Why does 4chan hate Canada so much?

Why does 4chan hate Canada so much?

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>>832410513Success breeds jealousy

They've had it too good for too longAlso the atrocities they've done their native population is almost as bad as the us, which they're still doing to this day

Many, many self hating Canucks on here.

passive aggressive douchbags w/ massive inferiority complex and insanely corrupt government t. 8th generation canadian

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>>832411571No we aren't, our entire culture has shifted to apologizing for attempting to civilize them a few decades ago by making them go to schoolThey don't have to pay taxes, have their own leaders, their own laws and are basically their own sovereign states out on the reservations but they always demand more tax money be funneled their way anyway

>>832411571You're right about the atrocities to our native populace (the starlight tours are especially horrendous) but we're no where near as bad as the States.

>>832410513it's a fucking leaf

They are an import dependent colony

>>832411571Fuck the natives. They get free land and money regularly for being native... they got conquered. Stop bitching and just join the rest of society. By their logic I should be pissed my ancestors got killed in the old country. Fuck off. I feel no shame for being more advanced at everything including warfare. Maybe they should have done more than sit in fucking tents their entire existence, and they would have had actual weapons to defend themselves. So fuck you and take my blanket full of diseases you brown fuck

Canada is a shit country, tbh.

>>832410513Have you ever met a Canadian?

>>832411829the pox blankets are a myth, the only evidence of them is one British officer who considered attempting to give them out but never had the chance to do so

>>832410513Jealousy. We've got the hottest women.

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Sadly, Canada was actually a legit country circa 1945-1970. The burgers and bongs could not tolerate that idea tho...

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99% of canada would collapse instantly without american trade

>>832412259No. No it wouldn’t you absolute retard

>>832412259We actually produce a lot of food and other such goods we just send most of it southCanada has a small population and a large agrarian sector, we'd do okay

>>832410513Who said that! I love Canada. Have been there multiple times. Great People, Great Pussies and Great Country!

>>8324123582/3 of machinery and steel are imported. Canada has population in areas that dont have resources. It crashes in every recession.

Without the US, Canada would not exist.

>>832412448XD lol what burger

>>832412437We're the eighth largest producer of iron ore on the planet user, we would have a big recession as we retooled our industry to be able to process all that iron into steel and then we'd be okay

>>83241225999% of Americans couldn't find Canada on a map of North America. True story.

>>832410513Be an amerifatKnow nothing about the worldStill try to act like they are the best, even though they are LETTING niggers tear down those country. Yea ok.

>>832412517The iron is in the east and the oil is in the west and in the center theres a huge area with nobody so it is all exported to the United states because its useless otherwise

>>832412358>b-but china buys our wheat based canadian here: we're a glorified alaska. patriotic canadians disgust me. i respect what canada was, for a brief instant, or might have been, but generally most of these leafs are the children of post-ww2/coldwar refugees

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>>832412616Be an amerifat. Suck orange cock and die poor due to medical bills and covid19.

>>832412890For real. Can they cope harder?

Tell me which country 4chan doesn't hate, so I can avoid the living fuck out of it.

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>>83241256299% of young, attractive Canadian women are strippers. True story.

>tim hortons and hockey lol>im a canadian nownatives are actually insanely racist and most accept 'the white man won' narrative and are generally pissed off about the white man letting all these other mother fuckers who fought no battles, won no wars, into the country t. nova scotia irish/miq'mak... all of this residential school/missing women narrative has only been pushed recently as decisive identity politics

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>>832413382I wan to refute that but literally a week before covid hit I heard this thot on a bus loudly complaining to some random dude about how her boyfriend wouldn't let her become a "sex worker"Ontario girls are too far gone

>>832411729>but we're no where near as bad as the States.This right here is why I hate Canadians. Retard we're right underneath you. If you just drove across the border and lived here for a week you'd know this isn't true at all.

>>832410513They're not very nice.

