Anyone here run FreeBSD on hardware?

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Although if you're gonna go cuck license, I hear OpenBSD is the best way to go about that.


What do you mean by "cuck license"? I'm trying to learn more about BSD OS's.

This should sum it up pretty well.

The BSD license allows proprietary redistribution of their software.

Your in the wrong place. Holla Forums is the cult of the GNU.

Just download and install a few different flavors and read/learn. Don't forget to check out TrueOS.
TrueOS is FreeBSD optimized for the desktop.

Don't worry about it, it won't mean anything to you as an end user. The complaint is that BSD code can be used in part of a closed sourced proprietary system. That causes a certain autist here to sperg out, even though this guy certainly doesn't contribute to any operating system, and likely cannot even code.

How does that affect or impact a private user? Say, someone with a personal NAS and personal computer running a BSD OS? How does BSD licensing "enslave" a user? Honestly I wasn't thinking about the license.

It doesn't impact you.

The Stallman cult is certainly pathological in it's absolute craving for open ended software. Ideological to an extent. I just want a machine that isn't 100% spyware. I get that Stallman wants his software to be totally open, but the vast majority of people aren't looking at source code to build of off applications.

Anyone here use the software? What do you use it for?

That's what I thought. If people are going to do something, they are going to do it anyways.

Then FreeBSD will be fine for you. If you want to read the arguments against Stallman's philosophy, this is good:

I use FreeBSD as a home server.

Sweet thanks. I first heard about OpenBSD, but FreeBSD seems like a better starting point in terms of documentation and support in terms of user support and hardware. OpenBSD sounds cool but IDK the OS yet. de Raadt is scary.

The FreeBSD handbook is absolutely top notch, really there isn't anything like it for another operating system (Maybe a Solaris guy will disagree?)


Glad to here. I'm having it printed. My first foray into Linux was a nightmare because information was so disorganized, poorly delivered, or incomplete. I tried some Arch, then Ubuntu (thinking it would ease the learning curve). Even when I switched to Ubuntu I was still being referred to the Arch wiki since it's the most complete source of info anyone could point me to.

holy shit did you make this? priceless

FreeBSD's handbook is great. So is OpenBSD's built in man pages.

I enjoy NetBSD classic unix style and use it for a few different random things but the documentation is a total clusterfuck. You have to tinker with it a lot to get things going.

It's an ancient relic.

GPL would be much better without all the linking rules, tivoization and other restrictions. Just a software license that protects the four user freedoms and forces all derivative works to be released under the same terms.

And yes, I use FreeBSD on hardware. Ask me anything.

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LGPL vs WTFPL: Who is best dad?

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that may actually be the worst comparison chart i ever had the misfortune of reading, even as a joke. there's probably a poster out there who thinks this is good and that it should be posted when people ask about the gpl

that's the MPL.

Tried TruOS on my laptop. Mostly worked, except for the trackpad. I usually use a mouse though. That said, the graphics drivers apart from Nvidia's blob is where Linux was five years ago; performance was lousy with Intel and AMD gpus.

This is the standard 4chan infographic - a caricature of pure shit.

Tried FreeBSD for a while, but I eventually switched back to Linux. I'm a heavy user of firejail. There is no similarly simple jailing solution in FreeBSD afaik.

UNIX and all UNIX-like OSes are abominations.

Name an OS that isn't

both your posts are offtopic

Tried FreeBSD on the laptop and server.
Laptop: Touchpad support is limited (no multitouch, little documentation), KDE takes three times longer to load than on Linux on the same hardware. Chromium is broken, but there's Firefox. One of my external HDDs won't be detected, another only runs on USB 1.0 speed.
Server: Works fine. The community is smaller than most Linux distributions', so naturally some packages are less well maintained. There are much fewer Ansible and Puppet scripts.

GPL is free as in price (you can't make money with GPL'd stuff), BSD license is free as in freedom (you can do whatever you want with BSD licensed stuff). BSD licensed stuff also attracts corporations that actually have the money to audit the code, unlike GPL'd stuff, which only attracts faggots like you, who'll cultish-ly talk about how great it is, but won't contribute a single line of code, let alone audit anything. There's a reason why unpatched security holes lurk in the Linux kernel for an average of 5 - 10 years. Why don't you get off of your fat, lazy ass and actually contribute to an open source project for a change?

Oh believe me, there is not "a" poster out there who thinks it's good and that it should be posted when people ask about the GPL, but fucktons of them. George Carlin really wasn't bullshitting when he said that "people are fucking dumb"...


You can.

GPL Section 11 says:
Notice how it says "FREE OF CHARGE"? That means you can't make money from GPL'd stuff.

"Licensed free of charge" means that nobody has to pay money to use the GPL in their software or to accept its terms (i.e. the license itself is free of charge.) It doesn't mean that the software licensed under the GPL has to be free of charge.

Why does nobody know how to read?

Why would I want to use FreeBSD on my server instead of Debian?

That's the MikeeUSA reading, if I remember correctly. It's not the reading anyone uses in the real world. It only means that you don't have to pay to get the GPL to apply, but the GPL only applies in cases where you already have the software in some form.
It's legal to sell a copy of GPL'd software. Stallman used to do it, before he had a better source of income. He'd put his software online and also sell it on tape. And anyone who got the software had the right to make and distribute their own copies.
GPL'd software is sold all the time. At best it's an academic issue, but based on what lawyers say I think it's not an issue at all.

The program is licensed, and the licensing is free of charge.

Typical GNUtards, always moving the goalposts...

You are confused about what is moving the goalposts my new friend.

10/10 Now this is a real troll.

This was mentioned but I'd definitely try out OpenBSD if you want to run on something with reasonably common like a thinkpad. It's really just a pleasure to use, dead simple and most of what you need is already in base. I used TruOS and it really wasn't for me, that was a long time ago though and I think they've made some progress since I tried it.

