.

>>835385002Typical victim blaming from a position of privilege. You lack both empathy and compassion you pathetic psychopath.

>>835385002Victim blaming 101 you sad little tool

>>835385108>Slavery is alive and well in Africa, yet that's never brought upExcept that it's not alive and well there, moron. THAT's why it's never brought up. Holy fucking Fox News watching illiterate.

>>835385071Now you're just trolling. Nothing u just said is relative to whites saying racist things anonymously online only to put their tail between their legs and apologize when their personal info is exposed.

>>835385385some of the high end gunto (ww2) swords are really nice and made to last. many officers actually carried their family blades in military koshirae and they look really cool but are hard to find

>>835385470Look I grew up in a black neighborhood and although I blame the media for making them what they are, I also blame them for being dumb enough to eat it up. I dont hide these views and have had some interesting conversations about this with smart nogs and even they are tired of it


>>835384939based dad maintaining his social credit score

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>>835378948never change you racist, hate filled violent democrats.you guys are literal shit and cancer to the u.s.

>>835385592If you aren't a troll and u don't hide your views then prove me wrong right now and post your open social media with your pics, right now. I'll really take u serious if u post a Likedin. If you respond with bullshyt and no social media access then u are a confirmed troll.

>>835385795so you can start a witch hunt on twitter? have a heart attack jamal.

>>835385901Challenges troll to post social media access and not respond with bullshyt since he claimed he doesn't hide his racist views. troll proceeds to posts bullshyt and no social media access. Thank you for confirming you are a troll.

>>835386056your the racist you virtue signaling wog. It's a miracle I dont hate niggers after growing up with them getting stolen from and beaten up every other week for just being the white kid. go drink some st. Ives and beat your wife

>>835386262Stop it troll. You were never raised around Black folks. You told on yourself by saying St Ides instead of King Cobra. That was a dead give way.

>>835386413I was a kid so didn't know boose really well. I've seen black folks drink more 4loko than anything these days. or yak, but I wasn't gunna diss on yak cuz I like yak

>>835382858>Blacks>StrongerLiterally every worlds strongest man ever was white. No niggers in the top 100.

>>835378948Is this a real question? Africans and Americans are the two shittest groups of people in the world, so what do you think happens when the two meet

>>835385454Yeah, that's bullshit. The slave trade is still very much a thing in less developed countries.

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>>835386413I drank the 99 cent hugs. still do occasionally

>>835379244This is one of the most retarded posts I've ever seen here. You stupid black fuck

>>835379103the study I read said literally the exact opposite, that whites had way higher estrogen level.

>>835386608this he came to the wrong board to shill like that

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>>835384454>implying that homeland niggers are peaceful, civilised peopleObserve the pic. Contrast the figures in Africa to those in Europe and Asia. Notice the ratio? Yes, it's 4:1, which is another way of saying 50:13. You can take the chimp out of the jungle......

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>>835385395You actually used "victim blaming" and "privilege" in the same sentence. Fuck off you leftists sjw pussy, holy shit. You take yourself seriously? Because I promise nobody else does.

>>835386560having a png doesn't prove your point. proves you believe anything on the internet.maybe you should go back to the fourth grade and find out how to do a research paper so you can get some critical thinking skills.

>>835385395>>835385421Lol samefag sjw cunt

>>835385795SERIOUS POSTER HERE! GREAT IDEA, HOLY SHIT!!Fuck me, leftists are as dumb as everyone says they are

>>835386608LOL. Whats retarded is this wave of white folks being anonymously racist online but then when their personal info is exposed they apologize and backtrack with their tail between their legs. Why not stick your damn chest out and stand on your racism when exposed whiteboy?

>>835386806I'm not even the same guy, you absolute retard. Do you post your social media all over the place to "stand by your views"? You are honestly so stupid I don't know what to say to you.

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>>835385795just casually asking someone to dox themselves eh?

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>>835386806and why do you think that is? because free speech has been killed by your leftist cunts

>>835386787The top mind ones are always good for a laugh. The fart sniffers too but they're rare nowadays

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>>835386806we do its called going to the police academy. seethe harder antwan

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>>835386849That response makes zero sense because I'm not the one claiming that I dont hide my racist views in public like the whiteboy did? Try again.

>>835386806That's not retarded. That's pragmatic in an era of jew-controlled social media. Now, why don't you turn your attention to this inconvenient post: >>835386698

Here comes the basement dwellers whom never seen the light of day in awhile, and let out all their repressed emotions on these threads.

