Ravioli ravioli give me the furrioli

ravioli ravioli give me the furrioli

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Y m0ds b mean?????

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jeeeeeez mods are fags and not the good kind -w-

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>>834152661all a bunch of ruddit faggotsnuu~

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KYS faggot furries

>>834152661yeah the mods are being really straight, its pretty annoying Let me satisfy my craving for handsome furry men dammit

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>>834152696>>834152729don't worry, they'll die off in a week or so and we will be able to post all kinds of diccs without interference ;P

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>>834152718I tried 3 times. First responders even cut me down. Now I accept that I'm gay and I actually don't want to.

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meowowwwe should protest. the mods never touch the s/fur threads and only pick on us.

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>>834152785I don't care that you're gay. I care that 90% of furries are subhuman disgusting filth that act like degenerate faggots everywhere they defile with their presence.

>>834152780I hope so. The gay threads on /Trash/ are getting screwed over by shitposters too. I guess this makes it... Fursecution :P>>834152792Lmao good luck with that. I think all it would do is encourage them to continue. It's like younger siblings, they're being annoying for attention and will move on soon enough.

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>>834152880i cri 1000 tears because they bully

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>>834152831you don't have to come up with reasons to hang out in gay furry threads bruh, just enjoy the diccs in peace~

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>>834152729almost like this board should be whatever people want it to be at least we arent bots or pedophiles >>834152780i hope soi hope they go to hell and dieee!>>834152785its k to be gae >>834152923thisnuu~

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>>834152928well I find it fascinating that they allow loli threads to continue unscathed... says everything you need to know ;o

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>>834152961yeah and i hate themsame with BBC threadstheyre cuck pedo soybois and i want them all to dienuu~

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>>834152928>its k to be gaeIt's not just OK. I've decided I really like being gay :) Handsome boys are nice. >>834152923I woulnd't feed into him too much... Same as the mods he's just bored and looking for negative attention. >>834152961>>834153009You'd think they'd be glad to have us. We're here pretty consistently, don't stir shit up, don't shit up other threads, and don't post anything illegal. Is there an easier group to moderate? Oh well, Str8 gotta H8 I guess

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>>834153009yea, every time I scroll through the catalog I see like 20 BBC threads, there defs has to be SOME purging here... but you can see which way the mods lean X)

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>>834153054you like being gae how hmmm?also cutie bois are great my bf is a bigg cuteealso yeah like fur threads always get a lot of hate but its like mostly gae discussions and just talking theres some degen stuff but how much worse is it then any other thing >>834153116and i mean theres nothing wrong with big black weeniesor big white weeniestho the whole racial domination thing is def weird i remember someone doxxed the guy who used to spam those and he was from isriel and he was some nerdy white guyalso diff guy they doxxed was some reddit mod fuckn losersnuu~

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>>834153116cri with me

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>>834152407i hope the mods ban your ass bitch

>>834153233>he was from israelbecause of course he was lmfaooo -w- I assumed most of those threads were shitposts but those that were unironic were probably cooked up with a side of hummus bahaha>>834153246does cumming count as crying? ;3

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>>834153233>you like being gae how hmmm?I like being submissive to stronger, dominant men :) The idea that he has complete control and power over me, yet chooses to be gentle and loving to me is incredibly appealing. I just fantasize about being able to support and enable him to achieve his dreams and goals.

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>>834153560>>834153377Rule 3. Line CAnthropomorphic "Furry" content is allowed on Holla Forums

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>>834153502yeah i thought it was funny i got nothing against isriel but ofc 4chan would have a field day with that >>834153515i do that its absolutely worth it chase your dreams!>>834153560or kill yourselfdont look at the thread if you dont want it nuu~

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>>834153502it is crying out your pp so yes

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>>834153645>chase your dreams!I'm working on it :)I've made good progress on my mental health, and got myself in a position where dating is logistical possibility, so the next steps are fitness improvement and self confidence, then I'll be ready to date. I wanna be a real catch for my man, and once I find the right one make him really happy for a really long time

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>>834153833well if you need any shaving / skin advice im p good at it i used to post on here but not since bf its good to hear that you are making progress you feel a lot better being able to be yourself nuu~

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>>834154364I used to laugh at this video, but secretly wished it was me.Now it just makes me really sad

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>>834154483Yeah you recommended me Nair a while back as opposed to more standard hair removal options and I have to say I'm really happy with the outcome. I've been following a new skincare routine for my face and neck and my severe acne, which I've struggled with for years, it's finally starting to clear up significantly. As I get closer to dating I'll probably hit you up again for some more advice, I think it would be really nice to have skin he just enjoys touchingI wonder if it would be nice to put on some perfume or cologne for him? Nothing overpowering but maybe something a bit feminine