>>832413491>south-western ontario girls

>>832410513Every Canadian immediately leaves Canada and moves to California once they start making money (Justin Beiber, Celine Dion, Drake.etc)Canadians will never cope with this fact

>>832413663>making money>entertainers 1/10

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>>832413663Because California is warm. And had a general pot culture. Now pot is legalized here, why would we go to California other than the weather? Sure as shit isn’t the people.

Im canadian and i hate how canadians shit on americans. The u.s. is fucking awesome

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its cold

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They require their TV and radio stations play a certain amount of Canadian content. Any country that has to do that clearly doesn't have much faith in their own culture.

>>832413772They make more money in California than they do in Canada anyways

>>832413825>im canadiansure, buddy

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>>832413663Hahaha. Lucky you. Hahaha.

>>832410513Stupid fucking milk in a bag

>>832413825>I am a black man (very real trust me) and I can totally verify that I hate other black people, trust me.thats what you sound like faggot

>>832410513They let Quebec Redneck terrorists take their gun rights away

>>832413781What percentage of Canadians move to the US? What percentage of Americans move to Canada?

>>832413958Live in Saskatchewan, never once seen bagged milk in my entire life...

Ever notice how Canada is fucking huge yet has roughly the population of California?Ever notice how Alaska has more people living in it than all of Northern Canada?Nobody wants to live in that frozen hellhole.

>>832414118For some reason people from the Philippines do

>>832410513Of the English-speaking people I've met while travelling, Canadians and British are generally insufferable douchebags. Australians, New Zealanders, and Irish are usually cool, fun people. More variability in Americans - either great people or dumb assholes.

>>832414102it's an eastern canada thing, and mostly just ontario now... however it is a superior way to preserve milk. thank the grocery oligarchy and liberal govt for cartons of milk that expire 5 days after you buy them.

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The Queen of England is still Canada's monarch and they have the gaul to bitch about Drumpf. Fuck Canadians.

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>>832414225That’s fair

>>832414102It’s an ontario thingAs you probably know most ontario stuff gets interpreted as being popular in the rest of canadaFuck Ontario

>>832414236>t. rebel traitor

>>832410513canada fag here:come visit and find out. Or just read the canadian news.

>>832414236Everyone on the planet mocks trump. Not just Canadians

>>832414299t. subject

>>832413663>singersI mean, you're not wrong. I'm a software eng and I'm biding my time rn before I head off to california for the big bucks. God bless american and god bless TN status

>>832414335Yeah but when Canadians do it there's a different kind of context there

>>832414281alberta detected.>>832414309>canadian newspretty much all the msm here is essentially state sponsored

>>832414236Drink bleach.

>>832410513literally 90% of anti canadian post are made by self hating albertans. Canada is literally the best country on earth you couldnt even pay me to live in another country. Oil niggers gonna seethe

>>832414386>le orange man bad>pls keep buying our aluminum

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>>832414347You know she has no actual power here right? Like she has no authority at all. If she ever tried to exert authority it would cause a constitutional crises that would swiftly see her removed as Canada's monarch.Basically she's only our monarch so long as she doesn't act like our monarch

>>832414236>The Queen of England is still Canada's monarchOur monarch is the Queen of Canada, you dimwit.

>>832414410Bow to your British overlords Cucknadian

>>832411728Oh fuck off, the """reparations""" are so sublime that they might as well not even have done any. THey are so long overdue and have to be practically forced at gunpoint to implement any. The cultural and literal genocide of the first nations are still going on, just visit a reserve, or look at the natives that live in the cities. The natives in canada live worse than blacks in the hood, thats a fucking fact. Canada doesnt want to help natives, the government is waiting for them to die out so they dont have to deal with them. But hey, as long as you keep getting new immigrants you dont look racist.

>>832414397>state sponsoredyeah, and look at what the state reports.

>>832411829holy based

>>832414462She does have some veto'ing powers but she doesn't excercise them because usually that's reserved when the unity of the Commonwealth is at stake. In other words she exists so Canada can keep being a client state of Britain

>>832414486>butter knives are illegalprolly not, bong

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>>832414505>sublimeDo you know what that word means?