>>835379019The only mistake the white man has made was taking pity on lesser races and attempting to elevate them to our level instead of exterminating them wholesale.

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>>835386868just casually ignore me responding to the white troll saying he doesn't hide his racist views when in public. If he doesn't hide his racist views in public, he should have no problem posting his social media and Likedin to prove he's not trolling. David Duke would have accepted that challenge at the drop of a hat.

>>835387047t. malodorous nignog

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>>835378948And what's funny (and sad) is how ANY black killed by the police will result in protests and riots. .Doesn't matter if the black is a criminal who resisted arrest and has / used a weapon.Honestly, I'm for pulling ALL law enforcement out of black neighborhoods. Let them "police" themselves. It'll be just like The Purge.

>>835387099You must not have been here very long then. posting personal info is like opening pandoras box around here

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>>835386968LOL @ pragmatic. You cant be racist online and then try to be pragmatic after you were exposed. That's a contradiction silly boy.You are already exposed as racist so no one believes your fake apology. Trying to cover it up after the fact just makes u look phony. Might as well just ride the wave of your new reputation instead of being phony.

>>835387156Ok Mr. forgot to clean your smegma

>>835387420post your twitter then and we'll show you why people dont do that here

>>835387211Why are u telling me this? Go tell it to the troll I quoted who said he has no issue saying his racist views in public. And I've been lurking this site every since ya'll were claiming that average looking white girl Boxxy was your queen.

>>835387545BLM nigger lies about being an oldfag. as I said post your twitter. or honestly since you challenged Holla Forums I'm have tempted to trace your IP and find it even if you dont...... never... ever.... tempt Holla Forums.

>>835387420You failed address this post, my smelly little negro: >>835386698

>>835387465OK I'll post it, right after you show me the quote were I claimed that I have no issue expressing my racist views in public like the troll I quoted. Its funny how ya'll keep ignoring the one who actually said it while making poor attempts to flip it on me. Its funny how ya'll arent asking the troll to prove his claim that he has no issue saying his racist views publicly. Go figure. .

>>835387420racist racist racist RACIST racist raaaaaaacist racist racist racist RACIST racist raaaaaaacist racist racist racist RACIST racist raaaaaaacist racist racist racist racist racist RACIST racist raaaaaaacist racist racist racist RACIST racist raaaaaaacist racist racist racist RACIST racist raaaaaaacist RACIST RACIST raaaaaaaaaaaaaciiiiist.Funny.....people keep using that word. Kind of like blacks who keep using the word NIGGAAAAAAAAAAA.Doesn't really have any meaning anymore.

>>835387657LOL @ calling me smelly little negro and then expecting me to play your game. Ha! Maybe if you woulda been cordial I would have responded to you changing the subject, but you didn't so I wont.

>>835387695>mad at somebody for trolling on 4chan>false claims of being oldfag>directly trying to push normie narratives on Holla Forums>proudly bragging about being a racist shithead>calling white pussies for being smart and playing feelings close to the chest when literally every other race wants to exterminate usI bet your actually a fat femcel at berkley. If you really are a nigger your the dumbest one I've seen in years. pretty sure your a woman or tranny tho, even niggers arent this stupid

>>835387709LOL. If it doesn't have meaning then why do white people apologize after being exposed for saying racist things? If it didnt have meaning anymore there wouldn't be a wave of apologys after they are exposed.

>>835378948>teen >manI simply do not understand why you people rely on the media at all. You talk shit out the Bible, saying its imperfect cuz i wuz ritten by man. But then, you swallow whole this media shit, with a whole dick inserted in your mouth included with it. And then absolutely love it! You Fox News, CNN, media loving shitwits.

>>835387830>changing the subjectMy post, proving that nogs are congenitally violent, directly addresses the thread topic, which you are desperately dodging. Sad.

>>835387862Actually going back and forth in this thread is helping me kill time while at work. On my end it was a real smart decision. Thanx user.

>>835388140>splitty confirmed

>>835388131No...U quoted me talking about something different, which had nothing to do with the topic. So I responded to what you quoted. Hey look whiteboy, its been fun but I just been using this thread going back and forth with you losers to kill time while at work. It is now clock out time. I'm out.

>>835379242Never heard that one before.

>>835379341Clearly visible in the numerous, related videos. Facts are irrelevant though, right?