You can have a pretty complete install with very little outside of base:

bt| pkg_info -m
ffmpeg-20170825p2 audio/video converter and streamer
firefox-57.0.1 Mozilla web browser
gambit-4.8.8 complete, efficient and reliable implementation of Scheme
heirloom-doctools-160308p1 modernized troff implementation
iwn-firmware-5.11p1 firmware binary images for iwn(4) driver
quirks-2.395 exceptions to pkg_add rules
uvideo-firmware-1.2p2 firmware binary images for uvideo(4) driver
vmm-firmware-1.10.2p4 firmware binary images for vmm(4) driver

If you're Google.

Any service based software can make money off GPL. Any business facing company can make money off GPL by offering customer service, and set-up.

I don't even use GPL, you're just wrong here.

The GPL doesn't say "this license is free of charge", it says "the program is licensed free of charge", meaning that the program is licensed to be free of charge. If it wasn't licensed to be free of charge, it wouldn't say it was.

The reason BSDs and especially OpenBSD are secure is not corporate involvement, it's a developer culture dedicated to security, and code quality not shared in linux.

Try to find any lawyer at all who agrees with you.
Even if that were what the license meant it wouldn't matter because nobody treats it that way in practice.
The FSF explicitly rejects licenses that forbid charging money.

You're asserting that the GPLv3 forbids the program to be "licensed free of charge". This alone is false. If you want to know the true meaning, you need to include all the other bits of that section. What you're doing is taking the words out of context, what you're doing is lying.

The FSF also lies alot, and they brainwashed you with their doublethink. They do NOT reject licenses that forbid charging money.

No, they brainwashed you into thinking that. The truth is that they don't want anyone charging money for software because they like software to be free as in free beer, not free as in free speech.

Sucks to be you. I have no problem developing software under GPLv3 and earning a profit when I license them to people.

FreeBSD has difficulties with power management on my laptop, which being a T60 makes me a bit miffed.

Repeated sleep / wake cycles make it unstable. Apparently this is a known issue with FreeBSD on many laptops. It’s a shame because I really like it.

FreeBSD is most at home on servers or desktops, I ran it on my home desktop for many years and it was always rock solid there.

That's a shitty duke nukem reference.

Openbsd has the best acpi of any open source os, especially on thinkpads you might want to give it a shot if you're want to run a bsd on a laptop.

Is this why the FSF used to charge $5k for GNUPro?

Yes they do. They considered MAME (which is now LGPL I think) and Alpine to be non-free due to non-commercial clauses in their licenses. So much so, in fact, that they wrote a free replacement for the latter.

Was that really the FSF? I only see Cygnus.

Cygnus was a fork of GNU that runs on top of Windows. The FSF sold the GNU OS as the GNU OS.

You're thinking of Cygwin, maybe.
Cygnus created Cygwin but also did a lot of non-Windows stuff. It merged with Red Hat.

>"if you want to share beer/bread you need force make sure they also share beer/bread to others"

I love how every thread I start on /tech turns into a BSD/GPL licensing debate.

It's an obvious fault line and the mods ignore it. So shills and shizos will hammer at it to destroy the community whenever they can.

Which BSD is most white nationalist? Lots of satanist child rapists in the bay area use FreeBSD but it has the best attributes in general. OpenBSD has the best security, NetBSD the greatest platform support.

I've been playing around with TrueOS, but the graphics performance is where Linux was in 2013.

This also makes applications like Krita and Blender run like shit. Cant use it as a daily driver because of that. Lumina is a pretty nice desktop though.



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There is at least 3 kinds of handbook for FreeBSD. Linux kernel have better documentation too, but they aren't available for free. Userspace is questionable, but GNU provide good documentation if you use info.


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OpenBSD is the patrician’s choice, there’s just not a lot of software for it. They removed the capability of running Linux binaries, which makes the available number of packages even less. Otherwise, it’s a great operating system.

Makes a bratty good database
OS imo

FreeBSD has vulnerabilities identified and used by alphabets.
Go with OpenBSD.

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Every OS has vulnerabilities though.

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Good luck hacking into a 48K ZX Spectrum.

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You seem like you don't know what you're talking about and you fell for a meme.
I'm not saying the spyware meme is entirely wrong though, but it's still a shitty Holla Forums meme.


The "on hardware" part is implied.

could be in a vm

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FreeBSD refused to change thus Dragonfly was born
its superior in every way

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My OS is not vulnerable though. Prove me wrong, hack me if you can!

this so much. DF doesn't get the credit it deserves.

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If you claim something is better than the subject of the thread, you must provide sources and examples. Everything else is meaningless noise.

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I feel like FreeBSD has less options in terms of productivity and programs (f.e. Microsoft Office) it can run than Linux, I don't know anything about it aside from the superior license.

You are the reason why your dreams are never going to come true.

I'd say firewalling (particularly with pf) is the only thing FreeBSD does better than Linux, but that's a very specific use case. Jails and ZFS are something that Linux didn't have an equivalent of for a long time, but that has changed.

I don’t run servers. Only a laptop. Need hibernate. So FreeBSD is useless to me.

They have great docs in my opinion though.

I only agreed with someone about a post they made, but yeah, sure; you reserve the right to not eve understand what I was alluding to in the first place.

What's the recommended compositor for *BSDs?

someone watched Kangoku Gakuen i see

FreeBSD is a good choice for high-performance servers, but OpenBSD is by far the best BSD for desktop use.

Most of this "user community" is made up of people who administer FreeBSD servers at work but use Mac/Windows at home. OpenBSD developers actually eat their own dogfood, and it shows.

compositor as in wm?

I meant something like Wayland.


Anyone tried porting veracrypt to OpenBSD or FreeBSD? I kind of have tcplay working on OpenBSD but I will not dare share it with public as it requires patching OpenBSD kernel to include basic device mapper.

