Loli thread.Yes

Loli thread.Yes.

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G*d I love Sexy anime children.

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loli is the best. good night.

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>>834154149Good night.

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w: hentaidabest

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what if the fbi knocked on all of your doors and took you all to prison to get raped and beat up? god that would be amazing..

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>>834154300why would they knock on my door when i've done nothing to break the law?

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>>834154004>Loli thread.>Yes.

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thanks i love drawn little girls and will be masturbating a lot itt

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>>834154350How do you know green text stories won't come out though?

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>>834154432not a loli

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>>834154474now that's loli holy cumola

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more loli onahole plzz

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Does anyone have any totally real and not made up greentext stories of IRL lolis they want to share?

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>>834154597my dick cant handle it, thx bro

>>834154666thanks!! i need more of them

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>>834154618>be me>see irl loli>take it home>strip it>lick it all over>bite it>eat it>discard the waste

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cute lolis

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>>834154802onaholes with lolis are the best i want to get one so bad

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>>834154772Fuck Kuro, I bet her shit's all used up.Illya would have a much tighter cunny

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yup im gonna by one now cuzz of this lol

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>>834154404don't know about green coming out but white will come out copiously from my pee pee

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>>834154404>>Post ends in 404>>Just like all the old stories/greentextsWhy?

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>>834154404The green text stories are the best parts of the loli threads

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>>834154004>loli still allowed Based


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One of the most beautiful pages I've ever

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>>834155212I actually love this hentai, but at the same time I hate because every normie motherfucker on reddit or any social media will put it in their "LOL FBI OPEN UP" memes that have been done to death

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loli butts drive me nuts

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>>834155353whats this from

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>>834155413who is this

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>>834154310holy shit user

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>>834155454>> found the same, this alt vers

>all the Coomer threads left and right get banned>loli untouchedJust join us :)

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>>8341555582d threads are starting to get the banhammer tho, some dude was asking for sauce on an interracial hentai pic and mods banned him outright

>>834155556i remembered who she is sanae deomori from the chuunibyo anime

i like panties on my loli ;)

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I thought nsfw loli was b& herethe fuck? where have I been?

>>834154300it would be illegal to do that to us

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>>834155618Maybe they were pissed he was spoonbegging like a faggot. Hopefully.Does it make me a hypocrite if I think 3DPD porn should be off Holla Forums but make an exception for loli?

>>834155278>ExhentaiRecently, I keep getting a blank page, despite having the extension. Anyone have any ideas why?

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>>834154178>user doesn't reply to my memes:(

>>834155386O man, haven't seen this owl in years!

>>834155715Extensions sometimes stop working for no reason. The proper way of getting in is making an account at and waiting for access.

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>>834155703>3dpd>2d pic got bannedwut

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>>834155772Hm, I DID have an account originally there... And i think the extension still works...Alright, I'll see what I can do. Thanks.

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>>834155636>Implying Kuro ever wore pantiesIllya is the purer, better choice for cunny

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>take a shower at the same time every night>renting a room in a 4 person apartment>furniture is sparce cus each person has their own room>living room, kitchen, and bathroom are very basic>no curtain in bathroom>directly across from window is another houses window>one night while stripping for shower >notice movement in the corner of my eye>curtain across the way moved when i went to look>maybe wind or something>back to business>next night same thing happened>funny feeling it wasnt just wind because of how it moved>pretty sure someone noticed me noticing them >they probably ducked back in before i could catch them>third night>im ready this time>stripping while looking out the corner of my eye >across at the other window i see the curtain pull back a little>its a fucking little girl peeping on me>what is wrong with kids these days

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>>834155883Maybe she's attracted to you? How old is she?

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>>834155939idk probably 6ish. asian looking

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For the patient user.

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>>834155883Well, give her a show user, masturbate to completion and be sure to give her a good look.

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>>834156098>the one in the middle KNOWS she's next

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>>834156132Is his left arm a dick?

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>about 10ish years ago>I'm an irl loli>find out about sex and start wanting to try it>have a good looking uncle>start to tease him>hoping for him to take the hint>he never tried it no matter how much i triedI was the pedo bait your parents warned you about

>>834155989>>834155953>>834156120>>834156041>Blessed illya postersIllya from Prisma Illya is the best thing that God has ever given humanity. The cutest loli to have ever been created, and a far greater step-up compared to her shitty F/SN counterpart.

>>834156164too old

>>834155645you probably should lurk moar faggot

>>834156088its been about a week since caught her the first time. the next day after only my shirt was off i waved and she pulled back her curtain all the way and waved back. ive been stripping inside the shower for the last 2 days. its hard to tell when shes there or not but it seems like she figured out what time to wait for meif i had to guess i would say probably Vietnamese

>>834156158you mean yours isnt?

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>>834156122Hmm, knowing that.Or leave her for last.K last one.

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>>834156213Damn, I thought my secret was safe...

>>834156203Too old?!She's prime JS material. She's 10, and the prim ages are 9-11.

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>>834154034This is what I like. I want more if this innocence

>>834156265Imagine the smell

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>>834156212What a cutie. But that does mean that if you fap for her now you probably have lost deniability.

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>>834156290She looks 15. I don't care what age what she's supposed to be lol. Give me a 9001 yo loli as long as she looks like a kid.

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Y'all are dirty faggots. I hope you niggers get raped.

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>>834154800This minus the last three

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>>834156308She's absurdly rich. So she can afford nice perfumes and soaps.She must smell so nice...

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>>834156367Are you blind or something? There's no way she looks 15, she looks 10.

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>>834156411Yes but that cunny is leaking it's wonderful musty juices. She must be so embarrassed! *SNIFFFFFFF*

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>>834156453She looks like a teenager, too old.

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>>834156453i love this image.

>>834156493She's 11, user.

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inflation or stomach bulge is super hot to

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>>834154004How does this thread stay alive, but some GF/social threads are getting banned

>>834156554loli is the soul of Holla Forums. It has been here since it's birth and when it dies so shall Holla Forums.

right there officer

>>834156523See my original post, I don't care the age just draw her like a loli not a hebe.

>>834156554the real reason is there is a social board which is where those threads belong. Holla Forums is lolis home

>>834156554Because read the general rules of 4chan, faggot.

>>834156554Loli is the heart and soul of Holla Forums. We've been together since 2005,and will always be.Nobody cares for the GF/social threads We only want our lolis

If loli were to be b& I'm guessing all the loli posters would go to 8kun?

>>834156627How is she drawn like a hebe? If anything, she looks more like a loli than the other lolis posted in this thread

>>834156752>has teenager proportions>has teenager height>has titsGee I dunno.

>>834156838loli is -13 hebe is -18

>>834156954Yet she's drawn as a teenager as I've explained multiple times. You keep bringing up this age crap and as I said it doesn't matter, just draw the loli as a kid. She could be 900 years old for all I care.

Hey guys!

Damn, didn't make it. :(

>be me 15>playing games in room>7yr old niece sits on couch next to me>she falls asleep >lift her skirt and pull aside her panties>rub her pussy amd lick my fingers >lick her pussy until i cum in my pants

>>834157094Some artists are just bad at drawing kids it seems. I've seen plenty who just draw them as "small adults." Children have very different proportions from adults irl.

>>834155396tell me about it~

New thread>>834156609

>>834156186did he have much to lose?

>>834157250Ye, it just varies artist to artist. It's not a big deal and nothing to take serious. Too old is just a banter not meant as an insult it anything.