Does anyone remember me? Wannabe trap, I still enjoy it but been gone for a bit Went by the name Emily <3

Does anyone remember me? Wannabe trap, I still enjoy it but been gone for a bit Went by the name Emily

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>>834146486If not let me know if you wanna see more I'm getting a new camera, had a house fire.

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>>834146544Bored as hell

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>>834146562Hi /b what degenerates are around I know they're here ^_^


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Fell for the trap meme

>>834146621Bumpity bump doot de doo

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>>834146652I'm not a meme just someone fucked in the head don'tcha know ^_^

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show your diglet

>>834146486Traps are not aloud on b/ anymore. so please kindly see yourself out

>>834146865Be patient now I like to build up to it meestow Spanked booty

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>>834146929Been here long enough to know better sweetie

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>>834146671Has potential.

>>834147066My ass was meant to be fucked mercilessly ^_^

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Which Emily trap are we talking about?

>>834147242The one wit da blue dress are there others? Been gone for a bit

Why don't you just be a normal fag like the rest.

>>834147316Emily Ocampo is another I’m thinking of. Used to journey to b

>>834147330Cause that's fucking boring, and you're on /b you are far from normal hun >834147362No I never gave a last name just went by Emily

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>>834146486I like Pepperidge Farms remember a cute cumslut like you.

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>>834147219welcome back lizziemissed you

>>834147444any of you bent over wearing the dress?

>>834146486Were you a game developer?

>>834146671Cute picture.

>>834147444I rem. it as elizabeth unless that was super early days

>>834146486How long have you been trapping?

>>834147465Hehe ^_^ i sure am I can't get enough in fact I finally lost my boy virginity, it was so fucking amazing dildos have nothing on real cocks. >>834147471Thanks sweetie I missed you pervs too *blows a kissie*>>834147479Let me check I think so closest I've got atm love sorry 8/

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>>834146486Show me your sissy penis in panties


>>834147607Thank you any requests I'm limited in what I gots on my phone but willing to look ^_^AH ELIZABETH!! I don't know how the fuck I got Emily my brain must be toast atm (got bad sleep) thank you sweetie

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>>834147676green text time?

>>834147725Would you go out dressed?

>>834147725good thing you dont have to be smart to be a good slut

>>834147444ah yes, that blue dress72496CF

>>834147854If I got dolled up enough and it was the right boy yes. But most the time no too shy >_

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Wow you’re super cute

>>834148154>Green text incoming next postgood girl lizzie

>>834148154That’s really sweet, doing it for the right boy. You should do it for us.. horny fucks in this place. Go out dolled up and be lewd in public I mean

>>834147872How mean! But I am a filthy cumslut who loves being degraded used and abused ^_^>met on Grindr and were both crazy nervous, >talked for a month and got tested (hate condoms need cum!)>got each other riled up with pics and vids of each other >said fuck it I got dolled up he came over and I told him walk in the door and come to the room>when he did he hugged me (was kinda sweet)>I started unbottoning his jeans and slid them down, his cock was only half hard>started sucking it until it got hard >wanted him to blow his first thick load in my mouth but we got so horny we moved to anal>he started slow but GOD he feel of a real cock sliding in my ass was indescribable. Cont

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>>834146754Super man bodies and faced, not even CD material

>>834148510Fuck off, faggot. She’s telling a story

>>834148173Aww thank you so much! Gonna make me blush!! >>834148221Yes I try to beLet me back up ContFirst his cock was perfect for me big and thick but not insane, while I was on my knees slowly sucking his cock as it got hard I was so turned on it was insane savoring every drop of precum.Fuck greentext just gonna talk we started with me on top I slowly slid his thick cock Into my ass, it felt amazing not much pain at all and the small bit turned me on more. He slid his cock deeper and deeper in me and I was leaning back pushing it deeper and deeper. The feeling was indescibable dildos don't even come close. He fucked me harder and deeper until I was moaning (my cock got soft but it was insanely pleasurable) I kept wanting more and more

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>>834148653you're sexy as hellplease continue

>>834148363Hehe I'll think about it the thought of me being used in public is kinda hot, but something more like blowing someone in a car or with the window open so they see what a filthy whore I am (cum drives me insane)Cont Even though I was sad I didn't get to swallow his first load like a good girl I let him cum deep in my ass and I literally fell forward on to his chest, knowing he came in my ass turned me on and I would shudder from the pleasure. I slid off and licked some of the cum off his cock (so slippery) then after only about a minute he grabbed my head and moved it to his cock so I started sucking and it got hard again

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>>834148510Enjoy the hatorade love ^_^*blows a kiss*>>834148554Omg this was awesome >834148804I savored his cock growing hard in my mouth, my tongue sliding along his thick shaft and the taste of cum coating every inch, I wanted his cum in my mouth so I begged him to cum in my mouth, he grabbed me and said "no you're going to wait I want to fuck you're ass again get on you're hands and knees* (don't worry we had a safety word) I got in a doggystule position and he fucked slid his hard cock deep inside me, I kept begging for more begging for him to fill me with his cum and fuck me harder. I kept pushing back so he went deeper and deeper and he lasted too, he would fuck me about 30 minutes before he would cum again and I loved every second. He didn't let me swallow until his third load of Cum but I loved it! Btw I had my leash on too