Fuse is not perfect but every OS has it so veracrypt might be better solution in terms of maintainability and marketing point for asking OK on mailing lists

I spend the day messing around with FreeBSD. The ZFS on root option worked. I had several issues with checksum mismatches on .cfn files. Got some error message about /etc/machine-id which I had to do dbus-uuidgen > /var/lib/dbus/machine-id to get startxfce4 to work. I didn't see Chrome in ports so I did make firefox. It pulled pulseaudio which negated using FreeBSD to avoid Poetteringware. I install nvidiadriver. X -configure, X -config, and nvidia-xconfig all produced bad x11 config files. I added nvidia to /boot/loader.conf and rc.conf. xfce4 starts up and locks. I must control+alt f3 and kill xorg. Couldn't figure out how to get nvidia drivers to work. Compiling ports was dog slow. Too many teeth were pulled. I'm sure its great for a headless server. It's not right for desktop use. Not for me anyway.

Rob Pike likes proportional fonts and has better taste than you do, fag.

you should be avoiding userland softwares that depend on Poetteringware not operating system or kernel itself.

FreeBSD has chromium not chrome btw

Consider TrueOS for desktop use. Although I must say, I personally have never had any issues with stock FreeBSD on my desktop systems, even with ZFS.

What is most rewarding in running a BSD instead of a Linux distro for people who use it as their Desktop OS?

I've just installed FreeBSD on my laptop and i plan in getting comfy with sway if wayland doesn't hate me, then i'll proceed in writing some toy (((web app))) to spend some hours messing with things on it.

I was considering trying out OpenBSD but the last time i tried to install it i somehow managed to wipe all my partitions (not OpenBSD's fault! I fear i'll be stupid enough to do it again).

search: freebsd exploit wikileaks
Thanks to Wikileaks we know Mikrotic linux, Cisco, mainstream Linux OSs, Android linux, Freebsd, and Windows have all been confirmed to have exploits in use by alphabets.

How about you show me your paycheck shill-kun.


Yeah I don't know why I thought it would have chrome. It's a bit disturbing that Firefox would try to pull PulseAudio as a dependency, but thb it might have been an option I missed.

it might offer jack as an alternative but honestly why would you want to watch video over web browser in the first place? be a simpleton like most of BSD users and use browser to render web pages (preferrably static) and watch youtube vidya with mpv or youtube-dl.

That happens. You might expect the installer to ask you twice or give more context but no with simple question like 'do you want to setup partition table?' goes your PT.

Do try to toy around with OpenBSD tho. You might find interesting bug or vuln of your own project while porting it to OpenBSD.

Firefox optionally has full sndio support, which is the default on OpenBSD. On FreeBSD you can use sndio but you have to compile Firefox from ports to do that.

I tried a few bsds on my laptop.(latitude d500)
First i tried freebsd
I had an error bad si name. Found a way to go past that. And then it was retrying at doing something
The i tried ghostbsd, turns out it is based on free bsd and it did not work.
Finally i tried openbsd, it worked ,had a WM installed which i found nice, sadly it had no firmware installed for my wifi usb adapter or intel wireless card(which sucks btw)
I tried connecting via ethernet to install firmware sadly that did not work either. Then i tried installing firmware via USB. That did not work either.
So i gave up on it and returned to linux. I honestly had a better hardware experience in haiku OS.

Tip for potential FreeBSD users: after a default install of FreeBSD, it is best to install any patches for that release by running "freebsd-update fetch install" as root. Additionally, pkg defaults to the "quarterly" package branch, which is updated once every quarter and has somewhat outdated software. Instructions on creating a repo file and pointing it to the "latest" repo is in the man page for pkg.conf(5).

beos is dead - get over it.

I had the same problem with my laptop (which, admittedly, is an old Thinkpad.) By default, OpenBSD will detect your hardware and download the appropriate non-free firmware on first boot. So I just did a netinstall (which can be done with minirootXX.fs or cdXX.iso) with a wired connection, rebooted, added the appropriate configuration to /etc/hostname.iwn0, and commented out the lines in /etc/hostname.em0.

Only lolberts use *BSD on the desktop, BSD is only developed to reduce the costs and time to market for corporations' proprietary software, even their own developers use OS X or Windows because they know BSD is shit and lags decades behind the newer GNU/Linux since there is zero incentive to give back. Even prostitutes make you pay, BSD self-hating whores give it away and come crawling to beg for donations after the fact.


Well, son; you check all the damn boxes.

Haiku keeps some backward compat with BeOS, but it's not BeOS in the sense that you make it out to be. You should actually try it some time.

Well OS X is BSD.

Richard, please remember your sperg pills before posting.

Haiku is nice though

One thing I like about FreeBSD is how they have a stable base system but rolling ports/packages. I know that my core system can't shit the bed due to an application update.

also gnu, mach and whatever shit they made for that crap.

BSD is about development without moralism. While it looks retarded, the time punished them with the taste of lost relevance. The contributions to openbsd looks great in your cv, while freebsd is like a fucked up opensolaris with zero support.

Windows NT

I've set up a FreeNAS box and I have some questions for seasoned BSD people.
1) How do jails work? Should I jail my ftp account even though I have noshell and always chroot enabled?
2) What is ARC as it pertains to ZFS?
3) I have 4 x 4TB drives in RAID10. I'm going to assume Periodic Snapshots are like OSX Time Machine or vice versa. Replication Tasks is like Rsync Cronjob. I have no idea what resilvering is or means. Scrubs, no fucking clue.
4)I don't see an option for setting up a Firewall. I'm behind a Firewalled router though so I'm not too worried ATM.
5)I'm not real sure what a system dataset and tunable are.

I'm going to read the fucking manual, but I thought I would ask here first.

Jails are just way better chroots. The jail has its own networking and you can delegate a dataset to it so it's almost a VM. Basically a less shitty OpenVZ.
You probably just want chroot for your ftp account. Jails are more isolated than you probably want.

ARC: Adaptive Replacement Cache. Basically it uses spare ram to cache filesystem reads, so frequently/recently accessed files are in ram

Resilvering is an array rebuild. No clue why it's called that. Scrubs are where the system walks every data block looking for silent corruption. crontab one for sunday night or whenever. No idea what time machine is, but yes, replication is like a block-level rsync.

man pf
You could use ipfw, but pf is way better, if a bit more asspained

Tunables are ZFS options that can be tuned on a dataset. Use zfs get and set to play with them
A system dataset is probably just the dataset your OS in on? Never heard that one before

t. FreeBSD sysadmin

Tried it, didn't like it.

