Late Night Kik Thread. Share your usernames, kinks/limits and what you’re looking for!

Late Night Kik Thread. Share your usernames, kinks/limits and what you’re looking for!

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Stalecoffee1 looking to have cock/cum tribute to OC. Showing me you jerk your cock is highly wanted

horny and jerking. help me cum? send anything.happy to share myself too.Jamiew3425

If you like the idea of a group of strangers jerking to your wife or gf Kik me at dodgerfan4200 to see if you qualify for group 18+ must be able to verify

jvolkes1Tell me how you abuse, humiliate, or otherwise ruin my ex. Or send me pics of sluts close to you in dresses or skirts and I’ll tell you what i would do

Let me inspect your cock/vaginaDerpylovezmuffins Thank you

Readyfish689 trade whatever got stuff to trade too

manohman909Show me your best little bare butt pictures and I'll show my dick or something taboo...

Kik: WhiteBlackGray Looking for a submissive femboy, or somebody to send me good porn and hentai.. I'm 25, 6'1, athletic and 8". Don't be shy..

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Will send live pics of my 24 year old girlfriend's tiddies and ass if you send us a Kik username of a girl you know irl, and may chat with a couple. Kik us at clown_college

bored and hornydetroitd1234

anud420send things you shouldnt

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Sammyandryan6 No limits

Kik me panties sriracha46

Calijoe4 any cute traps or fems that want to talk??

Need something to jerk off to Yanggang69

Steepsyx. Want to get off to your girl and put her as my background

Acesh1gh Into almost anything. No scat, piss, or gore

Looking to see if anyone is interested in tribbing her nudes.Kik: Groomf11

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SponginoThe more taboo or hardcore the better dont have much of anything for trading building up a folder

Yggdrasil19191Anything goes, trades or chats, taboo or otherwise. Will show off my bwc or trib, legal taboo only

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buttguy928Send good megas. Good stuff. s2r. No bs

>>832412619Yeah trib is short for tributes

Swagman196 Send me anything cock pics feet whatever your into

send me anything to jerkoff to kik ppguy05

Cuck my small cock Looking for big ones Fetttyw

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hardtosaynopepush my limits and make me cum to anything you want, lemme see

Doing porn captionsPics and vidsHornybebe12345

sup niggas i'm backwakandaforeva72if you've got daughters hit me uplookin at you, momsalso wickr wakandaforeva73

Send me anything to fap toKik _rayden_29

Snapchat helping Lurkingforyou11

professionalthighmanlooking for ass and thighs

buttguy928Send your cute daughters

Kik : thatg5270Bi M21, looking for anyone

this is going to sound insane but i'm looking for people who know about demons. I have a long standing desire to be owned by one as its slave and tortured...for eternity. if you believe in this and want to chat about it hit me upnatethepunk

Jerk w me to my friend with dick sucking lips. futebol_do_neymar

youngj4242show me your family members, pics of exs, gfs, creepshots, voyeur, public stuff

Kik anonsnapguy guy with your suspicious logins for Snapchat I can bypass them.Attempts to hack accounts I need username and phone number

jaylevy93Send me dick pics and maybe I'll send you pics of my gf

Anybody wanna help me cum? Send me anything you think will make me blast and I mean anything...Chris225t

>>832412477Still on hit me up for anything

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desfure late night w/e

throwawy092Wife. Hmu for my wickr too if you have no limits and want to share

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Her. Ames maddy she is 19 and was the good religious girl at my school but would lead guys on all the time but I managed to get this lovely pic so message her about her tight little holes and humiliate the shit out of her

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Kik sendpornpics15 am into bbw hairy ugly women. Got loads of cute ex gf, cumslut and some vids to trade. Send to recieve

any cute traps wanna chat and swap pics?25 m, into mtf and ftmdopedupto11

ruruhii tradingabuse-rape +anything else

Kik veinman93 Let’s chat about girls we know. Bonus if you’re from MA/RIKIK VEINMAN93

>>832413882Her kik is onlyonething1

Jonstone655, no limits daughters, gf, etc. Whatever ya got

buttbuttbuttstuff send me filth


visine3y3 I'm into fat girls. Send me all of your fat, chubby, thicc, extra meat, BBW, SSBBW etc. Women and I will be forever grateful to you. Can chat about what we would do to them Get in my DMs!