>>835379103Oh man yeah totally. This is really real and not made up. The same estrogen that makes people "soyboys" makes them agressive because ???. Yeah for sure

>>835378948What is it about Holla Forums that makes Holla Forums CHILD MOLESTERS constantly post cancerous faggot level bait?

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>>835388558lol libtard shills have arrived. theres a few trad pedos on Holla Forums, but go look on /lgbt/......

>>835388558>would have been sent to the gas chamber kek

>>835388558>Chinese made nazi flag my sides!

>>835379019When was the last world war vs when was the last shooting in Shitcago.75 years vs 75 seconds ago.

>>83537894817 teen and unarmedseventeen and unarmed

>>835379341But that guy had a glock in his hand of the arm that was blown away..

>>835378948Low IQ

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>>835385348>sub-populationTypo ...I meant sub human

>>835386535>strongestThey praise athletics and nig sports more than powerlifting (WHY do you think powerlifting is 99% white), since they want money to ooga and booga, and basketball pays a lot more than deadlifting what Brian Shaw does. It's actually that simple as to why whites do powerlifting more. Also, other non-white races culture value education more than passion, which is why every purple haired art major, aspiring actor/musician, and powerlifter "tend" to be white.If you've lifted at a gym frequently, then you'd notice though that nigs put on mass way faster than most other people do; their fast twitch muscle performance is pretty good too.I know MOST muscle differences are associated with bone structure and density, which is why women suck at muscle gains. Not sure if that effects racial strength "as much", since testosterone differences are noticeable

>>835378948Low intelligence and a total lack of empathy. That’s it.

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>>835378948Ignoring the IQ shit, you have the pack mentality and the fact that no one knows who their father is might be a big part of it.Aisha/Shaniqua might have a fine ass, but little do you know, she is your cousin or even half sister, because your real dad knocked up every bitch he could. This leads to degenerative diseases.

>>835390609extra flavor

>>835390711It wouldn’t be black canyon angus without that black canyon anus

>>835379019>whites waged the most war and created weapons that can literally end all life on earthimagine if they used them on eachother because someone looked at or bumped into them

>>835391900David Berkowitz, Columbine High School massacre, Sandy Hook, mosque shooting in norway...I can go on and on.

>>835391900Nah, we use them against civilians because their soldiers are fighting too hard.

>>835390330No! I am not retarded! My IQ is over 130! Does your 130 IQ tell you that trolling people on Holla Forums is a good use of yoru time?

>>835386734You are actually in the wrong here, and making a huge ass out of yourself. In your own words, 'get educated'. There is still slavery, not legal, but its tolerated in many areas in the middle east and Africa. A lot of it happens in north Africa, where refugees heading to Europe are 'rerouted' elsewhere. But sure man, you keep believing the white devils are the root of all evil.

>>835392893what are you trying to say goyyyyy

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>>835378948How the fuck does a dead guy pull a gun?Also, props to the cops for taking out a zombie

>>835378948>slavery, violence>apartheid, rejection>no access to work and education>frustration, self hate, turned into hating on each other and the world>let you guess what >>835378948happens next

>>835386698Still waiting for a nog or SJW to refute this post

>>835379065quite correct.strain theory applies to everyone. blacks born in the ghetto are expected to live the white mans dream, and go through the white mans struggles to achieve that dream.hard work and graft isn't going to get you a house in the burbs if you're born to a crack head mother and absent drug-dealing father.inb4 im on probation for being black

>>835379244Im hispanic. Fuck you nigger

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>>835395648Depending on what burbs youre talking about yeah it fucking can.

>>835395648>Single mom raised me>wore hand-me-downs from family and neighbors through late teens>Expelled from high schoolRedemption (which... literally anyone can do):>Went to homeless shelter because i couldn't stand living with my mom after i turned 20>Got housing and got placed in a job. Rent was free until second paycheck. Super cheap subsidized housing>Saved up four grand over a year>Yolo bought a plane ticket from NJ to California>Same homeless placement shit>Started community college>Got associates>in last semester for bachelors in Computer Science>Graduating with 18k in debt (community college invalidates the retarded "college too much $" argument. I've lived the last 4 years going to school with literally no job and it totals to 4k a year in debt. fuck off with your student debt tantrums.Yea anyone can fucking do it. I have a black friend from FUCKING AFRICA living with his single mom (dad died when he was a toddler) DOING THE SAME THING>Stop giving excuses to people because they're black

>>835378948They're mad that they're entire home country (idk which ones) are still in mud huts despite being 1000 years old while America is around 300 years old with the strongest military , best economy, and some of the best medicine in the world.