One of the main advantages that *BSD has over Linux is that it's a full, coherent system. Everything comes from the same vendor, fully documented and working. The downside is that it's much harder to get BSD to do something that the original developers didn't plan for. You can't just swap a part out with something else, or write a replacement, without becoming a *BSD developer yourself. You can't just try something to see if it works, because the BSDs move slowly and generally distrust change. The BSD philosophy tends to be more congenial towards system administrators and professionals, while Linux appeals more to programmers and tinkerers.

I honestly don't understand the "FreeBSD is bad on the desktop" meme. Yes - they develop the OS on Macbooks and sure, OpenBSD is the superior desktop BSD, but the ports system in FreeBSD is simply unbeatable. People love to praise portage, but once you use the ports system portage seems like a joke/ kiddy procedure.


No, I am from the future, and I'm here to party

The distant future of the 1990's.

Unix is from the 70s, so yes, that's the joke

The future where you have to use tar to copy directories and dynamic linking hadn't been invented yet. Go is from the future where generics hadn't been invented yet.

Plan 9 is still better than Unix at the fundamental level. Anyway it doesn't force you to use tar or go, just like OpenBSD doesn't force you to use ed or nvi instead of another text editor. Besides, the OS itself is written in C. It's really just Unix taken to its logical conclusion, as opposed to Unix as how it (badly) turned out.


That's a joke, the page changes every time you refresh it.

Why would you use BSD when Linux exists?

Why would you use something as unstable as Linux if BSD exists?
Didnt Linus say long time ago that if BSD was like it is these days, he probably wouldnt have even created Linux?

m8 wot u doin

have you even tried using Linux day to day?

I really hope you're not suggesting using linux on the desktop. It's a server OS just like BSD.

MacOS works just fine

When you wanna switch to FreeBSD but you have a dedicated GPU installed

I use Debian 9 as a daily driver. It hasn't broken once. Installed it about 2 months ago, so far, so good.

Why would you use a frankenstein monster stitched together by third parties when you could use a BSD?

I have used linux as a daily driver desktop every single day since 2010.
My current distro, Manjaro, has been installed and working with minimal problems for over a year.
The problems I had were with AUR stuff I installed having requirements for dependencies that held back the rest of my system, so I got different programs, no more problems.
The only time I've seen real problems like people claim to have with desktop linux is if they have nvidia hardware and don't know to install the right software drivers for it, OR if they insist on following meme advice like using totally libre distros that don't support a bunch of hardware or supply codecs that work well.

I've only ran it in VM

I ran PC-BSD on my laptop for a week or two, until I realized I wasn't qualified to make wifi drivers work on my own.
This was like ten years ago now, though. I can't justify running BSD on my machines now, because I've spent the last ten years getting comfy with linux, and I'm getting old now. I run TrueOS in a vm though, and Plan9, and Haiku.

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This should sum it up pretty well.

Imagine a BSD licensed project is your wife.
Now imagine a company taking your wife and buying here a bunch of new clothes and refusing to let you see her while she's wearing her new clothes.

Now this doesn't mean your wife's been taken by another man but makes it far more likely given only the license. More popular wife's are naturally more likely to be taken, for example linux as compared to openbsd.

That's not accurate. BSD software can be modified arbitrarily and there's no need to give back the code even when the binary is distributed in any capacity. This results in no contribution in the original BSD (apple and mac/osx exemplify that) because it's more than 0 effort to go from closed source internal modifications to public release (not to mention legal shit). You always have your wife, but the clone of your wife can be modified to have a massive cock and used to make porn videos and you won't even get to enjoy the pleasure of being cummed inside because it's theirs and not yours.
Thus all the effort you've put into your wife was taken from you and you gain nothing from it. Hence 'cuck license'.

A way to see it even better as a cuck license: you feed, clothe, house your wife for years and years, then prep jamal to fuck your wife for free.

Because bsd is even less stable, has way less software available, has shit hardware support, is slow, has molasse-tier development speed, and is insecure, all at the same time (meaning the set of all these properties apply to each and every bsd).

Big companies love BSD.

Literally, BSD was like the most improbable godsend they ever got.

Imagine, you're a CEO.

You sit in your office. Your CTO tells you that there is a major innovation happening, a free operating system that doesn't cost thousands of dollars to license unlike UNIX, it's called Linux, but the problem is that the condition to use it is to release the additions that you make to it.

The CEO gets andry and starts ranting about commies.

Now, comes "the rat" who has done a similar project, but is a hardline libertarian. "Freedom" he says.

The CEO, used to dealing with competitors and unions, but never having dealt with "the rat", cannot believe his luck, he even offers money, but "the rat" refuses.

I was trying to not be abrasive I guess, this made me laugh.

I'd buy this for free dragonfly & net but openbsd is secure and stable. If you wanted software and hardware support why are you using a unix in the first place. Development speed and software speed is undeniably worst on OpenBSD, but I don't mind if that means I can have a secure and stable operating system with quality code.

I'd rather use software with a cucked license than a cucked code base.

Part II :

"The Rat"'s OS, who everyone knows could have never gotten where it is now, had it not stood on the shoulders of giants, but primarily on those of the GPL-licensed GNU/Linux, is used by Fortune 500 companies and Wall Street, ranging from Japanese consoles whose games offer an a-political escape from reality to "cool" tech companies primarily based in one of the world's most gentrified cities, but whose products are made in China where conditions are so bad they have to put nets on the windows so workers don't jump.

"This is freedom" exclaims the Rat.

Part III upcoming.

