Waifuhome alone on a friday night edition>claim your waifu/husbando>don't claim a waifu that's already claimed>no more...

waifuhome alone on a friday night edition>claim your waifu/husbando>don't claim a waifu that's already claimed>no more than one waifu, or you'll ruin your laifu>don't do weird RP or ERP shit, no one wants to see that>have a nice time and talk to people!>heresy means a special place in hell>no one cares about your interpersonal drama. deal with it like an adult.

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>>832411172>fridayits sunday my dude>>832410920 kumiko>chuunibyouwhat

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>>832411226i want you

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Attached: Bakemonogatari - 07v2 [BD 1080p AAC] [CC951F1F].mkv_snapshot_03.40_[2020.01.06_05.06.39].jpg (1920x1080, 787.18K)

>>832411172you forgot to add never talk to anons

we boppin to this tonight boooooysyoutube.com/watch?v=wGIKnn-COS4>>832411297>

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Evens i play Halo 3Odds I play Phantom PainDubs i fuck off>>832411297Just.. Don't worry bout it.

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>>832411414Integer I say the n word

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>>832410437yeah yeah that one>>832410526wink oh nice that one with the eyepatch looks cool >>832410818too bad you'd like them nice drawing

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>>832411396[Visible concern]Ok Dude, its friday, just chill.>>832411414[Visible concern]Ok...

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>>832411226Gamer>>832410920Hell yeah, dude.Play some MGSV. Paz Box need you.>>832410925What's wrong, dude? She's from Hibike

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>>832411414hell ye get that helmet>>832411478no not that one>>832411518lmao why's she making a ballsac with her hands>>832411533ok>>832411563bruh

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>>832411632Why friday tho

Meme waifu FTW

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>>832411632He came.>>832411582Mi.>>832411478Wink.That is m16.Post pajama.

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>>832411456Tfw gets a letter>>832411518I always think she's drying a glass at first glance in this one.>>832411533Chuunibyou is just weeb shit>>832411563Too late. Check my first post. Time to fuck up some brutes.>>832411632LET'S FUCKING GOOOO

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>>832411632Jill yourself lmao

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>>832411769>just weeb shitDo You Have the Slightest Idea How Little That Narrows It down?

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>>832411758you know i have always wanted you

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>>832411518Best Persona Waifu

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>>832411632What?>>832411582No horny>>832411478Nah I like it how it isThanks, I made it in Duke Nukem Forever.>>832411769Don't know what you're talking about, Paz box time>>832411814That's called being a trap and nobody wants that

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>>832411758pette him>>832411769ROOTY TOOTYPOINT AND SHOOTY>>832411814this sounds like an invitation to masturbate tbh>>832411972b r u hwhy are you posting art from kumiko's show

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>>832411632yeah yeah too late on that one>>832411758winkalright with an eyepatchnice caprisun>>832411972what that's pretty cool

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>>832411941Fake mikon or drunk mikon.>>832412097I grabbed him by his neck skin and pulled him onto my lap. He got comfy already.

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>>832411967Thanks.>>832411972What?>>832412097Maybe it is...

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>>832411941Post the one I like.

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>>832412180wrong tho>>832412190lucky buddyI want a cat to cuddledoor's open, maybe she'll come in tonight>>832412209o-oh

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>>832412238you are the one i like

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>>832412286Wow you sound like a stranged wife.She keeps pressing her head against the back of my hand while I'm on my phone.

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>>832412401nah it's just hot up here and she wants to sleep somewhere cold, she won't leave my bed in the winterwhat a cute kid tho, deserves lots of pets>>832412409it's getting late friend, have a good night whenever you go to bed

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>>832411800Prepare to be atomized>>832411910I juat.. Don't have the strength to explain the association right now>>832411972PAZ BOXBOTTOMM TEXT>>832412097YIPEE KI YIA HIYE HIYAA KAYO

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>>832412286too many smokes yeah you are wrongits ok

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>>832412657Go ahead, call the policei'll say it to them too

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>>832412657>Don't have the strength to explainGo to sleep.

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>>832412657you lost mebut good luck, unlock the cool cosmetics>>832412684I'm not wrong, it's not okay

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>>832411563Nerd.>>832412180WinkYesssss.Punished peek.Nice omega-3>>832412368I'll make you scream.>>832412570He do a cleam

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>>832412691Gonahead, call the policeThey cant unshit your grandma's cremation urn>>832412735I ccan't>>832412775I'm just in itto blow up a scarab or twoI don't think i ccan manage that far though lul

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>>832412861Yeah they can

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>no rpWhat even are these threads thenI really don't understand

yo hold on my mouse pointer changed tooare you fucking kidding me>>832412849nice good job kittin>>832412861I don't know what that meanswhat she gonna do with those tentacles>>832412923oh

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Thanks YT for recommending BO2 troller vs squeaker videos, peak entertainment.>>832412097Bro, she's my waifu. Duh.>>832412180It fuckin sucks lmaoThanks, though.>>832412209>jill yourself>become jillSimple>>832412657Thanks for spoil btwPaz idol looking cute as fuck tho>>832412849Dork.

