Closed my car door on my thumb and now it's bruised how long does it take to heal

Closed my car door on my thumb and now it's bruised how long does it take to heal

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>>834151903A few weeks. You'll likely lose that nail too.

Months, probably better off just cutting off your thumb and growing a new one

>>834151903Drill a small hole to let the blood out. Ive seen people do it on youtube when they get this

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>>834151903OP same happened to me on my toe, it does take some weeks as the nail grows but it will go out eventually, nothing to worry

>>834151903pop it to save the nail

>>834151903 3 months. nail falls off. new one grows but it'll be flat and not curved like a regular nail

If it's bad enough, you will have to wait for the black part of the nail to grow out like any other mark on a nail. Happened to me when screwing around with large hard drive magnets before

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>>834152000You closed your car door on your toe?

>>834152101He means he had the same injury, dumbass

>>834151903Not sure but you're gonna have to get the blood drained out of your thumbnail, no joke. You may as well go to a doctor for that. Would not recommend you DIY.

>>834152220Drilling holes isnt hard, anonStop being a fucking puuusssssyy

>>834152411Enjoy that infection faggot

>>834151903 a few days maybe a week but the bruise wont go away until you grow your nail out of it

>>834152739What's rubbing alcohol and yode for?

>>834151903If you have insurance, you'll want to go see a doctor so they can do an expensive xray and then use a little hot wire to burn a hole through and let the blood out. It's completely painless but the nail will look fucked for a while.If uninsured, you could possibly try heating a paperclip and doing it yourself. There is a risk of very serious infection if it's more broken than it looks, which is why they do the xray.

>>834151903however long it takes for the nail to completely regrow. I would say about a month

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>>834151976I second this advice...and I'm a medfag

>>834153166Shut the fuck up you atomic autist. The human body can survive things way worse than a fucking car door. Don't put a heated paper clip in your nail op that's retarded. Don't ask your insurance to heal it. Time will heal it

>>834151903Shit Op.. that looks infected, you need to cut off your thumb now before the infection spreads! Don't bother calling a Dr.. there's not enough time for that.

>>834153829sure, if you want to spend days with a puffy finger

Take a paperclip and heat that mother fucker up super hot and press it into the top of the nail.

>>834154125let me be more specific, bend out one end, and only heat up the end.

>>834151903possibly a couple months. maybe a few weeks.

>>834151903Poke a hole in top of nail where bloods collecting. Otherwise, youll lose your nail like i did my pinky nail. It grew back. All fucked up though

>>834151976Don't do this. There is no need to let the blood out, it won't heal any faster. The only thing it does is allowing bacteria to get in.

>>834151903Dude, go to the doctor. You don't want that shit to get infected.

>>834154426>There is no need to let the blood out, it won't heal any fasterHe has to get it out eventually. If not it'll just sit there.

Just use a 1mm or 1/16" small drill bit that is sanitized in alcohol. Use your fingers to spin the drill bit it's much easier to control than in an electric drill. You will know when you break through the nail by the blood oozing and most likely sharp pain of the bit touching your quick, Those saying go to a doctor are either not from the USA or rich. Now I need to go see about curing some hot babes with my cock according to this ad.

>>834153829The blood is already outside the skin, but trapped under the already-dead nail material. The tissue will heal better without a big chunk of stuff there.

>>834154426The blood is already out. That's the problem.

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>>834154673Disagreed. Any extraneous exposure to the outside environment is going to be an infection risk. Internal stuff isn't an infection risk. Allow the wound to heal prior to any tomfuckery

>>834154797Burning a hole is exactly what a doctor a would do. They have a specialized tool for it. Instant relief.


>>834154915Nigga this nigga aint got a specialized tool nigga

>>834151903A long time.. a looonnggg time

>>834151903That happened to me last year . It takes like 6 months for ur nail to fully grow back to normal Enjoy your ducked up funger

>>834151903Take a needle over a flame, poke a hole in your nail and squirt out the blood. Done and done.

>>834154951It's just a plastic casing, battery, momentary switch, and steel loop bent to a point in the middle.

>>834154915It’s not a specialised tool, it’s a paper clip that’s been straightened out and heated over a Bunsen burner. Works great, just go gently so you dont touch the skin under the nail.

>>834155001nigga my nigga ain't niggin up some nigga-made nigga tool niigga

>>834151903Till the nail falls off or 2-3 months for the blood to disappear

>>834155045That also works. My clinic had an battery powered hot paperclip.

I dropped a 50 pound steel pipe on my big toe. Searing pain for hours, toe nail all black. Congealed blood under nail squirting out a week later, baby pink fresh nail growing under the wreackage. Fun time.

>>834154797How's the tissue supposed to heal effectively when there's a bunch of other stuff, ALREADY OUTSIDE THE SKIN, occupying its space?

>>834155077Wow you live in Beverly Hills or some shit?

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>>834155150ya mean the nail itself? idk, pretty sure nails aren't super mysterious to our bodies by now

>>834155223I didn’t think Minnesota had that kind of tech!

I AM NOT QUALIFIED TO GIVE MEDICAL ADVICEHaving said that, one of my fictional characters would DIY a hot paperclip instead of risking corona-chan, if you believe you did not break a bone. Monitor for signs of infection or immune response after, not just in the nail, but in your major lymph nodes and such.

>>834151903To be honest, I kinda like the pain after some days when this happens.

>>834154426you do this if it hurts. lets the pressure off.

>>834151903Well, slam your other thumb in a door, see how long it takes to heal that one first.

>>834151903gonna be a while. you have to grow out the bruise. I stubbed my pinky toe back in june and ended up with the same black bruise. it still hasnt grown out yet.

>>834151903Heat up a safety pin with a lighter until its red hot, lightly push it into your nail where the black part is. Basically burn a tiny hole through your nail, it doesnt hurt at all, just dont push through really hard or you'll burn your nail bed a tiny bit. This hole, once it has breached the nail, will spray blood out of it releasing all the pressure/throbbing pain.Im not kidding, look up vids on youtube. Its super relieving. Ive done it twice before. Feels great afterwards and its fun.

>>834152411Drilling a hole? You fucking savage, just heat up a safety pin tip and lightly burn a small hole through.

>>834151903Very unpleasant, but we’ve all done it. You can drill though to relieve pressure and drain. Don’t remember what I used but didn’t hurt much and felt better. Damaged part will grow out.

>>834151903You can take s drill bit and slowly hand turn it till it punctures the nail and drain the blood. After use super glue to seal hole.

Nail gonna fall off. Its forever deformed.

>>834156824This. Drill or no drill, the nail is gonna come off itself and a second nail will grow in it's place, albeit a worse shape

>>834156824>>834157398Mine looked fucked up for a short time after but now I don't even remember which finger it was.

>>834151903just rip it off and forget about it

heat up a nail then puncture it to release the pressure