The OpenBSD model of security is preposterous at best. Firstly nothing in the port tree that's not in the base is actually audited, so if you install anything, due to the absence of separation, you're automatically compromised. Secondly, they refuse to list severe security flaws such as privilege escalations in CVEs unless they are tied to (direct) remote execution. Thirdly they refuse to correctly credit their precursors when they do implement security measures years late.
If you're running a router or something single-purpose and simple like that, it's decent enough. But for anything else it's a security nightmare.
Stability comes likewise.
The other BSDs at least have containment but have security issues throughout the stack that are not properly addressed because of the aforementioned slow development speed (this is why development speed matters mostly).

Other UNIX-like OSs do not have the same hardware and software support issues that the BSDs have.

Part III :

Let's now picture a factory where every role is an archetype for a license/OS.

At the top is a manager. He has a private office and is the CEO's handling arm at that factory. The dealings between him and upper management at headquarters is not known to workers.

This resembles most the inner workings of proprietary operating systems such as Windows or Mac OS.

The regular workers are akin to users.

At that factory, there is a union and a leader for that union. His aim is to guarantee certain rules under which the workers/employees he represents can be treated, classically he prescribes that modifications to the workers' status of employment, such as firing, must be made public and must be communicated to the union leaders.

This is closest to the GPL.

BSD is the worker who goes to the factory manager and informs them that he has assembled a group of workers who are willing to work for the company without any of the regulations required by union workers as long as they will be used or employed by the factory.

This worker is "the rat".

I have FreeNAS running on my network. It's pretty slick.


The older menu is a bit redundant.

#just a RatBSD user thing

Nobody gives a shit what you think spook. Go fuck off to a systemd thread.
Checkmate openplacebotards.

Is freebsd on rpi3 faster than raspbian? Raspbian for daily use is painful.

I don't think the support for ARM devices is that great on FreeBSD. Some things like HDMI, I don't know if a Rpi has this or not, may not work properly.

I remember OpenBSD adding rpi3 support for their new arm64 builds. I don't think the change of operating system itself will affect responsiveness but it might be fun experiment.

not to mention the fact that openBSD project lead is full of obnoxious people who spread misinformation about muh security and """no remote holes"""
openBSD isn't even practical for desktop use, unlike ganoo/loonix and freeBSD or even netBSD

BSD is, in general, not faster than Linux. I would stick with Raspbian.

10/10 would use again

You're the one spreading lies, pal. It doesn't say "no remote holes" anywhere. Fact is, openbsd has a better track record in security than any Linux distro or other BSD. If you don't like that, tough shit. You could actually be working on code to change that, but you won't. All you can do is come here and spread lies.

This is because the cheating rat does not disclose vulnerabilities unless they meet his own arbitrary set of criteria. Openplacebo also can do far less at worse performance and usability than GNU/Linux. Your "hello world" being bug free is not an achievement.

Are you insane? All CVS commits are open for all to see. All security patches for current and past two releases are linked on website. If the shit wasn't disclosed, then it wouldn't be in the OS, and openbsd systems would be getting hacked all the time, kinda like Linux.

LOL no one cares enough about outdated BSD cuckware, which is why there is little press attention and people don't go through their code. Sure the security fixes are public, but they are not announced as such and as normal commits and not assigned a CVE.

Oh I get it now, you're that GNU terrorist. Well no sense continuing this conversation then, since you're all consummed by an ideology, thus you're incapable of reason.
But hey, since you like videos, here's another one.
tl;dr - just grab the openbsd code, they already fixed everything
Now piss off from BSD threads, ya daft cunt.

Nice projection, bootlicker. openplacebotards are the ones who spent a decade rewriting GNU tools and switched to an inferior compiler due to their seething hatred of the GPL and underlying ancap faith.
Oh, so they fixed one window being able to read the I/O of another one without breaking spec? No?????!???!?
Meanwhile GNU/Linux is working on replacing X with Wayland that actually solves the inherent issues with X. How is support for Wayland on openplacebo coming along?
no u

how does cucky-wooky like eating GNU communist Turd? Shat by Tyrone, or shat by Stallman? :^)

All the BSDs are a joke. As for FreeBSD,
Which is a huge problem because
Which means
Things in ports have 0 guarantee that they even compile, and it's even worse when options come into the equation. Both packages and ports are rudimentary at best and ports can't suitably be automated when a new package is encountered (because you either accept unknown default options, or you need to use the interactive prompt).
It takes years to get support for new hardware. If you have an ancient box collecting dust, maybe you can use it with freebsd, but that's about it.
There is exactly 0 advantage of freebsd over GNU. None. It's less stable, has more security holes (hell, it even has pid randomization as an optional """mitigation""" - hilariously it's default in openbsd, which is funny because pid randomization is a huge security flaw compared to sequential).
Very well-known cases are web browsers in particular. For example chromium is known to magically refuse to load pages while all browsers are known to be getting slower on freebsd over time while becoming faster on other os's.

-no software
-not suitable to serve for virt applications
-not suitable for compute servers
-no advantage at the filesystem level, zfs is available on other os's too

It doesn't fit any niche. It's useless.

It doesn't, quite the opposite actually. They refuse to assign CVEs to security flaws that are not remote execution exploits, while every single type of security issue is listed for linux, even those that 1- aren't linux but rather userland, and 2- aren't exploitable because there are already mitigs in place at the time.

what mods hahahahah

cucky-wooky is mad that Leenux has its security cucked by the NSA whilst *BSDs get stuff patched in time? :^)

cucky-wooky likes its software fucked in the arse by daddy NSA/RedHat/Poettering? :^)

Where very basic syscalls like fork() have been disabled? Rosemary Kennedy was still a Kennedy, but you know...




You can keep complaining all you want, but nobody's going to play by your stupid CVE rules anymore than they'll buy into your stupid GPL brainwashing. You're trapped into a system of rules that doesn't even come close to modeling reality and want to impose said rules on everyone else. Then you're all surprised and outraged when others ignore them. If only you had a brain, you'd understand how stupid you really are.