>>835384939and yet liberals and sjw keep believing it.


>>835379103That would make a lot of sense. They're a lot more sensitive than white men. If you need evidence, go call a white man a cracker and see what happens. Then go call a black man a nigger and watch as he cannot control himself, he must resort to violence like a furious woman with no other recourse

>>835396227It's not though, with the exception of those groups who live in huts by choice (they're the African version of the Amish) every country in Africa I've been to was infrastructure as good or better than the US does.

>>835396175>>835396079read the literature, researched by actual experts in psychology and criminology. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strain_theory_(sociology)or do you think you're smarter than 60+ years of dedicated research.

>>835378948Him a good boy, he turnin his life round, he go church.

>>835386806I'm openly bigoted and I'm not even white. I'm so offensive that I actually am unable to register for facebook again without valid government ID.Some people get device banned. Some people get IP banned. I got banned based on my face and name. And when I register for a FB with vpn and fake name, as soon as I upload a face pic, I get hit with a 7 day suspension while my account is "reviewed".Also go fuck yourself nigger.My name is Omar by the way and I live in Ontario.

>>835388558Why your picture, and you are stupid. In easy point form format so your bigger brain understands;I'm Arab I have a jobI live with my girlfriendI have sex with many people(mostly daddy issued white selfhating liberals, who's love for me is based on my ethnicity) I go to polI am six feet three inches and 180lbs, fit...hold on I have to pull up your retard picture again... I watch porn all the timeMy Nazi flag is made in germanyI would not be in oven, I would be LEADING glorious Handshaar SS divisionI fucked a trans and loved it, what a slut.Seems like you're just a nigger or a self hating white with a lot of repressed inferiority complex and wild assumptions about who is right wing.

>>835397254>>835397691what the fuck did i just read?

Attached: what master shake.jpg (500x371, 40.72K)

>>835397691>Those guys that lived in the US ALMOST long enough to sound american.I almost had sex on this girl!!

>>835395496What is there to refute whiteboy? If I present actual facts such as King Leopold being authorized by Europe to lay claim to the Congo, draining the state of its natural resources, which resulted in a mass genocide bigger then the holocaust, which in the long run, ( and the experts agree) created poverty and poor service delivery directly impacting crime levels, you'll just dismiss that fact and call me the N word. You penis envy having whiteboys love telling half the story and then presenting it as whole facts.

Attached: whiteamericansRevil.jpg (596x278, 53.39K)

>>835398233i love it when they mix British and American "Fuck you bloody"

>>835379391>>835379536I 2nd that. this user is retarded.

>>835379019"Why Race Matters" pg. 175"Violence will increase when a group acquires killing technologies it did not evolve. Stable groups that manufacture devices such as firearms must also have evolved the self-restraint not to employ them to maladaptive excess... Therefore, a group that acquires a weapon from another group, rather than having developed it, is less likely to have evolved the appropriate inhibitions (to not destroy itself" (Michael Levin).

>>835385454Imagine being this retarded kek

>>835385795You post yours I'll post mine. =)

>>835378948their stupid parents hating everything and being anti-happiness

>>835386499Forgot henny user. All nogs love henny

>>835386698Imagine what a nice world we could have with no beans or blacks lol.


>>835383318Integrity? Stick to your values and lose your job. Courage? Pull a gun on an asshole cop and lose your life. Only fucking idiots base their lives around how others view them rather than focusing on the results.

>>835378948Pull all police out of black neighborhoods..What ensuing rape, murder and theft.Purge 2.0.

>>835378948Violent? What is violence? To me it is honest communication. When whites use violence it is constructive. When blacks use violence it is destructive. Niggers live in africa because of the bad karma from their previous life. They deserve the violence. They dont trust themselves.

>>835395648What's funny is that wealthy blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime versus wealthy whites.

>>835378948One word.....Niggers

>>835399768Another suburban whiteboy exposing himself. The current drink is Ciroc. And Bacardi was and always will be the major staple over Henny. And when you talking hood budget cheap, Smirnoff is the go to.You small penis having whiteboys always expose what u don't know when ya'll just repeat stereotypes.

>>835398130What's hard to read other than a few typos? Auto-correct keeps making nigger bigger. Even though I saved it on my phone dictionary... What you read, is how that picture that faggot posted is inaccurate and presumptuous.

