Get in here and defend this

Get in here and defend this

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>>834154286Donald Trump is the greatest president and leader of all times. When he says something, it is always of grave importance. He is wise beyond our mere understanding, that's why his ideas and visions need to be put into realityy as fast as possible.Only this way can the USA prosper.

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>>834154397Yikes. You need to go suck on some tail pipe

>>834154286Yang 2020 boys

>>834154286defend what?

omg demanding better water pressure is the most racist shit ive ever heard in my entire life. this is clearly institutionalized and systemic racism and it has to fucking stop.STOP. RACISM. NOW.

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>>834154397Wow user that's Manchurian Candidate level

>>834154286he should be killed

Soooo, the libs will demonstrate against this?

>>834154637>>834154762trumpists like these two here are too low energy to defend their cult leaders bullshit

>>834154397Nice bait

>>834154762Nah. This will only generate a chuckle. More evidence the King is truely a Mad King

>>834154286>issues only boomers give a fuck aboutAll this fiber means I have to flush 10 times!!!

>>834154637Its yet another example of his sheer pettiness. The country is a fucking dumpster fire and this buffoon is concerned about his shower pressure.Yes I know you're still voting for him. Everybody knows.


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>>834154286>Get in here and defend thisSimple, it's like to when I fucked your momLe fui poniendo un poquito de amorLa fui abrigando en mi almaY en el invierno le daba calorPara que no se dañaraDe aquella flor hoy el dueño soy yoY he prometido cuidarlaPara que nadie le robe el colorPara que nunca se vaya

>>834155065Yo queiro Taco Bell.

>>834154822>>834155000What the fuck are you even talking about?

>>834155159With un poquito de amor? If not I can't help you

>>834155065is this a poem about being a dirty bean nigger loser with no ethnic pride besides growing potato

>>834155299Toldos amor de mi pito.

>>834155384No, it's the story about how I fucked your mom, with my cock

>>834155437that's weird because she doesn't like 4 foot field workers who make bellow minimum wage

>>834155000ya dude prolly wants to wipe his ass after he shits too what a fucking douche doesn't he have a staffer lick it off like joe

>>834155468No? That's odd, because she lived every foot of my penis inside her. You sure your mom ain't in love with that beaner penis?

>>834154286>perfectHe doesn't know does he? Someone should tell him.

>>834155635What? That le fui poniendo un poquito de amor?


>>834155580She can't be if she was living for that length

>>834155580if it could get in her I'm sure she'd apreciate it, but bean-nigger dick ranks only just over asian. asian>spick>indian>middle eastern>civilized peoples. you guys gotta eat more vitamins and stop being such cucks

>>834155714She clearly is, else you wouldn't be this asshurt.>>834155761I love how you included niggers in "cilvized peoples". You must be hunting hard for that nigger dick when you hit those gay clubs on the weekends.

>>834154286>defend thisWhy? This is a non-issue to anyone who doesn't suffer from TDS. Get help, bud.

>>834155895Not the same guy, but I saw an opportunity and I took it

>>834154397fun fact about this picture where trumps head is would be the only viable place you could put a 5th head but there are some deep fissures over there that kept them from expanding lincoln so the only options would be to make trump with half a face and risk causing cracks to take out part of lincoln or make trumps head like 1/4 the size of the other 4 personally i think it would be funny as fuck to see trump dwarfed by other presidents and get a baby head to go with his baby hands

>>834155956You saw the opportunity for the nigger dick you love so much? Good for you bud

>>834155895No, I'm only being realistic. Spics are much lower than niggers. Niggers are criminals, but successfully. Spics are always fully fucking retarded, and absolutely undesirable, especially by their own kind

>>834155991No, you're being a nigger lover. Or are you a nigger yourself? I'll ask you this. If niggers are so much better than spics, why is Africa so much worse off than Latin America? Not the part of Africa where muslims live, in case you try to backpedal. I'm talking about the shitty part where niggers live.

