Hunger Games First 24Pirate CodeUnban Rigs Edition

Hunger Games First 24Pirate CodeUnban Rigs Edition

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Barret the Penguin

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The most fearsome Pirate

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Me irl

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wetfat the pirate

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Kizuna AI

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>>832413995WHAT'S good

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Pirate Captain Harley

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best gril

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Shroomer here

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go crazy

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Mike Wazowski

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Calne Ca

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>>832413916Tits mcgee

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Snail Cat

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The Arbiter

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Astro Cat

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The Bogpill

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Anal Punishment

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3 more frens

Pipe Girl

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1 more after Pipe Girl

Shark Girl

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The chicken from cs_italy

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AlrightyHow are we looking?I'll leave a couple mins for swaps or anything

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>>832414345The memories user...

>>832414387looks good to me

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>>832414387Yeah, can you swap me for a non banned tribute

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>>832414387can't see shit but im ready

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>>832414450Im whit tits mcgee lmao

>>832414417>>832414450>>832414452>>832414503Neato>>832414455How about we just UNBANRIGSYe all be pirates

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>>832414552the game actually just swapped out rigs first slide


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>>832414455>>832414552maybe if someone didn't want to get banned they shouldn't have been spamming emojis in the a-channel.

>>832414552That gold is going to be mine.

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>>832414552Damn. Right off the bat we lose some well known pirates.What a shame.Pew x4

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Shinobu is here to unban rigs

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>>832414552Go ahead make my day

>>832414620my limbs are like an inch thick, it's not that much value

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>>832414682Gold is gold, my guy.Any value is good value

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>>832414633Megumi doesn't seem like the type to swear..Barret drops his penguin bretheren into the cruel seas..Pipe Girl decorates her ship with scrap paperHarley and Calne Ca are being chased by.. uhh...?

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>>832414750We lose two more pirate frens. I don't think peglegs and eyepatches will fix these wounds.Pew x2

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>>832414611And maybe you shouldn't be a pussy ass BITCH How's that?>>832414665Yes

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>>832414749well, now you have to hunt down pipe girl to get them.>>832414750

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>>832414750I don't know what that is...

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>>832414783Pipe Girl wipes the remains of wetfat off her hookBogpill aint someone to mess with.I'm glad Calne Ca chose to pierce her neck and not somewhere else..Me irl makes some drunken decisionsMegumi and Warspite somehow survive the Triangle

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>>832414750Batou was tired of always being the bottom

>>832414890Riamu is lewd

>>832414890The Bogpill makes a pact with a snail, I wonder how that'll go.Batou wants some more loot. Arrgh.M..Megumi?Warspite swoops by Calne Ca's ship. Only one survives.

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>>832415004Riamu not lewd :(>>832415008We lose 4 more to the cruel seas. May they rest well in Davy Jones' Locker

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>>832415008Victory for Zim!

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>>832415081Riamu is not lewd

wetfat is lewd

>>832415008>me being MoonmanDont try to make pirates societies with astro cats

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>>832415081Batou thinks if the pirate life is really for him.Moonman and Megumi become a couplePipe girl unleashes an epic pirate joke to WarspiteBarret is decimated by some cannonballsSleepy Harley has an accident.. Oh no, does anyone have any eyepatches left?>>832415131Yay

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>>832415167Wetfat is sleepy

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>>832415230We apprach day 4 on the oceanSnail cat sees this as an opportunity to do something lewdMoonman alwso does something lewdAstro Cat! No!>>832415240Sleepy wetfat, maybe it's sleep part 2 time

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>>832415299Six more pirates are lost at seaI wonder who the next will beThe seas are cruel and the pirates are meanKeep your eyes glued to the screen

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>>832415230Damn boy now im married

>>832415369Captaindorf is tired of this snail's gamesThe Cumin always gets someoneBatou brought a gun to a sword fightGo crazy understands that some pirate shenanigans will go down. He's smart

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>>832415476Three more pirate frens are gonePerhaps we'll see a ghost ship eventually.

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One day, Pipe, one day.

>>832415542We see a new crew form in order to take out a captain. It was worth the wait.M..Moonman? I saw that

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>>832415634What happened? Are these pirates all cannibals now?I guess cats don't always land on their feet..

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>>832415634ShhhhYou never saw anything

>>832415721Poor lost souls.>>832415741I saw...

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>>832415764Go crazy and Captaindorf find an island to loot. They are quickly chased out by the native riggersMoonman.. What a mistake to make, this is karma for the cannibalism

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>>832415764I have only one thing to say...Human flesh taste like cow

>>832415835... Fuck

>>832415835Next slide is our winner!>Captaindorf>Go CrazyWho will be King of the Pirates

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>>832415925I believe in you go crazy, godspeed

>>832415925The captain of course wins

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>>832415925the clone

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>>832415925And just like that, Captaindorf rams his ship into go crazy and kills him immediately!We have our winner!

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Thanks for hosting

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>>832416062We have our Pirate King!Congratulations fren

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>>832416083CongratsThanks for hosting, Riamu

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Congrats caotindorfThanks for hostin gcomfy!

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Here's everyones rankingsThanks for playing frens. Have a good day/night

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>>832416078That was funny user, thanks

>>832416062 thanks for hosting comfy one

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>>832416083Finally a win. Thanks for the game

>>832416083Thanks for hosting

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>>832416062twas a well-fought battle indeed

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>>832416083thanks for host!

>>832416112>>832416127>>832416154>>832416162>>832416163>>832416201Thanks for joining me everyone.Have a nice night

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>>832416132Thank you too, sorry I forgot the quoteThanks for the piney cone

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