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>>832412849yes make me scream wile i touch myself

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>>832413091Cunt.>>832412962He lays next to me.

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>>832413024oh no>>832413091pls>become jillI am become jill, destroyer of good moods>>832413218nice lucky chatte

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Baited.You are not Laura.

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>>832412775yeah yeah there there pat pat>>832412849wink that's a nice image with fang again >>832413091at least you can draw on it I guess

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>>832413268Man I love how vulgar that word sounds.

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>>832413091I still don't follow.>>832413268Oh yes.

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>>832413372quick give me your discord before i cum

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>>832413268Trap, lol>>832413335For better or for worse.Scratch that, for worse.>>832413218That's mean, faggot.>>832413414You're bran smoth luul>>832413515Or are you? Dun duuuun.

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>>832413335noh>>832413372SHE HERE>>832413414no>>832413515cute-ing>>832413568I don't follow

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>>832413335Wink winkGot any with a dress?>>832413550As if.>>832413568Nerd.>>832413632OH BOY

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Imagine trying to do an impersonation of someone and not even trying to type or talk like they do

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>>832412912How>>832412962Am'nt kittinIunno sunfin lewd>>832413387I dunno mann>>832413091It was p obvious kdesuEven before she wwas anime'd she was cute

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sounds fixedcursor fixedall is well with the world>>832413705she used my bed to get onto my desk and played with my tambourine insteadbut I got to pet her for a bitnow that she knows the door is open she might come back a while later>>832414045I didn't imply you wereoh no

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I claim her because no one will

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>>832414138>claiming shit because no one else willWhat a terrible reason.

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>>832413705i ccccccccccccccooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeedddddddd

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>>832414220This.>>832414226You're kinda lame.>>832414122Stranged wife lol. He be on me chest taking a nap.

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>>832414134n-no>>832414418lucky cat

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>>832413550Ew a coomer

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>>832414063Oh shitd>>832414122Ohh sorry inread the wrong thing>:^)

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Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_ten_ch__56c9fa3fd95aae5110d4b08e02e66aaa.gif (588x706, 57.16K)

>>832414134How'd you get that but not the first one?Bruh?>>832414045She more cute tho so that's goode>>832413705Dork>>832414220Silence tomika

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>>832414563god damn yukari is so cuteI just wanna pinch her cheeks>>832414795why are you like this>>832414913and a cute kumiko too! I want to pat her head

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>>832414418i love you goodnight

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>>832414913No idea.>>832414985I have no reasoning behind anything.

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_hijiri_ruka__9daa23f891782f89fd9eb7945baca659.jpg (320x404, 13.86K)

>>832414988Everyone's eris dumbass

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this is boring

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>>832414913Either way lole>>832414985You... You... Y-you...>>832414988HAHA GRT FUCKEDLAST ONE''S A NICKNAME

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>>832413568D:>>832413632Oh stop it, you

Attached: Kao8.png (900x1204, 840.59K)

>>832414985Bro, I know right? Kumiko is so cute, just look at her.>>832415107You a special one.>>832415219:^)

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fucking hot

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Attached: QR3.png (225x225, 3.36K)

everyone I don't like is all the same poster, and other fun stories to tell yourself>>832415107that's very illogical of you>>832415219hmmm? you're posting yukari, from girls and band-zer, right?>>832415280awww no, you stop it!>>832415288kumiko posters are truly a blessing that brighten my day

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>>832415412I am entirely illogical.

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_cha_goma__sample-75b63cc3d2018569a6e3b382d94353df.jpg (850x1316, 181.8K)

Attached: 1594076023280.png (1280x1280, 547.05K)

>>832415412I"m having an anyuerism

Attached: 20200710_173458.jpg (1110x1500, 140.46K)


>>832415412Do you like me naked?

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>>832413632cute smile yeah>>832413705wink winkmaybe this one

Attached: krc19120114.jpg (888x900, 163.32K)

>>832415480how does that parserobit pls>>832415518say sike, yukariI can't lose my second-favorite tanke>>832415572cute headbandno

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>>832415558thats a lewd

Attached: angry-loli.png (300x364, 62.33K)

>>832415710it also wasn't kumiko, so

>>832415412I know right? When she plays the EuphoniumKampfwagen IV it's just so cute.>>832415518Hi having an aneurism, I'm dad.>>832415280Your gay lole, how is your day?

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Attached: dab.jpg (695x363, 30.92K)

Attached: Untitled-2.jpg (523x473, 63.49K)

>>832415671Nno sike>>832415849NO YYOU'RE NOT YOU"RE

Attached: Kumiko76.jpg (1978x1103, 89.77K)

>>832415412No you hang up~>>832415849I'm only gay online, niggerI'm good, had some ramen and calamari for dinner so I'm sitting pretty content on thatHow are you?