>>835400160>Only fucking idiots base their lives around how others view themIf this is true then why do white people apologize and back track once their racism goes viral?

>>835400452go on

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>>835400450He mad tho. Literally every nig I know drinks that shit. See it on snap every weekend. No one drinks bacardi where I'm at. Its like different locations prefer different things retard.

>>835400526Unlike nogs we like to be employed, its called working for what you have and self respect. Kek

>>835398233>>835398883What are you two on about? First off I live in Canada, second I have no accent and speak perfect English with slang. What, because I said "I have sex" instead of "YO YO YO I SLAYED SOME MAD PUSSI BRO"...hold on I have to reply to an actual nigger now. >>835398499YOU ARE A NIGGERNot because you're black but because you facilitate and propagate niggerness. Also dude, DRC is a fucking joke, fuck you and fuck the Congolese witch doctor who birthed you. And especially fuck Kinshasa. What the fuck do you know about Congo?! Also I'm not white so check your race privileges bitch. That might work on the self-hating white liberal but not me. >>835398152Tell me what it is retard. This isn't reddit, I lm not link chasing.

>>835400450>The current drink is Ciroclol look at this gay. nobody drinks that shit but you and your fruity boys.

>>835400725it was more of a reply to what the other guy said

>>835400647LOL @ the whiteboy who doesn't go outside thinking that what he sees on snap = whats going on in the real world. And stop it.....You don't know any Black people. Going back and forth with Black people who respond to your racist comments on Worldstar does not = knowing Black people. .

>>835380323Yet, here you are.

>>835400830I don't watch random niggers snaps just the ones I know lol. I used to work in a few restaurants and the kitchen staff is always all beans and nogs. The nice looking white people get to work front of the house lol

>>835400450Arab here again to tell you why you're retarded and don't know shit. Henessey's popularity among blacks is DIRECTLY AS A RESULT OF A BLACK MAN FOR BLACK CAUSES. Henessey took a huge risk in the early 1950s and hired a Negro, and the rest is cultural history. Meanwhile Bacardi has ties to slave trade, and Ciroc just uses the braindead nigger for street validity in popculture. Any black who doesn't support Hennessy is an ungrateful prick. They did more for blacks and integration than MARTIN LUTHER KING. Put than in your crack pipe nigger.

>>835400694LOL. Are you even paying attention to what u are writing you small dick having weirdo? Being a product of inbreeding has exposed your intellegence level. If your dumbass likes staying employed then why be stupid enough to set yourself up to get fired by saying racist things online?

>>835400900You gotta understand one thing about Holla Forums these days. Everyone you reply to is a nigger or white children pretending to be niggers.

>>835379471fuck I cackled

>>835400757You just keep exposing yourself the more u talk whiteboy

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>>835401036Wow a picture with a nigger that hasn't been relevant for over a decade. >that'll show him

>>835401036>ciroci bet you dont even eat hitler icecream

Attached: hitler ice cream.jpg (900x600, 126.3K)

>>835400623I did, what's wrong with you? Look at that anons picture representing Holla Forums users and then look at my point form reply of how none of those assumptions were true. Because I am a pol user. And I'm a non-white, rightwing hater of liberalism AND a sex machine.Are you an upset liberal or confused conservative?

>>835400987I mean I only say racist things on an anonymous forum. The ones that do it elsewhere are retarded as you say. Nigger


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>>835400900LOL @ exposing yourself again. The only Blacks you ever been around were the kitchen staff who u just admitted you didnt even interact with.

>>835378948You've obviously never heard of the native Americans. They used to be the most brutal people till old whitey showed up

>>835387090SPITTIN FAX

Attached: zzzzzz (2).png (77x131, 25.77K)

>>835400830Who the fuck needs to "KNOW" black people nigger?! Use your eyeballs!"but but but, violent niggers also have a sad tragic backstory that led them to this dark path, you just need to knooooowww them then you'll understand! Just like Kylo Ren !"

>>835400757To be fair the current popular rappers of zoomers are all fruity fags with dyed hair and post pictures of themselves crying on instagram lol.

>>835379103Citation please>>835378948

>>835401214>implying I don't like to drink or smoke weed.

>>835401214Also do you know how a restaurant works you fucking retard. You literally have to communicate with everyone else constantly.

>>835400954You said all of this nonsense and yet none of it has to do with the fact that you are unfamiliar with the drink of choice for Black folks is across America. And I dont believe you are an Arab because Arabs own liquor stores in the hood and would agree with me...Not disagree like you are troll.