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>>834154633im glad i could helpi dont have the best skin but i can force it to be better my go to is usually just a good smelling body wash and scentless deodorant and maby abit of something girly i mostly use ladys bodywash and or shaving creams its better for your skinnuu~

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have fun getting banned faggots

>>834154735>i mostly use ladys bodywash and or shaving creamsI'll probably start doing this. I usually go for cheap stuff, but I figure If I'm going to be proud of my body I should probably treat it well.Plus, I kinda like the idea of being a bit more feminine in my personal care. I guess my dream is to be the perfect wife, just as a male, so some nice feminine skincare products would fit right in.

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>>834154956yepper cheap is bleghalso using moisturizer is important!but im sure you will make a dommy boi very happy w that attitudei find it funny that the role of the trad wife has to be bois now why would women pass on that when its so easy for them sigh nuu~

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nair works wonders, tho it smells terrible bahaha. I've never tried it on my balls, but I've gotten some of it on my nipple and that didn't feel great for a few days -w-

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>>834155087yeah hab to be carefuli use it there just not for long at all lolnuu~

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>>834155082>why would women pass on that when its so easy for themconditioning and brainwashing, they'd be much happier going back to that lmfaooo. but whatevs, I'll defs take that position if they don't want it~ I'd totes be a houseboi, keep the place clean and cook for my husband when he gets home, keep him nice and pleased whenever he wants it ;3 honestly it sounds like the good life >834155194yeaaa I've googled if it's possible to use it on your balls at all, but everything I've read is just people just saying not to try it haha

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>>834155082>also using moisturizer is important!Any recommendations?I've never really touched the stuff.In all honesty I don't even know what it's for... does it just soften up your skin?I've got kinda rough skin from wearing this big denim boiler suits for work and being exposed to oil and crap all the time...>>834155087>I've never tried it on my balls,I've got the stuff with Cocoa butter in it and it did well on the balls and shaft. I used it everywhere from genitals to thighs to armpits.. no rash or discomfort or anything. Though I wouldn't let it touch my foreskin or glans Stinks to high heaven though.

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>>834155252well compared to being in the high stakes pressured world of being a guy it seems like a sweet dealespecially for a subby boiand i mean with the veet the worst you get is chemical burn every person is diff all i know is if your skin feels really tingly at the get go or uncomfortable its an insta no go>>834155263this is my go to lotion, its got Hyaluronic Acid in it which holds way more moisture in it then other kinds of lotions. its uncented and doesnt have a lotta chemical crap there are others that are also good as well amazon.com/gp/product/B003BHV0D0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1also you rotten foreskin haverim so jelly!>>834155421hi dashnuu~

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I should share pics and chat, but I can't help but just repost this and moan about how I need a gayboy to be my little spoon.I may have asked this before, but how many wannabe little spoons are in the thread?

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>>834155481>this is my go to lotionThanks, that's actually way cheaper than I expected it to be :)I think I'm going to have a big amazon order coming up.. I wanna get some personal care stuff and a pride flag for the dorm room. Kinda cheesy but I want something that reminds me each day to be proud of who I am.Yeah foreskin is nice... I can't imagine not having it honestly, it's a damn shame cutting is so common. I'd really like an uncut BF, I feel like the foreskin would make giving him oral a lot more fun. >>834155598Me! I already set up my weighted blanked so it holds a large stuffed animal up against me and it feels like I'm being held...

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>>834155598All the bottoms have been taken.

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>>834155481honestly if I could live that life and do my music to bring in money, I'd take it in a heartbeat. yeaa nair is the same way, it starts to feel a bit like a sunburn if left on too long, and it only needed to be on my nipple for like 15 seconds for it to give me a burn that last a day or two bahaha -w->>834155598meeeeee! little spoon is cozy

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>>834155705>do my music to bring in money,What kind of music do you like? I'm trying to set up my career so I can be a financial enabler. I want my future husband to be able to work a job he loves, regardless of whether the pay is spectacular or not. And I'll still have six months off per year to spend with him :)

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>>834155481Heya, how are you doing?

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>>834155659>>834155705That's great to hear!>>834155698Yeah, I thought as much... but then, well, I'm happy to hear about other people being happy.

