They're falling
Many sites are finding ways of circumvent them - from turning their content into Ads (therefore making the AdBlock display a blank page to you), to resorting to AdBlock-Blockers such as BlockAdblock.
The lists aren't catching up, much less the anti-blocker lists.

Have they won?

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No, they will use digital restrictions management (i.e Google Widevine WebDRM) for that. Only secondarily as a technical measure, what is more important is that it will make adblockers illegal under the DMCA, forcing Mozilla to remove it from their store which in turn remove them from the consumers thanks to forced WebExtension signing.

Care to give an example website (or a few) ? I'm just using uMatrix and not really seeing any ads.

Is that your concern? A company that has been lost since ever now?

Couple ones

Just fix the filter you are using so that it is no longer a false positive.

They load just fine for me.
t. ublock origins user

Have you disabled inline Java? What's your browser? Did you wait a little?


Works with uMatrix and scripts turned on ONLY for


Works with uMatrix and javascript disabled

Is there an example of a website that actually "turns their content into ads" ? That would be clever. I've only seen it once, on a football stream - where the same script that loaded the stream also loaded the ads.

Firefox 54.0.1 android and yes

I'll try to remember them and post here.

Not the guy, but this Brazilian news site does exactly that.

No ads with the uMatrix instructions I've given here:

uBlock works by lists, so if something is not on the lists, it will be shown.

Ublock origin here, I just see some few adds on motherless, tbh.

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Meh, "many sites" already don't work properly in Lynx or Links, so I don't care wtf they do. I already avoid those.

Haha no. FF is FOSS so I will use whatever I want, patching the code if needed.

If a site is unusable with uBO fully cocked&loaded then I will find another which works. simple as that…

ain't clicking that shit.png

Java in webpages? Is that even a thing in 2017?

It is going to be worse my friend.

There have been rumors that Intel ME and AMD PSP are going to be used to enforce DRM in the future. There will be no escape then

How exactly? If I use software which simply doesn't support DRM at all?
It will automatically add DRM to everything it can touch or what? What will make it different from typical ransomware then?

This is how

The Intel Management Engine (ME) is a separate independent processor core that is actually embedded inside the Multichip Package (MCP) on Intel CPUs. It operates all-by-itself and separate from the main processor, the BIOS, and the Operating system (OS), but it does interact with the BIOS and OS kernel. It is a black box of mystery code at the lowest level, in ring -2, with complete control over every part of the system."

Where's the DRM part?
If I never download DRM'd content to begin with, what will it do?

I know, look up Intel SGX, it was literally created to make DRM that cannot be broken without multi-million-dollar hardware and incredible HWRE skill.

They will put DRM on things you want.

For example?

In this scenario I may start producing my own things, without DRM. Surely there will be people who would be interested.

What's not to like about DRM-free food, for example? Or DRM-free water?

off topic and low effort

you can edit it out with the insceptor look for
div id="mapLock"
then in just delete the background color & text and delete the line with display:none

Not enough. Your things will be more expensive / less "good" so consumers won't choose you, and even if not big corpos will undercut you even at a loss to starve you until you are destroyed or sell out.

I cannot read your mind.

They already do choose that, do you remember iPhone or other iCrap?

This is why "good" is quoted. What the commoners perceive as good is what matters, and that is largely determined by marketing, peer pressure, pandering to laziness and not by quality. Also Google:Apple in smartphones is like 9:1 globally.

But how can you say it then? Are you implying that everything will be with DRM?
Because I may want very few things from life.

There's a niche for true quality content. Until 100% of people are finally retarded.

lmao keep getting cucked by anti-adblock. Nothing happens for me even without any adblock on this debian install, and i see 0 ads.

enjoy your botnet

I use umatrix and I block JS literally everywhere so no for me.
But the amount of users who does this are bellow 1% so yes for normalfags they are winning but it will be correct by the lists at some point.

Why do people on this board understand so little about technology

Welcome to hell

funnyjunk has a unique ad that ublock origin can't block on its own
it's basically an embedded page with a randomly generated name
Even if you add it to a list it still persists on refresh with a new name
Thankfully, it doesn't actually serve ads but just asks for patreon money
any ideas how to get around it just out of curiosity?

I've said it before but if they're gonna pull a "subject yourself to all these ads or leave my site" I will just leave the site. I can name maybe 4 websites that would actually be worth looking at ads for and all of them are reasonable with their ads so i don't mind disabling my blocker for them anyway.

And if this happens then congrats, I'll just use a minimal browser that can't physically display the ads even if it wants to, assuming of course someone doesn't just get around it on a technicality. My main browsers already run like dog shit enough anyway. If I have to render another 50% of fucking pointless content then there's literally no point in coming online.


but yes i do this

so what the hell does this extension do? I read through the page 3 times and it still doesn't make sense.

It charges companies advertising by pretending to click on ads. It just lowers the incentive to advertise because it raises costs without changing sales. At about a dollar a click for most ads it would be pretty effective if a decent amount of people used it.