>>835400987Why do you keep telling these guys they have small dicks? How do i know niggerposter is posting? Just look for a sick slag. Get your mind off their cocks asshole.And why's that every bitchs first comeback? "Hurr smol benis"Explain how there is ANY CORRELATION between behavior your don't like and penis size.

>>835401093>hasn't been relevant for over a decadeKeep exposing yourself whiteboy. Revolt TV has been the hottest thing for a good minute but according to you, Puffy is irrelevant. LOL

>>835384454My ancestors didn't do shit. My ancestors immigrated to the US well after slavery had ended but I have to pay the price anyways because "muh reparations".

>>835401332I'm not American you nigger. Here in Canada we have a government wide monopoly on liquor sales. So all alcohol is owned by whites. Go fuck yourself. Also way to be racist. Oh yeah I FORGOT lol only black people are allowed to be racist! Nigger.

>>835401394I mention small dicks to psychologically bait the ones who have small dicks knowing that is their biggest insecurity and ya'll always respond exposing yourselves. LOL.

>>835401594I think you just enjoy thinking about white cock. TO be fair it doesn't look like a log of shit and statistically we're the most sought after race in a partner.

>>835401594Doesn't that also mean that you have a small dick? By your own logic surely. What a nigger. Also why do you say exposing myself? I'm not white. Nigger.

>>835401557So if you aren't in America why the fuck is your dumbass responding to me talking about what goes on in America? Let me also add that when I was in Ft Drum we used to drive up to Canada every other weekend and those white french speaking Canadian white girls treated us Black soldiers like Gods.

>>835401666LOL @ you trying to have a conversation about sought after blah blah blah. I was just responding to you whiteboy. I'm not trying to have an in depth conversation with you like that u lonely no girlfriend having incel.

>>835378948A toxic culture that developed as a corruption of an okay culture partially forced upon them by bad people. Basically a mix of sins from both crackers and niggers.

>>835401703DUDE HOW MANY TIMES? IMNOTWHITEAnd you saying Canadians treat you like god's isn't even impressive. I've banged 20 girls this summer alone EXCLUSIVELY based on my skin color.You're not a god your stupid fuck. You're means to hurt the establishment /parents/church community /etc.. Or even better self hate. At least I'm not a douche and understand the situation and take advantage instead of pretending it's because I'm great.

>>835401772CopeEnjoy your high crime rates and below average IQ

>>835401685Stop it whiteboy. That wet dog smell is oozing from my laptop. You're a, sun burn peeling, Whole Foods shopping, onion bagel eating whiteboy who kisses his dog on the mouth.

>>835401703And I'm responding to you because your arguments against these other Americans is garbage, and completely loaded. You are banking all your arguments of absolute assumption and projection. No matter what the "whiteys" say, no matter the logic and data, your nigger ass will ignore it because "youse white"So here is a non white telling you to fuck off. AAND NS WHAT WAS YOUR IMMEDIATE REPLY? "nu uuuhhhh, you're not arab"


Attached: sip my tea hulk hogan.jpg (570x365, 36.39K)

>>835401899>You're not a god your stupid fuck.Never said I was a God whiteboy. I said they treated me like a God. They would give me tongue baths and tickle me with their tongue rings. Sucking on my toes and cooking me breakfast in the morning. And they would buy me things. Your precious white snowflake goddesses treated me like a diplomat.

>>835401989Confirmed troll then. The fact that I'm brown broke your whole basis for argument... I'm out. Anyone else who replies to this nigger is a retard.

>>835378948I honestly hate it when people call them African American. They are not 'African American'. They are either American or just black. They give actual African Americans a bad name. I know a few actual African Americans and they hate most black people or keep their distance from them. Shit is so fucking ironic its sad.

>>835402063LOL. I just told you I was in the military whiteboy. That means I been all over America, East, West, midwest and South. My experience trumps a bunch of incel trolls who dont even go outside to socialize, making up lies about what alcohol beverage Black people in America consume.

>>835378948They are poor and uneducated. They have no other options to 'git cash' so they chimp out. We need to better educate them, keep their dads at home and get them integrated into greater society.


Attached: black guy.png (499x581, 240.05K)

>>835378948swing and a miss shitheel, try again

>>835386734Now you're just being willfully ignorant.