Ok, then let's talk about the "positive aspects" of companies who have actually used BSD, what they have given back to the community :

Apple :

- Evades taxes in all or almost all countries it operates in.
- Outsources most of its facturing.
- Conditions of work so bad, nets on the windows so workers don't jump.
- 95% of workers in Apple companies end up with health issues
- Confirmed to purposefully downgrade phones through the OS
- Closed operating system, user is taken all fundamental freedoms and becomes a slave of its technology

And all thanks to whom? BSD!

You know, there's a reason BSD was chosen by all these shitty companies, it's because BSD is cucked.

Everybody blame Linux for making 1000 distro rather making one universal. This argument is stupid as most distro is more or less the same. In the BSD world everybody thinks they can maintain an os and whatever else too (especially OBSD have this NIH stuff) with very few people even if some of them are damn talented, but it's still a hobby for everybody that makes it hard to take BSD seriously with many legacy code and unpatched bugs that solved elsewhere that not merged sometimes because hatred between some BSD devs. BSD literally became what MS thought about Linux in the 90's while Linux is now a sw monster that is ready to eat everything in IT world.

They could do this with Linux and pre GPLv3 coreutils too.

Your butttears are delicious.

It cannot be stolen, just copied and many (most) GNU/Linux users aren't a contributor either.

Fantastic example of that: FreeBSD since 2016 broke GELI + UEFI so you couldn't decrypt your disks (thus FDE with a non-ancient FreeBSD was pointless). TrueOS (formerly PC-BSD), which is based on FreeBSD, inherited this issue. FreeBSD solved this very recently but the fix is still in testing (it works though). TrueOS has not inherited this fix. In fact they say that even when it's out of testing it will take them a long time to port it because their init is too different to FreeBSD's.

Sadly modern GNU is absolute trash due to the efforts of large corporations, including especially redhat, in destroying everything that works in favor of constantly changing, completely undocumented, buggy-as-all-fuck all-encompassing trash. At least gentoo is still a thing - for now. But I predict that linuxland will split into GNU and Redhat variants. Redhat variant will have all the mainline kernel development because linus will be paid handsomely to suck their cock, it's not clear what will happen with the GNU variant as a result despite the fact it will be the only usable one (with the redhat variant being wangblows except pseudo-opensource - same impossible instability and backdoors everywhere, same bloat and closed nature of software where you control nothing, same arcane tooling).

Can someone spoon feed me the differences between FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD?

From what I understand, FreeBSD is more general purpose, good on both server and desktop.
OpenBSD is extremely secure but is a bit better suited to servers.
NetBSD is bad.

GPL violates the NAP the same way copyright law and proprietary licenses do, and GNUfags project their ideological inferiority onto the BSD licenses because BSD license is the closest you can possibly get to not violating the NAP while still also not violating any laws.


Most popular, the debian of the BSD world. Has decent software availability and a linux compatiblity layer that doesn't work. Effective hardware support (i.e. non-buggy/experimental/broken) limited to hardware 3 years old or older.

Tries to be secure by default (and fails hard at it). Very little software availability. If you install any software or change any config, your system security is entirely compromised due to its security model. Second most popular distro because PR and advertisement are all that matters in real life, not facts. More limited hardware support than FreeBSD.

Aims to support the most hardware. Basically only works on esoteric hardware as a result. Small and innovative in departments like filesystems. Very few packages available.

The Ubuntu of BSD. Wants to be on your desktop, based on FreeBSD. Buggy as all hell, I've never used a buggier OS before. At least some packages like DEs tend to work a tiny bit better than on FreeBSD (until they crash violently).

How does OpenBSD fail at secure by default?

This is not true, how do you have such a distorted idea of OpenBSD security?

5000+ iirc, not debian tier but pretty standard for a midrange linux distro.

The systemd of display servers. Just dropping in as I have no dog in the BSD vs GPL fight but I think I can safely discard your posts here and elsewhere going forward.

The Soviet Union:

-Kills about a 5th of its population
-Mandates people to build inefficient and useless products
-Conditions of work so bad, your family gets sent to gulag as well
-99% of workers are easily killable slaves
-Confirmed to purposely fool naives worldwide
-Closed media, person is taken all fundamental freedoms and becomes a slave of some twat in the Kremlin

And all thanks to whom? COMMUNISM!

You know, there's a reason why LeenCux was chosen by all these shitty kiddos, it's because communism is cuckoldry.

X will be around for a very long time regardless of whether Wayland or something else gains traction. Too much software depends on X for any changes to happen overnight. Even the security researcher in this talk thinks it'll take 10-20 years.
I was never even much a fan of X, or desktop shit in general. Used to run SVGATextMode back in the day, before Linux had a framebuffer. That and screen was enough for almost everything. Plus my 486 only had 4 MB originally. It got a lot more comfortable after upgrading to 8 MB, but I still liked the console more. Back then most websites worked fine in Lynx, so didn't need Netscape anyway.


Please use correct terminology everyone.

t. the rat





This is why XWayland exists. Legacy applications will have their own instance of X without access to other Wayland windows.

learn2read pol

xwayland is a really shitty hack, you can only have a total of 5 X windows open via xwayland at the same time. Trying to open a 6th fails silently.
Not to mention wayland is an unstable piece of crap and the basic programs needed on top of wayland (such as a stable compositor that isn't a piece of crap like weston is) don't even exist.

learn2read lgbt


because we truly need another million deaths from political causes over another few million natural deaths :^)

Niggers would keep dying no matter the system used as long they're in charge of their own. We could live like paupers and give everything we have to them, but that'd only increase their numbers and many more would starve next year. Their numbers are not sustainable, and that's their choice, not yours. If you want to solve the African problem against their will you should push for sterilization (forced or with incentives) and/or to stop the gibs, not for punishing people who manage to feed themselves, it's the whole kulaks thing again and would have the same result (everyone starves).

Repost in every BSD thread




It's all part of the whole "muh freedom" / "don't tread on muh rights" meme, that the BSD is the incarnation of in the software realm.

If somebody invades your home to take your stuff, clearly it's your fault for using immoral licensing that would allow the perpetrator from using it for his purposes. Go so far as to shoot him to protect this scheme means that the NRA doesn't believe in Freedom.