>>834155961>SMALL HANDS IMPEACH NOW REEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>834156069because of the proximity to successful white people, of which spics leech from geometry alone. We had to *drag* our niggers here, because spics were too weak to be slaves ffs

>>834154286I dont know how to defend this article. Seems like the journalist could spent more time on real news instead of Trump's bathing etiquette

>>834156176But, user! If they actually report real news, how are they going to impeach orange man?

>>834155979Aww, beaner feefees hurt :cMaybe a Vicente Fernandez lloarar will help

>>834155258You stupid or something?

>>834156154Yes, we comes the we wuz kangz n shet defense. Are you saying niggers are too stupid to make it on their own without white people? >Spics were too weak to be slavesMore like they refused to be slaves and were killed for it, but that part isn't taught in white classrooms is it?

>>834156077Are all republicans this stupid?

>>834156341Smart enough to win the election, libtard.

>>834154286Mr.President, you're already pretty.*salutes*GOD BLESS THIS COUNTRY!

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>>834156077triggered easily snowflake? show me where the bad lib touched you


>>834156350lmao yeah fight for the bread crust of which minority can suck white cock first if you wanna, you're both from failed cultures. Don't worry, neither of your kind would have running fucking water without intervention from non-savages

>>834156440Oh, mostly in pic related.

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>>834156497And uh no, if you're a spic and alive today, it's because your ancestors were fucking losers. The winners/non-cowards died for their race

>>834156433Having a lot of people make a bad decision doesn't make you smarter than the rest of us, Cleetus

>>834156570Sure libtard.


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>>834156497>lmao yeah fight for the bread crust of which minority can suck white cock first if you wannaBut you're the one sucking off black cock, or are you losing track already? I honesty don't give a shit about who's "culture" is on top, unlike you. Last time I checked it's your "people" out there chanting black lives matter every night, not mine. Do you want to avoid that talking point while you gather your tears, go on another rant about spics that won't hurt me one bit, or will you surprise me?

>>834156632sure, they may win the election, but us liberals will sure be upset about it on social media, that's for sure.


>>834156672You're implying it's easy to convince a cult of inbred backwoods insecure idiots to make a good decision

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>>834156647Surprise! You're deported!but tbh idk, I feel you, I'd be pretty disappointed if ppl valued niggers over me too

>>834156732I am?!? I thought I was implying that the democratic party is out of touch and impotent

>>834156732How can you honestly sit there and tell us making our country great isn't a good decision? Have you considered that this might not be the country for you? You're always welcome to leave. Go to North Korea or some other backwards shithole that kills you for daring to suggest their shithole isn't perfect.


>>834156829no those are the ones winning

>>834156829>N-NO U FASH ;_;

>>834154286I totally believe that Donald has to flush 15 times to for his shit to go away. Some people have that much coming out of them. real problem, needs solution. I more support more pressure for donalds shit to go away.

>>834156499lol a trumpanzee claims he cares about the constituion

>>834156931>orage man full of DOODOO IMPEACH NOW REEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>834156942Shut up, libtard.

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>>834157068dude you can probably only barely read and wouldn't understand the constitution anyway. Wanting or supporting a king or oligarch is unamerican, and also you are 100% an incel and your opinions don't matter anyway lol

>>834157072Shut up, libtard.

>>834157285Still mad she lost, libtard?

>>834157328>>834157352lol you look even dumber than trump by STILL defending him

>>834157285I guess you'll have to educate me about how trump breached the constitution with facts n shit

>>834157422Stay mad, libtard.

>>834156154>because of the proximity to successful white peopleMotherfucker you know a map exists right? Africa is literally right next to Europe, or those "successful white people", as you put it.

>>834157423dude, just google "trump unconstitutional". I know, I know, it's probably outside of your cozy little fox news/pol/oann safespace and fake news and all, but it's pretty easy to find out why trump is an incompetent buffoon.

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>>834157614Sure libtard.

>>834157501SUCCESSFUL. Europe wallowed in it's own shit while in the usa they developed flight, electricity, lightbulbs, cars, etc in less than 100 years, and don't act like the African land border towards Europe is easily crossed, even in modern times. We all know niggers can't swim either, let alone man ships. In closing, suck my white American cock