>>835402330the only ones i see chimping out are tiny dick white boys cuz their too scared of chasing their dreams of getting a nice big black cock jammed down their throat filling their tummies with BBC cum

>>835383697when you're black and you take off running whenever an officer shows up and then you brandish a weapon your life is forfeit. also implying a nignog has any humanity to start with.

>>835402330This is false. One of our best options for Black men to "git cash" is by dikking down your white daughters/mothers/sisters/wives because its universally known that white girls go in their purses and give up their trust fund money to us long dikk having bucks. Nothing is sweeter then the smell of cash straight out of a married white womans hand.

>>835385348>Bullshit equivalence you dunce. An entire country rebuilding is not in any way similar to systemically abusing a sub-population based on race.Sooo.... now that that's clear:Were the bombs used to end the war and force the Japanese to surrender - or were the bombs used because the US is racist and wanted to use them on Japan because of it?If you are talking left-wing talking points, I need to know the answer to this. Can't say both, because you ruled it out in your previous argument.

>>835402580Listen, I know reading that made you feel bad because you're black. I was rather crass about it...but be real man. As a people, blacks are anti-intellectual. If a black man makes it in life, his compatriots call him "uncle tom" and/or try to tear him down. Other blacks see this, and don't try. You're like crabs in a bucket.Not all of you. Indeed, there is a lot of potential in your race if you'd just embrace education, stay with your families and fucking just try not being a victim for a generation or two.Black women/mothers are so powerful and strong...why the fuck aren't most black father the same? Running out all the time.Seriously, the problem is Wealth and Education. If all you want is to grunt "huhuh muh dik" you're falling into the same trap and won't amount to anything.I'm rooting for you, black people. When you know better, you'll do better. :)

>>835379244It would be refreshing to hear someone say, "I don't like blacks and I refuse to apologize." You're right, whites are predominantly puss cakes.

>>835402796Hey whiteboy...There is absolutly nothing that u can type that would make me feel a type of way. I dont know if you read the previous posts but I'm a military vet. The military is filled with poor white trash from all over America. And guess what. Everything u just said about my race can also be applied to yours. White people in America are the biggest welfare recipients...this is a fact. I've traveled all over this country courtesy of the military and for the most part Whites in America are more on the HoneyBooBoos family side then they are the image of the Brady Bunch. You dont have to root for me. The military put me in a position of home ownership and a pension. Your stereotypical banter doesnt apply to me.

>>835378948Surely they're notThe most violent group on the planet are actual AfricansYou got the watered down version my friend, think yourself lucky that they have had 200 years of integrationOtherwise they'd be seeing fire to people, cutting the limbs off of albinos and fucking babies to cure their aids

>>835380491Do you know who Genghis khan was? Fucker loved wiping out whole populations and he loved his slaves.

>>835403291Thank you for your service. I am glad my banter doesn't apply to you. I want better for everyone. My point is, the shit in this country is so much less about race than it is about wealth and family. Corny as it is, the dissolution of the nuclear family has fucked blacks and whites. The fact that many families need both parents (if both are around) to work to put food on the table and a roof over their head is where shit went south. Blacks suffer more because they don't have the chance of generational wealth trickling down to them through the ages...which is why the anti intellectualism hurts so much. It is destroying the white communities too, as you've observed. The only ones immune to this, so far, seem to be Asians...who have (as a people) an incredible work ethic and power through whatever shit and make it.In any event, as disrespectful as I've been, I regret it. I was partially trolling, but a lot of this is earnest thought and discourse.

>>835384454I would expect them to remain calm, quiet and go about thier lives in an orderly manner, lest we do it all again.

IQ.Blacks on average have an IQ of about 80 which is a sweet spot for people to do stupid things and make stupid decisions. It’s the sweet spot for not being a tard and a functioning person. Most people in prison have about an IQ 80 so it’s “the white man” it’s just genetics.

Attached: 3E91BED5-68B8-4899-A73B-4DFFB06BD89F.jpg (828x500, 135.43K)

>>835404497And with that said..as a Black Man I cant be envious of whitefolks IQ because look at what happens when ya'll come together and combine your like minds on a messageboard. Ya'll are into 1) Lolis 2) Furries 3) Gore 4) Incest memes 5) traps and trannys 6) thoughts of suicide threads. And did I forget to mention Lolis. LOL....Ya'll cant just be pedos ya'll gotta get extra weird with it and show how your "superior race" is attracted to drawings of naked Anime children. LOL. What a joke.