I laughed.

That "Alright newfags listen up" image was created by a literal idiot.

If it's stealing, it's not legal. If it's legal, it's not stealing. BSD devs know what they're doing. This hyperbole is just Stallman-knows-best nannying. Not surprising from a commie license.

lolno. Nobody would buy their own BSD-licensed code. If you mean that someone made significant enough changes to the codebase, and added significant enough valuable functionality that someone were willing to buy a product based on their original BSD-licensed code, sure. But in that case, they're not buying their own code back, they're paying for someone else's code, i.e. the improvements and new functionality. Unlike the GPL commies, BSD people recognize that people have a right to be compensated for their work if they so choose.

lolno. The GPL absolutely does not require a recipient of GPL code who merely uses the code to release their changes to the original author or to anyone else. The idiot who wrote this doesn't even understand the license they're shilling.

Ridiculous hyperbole, oxymorons, and flat out inaccurate statements about the license it's promoting. This image is really the best that GPLtards can do? You don't have a leg to stand on.

Pure autism.

Communism has done nothing to solve those issues either friend.

Yeah, freedom to enslave is so great.

What is child bearing?







This is a comfy anime girl thread now.

pedophile and a communist

ripgrep will never be grep rustfag

it doesn't aspire to be grep and in some ways is better than it arguably hence why it's called ripgrep

If its not a grep replacement don't try to replace grep with it

There are better things to do than trying to relive the 1970s.

The Rat asked :

1. Where is the grep written in Rust?

2. O-ok. Bu-but does it have EXACTLY ALL the options in the grep manual?


Its not grep though and cannot replace grep.

Come back when it is compatible more than happening to have 10 flags that are the same.

Looks like GNUfaggot is stuck in a loop. We really need to archive this thread for posterity.



The absolute state of GPLtards

So it has the same flags but those flags do different thing?
That's even worse than not having those flags at all.
Clarifications aren't rebukes rustfag, stop hurting yourself.
Daily reminder that the rustfag shitting up every thread with "cuck license" is too stupid to realize Rust has a "cuck license".

There he comes, the GNU intellectual, acne scars, yellowing teeth, awkward gait, carrying under his muscleless arm a cum-stained thinkpad that he bought with the little money his parents gave him for Christmas.
The rice, the distros, Stallman, and aping the 'cuck license' posters in every BSD thread are the bread and butter of his lonesome days.
We might even argue that they are the very oxygen of his being: these things compose the essence of his life.
As he wakes up, his first instinct is to check and tweak his MEGA_RICE, as a kind of safeguard against everything that is part of the real world ("As long as I have my GNU, I can cope in this all too unfair existence").
These men are spirits diviner than the mere mortals that make up the rest of our planet.This (purportedly) inaccessible group is the very cornerstone of the Internet's elitism. While they are fully aware and conscious of it, they will never say out loud (that is, on the computer) that they are at last proud to be part of a group (cult).
While their social lives might not exist, they always have the hours spent fixing their frankenstein OS and ricing it to look back upon.
















'FreeBSD'? More like 'gay std' LOL



Gentlemen, I assure you there are no redhat cianiggers in Linux.


Context :

"As compatible as McKusick and Allman seem now, it was hardly love at first byte. Back at Berkeley in 1976, when Allman first tried to interface with McKusick about a date, McKusick's closeted response included a menacing look. Three years later McKusick finally scrounged up the courage to cope with his sexuality by attending a gay rap session at Berkeley and found shaggy-haired Allman tossing smug "I knew it" grins from across the semicircle. They bonded over a lengthy chat about computers later that evening and began building a relationship in which each would stake a claim for a piece of cyberspace history."

"Bill Joy* played an integral role in the early development of BSD UNIX"

*founder of Sun

The rabbit hole goes further and further the more you look.

Communist GPL cuckboy

Hey wait a moment. Allman braces are gay?

If you post a thumbnail again I will behead you

Gays wear shoes. Humans wear shoes. Humans are gay.
Ponies and hobbits don't wear shoes. Ponies and hobbits aren't gay.

ITT : BSD users reconnect with their homosexual roots

I unironically use Gentoo and FreeBSD. Both are nice operating systems.


the memes never end

GPL is for niggers. Got it.

What is breast cancer?


FreeBSD is a pain in the ass to use.

Unless your hobby is configuring the OS itself (for many people it is!) then use OpenBSD for its sane and secure defaults.

Adorable. Please though, I don't really want to hear the sexual habits from the Stallman side.

The defaults have gotten better, since this:

I think I've decided to just end up using FreeBSD, I might end up going to something else again depending on how it goes.

Interesting read. Out of curiosity, which linux distro provides the best secure defaults out of the box?

He's just an autistic heterosexual who names kernerls after girlfriends

Centos you didn't specify your requirements

Try HardenedBSD as well, it has some PaX features and veriexec (called integriforce) ported over

He's a literal beta cuckold.
-Richard Matthew Stallman, 3 February 2018

the fuck is this shit !

Oh, it's just him being charming and witty.

Honestly, Stallman is just a super basic, naive and high-functioning cis het with a high IQ.

He looks so happy with his laptop. What a qt - no homo

You forgot to post the story where he named a call trap in the GNU operating system after his gf

but he was 42 in 1995?

he explains that it was because they did not consume.

Honestly, RMS is too pure for this world.

Not happening bro. Linus is already against the systemd developers for trying to fix broken shit in systemd through the kernel.

and... those dubs!

how to deactivate the default IPFW rule 65535 (deny all)? it can't be overwritten by my own rule of that number. i wanted to deny/log everything that is not somehow catched by another rule. the default rule overwrites this behaviour, since its number is higher, correct?

my /etc/rc.conf contains firewall_logging="YES" and i load my firewall_script with the rules. yet /var/log/messages shows
what? what did i do wrong and how to remove the default rule? /var/log/security is completely barren. when I restart the ipfw service it says that logging is enabled.
should i just remove the rule in /etc/rc.firewall ?

ipfw rules are run in ascending order. The first matching rule is applied. So you could just insert a rule with number 65534 that allows all packets. You can modify the default rule but you'll need to recompile your kernel to do so.

