Dream Home Network Setup

What kind of home network would you clowns build with a blank check? Would you have just one big machine or a server farm? X86 or some other architecture? What OS? How much storage would you have and in what medium? What would you do with it?

I think I'd go with something big iron like POWER or SPARC with as many tape drives as I could fit on a bookshelf. Cat 6 everywhere. Smaller left-over VIA parts running little thin clients in every room with POE running power and network to them.

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A large stack of the best Intel Xeons money could by. Each running a custom water cooling loop and running GNU/Linux. No compromises

Samefag here
Also an array of multiple Blu Ray drives, each one with a blank M-Disc inside, every one connected to the dedicated archive server, where the entire server is routinely backes up to the first blank M-Disc once every 3 months (assuming my content is live)

They have Blu ray robots that go up into the petabyte range.

I would love to get something big and old.. Like a vax or larger IBM POWER machine. Only thing really stopping me from doing so would be the electricity costs. The mainframe kid's IBM uses 30amps at 220volts and thats not even with a load on it.


My dad's friend had a VAX in his den as decoration. There's no point in plugging it in when the computer in your smart TV is faster.

There's a point. You just don't see it or care possibly



I'd put up a rack running OpenStack and run things similar to having a local AWS.

With a VAX? Nigga you went full retard. I honestly don't think there is anything wrong with Core2 machines security wise. If you want obscurity, PowerMac G4's are relatively cheap compared to SPARC and MIPS based workstations.

You can post this shit all day, but you and I both know you will never take the plunge. It is 100% full on retarded to have a mainframe in your domicile.

No shit. I can't afford the electricity.

I suggest you read the OP.

Point taken, but I still wouldn't put a mainframe in my home for networking. 40GbE for every computer and a Mellanox Infinaband switch would be more useful.

Make that 100GbE NICs. Not sure who I would buy it from.

With a blank check? There's no way I'm going X86. I'd just finish funding the Talos and virtualize everything.



I think this is worth the investment value. Not sure I;m diggin' the fan, but we'll make do.

Amiga 3000 with 68060/PPC, and an AmigaOne X1000. That should cover everything, since they can also boot NetBSD or Plan 9.

I'd like a farm of POWER9 servers, but honestly I'd never use that much power. My current server is 2 quad core xeons and I don't even come close to using it all

where, how and why the fuck did this guy get a fucking IBM mainframe?
yeah no shit but why?

I think he got it from a university or local company cleaning out shit, but you can also find them for realistic prices at government and bankruptcy sales/auctions.

His father helped him drive and carry it to the family home. Folks from the IBM community and his local IBM sales department helped him set it up.

This might not be the right place for you.

Why not get a new POWER9 system?

Damn that looks comfy

Ever thought about how fucking bring me the verison powers one of those things? You can't just plug it into a wall socket and flip the switch, you'd either fry your mains or blackout your house.
And with that spacing, it isn't the right place for you either



I bet you work at starbucks

You seem new here.

>settling for chinese embedded Power SoC hand me downs when a workstation motherboard for a new server chip is probably hitting the market soon
If raptor gets their shit together it could be nice.


I don't care much, because it has the Boing Ball case, and that's what matters. Machine would just end up being a server or whatever, and I'd always be glued to the A3000. On second thought, maybe I should just go with an A3000UX (their UNIX System V workstation) and an A3000T. Those are some bigass towers like they don't make much anymore, but were kinda popular in early 90's. I could really cram in a ton of upgrades in there! Even a maxed-out PC bridgeboard with various upgrades of its own (with this you can run both the Amiga and PC at the same time).

You could probably find someone to engrave that into any case panel, but at least you're honest. I wish I could find an eATX case with decent fan placement and a 90's look to signal what a huge retrofag I am.

And you're not?

Doesn't even have a fucking partitioner for macppc. Literally almost a dead project. Building gentoo for ppc32 now...