Google Pixelbook

Can someone explain what's going on with this chromebook? Who's going to shell out a $1,000 for this?!

What's Google thinking by releasing this at such a ridiculous price?

Also what's google assistant? Is that like their version of Siri?

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google stupid goyim are as bad as apple's.
they'll pay.

Google is desperately trying to copy Apple by making a ridiculously overpriced piece of shit that can barely do shit. I don't know why anyone would honestly want to do this. Maybe the kikes at Jewgle are just testing the waters for how far they can push their kikery. The most bizarre thing about all this is Chromebooks are LITERALLY dedicated Facebook machines by fucking design, so it's even more perplexing for why such an expensive one even needs to exist. You can at least defend Apple by saying that if you work as a content creator for any major company, they almost expect you to own a Macbook if you want a job.

I can't even imagine how awful those people must be in real life.

I have a feeling they're testing the waters with this price point. At least they have the Android app store on it, but still. You can't do any kind of serious content creation, just spreadsheets and writing. Maybe some small photo editing for mobile devices, but I highly doubt it's capable of anything beyond that. Gaming is probably even more piss poor.

How about the people who shell out $2000 a year for the same and then throw a pissy fit over their Esc key being removed

It’s a fucking vanity product, so Googlers don’t have to wander around with Macs and offend the top Jews at Google since Apple and Google have been finalizing their divorce.

Google (being CIA) also wants more control of their hardware, hence their interest in Libreboot. They hate the pesky NSA and want to keep shit like their combat droid army free from DoD interference.

This is it basically but there has been a multi year worsening of relations between Apple and Google and it’s not going to get better any time soon.

Google's branded Chromebooks are not for use with Chrome OS, dumbos. Their bootloader is most freedom-respecting among Intel-based computers per generation usually including coreboot base. If you didn't pass the test of installing another Linux OS on it, you do not belong to technology board.
3:2 screen is worth the money, but 2015 model was the last passable one with possibility to run libre graphics driver. Pixelbook has smaller size/resolution and is full botnet though.

So Google is CIA and Apple is NSA? Which one of those are the good guys? Or at least lesser of the two evils?

Just a guess, they might be trying to do what Microsoft does with there laptops and are trying to make improvements on implementation making it easier for other producers. As far as I know the primary market for chrome books atm is schools so generally speaking google ought to be pursuing as cheap locked down hardware as they can possibly make if they are just directly after dollars.

Didn't realized Holla Forumslets ever actually cared about Google or Apple for that matter.

laugh all you want, it's a usable 3:2 corebootable laptop with decent performance you can get pretty cheap at this point, it has a raison d'être in it's screen ratio alone.

newfag here, what's corebootable mean?

Laptops from Bontet corp. unironically come with non-botnet BIOS, that's what it means.

We’re team NSA and Facebook and Reddit and Tumblr are team CIA.

so they're good for running linux distros?

What the fuck?


Are Chromebooks good for coding?

they're good in the sense that they don't have the distraction of games
but they still have the distraction of the entire rest of the internet
also, if you hack on games, nogames might mean less coding for you (really stretching this one, but you guys can at least into RPGMaker MV right?)
otherwise, it's just a gimped Linux setup after you install crouton. the 'chrome' part of things contributes nothing to it being any good.
still I'd rather have a chromebook than a windows laptop that I can't easily install Linux on.

What did I miss?

Good points. I feel like I need a dedicated work machine that I won't get distracted on.

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They're much to poor to afford this machine, except maybe their BO can afford it if hesheit saves all the money it makes from blowing queers.

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Can you replace the Chrome OS on the pixelbook with linux? Or can you only run linux through Crouton on Chrome OS?

Does anyone in /tech have one of these?

Money laundering man, they'll just claim that their dirty money came from selling these overprice shit.

What the fuck? What are these for? WHY is there a 1000 USD "computer" that can't run anything but ... literal websites.

Even if i were to embrace the idea of "websites as applications" and join Bill Gates' nigger cattle ... I can't think of an "web application" that has the ability to also work offline that isn't retarded in both the sense that it doesn't work and that it's slow. Are all apps available for Chrome OS written in meme languages by pajeets? How is anybody supposed to not just access Youtube on it?

What the hell. I just realized that the Chrome App store is the actual "app store" for those things. I've never seen ANYTHING useful in my life in there with the exception of Postman.

I just searched for a torrent client and this is the top result and my search for code editors just led me to various skinned html textareas "apps".

I sometimes feel like living Rob Pike's dream of everything being on the cloud but i guess that at this rate the three letter agencies still have much work to do to get full access to my chinese cartoon jpegs.

Insecurity is high here.

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It's just a fucking Linux laptop, in this case running Chrome OS (which is built on Gentoo). It can run more than "literal websites". You can install whatever distro you like, too, incredibly easy.

Now you're just tryharding.

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The old x86 chromebooks back in the day were decent budget laptops with easily replaceable OS, meaning you could get a cheap linux laptop. Now they're locked as fuck and seriously overpriced shit


You can run the play store on them now
Can't imagine using one as a personal computer but they work wonderfully in companies since every large business app is just a webapp.

tfw I secretly want one

It looks nice.
If I was a silicon valley hipster, or I didn't care about Libreboot and Free Software (and functionality), I'd get one

The same people that will pay 5,000 for a throttled server cpu.

It's kind of of obvious if you really think about it - they simply want to be the new apple

Microsoft has tried it as well with the Surface and Surfacebook.

would a samsung chromebook plus be a good libre thinkpad alternative?

Not if it uses a post-2008 intel cpu user. If you'd like to discus further migrate to consumer advice.

it has a samsung exynos arm, i'm wondering wether the paragraph on for the chromebook c201 would apply to this one as well, since it's more modern and has a 3:2 screen

For people wanting to buy the asus c201 to libreboot it.

Its gud, just expect it to be VERY HARD to make it work correctly. Once you've made it werk correctly under your favorite autist distro, it's very comfy. The 8 hours battery is life.

It's not meant as a serious product. Just like the original Pixel it's meant more as a tech demo than an actual product. Google understands the whole allure of Chromebooks is the price since even MacBooks have more capability and are less locked down. The only people who will be buying these are folks wanting to put Linux on them.

yeah the battery life is pretty good but the keyboard, you're going to need an external keyboard

It's for pooping on.

I find it good enough but I'm not exactly used to good keyboards.

They are quite chill, actually. No need to fuss when you have sufficient resources.

If you even manage to install and run it natively.

You mean the folks that are the least likely to shell out on something of sorts?



It's a Chrome OS dev kit, like previous iterations were called the "Chromebook Pixel." The point is that it's a ludicrous grab bag of features with enough CPU, RAM, and disk to do self-hosted development. It's really not intended for proles to use as a consumption machine.

You must be an Archhole.

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