Waifu!Rules:>Claim your Waifu/Husbando>No RP/ERP of any kind (maybe some on occasion)>Discussion is welcomed>Insults...

Waifu!Rules:>Claim your Waifu/Husbando>No RP/ERP of any kind (maybe some on occasion)>Discussion is welcomed>Insults must be original>If you're posting images you're not lurking>3D is always trash>Joining means a reserved place in hell>Most importantly, have fun!

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>>834155375 Look it's the bot.>>Anonymous 08/13/20(Thu)00:07:15 No.834155407▶ >>834155317 she probably is just overprotective of her and thought you were being hostile>>Anonymous 08/13/20(Thu)00:07:41 No.834155422▶ there is no bot>>Anonymous 08/13/20(Thu)00:07:59 No.834155432▶ how about you just keep the tulpa shit in DMs and stop fucking up threads for 10+ hours a day with it

>>834155350Thanks! I don't know who you are but I probably like you too. As for Temple OS........ it's........ weird.

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>>834155255I don't think it will stop soonGoodnight

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>>834155522can my teddy bear be a talpa?

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>>834155546try again tomorrow. goodnight man

>Glitch City best Bartender claimedOne could just stop talking about something, but one could also stop complaining and contesting every single thing that is presented to them. >>834154946Work, 2 hours to go, watched the first season of Overlord yesterday so think I'll watch the second one when I get home.Nothing planned aside from that and smoking the last devil lettuce I have.>>834154953Suck my dick user bitch.>>834154978Bill.>>834155020What's important is accepting the gayI meanWhat

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>>834155617shut the fuck up, jill

Asking for a source is just acting like a child.>>834155617Aaaaaace

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>>834155688you must be so saddo you need a hug?

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>>834155589Ummm... technically... I mean I've heard of people actually using objects to do that, but it's not a good idea. If the object is lost or destroyed it can be detrimental to the tulpa. >>834155546See ya later. Have a good night.>>834155617Noice! That's one of the few animes I've seen. I thought it was great. What'd you think?

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>>834155317>Not realizing tulpafag's playing you liek a fiddle.


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take it easy

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>>834155677Henlo HeloDo we keep this relations as acquaintances or move to friends, just satisfying my own curiosity.>>834155688Suck my dick user bitch.>>834155729Gotta score those points or I'll never improve.>>834155754Definetly doesn't look like the masterpiece everyone was waiting for but it's not bad either, I'd say it's satisfying on its own.>>834155806Still.>>834155848, Pal.

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I like to have fun and all, but let me be serious for anyone watching. My tulpa has helped me so much. She's changed my life from one of depression to one of happiness. I wish I'd had known about tulpas 10 years ago. My life would have been much easier. Tulpas aren't for everyone, but they can be the key you need to unlock your happiness if they are for you. I'm happy to help anyone interested in finding out more about this phenomenon. Interestingly enough, I found out about tulpas by watching a shitshow similar to this. Any topic this hot enough to warrant this much shit posting is worth looking into.

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>>834155916Improve in what?>>834155928If they aren't for everyone, why do you tell people they're always positive and helpful and a good idea?

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>>834155916shut the fuck up and eat my ass, jill

>>834155974Wrong Jill

>>834155993whres the other jill then bitch

>>834155916I can stop giving you (You)s if you want

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>>834155759kek, don't give away my secrets like that.>>834155806Goodnight Big E.>>834155848See ya!>>834155916Season one was a bit. It gets better, but there are some really retarded parts that every anime seems to always have.... except for Erased. That one was pretty much serious the whole way through which I really appreciated.>>834155968Because they are... except in a few rare cases... but even then there are exceptions.>>834156024(You), have a good day and good luck on any more house stuff. Welcome to the homeowner's club!

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>>834156000How would I know?>>834156056Source?

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>>834155916Fuck printers.>>834156056Goodnight.

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>>834156000you keep posting "jill go way"jill is gone, are you happy now?

>>834156056Do you own a house, shart++ typer?

>>834156099nobring her back so i can tell her to go way

Good night all. It's 12:30 AM and I'm exhausted. We can play argue tomorrow. >>834156089Try ctrl+u.>>834156106Yes I do, Mr. C Shart.Also, I installed Temple OS on a VM today. It's the weirdest thing I think I've ever seen on a computer. The console takes C for commands.