Attached: Kao6.jpg (850x478, 324.27K)

Hi I'm back and didn't feel like sleeping and am horny now!

Attached: 1588548477843.png (340x395, 63.09K)

>>832415572Very cute.WinkWhite panties for sure.

Attached: 1594606627483.jpg (855x1035, 86.18K)

spelling aneurysm is hard>>832415849she alway cute>>832415851oh shit she hit that dab>>832416081SAY SIKE RIGHT NOWSAY "IN MINECRAFT" YOU CUNK FACE

Attached: Jill (060 - 5).jpg (742x742, 51.55K)

>>832416142show butt

>>832416173I took off my underwear for you!

Attached: 932801 - Creeper Cupa Minecraft Mob_Talker.png (750x930, 211.55K)

Near you are one worthless son of a bitch. Your life amounts to nothing. Just one screw up after another.I hope you die alone and in pain.

Attached: 1594456956803.jpg (1131x1600, 133.38K)

No one likes you cupa go away.

Attached: tumblr_pmhthymtJe1u1ycqw_540.jpg (301x300, 37.38K)

>>832416235small penis shotas r my favorite

>>832416250What did near do?

>>832416250i love you too

>>832416235Horny user is back Get yo horny shield

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>>832415671You can parse it out yer arse.

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_nanaya_daaijianglin__sample-523ac05ec1bf55f7bf1392119ace7208.jpg (850x708, 85.69K)

>>832416364MY MOOM

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Attached: 903801b.jpg (2500x2500, 334.06K)

no one likes you cupa go away

Attached: Jill (073).jpg (400x400, 27.48K)

>>832415671cute jill as usual >>832416157winkmaybe bed time for me so goodnight

Attached: krc1912104.jpg (527x516, 40.22K)

I will shit on your face Jill!

Attached: p_ZUwB-x_400x400.jpg (287x287, 26.3K)

>>832416387just ignore 'em>>832416402oh>>832416423it isyou were close though! aneurism picks up as a very less common spelling>>832416513if I wanted to insult someone I would actually @ them, buddy >832416553cute sleepydo good sleepings

Attached: Jill (073).png (755x900, 308.1K)

>>832416553night cute

Attached: 7132dc5a91d2a55470ab049bdb2ebf93.jpg (470x353, 25.23K)

>>832416588>very less common"extremely uncommon" would've been a better way to say this, my brain's not working tonight

Attached: Jill (075 - 1).png (800x1035, 882.87K)

I feel bsd for this tsuyu dudeMust be so confusfed>>832416588Dammnit i thought i got it rrightAnyway yeah that

Attached: 7d6ac3f.jpg (1448x2048, 317.56K)


Attached: 1593378178479.gif (750x703, 282.51K)

Meow!No one likes you Jill/cupa go away!Nyan!

Attached: Eris_%28Cat_Planet_Cuties%29.jpg (340x360, 23.74K)

>>832416108Bruh...I'm not even blackSounds good, dude. Rad.I'm alright. Me go sleep soon, maybe.>>832416081What do you mean, Yuka Floofa?>>832416173You rightBut she more cute

Attached: a5ae937625977168da4def61cdf62ba6.jpg (759x1023, 88.02K)

>>832416709wait I've actually forgotten which fluff spelled it which wayI've fallen victim to the meme, oh god oh noto be fair for someone who isn't really involved in medical stuff it was a valiant effort, you spelled it how it soundsshe's horny because she stole yukari's horn>>832416887OH SHIT SHE CUTE

Attached: Jill (054).png (1175x1850, 1.7M)

>>832416709Honestly same, and explaining would be even more confusing

Attached: remove_slackers.jpg (1280x720, 170.26K)

>>832416928Do you like me naked?

Attached: c3bd5ccfb00281ab40fc1b3c17fe40c6.jpg (802x1000, 457.13K)

>>832416588I don't know what I'm doing.I'm just trying to send probes to different planets.

Attached: __aegis_persona_and_1_more_drawn_by_hijiri_ruka__4025f0e0cd792f90ec469f043ac4ea38.jpg (500x775, 66.42K)

>>832416975It's easy to explain.One nigger who goes by Sono has multiple personalities.Sono,Eris,Cupa,Jill,NearIt's all the same bipolar nigger.

>>832417008I like you naked baby.

Attached: f6685e0b255bde0ea419f826659d57bb3498a5a3_hq.jpg (850x605, 97.72K)

>>832416887YUKA FLOOFA OVER YOUUUHue>>832416928Iunnoi thought we bnoth didn't spell it rightWhat, stopp giving me an aneyuerism>>832416975Wait do yyou lurk the /c/ thread

Attached: Kumiko290.png (1728x972, 1.56M)

Not even Sono would be this pathetic.

Attached: 1569424134061.jpg (1029x1495, 102.94K)