Micro SD Cards

Redpill me on these, are 128GB+ cards worth buying?

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Only if you want data you can easily transport and crush in your hand to prevent confiscation and botneting. Otherwise don't waste your shekels.

No, you will lose them

why, do they break that easily?

They're (usually) slow as hell and (usually) have low read-write cycles.

which models have higher read/write cycles?

If you have a camera then yes, absolutely. Bigger is better.

Just verify that your camera is compatible with whatever "standard" of engineering speed hacks they use.
They are durable for what they are, but ultimately they are a thin piece of silicon coated in thin plastic. Treat them accordingly.

Who cares? The portability factor makes them worth it. Also great to save my H-Games outside of my SSD.

I bought one and have it fully encrypted. When it's not in use, I hide it in my foreskin, which I still have, because I was not mutilated by Dr. Goldshekel.

Treat them with the understanding that they're nothing more than ephemeral medium-term cache and you'll be fine.

Also look at them as temporary transfer storage.
Such devices do not store your data, they store a probabilistic representation of your data which the logic controller allows you access to.

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I wouldn't buy it right now. I got a 16 GB from 2009 that no longer works in either my uSDUSB adaptor or the Acekard 2 flash cart I got for my NDS Lite. I didn't even write to it that much, mostly just copied stuff on there and did reads most of the time from the NDS. Also it sat around a lot because I don't use the NDS much. So it should still be working fine, since there's no moving parts. At this point I wouldn't buy any uSD except the lower capacity ones that are cheap and where it doesn't matter if you have to replace them every year. Basically treating them like floppy disks, I guess! Well except that floppies were better quality until the mid 90's, plus simpler design without potentially nasty firmware.

search for some tests done by trusted guys.
if there's nothing really suspicious then they are gonna be fine mostly.
of course you should not keep your stuff in one place, always replicate/back up.

you mean in your dick???

That doesnt always work, few months ago my 32gb sd shit the bed the first time I used it to move 200 pictures out of my phone.


I would only get a 64GB+ card for an ereader that I can put all my books on.

Why wouldn't they be OP? You wanna keep a library of music or videos on your phone, right?

You do have a phone with removable SD, don't you, user?

Not too many:

the ones rated as such

like the Adata Premier ONE V90 128GB

275MB/s read
150MB/s write

Everything after CF cards were a mistake.

what if i need removable storage in a form factor smaller than CF?

You never would.

In between the foreskin and glans. It's a handy little storage pocket.


= what if I don't need direct access to my data?
For all values of "form factor smaller than CF"

For data backup they're Okay. Not to use as a mini-HD.

If you get one make sure to test it by actually writing and reading back 128gigs. The market is flooded with counterfeit cards that look legit but have their firmware modified to report 64/128gig when in reality they are only 4. The card works fine until you go past 4gigs.

Did i fall victim to the counterfeit jew?

most likely yes.

Amazon is full of them. And they get positive reviews because lots of people buy cards for their phones and never put more then a few gigs on them.

SD Cards become very unstable after 100 write cycles

From my experience I would recommend only buying the capacity you would normally need to write/store/carry at once and save the rest of your budgeted money for exact replacements.

It could be quite disappointing and even frustrating if your 128+ GB SD card died on you and you had only ever used it to go shooting some photos or video that had never exceeded 8 or 16 GB in storage. You could've saved times the money on a smaller memory card.

You can of course gradually fill it with data and then purge it to even out the wear, but do you want to work with that mess? Can you imagine the time it would take for importing/thumbnailing software to process it every time you put it in?

SDcards are going dinosaur in 5 years

What about compact flash?

Miniscule memory storage but its much more stable. Lot of miniPCs and late 90s gaming consoles used it.

Don't make the mistake of formatting it with anything but plain FAT. You can use VeraCrypt (or other TrueCrypt clone) to take over the whole device, just be sure to use FAT with 4K block size to maximize the little throughput you'll get from it.

First off what are you doing with this storage? That dictates what speed and capacity you would want to get.

I generally buy the capacity that is the most storage for the $. I think 64gb is the sweet spot.

When I shoot photos I let them fill up and archive them away. I never format and use the same card again. I have had too many issues. Plus I want to keep the originals and would rather not use my disk space.

Can SD cards be booted from? If so, do they suffer from the 32GB limitation for bootable partitions as USB sticks do?

Ask any SBC

What kind of relic do you do your computing on?

Literally every PC made within the past 10 years can boot from an SDCard. Why the fuck wouldn't you be able too? They're exposed to the BIOS/UEFI like any disk drive

There's this problem apparently (which you may or may not have heard of): forum.acronis.com/forum/acronis-true-image-2016-forum/customer-advice-using-usb-sticks-more-32gb-will-not-be-bootable
Hence my question whether this is known to apply to SC cards as well or not.

for dumb storage, maybe
for security, don't even bother. Every card has programmable DRM, most times never documented; just like USB. The last good portable SSD were TF cards, since you had to program the bus instead to be able to read raw storage

You can’t crush them irrecoverably. Maybe flush them though.

You can swallow them and hope they don't cut your esophagus. Is stomach acid strong enough to dissolve them?

It's probably been fixed by now