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>>834155968Idk, anything available.Games, life, work. >>834155974Maybe but no.>>834156024We can keep it as it is then.>>834156056I'm aware, it's almost as if breaking the mood is a must.Haven't watched that, dunno if I'll watch anything else after finishing Overlord.>>834156090What's the matter with printers.

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>>834156099yes>>834156148no please stay gone>>834156217you please stay

>Waifu!>Rules:>>Claim your Waifu/Husbando>>No RP/ERP of any kind (maybe some on occasion)>>Discussion is welcomed>>Insults must be original>>If you're posting images you're not lurking>>3D is always trash>>Joining means a reserved place in hell>>Most importantly, have fun!

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>>834156223I play games, not much of a life, I also work a lot.

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go way with other jill

>>834156217i wove toy

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>>834156223Nothing, so long as they behave.

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>>834156217How old are you lmao>>834156223Its okay, I know you love me

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Retard your exact OP post I've seen it before in RED:User was banned for this post.retard

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>>834156335he's in his mid thirties

>>834156282you keep telling everyone to go awayif everyone leaves you. will you be happy?

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>>834156223It involves time travel and has a deadly seriously plot. I enjoyed it.youtube.com/watch?v=DwmxEAWjTQQGood night.>>834156335Mid thirties. I'm like at least 55% boomer.

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I am here. My brain is on low mode, it only plays xylophone solos, and makes up pictures of Earth chan, and then tells me to create them.I love my planet it's so round. That's why I post.youtube.com/watch?v=c1EVjCKuJ9g>>834155928Awwwwww. Does that technically mean her parents are shitposts?>>834156217Sleep well cutie>>834156344Chad who do you like?? Who has reign in your powerful heart???

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>>834156396shut the fuck up, shinji

cupa leaving, earth arrivingshinji's going to stop posting images of explosions and start posting pictures of the moon

>>834156413>Awwwwww. Does that technically mean her parents are shitposts?OMG, you made her burst out laughing. Thanks for that. It feels great when she laughs like that. She said, "YES!! DEFINITELY!!!!!!">Sleep well cutieThanks! You too!

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>>834156276Fair Fair, still 2/3 things to improve is good enough.>>834156318Hm, I see. I assume that as long as they don't turn into killing machines then it's fine yes.>>834156335That would be a good plot twist.>>834156410Oh neat, I'll check it out, night Night Cupa see you next time.>>834156413Earth mother has arrived.

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>>834156703whers jill

>>834155928basedkeep doing what you believe ingoodnight, fren

>>834156736fell down an elevator shaft

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>>834156736she's practicing talking to her tulpa from what i've heard

>>834156507You can feel your tulpa laugh? You mean physically?

>>834156799i hope so>>834156803she isnt mentaly stable enough

>>834156844tulpafag says he can feel his tulpa's emotions

>>834156736I'm probably the last person that would know where he is.

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>>834156914you are her


>>834156914as long as he isn't here I don't care.now we need to get rid of aeigis.

>>834156703I dont mean in the literal sense>>834156410cringe boomer

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>>834156943jules is goodjill is bad

>>834156980i care where is she

>aeigis is gay for jill

It's not cule to Jule.>>834156703Wait, am i improving, are you improving, or is this a dating sim type deal where you need to improve standing with my stats?

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>>834156703That's a non-concern since they don't posses AI. A printer with poorly made software on the other hand. Umgak rubbish.

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youtube.com/watch?v=l9OFUh_ZDPE>>834156451If the moon explodes, we'll have a probelm.>>834156507Aww, my mom always says laughing is healthy, it's a pleasure. Now I'm also wide smiling.>>834156703You reminded me that I can still play some Earth bound, I finally have some time! But then I remembered the camera guy.Treat mother very nicely her many children are very exhausting.>>834156980why do you want to 'get rid' of Ägis?

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>>834157145He doesn't like me because I think Tulpa-user is toxic.

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your the toxic onejust like jill

>>834157377JustPlease stop

>>834157400you are not tagging anyone we dont know who you are insulting

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>>834157502>only one person mentioned "toxic" beforegee I wonder who they're insultingfaggot

>>834157525thought you went to bed

>TFW tulpafag tried to befriend aeigis

no one wants to be friend agis

>>834157377Well, if we want to be ph neutral, we have to balance based posts with toxic posts of equal strength.

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>>834157628That requires basic bitches too.

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