It's a click bot desgised as an adblocker

Tells the advertiser and website owner that you clicked on their add (by automatically clicking every add on the page), in return, the advertiser has to pay the website. Basically it's trying to get the advertisers to pay ;large sums of money to websites in hopes of getting them to stop advertising there because they aren't actually getting any new customers or people actually interested in their add. Could be effective if used on a large scale, but in reality it just gives the website more money because not enough people use it causing advertisers to leave.

This. The think webkikes forget is that given a high enough level of annoyance, many will just opt out. Forbes is a good example, after trying unsuccessfully to block the anti-adblock element for a few minutes, i just gave up. It felt better denying them the clickshekels than consuming their content, even ad-free would have.

If/when DRM becomes truly pervasive and despicable the webkikes will have another rude awakening: people will rediscover fun things to do offline and that is a place in which targeted ads are simply not possible. Same as is content distributors make piracy impossible... people will stop consuming the shit content.


this is exactly what i do now. it's takes a lot for me to really care enough to do more than 5 seconds of trying to add rules or whatever to block manually. if the site is that persistent and it takes more than 5 seconds to bypass the giant anti-adblock message they're showing me that's now equivalent to a cloudkike troll captcha i just leave the site. I don't care what the content is if they want to play these levels of fucking games I'm not condoning the activity by even attempting to consume whatever shitty content they provide.

also though i'm much more sympathetic to a site detecting the adblocker and unobtrusively asking me to turn it off to support the site in some kind of non-threatening way. If I think the site is worth it, it actually get's a consideration, i've never actually disabled the ad blocker on one, but I usually won't proceed to block the sympathy message though with rules. i think this type of asking nicely might be far more effective. some people might actually turn the blockers off if they enjoy the site and want to support it. the anti-adblock garbage is bound to just piss people off.

But my software doesn't have to use these instructions, and even if it does put something there which it shouldn't, I can get the source code and fix it.

that's true.
in the long run donations are more effective though, because everything related to ads is cancer.

Every link from there that is posted on any board on this site should be archived. Same with >>833612's link.

But does that actually happen? Again, I've only ever had ONE case where just simply blocking scripts with uMatrix doesn't disable the ads (and that was on a stream, so I HAD to enable scripts to see the stream, and the same scripts loaded the ad). If a website does not need scripts to work, just don't turn them on.

With uMatrix set to not allow scripts, I don't see any ads.

What you seem to not understand is that if the website requires DRMs to get loaded you won't see any website at all.
So yes you say fuck DRMs if all the websites in the world wants DRM mandatory to work then you're pwd.

Gelbooru does this crap now.

It happens, of course. I stopped posting entirely on a forum site because they changed to a new software that looked and behaved like crap in Lynx, and a number of the buttons seem to require javascript to function. Well I didn't even bother to try and log in. Just wrote it off entirely and left it behind forever, even though I had been posting there for most of a decade.
The only places I'm willing to suffer with Firefox are online banking and insurance type things, where I really don't have a choice in the matter. But the rest, hell no, I'm not putting up with any bullshit.

I don't need or want to load these websites. It's beneficial for me actually if they fail fast, so I won't waste any time on them and move on.

websites aren't something that's necessary to use.
anyway, if that becomes a problem, I think I will find some DRM-free gun and a DRM-free knife.
or what do you propose to do right now?
of course boycotting this shit is better than accepting DRM.

The previews can be fixed with userscript.

Am I missing something?
They look fine for me and I haven't done anything exotic to my browser, just added ublock origin with a bunch of lists.


Well the computer I built back in 2010 is still chugging along, so if this looks like it will really happen I guess I could cobble together another computer and pray it lasts a decade and in that time a solution around it is found.

why are you using consumerist shit websites? we haven't been able to sanely access the web since around 2010 due to cuckflare anyway. the whole ad block "debate" is retarded because

a: there's no good content on the web
b: you want to get rid of _ALL_ the bloat before using a website, not just ads. you really just want to extract that 1 or 2 paragraphs of text. if you are using some kind of "web app", you'd be 1000x better off (for both security and usability reasons) with a program made for this purpose instead of a bunch of HTML shit served over a nigger protocol. we really should be moving to such a thing and using more scraping stuff like youtube-dl until then

kys. that's not a thing. It's Intel ME. It's not a generic concept. It's a specific thing Intel made. and yes, there are ways to enforce DRM down at the hardware level, but maybe it's not in the ME, I'm not up to date on the latest Intel (R) Value (TM) Ads (C).

I just use pihole on my ancient rpi. I'm thinking of installing a web proxy as well.

The right picture is all ads though.

That would be cool if browser (addon) could strip off unnecessary content from popular website pages and leave only text, article pictures and hyperlinks.


I miss when the web was text and pictures.
Up to the advent of PHP was pretty much a golden era.
Now web pages are an eclectic bog of code.

You do know most, if not all(?) SBCs and FPGAs don't have Intel ME or AMD PSP right?

Pure gold! :^D Uses include - A way to specify "any IPv4 address at all".


calm down your ass dude I was just trollin

Who would win:

The entire legal infrastructure of the United States government acting with authority granted to them by the DMCA lobbied for by the largest and most powerful media companies on the planet also bankrolling the development of sophisticated anti-adblock technology