[Win10] Classic Shell no longer in development. Source code released

The author writes:

The shitty start menu was one of many reasons windows fans keep using older versions, and this seems to be the most popular menu replacement. I hope losing this alternative will keep people from switching to Win 10 in the future.

The start menu thing was a windows 8 issue, i.e. years ago.
People are not going to base using windows 10 on the status of the start menu. They are going to use windows ten because they've always used the latest windows or because they HAVE to use windows because of various programs.
In the future, they will also make the decision increasingly based on hardware compatibility as well.

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So why wasn't it just F(L)OSSed in the first place

Windows culture. I know this is a stupid reason, but people follow the culture of the ecosystem they live in. Free Software is not valued in Windows culture. Windows users will eat up anything that's freeware, they are like pigs in that regard. There is absolutely zero reasons something gratis should not also be libre, unless your users are not your customers, but your product. Who knows, maybe he was selling telemetry data or something.

Why would he free it then instead of selling the update servers for good money to someone who does the dirty work, like all the webextension developers?

Perhaps like a typical namefag he wanted e-peen for his work, not for it to be developed by a nebulous group of developers, and now that he doesn't want to work on it anymore, instead of sell it to someone to take over and have everyone forget who created it (people are retarded and would probably just think whoever is developing it now is the one that created it), he decided he would free it and more likely retain "credit" for being its creator despite now being developed by a nebulous group of developers. It's all mental gymnastics. It really should have just been free from the beginning. E-peen is cancer anyway. Unless he wanted to have Classic Shell in his portfolio or something, that I can understand. But then it still could have been free software and not freeware.

He probably did not know how to go about selling it. Or it's like writes, and the author values his reputation over the $5,000-$50,000 he could get for selling his trademarks. And it's really just the name he would be selling, because the code is worthless anyway.

The win10 start menu isn't even bad, there's no need for a replacement. Left column is the same as what you got with XP-7, and on the right is pinned shit you place as a "bookmark".

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I don't know, at least it makes Windows navigable. Having to help my mother with her Windows 10 computer is hell.

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If these people are hellbent on allowing proprietary derivatives, why aren't they licensing under the Apache License v2.0 and thus gain some protection from patent treachery? I really don't understand this.

So, when will they open source Windows XP?

iirc the source code to XP was leaked. I know a few Windows OS's had their source code leaked

There have been attempts over the years to make FOSS alternatives to Windows full stop but Microsoft watches them like a hawk so they have to avoid reusing any code and instead resort to full on reverse engineering. As a result none of them have gotten very far compared to something like Wine which just does it within Linux.


Well, I havent used it (I have just started using Linux with Ubuntu), but ReactOS is progressing, slowly but steady, and recently a new update have been released.

What's preventing anonymous autists from making a fork of Windows?

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patch files

since when does the law stop anons from infringing copyright? I have three cracked windows installs, cracked adobe premiere, and like 4TB of pirated movies just in my bedroom. You are really telling me random autists are too scared if M$ to fork XP?


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I use it since forever
It is pretty neat

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As far as I can find, only some of 2000's source was leaked, and then some of 10's.

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