Brave is literally paying you to use their browser right now with their UGP:

Brave is literally paying you to use their browser right now with their UGP:

They also recently partnered with DuckDuckGo. Making good progress.

If anything, I would download it and visit some of your favorite Youtubers so that BAT heads their way. That's really low effort and will support people you like.

I will keep reading, even though I expect to see many more nu-nech memes.

Looking forward for them to partner with AdNauseam and bash evil ((( jewish ))) Googlag SWJzilla to oblivion. Thank you, based Mr. Ex Mozilla's CEO.

Woah, that's a nice pyramid

Here's a summary of the program

how are they going to get around people automating browser sessions for scamcoins. They must reward you with less than the cost of power or this would be happening already.

I'm with Dave.

Da? datamining is done outside of javascript? What did he mean by this?


5% fee to use Brave to donate to the sites you like, that's more than paypal at 2.9%. Nice scam guys.

Is Brave botnet and is Waterfox any worse?


You're right. Ads will never take off on the Internet because user activity can be faked.

I wish everyone was like Dave.

this is so fucking stupid. i make better content than 99.99999% of the internet for free, no ads, no js, no bullshit. fuck your stupid forced capitalism meme. content that only exists to make money is almost always garbage like
- top 10 reasons why you should buy meme cream
- muh recipe, filled with amazon referal links
in the best case it's some academic work sponsored by some cucks who will tell you what to do and not do because their PR and business interests are on the line. but nevermind, i guess this is reddit now so let's ignore the fact that the internet is full of garbage content and start pretending the ad war is a thing with stuff at stake

what kind of stuff do you write?
why are you motivated to not make any income from it?

How can ads be more relevant while employing no tracking whatsoever? Something does not compute.

ads relevant to the webpage content itself?

so nothing flashy i guess if thats the case

Brave develops a browser, ie an actual product, while paypal just moves money around, like the rest of (((them)))




It's a shame they cloned Chromium when Firefox is now the fastest and safest browser thanks to Rust.

So what's to stop someone from setting up a script that visits random websites throughout the day with the browser and ads enabled to reap free Bitcoins?

x. ukraine

How do I enable that?

it's a shame you haven't killed yourself yet

t. markoff chain


Wouldn't this mean, say, Youtube pockets 100% of this? I don't see how there's a verifiable way for a user of a website to claim any of these tokens, barring an API extension for every fucking user-based website on the Internet. I can watch ads and donate my share to another user's wallet, but how does Brave know that's them? How does it stop malicious actors from claiming other people's share?

I'm quite interested, however I'm stuck with chrome until they can get extensions.

We live in a mixed economy.

t. classcuck

t. retard

I was thinking about this too, pondering on whether it would be time well spent to just write an automation script that clicks links in a VM, but then I read the article and

So basically browser botting for thousands of brave bitcoins is pointless, unless you set up some elaborate scheme with multiple VMs (or multiple emails) and bot with them and then tip yourself on some primary account or someshit, but even then there's a limited amount because in the end they want you giving them real money for their own variety of dogecoin, so they can laugh and buy Ferraris while youtubers and bloggers fight over who can collect the most of these imaginary coins that will have no real world value.

I dunno. I just want to be Dave.


It's a shame Mozilla force loads extensions without the users' permission.

Don't piss your pants, kekistani boy.
Some people just are not as enthusiastic of the Jewish system, aka capitalism, as you are, user. That doesn't make them commies. It's like someone says they don't want to be fucked by a trap, then you, a retarded child, automatically start screaming calling that person a fag because they'd rather be fucked by niggers.

I was instead hoping that all-in-one hubs, and "services" type websites just die from their unsustainability.

No 32 bit versions?
Well, that's that.

Fuck off commie.

I bet your content is shit, and you're butthurt because no one has given you money to support your endeavors. Your position is so insincere that you can't even love your own stuff on its own, you need everything else to be brought down.



is brave pozzed?



Nothing makes me turn around and run more than that term.

Am I the only one with such limited browsing habits that this whole sea of shit is barely relevant anymore? Most of the sites and "content creators" who are so belligerent about this I just avoid like the plague anyways.

The only site that's relevant is Jewtube but most of the content creators I watch just do it as a hobby or have a patreon and disable ads because even they're tired of how garbage it's all becoming. I feel like most of the shit online is becoming worse and worse to the point people who come to a place like this just don't even bother with most of it or give a shit if it all burns down.

Apathy is unhealthy. I think Brave provides a solution that benefits both the user and the content creator. Also anonymizes everything from a user perspective.

and just like i no longer take money to work at a cancerous modern software engineering position, i don't take "money" (probably 1 penny per year) to run a browser which sounds even worse than firecox

no, there is no content creator that needs paying. fuck off

Doesn't this just mean they're using you to mine shit?

its a step in the right direction

Give me a ring when it supports KDE global menus, X's highlight/middle-click pasting, and manual proxy settings (I use tor for all system traffic).

No you don't you fucking communist retard.

You post your content through a connection to the Internet that someone is paying for.

It's your browser on your computer that is doing the tracking for the purpose of choosing relevant ads. The gathered data never leaves your computer (and the browser is open source so this can be verified), and therefore doesn't violate your privacy.

This is not how it's done, nigger. If you use tor for all system traffic you should define it through netfilter or MAC rules, or better have a hardware gateway. Manual settings can be overridden by bug inside software.
Nonetheless, it is not recommended touse chromium-based browsers with Tor since they sometimes bypess manual proxy settings, and also have unique fingerprints different from Tor Browser.

I assume, the browser also loads all possible ads prior displaying them, or does it? Because it's easier to find out who is who, therefore track him, if one user agent requests for prostate massager ads, and another loads dog food.

Alright how can I get some of this batcoins? I've setup the wallet and turned on brave ads.

always knew brave was a botnet