>>832413472Same to WaitImThrowingAway

Kik kleonidesLet's trade anything we got I'm try to nut rn.

ruruhii tradingrape abuse and anything else

Mrblank1991 Show me nudes of friends and family/coworkers

locallooserlooking for creeps and ass

zela333always horny, wins guaranteed

Older bi woman looking to trade porn, stories, pics and vids.Kinkier the better. Lesbians, anything bondage, dogs incest, milfs, teens. Ask me about holidays with my daughter. I'm down for whatever - I'm not picky.CLAY_OSRAM

Send asians for me to check out while I workkik Minat873


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gonnacry_123 Send some bad moms and let’s see what I have

M BI 29 looking to trade pics of gf/wifeKik chrismill1

>>832411133NeverINeveridk, no real limitslooking for more taboo/beast/snuff/sissy stuffstuff so when other dudes ask me for shit in the future, I can provide for them too.

>>832415143also enjoy looking at other dudes cocks and occassionally jerking off just to big dicks, so would love to cock rate at NeverINever

>>832413006still on hmu

Still looking for filth @ buttbuttbuttstuff

kik mhender9029send porn/hentai vids. Like hardcore, gangbang, asian, rape/passed out/drunk, goth/emo/scene chicks. Also bi so femboy, forced fem, sissy/cd welcome as well. Or send your wife, gf, ex, sister, cousin, whatever. Amateur and videos definitely preferred.

No limits

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Wife's nudes from this cuck get posted hereBenprice4444

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29/M/ smooth pussy, tight ass & big cocks...let’s trade pics, sexy, role play & cum! Kik is Phillyareaguy

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conutco127 Bi MInto everything and anything. Got a chubby redhead ex with huge tits to show off/trade. I’ll also rate dicks and compare If your horny and want to talk/trade/compare whatever just hit me up.

>>832411815I’m still on and sharing for wwydJvolkes1

If you like the idea of a group of strangers stroking to your wife or gf Kik me at dodgerfan4200 to see if you qualify for group 18+ must be able to verify

Yggdrasil19191Still on, anything goes trades, chats or ill show off my bwc and trib.High n horny for all

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Gay teen here, tell me what to do.gayteen090

M/18looking for fit, hung, DOMINANT bulls who want to stroke to my tight ex-gf and make me feel like less of a man. must be willing to provide live pics and vids frequently. start with a live pic of your cock or your body. bonus for bwc!kik: jaez_913

Briannamontana86Anything to do with sissies or sissification. Sissies in public.

localloosersend pics of your family members, exs, gfs, creepshots.

I’m bored, someone do horny shit with meKik: Jbored122

professionalthighmanlooking for ass and thighs.

Tired of not sharing your gf/wife only to get the same one-word "more" responses without any feedback or real conversation? I'm your guy! Down for longer-term sharing, actual discussions/opinion-sharing, and open-minded to consider anything you suggest. Kik @windyanon(old account was hootin23, hmu if you lost me)

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>>832411133reaver65send anything, even ugly chicks

>>832414261Last call before I turn in for the night.

Trading anything I have, ask and I'll see what I got. Kik is AnotherAccForMe.Looking for anything and everything, share what you got!

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jerking bwc. send me the women in your life and if hot i can trib.meh001313

20/m/bidrunk, bored outta my fuckin mind. No limits, send whatever you’re into or anything you wanna show off to me and help me keep my dick hard lolkik: bored_user__

kik: innes_jakeinto incest, show me ur hot family

60billionDDblowjob and facial pics/vids


Calling all panty raiders. Show me whatcha got. Bonus if you get off with them.Nunya_89

NeverINeverLast ask. Im loving this. Taboo. Teens. Dick pics. Beast. Thick bitches.

anonsucker69No limits. Trading. Also tribbing if you have nudes/ sexy pics of anyone you know. White, 8 inch