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>>834155598being little spoon is fun however as i am already a little spoon i cant help you>>834155659yeah its not that bad i use it a lot also its good to be proud of who you areive never felt the need to be so open about it but thats good yeah being cut is bad and yes it makes it a lot less easy id have it banished at once its barbaric also for stuffed animals id suggest squishmallows >>834155698theres plenty out there for ya snarf >>834155705bottom lief i wanna be a trad wife and do nothin but cook and clean what kinda music?>>834155792thats the lief >>834155815heddo how youim doin good watchin marx play windwaker nuu~

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>>834155705Didn't realize you were still awake.>>834155836Molest that goat >>834155705

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>>834155888Hah, maybe I should... more in a spooning mood, though.

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>>834155958You can molest while spooning.

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>>834155869Nice, I love Wind Waker, one of my favorite games everI've just been working and practicing guitar and bass a lot more. I'm trying to interact with my family more and spend less time on 4chan, and don't even use Discord anymore. I need to start reading more though, I'm trying to develop a good routine.

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>>834156001True!>>834155705What do you think?

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>>834155792this is the only song I've ever made money off of, only cuz I won a song contest held by a fairly big youtuber bahaha >.> youtube.com/watch?v=wNis7iE8gp4that sounds like an amazing plan, get nice n cozy financially so you can spend your days with your boi >834155869I wanna make stuff like this, which I still have to finish cuz I'm a lazy fuck -w- furaffinity.net/view/32161474/ more aggressive stuff too~combining dat trad life with music would literally be a dreammmmm >834155888No molesting the goot, unless you bring spaghetti then alright, fair game ^w^ I'm not gonna be on much longer, just waiting til I can't keep my eyes open anymore haha~

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>>834156204Should be sleeping and probably will be resting soon here as well...But, hey, congratulations on having a passion and keeping it going!

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>>834156204Hey that's actually really good :) Normally I listen to stuff a bit heavier but I can get down with anything with guitars and I like to vocals. But yeah, my plan should be pretty good as long as everything works out, though I'll miss him a lot when I'm at sea. Sometimes I wish I was more of the creative type. I've always been one to make other's ideas work more so than create my own.

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>>834156072thats good practice make perfect also 4chan is good but too much is bad and yeah im enjoying watching him play it its cute >>834156204that all sounds great keep at itbe the trad metal boinuu~

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How big of a cawk does one need to attract a trad wife gayboy?Asking for a friend...

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>>8341564154chan would be better if I could find a gf on here, but you guys have a lot easier time in that regard. So for the foreseeable future I'm just sad, alone, working and playing music poorly.*sigh* kill me>>834156528It's not about the size of your cock, but the size of your heartAt least that's what I tell myself, but it hasn't worked very well for me either....

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>>834156528Flared Chance XL should do it.

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>>834156567>trying to find a gfWait, what?And yeah I keep hoping that it's the heart that's important, because... well... ain't packing a monster, alas...

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>>834156586Well, huh...

>>834156528>>834156567I honestly haven't thought about it. I figure the average guy is what? 5.5 inches.My finger is only like 3.5 inches and it can reach my prostate. As long as you're like 4 inches or more and know how to use it you're good. You'll have to big spoon me afterwards though... I wanna ride out that afterglow in the warmth of my husband's embrace

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>>834156567you are doing finealso finding a bf on 4chan is p easyfinding a gf anywhere is hardwomen are hardand society isnt making that any easier also its the size of your inner cockyour hearts cock>>834156648he doesnt know hes gae nuu~

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>>834156359thanksss 834156528I can only speak for myself but I don't give two shits about dick size ;3 anywhere from below-average to above-average is good for me, I want something to play with but I wouldn't know what the fuck to do with a gigantic cock D:

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>>834156809Hell, you know what? You don't even have to know how to use it. We can learn and figure it out together :)That'd be fun, two inexperienced guys trying to learn how to best make each other feel good

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>>834156841God, I can't wait until these quarantine times are over and I can get a bf to me, honestly.>>834156964I cuddle multiple pillows at night, yeah.

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>>834156648Why does everyone act like people can't be bisexual? Just because I like furry bois doesn't mean I don't like women too. But I've only known a few lesbians in the fur threads, so yeah....Eh, I'm above average but I'm way more insecure about being cut. Maybe having a cool car and being okay at music will work in my favor, but I don't think it will make up for being really short and ugly.>>834156809I'm 6.5" but I can't feel anything because I was mutilated. I don't care anymore, I'm probably doomed to be alone forever.>>834156841It's too easy to find a bf, and too hard to find a gf. Society is so fucked, and I probably don't have a chance with 99% of women either. Whatever, I'll just make money and get better at music and hope it'll help in the future....