Do you have any ipfwlog0 device? Because if not, try creating it with `ifconfig ipfwlog0 create; ifconfig ipfwlog0 up`.

I've never really used ipfw though, I found pf much easier to configure for complex rulesets. It depends on your use case.

oh, does make sense. my logging rule comes before that so the problem seems to be the logging itself.
the manual said it would log through syslogd, i think. i set it to allow and log everything/pinged from another computer and then it did log to security, don't know why the kernel message is there though - it shouldn't be. but at least it works. i just whitelisted the computers in my network and kept the other rules.

is there a general consesus on whether to use ipfw or pf? i read that freebsd doesn't get as much updates on pf, since they added freebsd specific stuff and it is openbsd maintained. thats why i wanted to try ipfw - it integrates well and is not that hard to set up.

The constitution actually did allow slavery

FreeBSD's pf has been forked from OpenBSD's long time ago and developed independently. For example, FreeBSD's pf has been multithreaded for years while OpenBSD's pf only became multithreaded in its latest version. OpenBSD's syntax has evolved iirc, but FreeBSD's still uses the old syntax from when it was forked. There's little - if any - transfer of code nowadays.

The concept is somewhat different so it depends on what you're doing. ipfw is similar to iptables in the sense that every single packet is matched against your rules. In pf, your rules are applied to connections, i.e. you configure what types of connections are to be allowed. For some use cases, this makes configuration easier. This is implemented with a table of valid connections, the state table. Every new packet is looked up whether it belongs to an already known connection in that table. If yes, the packet is accepted, if not, only then your pf rules are processed. Because state table lookups are fast and independent of the length of your pf ruleset, you don't need to worry about it as you'd have to do it with ipfw.

On the other hand this limits pf's features. For example you can't filter by mac address. I've only ever needed that once.

Also with pf you get nice counters about how often which rule has permitted or blocked a connection. I haven't seen that on ipfw but I don't know.

Does my iPhone count?



stop, this thread already died with the forced 'rat' meme
fuck I hate GNOME zealots

The moment when you realize... you might be using a cucked license.


Please open your own licence faggorty thread. This thread is about FreeBSD on hardware.

Oh, these cuck BSD soyboys ... But, the Rat told me it was "more free" ! ! !

And, 'no backdoor, moar security oof

Thank you for posting you license faggotry in this thread, you saved me from making the mistake of trying out bsd.

Please use correct terminology.

You will refer to FreeBSD from now on as either FreeB$D or WhoreBSD and to OpenBSD as either PlaceboBSD or RatBSD, alternatively CorporateratBSD, because clearly these corporations have turned you into their cheap whore, they won't even let you use their software once they're done with you, leaving you to wonder how this all happened because it was to be 'more free' and 'permissive' ; except that 'more free' meant 'less rights' and 'permissive' meant truly only 'submissive'.


The mental gymnastics that the BSD users in this thread go through is phenomenal. :

(top answer)

not even that would work, because :

But why would you watch Netflix on FreeBSD anyway? It's never been intended as a normie media viewing OS.

Beats me.

I'm sure that in the ultra-cool BSD-based, cyberpunk / steampunk world 3.0 of corporations with maximum freedom, regular people ('non-corporations' in world 3.0 speak) will be happy to create things they lose control over and that are served back to them less functional than they created them, but we aren't there bud.

All licenses are cucked. Intellectual property shouldn't exist.

Fags are fucking disgusting.

what they do with their service that runs on FreeBSD is their thing and theirs alone. if i choose to serve FreeBSD clients only over my proprietary gopher client, which doesn't run on linux, from my FreeBSD server - is that a criminal offense in your opinion? they can do whatever they want. do you want their FreeBSD server configuration? i don't get it

how come BSD threads are always flooded by fags, that think their copy-pasted image macros are somehow enlightening on license issues?



Most of the cuck license posts are the work of one autist. It's classic Lintard derangement. At least all this memeing is just going to serve the end of more people being interested in the BSDs. Record numbers of Linux users are defecting to BSDs to get away from crap.

[citation needed]

That's good to know. The handbook says it contains the pf-version from OpenBSD 4.5 (currently 6.2), but since I read conflicting things about whether it is in an continously (meaning of the word depends, I know) updated state or not I thought I should ask.
So basically FreeBSD pf and OpenBSD pf are not the same thing anymore.
That does sound easier to configure. ipfw does have 'keep-state' too, but I'm using it only very sparsely after trying out it's really needed for what I want to allow.
I'm guessing I won't need that anyway in the near future, but now I've configured and learned a bit about ipfw and it seems solid all in all.
In /var/log/security ipfw puts how often a message (catched by rule that is set to log) repeats and there are counters on every rule per connection, since they can be limited for flood protection etc, but I haven't really looked into accessing them for information purposes.

I'm one of them.
But I only use it for providing some services in my home network on an HP proliant server. Almost everything works out of the box and was surprisingly unproblematic to set up. Also I didn't need more than the handbook to do everything - in that sense the documentation really is as good as i came to read. Clear layout of everything, pkg just werks, ports are a lot simpler than I thought, configuration is very logical - I felt comfortable much quicker than in a new linux distribution.
I'm so happy about it that I'm considering wiping my second laptop (only for university needs, not much horsepower) and installing FreeBSD.

You can cite me

While the pic is funny, i don't get the hate against the *BSD. Some of its devs and users are zealous idiot, but *BSDs are free software with a license for those who have short attention span. The war is over and Linux won. No need to be being a butthurt fag.

GPL cucks will never learn



Generally, communists are mentally challenged.

No wonder the FreeBSD community elite were so hostile traditionally, they're AIDS-riddled faggot satanists. Doing the math on that I wonder how many of them are child rapists.

What are you using FreeBSD for? What's the first FreeBSD version that you've tried?

at least they are not communists