>>832414609>"assault-style" firearms illegalThe fruit truly doesn't fall far from the tree

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>>832414456>self hating albertansAlbertans think they are americans but wont' ever move there because they don't want to lose health care.

>>832411719What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Canadian Armed Forces, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids in Saskatchewan, and I have over 300 confirmed seal clubbing kills.I am trained in winter warfare and I’m the snowball thrower in the entire Canadian armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words.You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of lumberjacks across Canada and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can tussle you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands.Not only am I extensively trained in igloo making, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Canadian Armed Forces and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue.But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it.You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

>>832414660fine, I fucked up one word, I meant sub-par but Im a retard. Guess that means my whole statement is wrong.


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>>832414801>don't want to lose health care.lolYou really do think that only billionaires can afford good healthcare in the US, don't you?

>>832414801Canadian healthcare is a joke, you need to practically beg to be seen by a doctor here

>>832414848Well, it is wrong, but not just for that reason.

>>832414801Most canadians that actually do need health care end up going to america because our public health system is a cancerous growth on our society. And I'm talking about real healthcare like a cancer treatment, not free testosterone supplements for tranny women

>>832414893they don't care if you're white

>>832414923Okay, so why then?

>>832415032Failing to support our even excluding altogether communities that demand sovereignty is not genocide.

>>832410513From what I've experienced on 4chan they hate it because Canada lacks a transparent government. Everything is done behind closed doors and there's no such thing as freedom of the press. That plus high level government officials doing crack on the street. It actually seems like a great place tho.

>>832415015Want to explain what exactly you're implying?

>>832414960People like you should fucking move to the us or get an education to become surgeons. You're worse than people getting welfare

>>832415127sorry, cant read. what do you mean?

>>832415188What hes implying is he's a stormfag

>>832415227>you're worse than people getting welfareWait why? I pay the taxes you useless nigger, and I'm not even getting good healthcare. I am going to the states actually, you can stay in this socialist shithole and watch your daughters grow up to ruin themselves on free testosterone injections.

>>832415259Stepping over somebody to let them die in the street is not the same thing as murder. Letting poor injuns drink themselves to death is not a genocide.

>>832415183God bless mayor ford lol

>>832414505There was never any literal genocide, it was only "cultural genocide" i.e forcing them to live like civilized people

>>832415320>I am going to the statesWhich one?

>>832415320>I pay the taxes you useless nigger, and I'm not even getting good healthcareFucking please leave. I you're posting here and need healthcare you are as old as my dead grandpa. Honestly just fucking leave

>>832414607again, if she ever tried to use them shed be removed as queenshe exists purely symbolically

i have my own impression of canada but you're really in the wrong part of 4chan. i've browsed Holla Forums 100 times a day for a decade and canadian "hatred" is rare. i'm like the only one that knows that they are as classless as the worst "karens" or rednecks of the US but against asians. they hate the asian influx. also, i've learned that french canadians will fuck people up if they're white but not cool to them and in the wrong region.ultimately, this is Holla Forums. this is the only part of 4chan where you can say "all niggers must die" or, more importantly, "kill all asians". if you were in canada, and posted that here, 4chan would not ban you. the canadian government, which is part of the BRITISH EMPIRE, would want to JAIL you for inciting genocide.canada is un-Holla Forums-like.

>>832415377Well not trying to solve it isnt exactly helping. If youre a government letting a certain demographic die without trying to solve anything, youre responsible. Isnt that what a government is for?

>>832414893This is false, as someone who has actually used our healthcare for surgery it was pretty solid.