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>>834157024yessss, me too .>

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>>834156964its about your hearts dick size!also ush i wanna do that w my boi i wanna make music but its gonna be weird also i dont know how to make music at all lolim musically super illiterate >>834157063just find the right one there are a lot more based bois then girls tho so good luck w that >>834157024do it any ways the lockdowns are stupid and fake get that dick... ILLEGALLY!also squishmallows peopleS Q U I S H M A L L O W S QUI SHMA L L OWSnuu~

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>>834152407inb4 banned op

Thank god the post office has my new hard drive in their possession and not UPS

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Late enough / early enough that I really should get offline for me, night to all of you cutie gayboys!May you find the spoons that you so need!

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>>834156964>do you have any creative hobbies at allNot really. I've got a car I'm working on building up, but as a broke college student it's slow. To me cars are art, and they reflect their owner's personality and taste. I'd love to spend more time building cars but I've gotta wait until I'm working.I've been thinking about learning either electric or bass guitar, but it's hard when the instruments are expensive and I'm short on time and space. I'd really like to learn some of the more technical stuff like Beyond Creation and Death, but I worry I'd get too frustrated and quit before I could even approach any of their material. Not navy but merchant marine, engineering department. Still at an academy though so it will be a couple more years before I'm licensed to sail. >>834157063>I'm probably doomed to be alone forever.Don't say that :( You seem like a nice guy that's just down on his luck and needs someone to build them up.I'd give you a chance :) Hope you like subby bois though

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>>834157024Taurin Fox, that's a blast from the past.

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>>834157217Goodnight :)

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>>834157130I'm not looking for someone who is "based," and quite frankly 4chan would be the last place I'd want to find a partner. I hate this website, and I'm only still here because I'm a loser and don't have a better website to waste my time on.>>834157217Sweet dreams, user>>834157234Being a nice guy won't make a woman want me because I'm short and ugly and have nothing to offer physically. I don't care anymore. I just want to work, make music, build my own cars as soon as I can, and if I meet a woman who likes me and wants to date then I'd try, but for the most part I just want to be alone until I die.

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>>834157334i meant that in more of a loose sense nuu~

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>>834157130>heart's dick sizeI'm stealing that, the romantic potential of it is limitless hahaha! how long yous been together? might be too early for marriage talk, yea? XPhmmmm well you can look up music theory videos on youtube, I'm sure there are many amazing channels that can teach you pretty much everything you'd need to know! this is a pretty good video to get started with youtube.com/watch?v=rgaTLrZGlk0 go get a keyboard and get to dootin ;)>>834157234building cars is absolutely an art, you can't do it without a creative vision ;D it's an expensive form of art, but once you're done you get to drive it around and show off bahaha. piano is a great instrument to start on cuz it's the best instrument to learn music theory on~ also death kicks ass, this has always been my favee from them youtube.com/watch?v=zguCFjHyVeMooooh that sounds like a kick ass job, and it sounds like you're gonna make fat stacks off of it :)

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>>834157334I think focusing on yourself and what you enjoy will improve your self confidence and people will find you more attractive for that.

aight bois my eyes feel nice n heavy now, I think it's time for bed hahagnight yalls, it was nice chattin ;3

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>>834157234Also, technical death metal is literally one of the hardest genres to play. I don't even think I could play anything by Death on bass, especially anything with Steve Di Giorgio who is one of my inspirations. He's one of the greatest of all time and very underrated. So you might want to start out with something easier whenever you do pick up a guitar or bass lol.>>834157430I know, I'm just tired and depressed and take things seriously even when I shouldn't because I'm dead inside>>834157497I'm trying to improve my confidence but it feels so fake. I feel like confidence is just a bullshit act people put on. It's why I prefer being alone, because I don't have to talk and lie and act like I give a shit about life because I don't.>>834157532Sleep well, Goat

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>>834157334>4chan would be better if I could find a gf on hereAre you retarded dash? State one thing in one post and another in different post holy shit.>>834157234Who doesn't like subby boys

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>>834157567I don't know what you're talking about and don't care, go fuck yourself

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>>834157488my hearts dick is sooooooooooo huuuuuuuge jkweve been together for a bit but it just works so well we def gettin married >>834157552well remember social media is the last place to be if you are depressed >>834157532sleps good nuu~

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>ywn be a 6'4" Viking bassist godwhy live?youtube.com/watch?v=HS2Ls4yjeww

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>>834157641Yeah, it's why I spend a lot less time on the internet. I hate all of it.

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>>834157591>4chan would be better if I could find a gf on here>and quite frankly 4chan would be the last place I'd want to find a partner. I hate this websiteIs your brain so fried from the drugs you're stealing from your relatives that you can't remember what you said?

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