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>>834149005After swallowing his third load he pulled me onto the bed we were exhausted so we just kind cuddles for a bit, he held me I was the little spoon and honestly in that moment.. I felt so satisfied and little it was nice, though obviously after about 10 minutes I started to rub my ass against his cock and it got hard again he fucked me a fourth time and when he finally filled my ass with his third load (one I swallowed) we both collapsed and had to catch our breath sweaty and tired we just laid there for a bit. He held me again and we got up to get water omg needed water All in all insanely lucky it went so well but after the house fire we havnt been able to meet but we will ^_^

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>>834149186The fact that you have butt jewelry makes you such a whore.

>>834148722Thank you sweetie

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>>834149186Where are you from?

>>834149237Oh sweetie you have no idea the depths of my depravity ^_^ But not just with anyone. I still don't consider myself a true trap but I guess I'm not the worst either *shrug*

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>>834149323You’re good. You seem like a lot of fun.


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>>834149425id let you ride me anytime

>>834149424Thanks love _< not in da good way>>834149459Send me some cock pics I'd LOVE to see them it gets me off to make boys c[email protected] I get back into my kik ^_^

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>>834149534Low on peekchos for now

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>>834149534We’ll be waiting for it. I’d love to simp you so hard

>>834149534>Until I get back into my kikhmu if im still on the list lizzie

>>834149586Thank you everyone for being so sweet I actually like that the thread was casual with only some people in here ^_^ love you guys

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>>834149741Have an amazing night. ComeBack soon

>>834149721Yes please force me to submit and use me however you place. I don't mind my leash one bit in fact I love it. Pull it hard as you fuck me deeper and deeper ^_^>>834149736Of course why wouldn't you be I'm open to talking with everyone cept d bags hehe It's TheSourceOfFilth

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>>834149736Nice I got into it!! What's you're handle or message me>>834149801Oh I will I'll probably be here a bit longer if there's a tea bread just to say hi and post a few things. Got into my kik btw

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>>834149958What’s your Kim? I’d like to add you...



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>>834150301You Are Cute

>>834151593Thanks sweetie!! That actually means allot I often feel like I can't even call myself a trap. If you think I'm cute dat makes me smile ^_^

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>>834146486Yeah I remember you'd get drunk and larp about getting fucked by stray dogs Nasty bitch

>>834146562>>834146621You're pretty cute :3>>834147444And that's a very fine butt!

>>834152140I am a nasty bitch, you seem pretty stuck on it, I guess you're crushing

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>>834152631It’s hard not to...

>>834152493Thank you that honestly means allot I don't even consider myself a trap cause I know I'm not passable. But I do have a booty ^_^

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>>834152631stuck, cuz you left me all sticky

>>834152796Awww did you take any pictures??? I get so turned on by getting boys hard and making them cum, shoot me an email or add on kick I'd love to help you cum sometime but I want to see it! Please!Also sorry for terrible lighting in this pic

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>>834152692youre hot af lizzie

>>834147219Gladly ;)

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Two dildos in ass at same time or riot.

>>834152889My mouth is literally watering, you need to bring that cock over beee so I can swallow every drop then you can fuck me... please

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>>834153245Wanna do a threesome with my gf and me? I would fuck both of you an you can fuck her and cum on or in her and i would give you both a facial.

>>834153571Wow that sounds amazing, I actually have been very dominant most my life so I can absolutely be both, though if I'm dressed up I lean submissive.Email me or kik me >834150301Trash Email: [email protected]

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>>834153571I would of course want to get to know you a bit and all get tests so we can fuck and cum in each other all day. It's gotta be a right fit for me.

>>834153687Spread asscheeks please

>>834146652>>834146652I'd say 95% of self-proclaimed traps are non-passing. Hell, they're little more than obvious dudes in women's clothing.Traps are supposed to be damn near indistinguishable from grills, but most of them are so clearly men that they crop their face out because their faces look like men's faces.

>>834154752Hace you considere that they might not want to show their faces in this shithole?

>>834154638Lighting is terrible but it's bette Dan muffin

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>>834146486You look so cute

/soc/ and /hm/ both exist. This doesn't belong here

>>834146486KYS faggotThe Lord will make you repent for your sin of faggotryI hope the mods your gayass shit

>>834156651Awww thank you sweetie I really appreciate that it seems like people have been real kind to me tonight and it means allot cause I've been gone for a bit. Oh and it's Elizabeth I don't know why I typed Emily.

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>>834156778It's a trap thread anyone is welcome to join just cause they didn't doesn't mean it's for soc. I don't know those people I do know b tards.>>834157412And yet you stand in judgement of others? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.