>>832415447California, Seattle or Austin once my wife is done school. Just long enough to make big bucks to buy up rental properties & waterfront vacation homes so I can retire at 40 >>832415484I'm low 20's bitch boy

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>>832415447No where he's a fucking retarded albertans with no job lined up. This guy is worse than a mexicans. At least mexicans are willing to pick up cumcumber for 6$ an hours while this guy expect to move to montana and make 56$ an hour he is a fucking retard

>>832415285>fascist in birkenstocks fuck off u of t

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>>832415602honestly fucking leave yesterday I can't stand wannabe americans like you. fucking larper cum sucking bitch asshole sucking bbc cuck posting. You should be gunned down

>>832415602>can't get enough of gentrifying canada so gotta gentrify some us states toogee, i wonder why some ppl hate 'chinadians'

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>>832415861more like go to the states to get a fuckhuge income to gentrify the city & waterfront properties around the city I'm from

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>>832415861western canadians are literal pajeet cum

>>832415523>a government letting a certain demographic die without trying to solve anything, youre responsible. No. They're responsible for their poor decisions. >Isnt that what a government is for?No. That's socialism.

>>832415993fucking indianmeet you people are so fucking useless you get outbreeded byt indians. Fuck me dead if you arent another sikh pajeet larping as white. fucking shit skin

>>832415642Can you communicate like a normal person, without relying on memes and stereotypes?

>>832416091well thats pretty much what the canadian government is.>yeah its not actually socialism but it might as well be

>>832415993go the fuck back, all the way back, u probable asherkanazi/polock/ukranian

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>>832416168>>832416168i don't understand why ya'll are mad. enjoy the CERB faggots, your children will be paying rent to my kids, if you have any at all. git good

>>832416192I never used to memes. Albertans are retarded oil nigger with iq comparable to the average muslim sandniggers

>>832416270Are illiterate, or are you just drunk?

>>832416349>implying i pay taxes to a traitorous govt>implying i take handouts from a traitorous govt you're literally a nigger, in the finest tradition of this board.

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>>832416417You sound like a bit of a dipshit, young man.

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>>832411829You're the shit stain of Canada and the one that needs to quit bitching and join society.

>>832416505hmmm. based cash user. remember to buy xmr

>>832416349you're children will be mugged by my half haitian children. I fucking knew you were a fucking pajeet from the start

>>832416426wat duh fook r u talkin aboot eh? are you implying your parents were born in canada? cause we both know they were not. now fuck off before you're breathing broken moosehead bottles ya fukkin' hon

>>832411763It's not just any fucking leaf, that is a maple leaf, maple is fucking awesome!

>>832416585>I'll mug you bro

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>>832412259hahaha, pretty sure we would do just fine without American trade, probably would be even better.

>>832410513Canada leans to the left more and its a better place for it. Thats why gooberment hating cousin fuckers hate it.

>>832416716Honestly i'm gonna train my children to hate indians. fucking subhuman race

>>832412417Eh! I agree, we are a great people, tons of great pussy, and a great country! You're welcome here anytime!

>>832412448no, without the UK Canada would not exist you smug fuck, don't make us come burn down your White House again.

>>832416871I'm not indian myself but pic related. I don't know where you're from but indians are pretty productive members of society here. They've got good family values unlike whites - white canadian females are known for being huge whores

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>>832416823>constant governmnent corruption over looked>5 of the world's most powerful banks systematically exploiting... basically everything from blue collar blacks in america needing car insurance to corporate imperialism in middle eastern states the US has just thrashed to fuckya, we're the model of 'happiness for all mankind'

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I don't. Best strip clubs in North America in Québec.

>>832416949>dis mother fucker is a brit

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>>832417046>indians are pretty productive members of societyyeah dude thats why indians are moving to every country that isn't full of indians. Fucking sheltered retard. Indians are worse than niggers.

>>832417109strip clubs don't exist anymorefucking bots, update already

>>832417167you've never dealt with niggers have you

>>832412618Is a logistical nightmare that is very slowly being figured out. With projects like the North West Redwater Partnership we will have further decreasing needs to pump our oil south. We are a tremendously innovative and inventive people, we have to be look at our fucking winters.