Wife/gf thread

Wife/gf thread

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>>832409547Ass pics pleaseGF or wife ?


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>>832409724Oh wowLucky youDiscord ?


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>>832409816Do you have Skype or discord sir

>>832409862Skype, name?

>>832409724Nice user. Keep posting her

>>[email protected]

>>832409547My wife

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My wife left me

>>832409947Beautiful. Can we see more of her?


>>832410044>>832410231I have a couple more, mainly titshots and one ass shot

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Fuck it, fap to her

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>>832410385Nice! I bet those tits would feel amazing wrapped around my cock

>>832410475Strip her >>832410533Spread that fat ass


>>832410533tell her to pay for the wax job looks like a tarantula is trying to escape her asscrack

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>>832410542Perfect body. Keep going please.


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>>832410636should i keep going

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>>832409547I love this body type. It's a shame when women don't keep this and end up fat or chubby and lose this perfect shape.

Chubby wife. 10/10 ass

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GF Dressed up for me

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>>832410670Woow bro

>>832410533More user

>>832410689Keep going


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ew. u virgins couldnt get anyone hotter? inb4 faggot. retard

>>832410549She gives amazing titjobs, but lately we've been getting more and more into the idea of sharing her. Right now we're just trying out sharing cropped pictures, but stress getting adventurous.And a bit more dominant too. She usually gives me titjobs in the floor while I sit on the edge of the bed, but the other night she decided to do it on top. While I was thrusting up and enjoying myself, she reached her head down and tried to suck my head off when it poked out, but the angle was wrong. All she said was "fuck you're too small" and I came buckets after that

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All these headless women!Well, at least they're quiet.


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My mom


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>>832410891More in kneesocks


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>>832410891She's so fuckin cute


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>>832410976What’s your fav nude of her

>>832410670Hell yeahSpread those cheeks

>>832410902Damn more please. Love that big ass

>>832410891Any using that pink toy?

>>832410721More ass and asshole pics of her please


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Teen slut

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>>832410812Nice ass! Yeah it can be awkward. Post more if you have any.

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>>832410747Good slut


>>832410796Nice hips


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>>832411188Very hot

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>>832411384any more bent over?

>>832411202Pussy trying to peak out


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>>832411173Would love to eat her pussy

>>832411405Looks deliciousDiscord


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>>832411593Show asshole

>>832411499Oh fuck

>>832411675Closest I got

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>>832411040>>832411593nice collection of wife pics.thanks for sharing her with us tonight.I appreciate the special consideration of outdoor shots.Special request? Her first nude photo. Please. Looking into the camera, unsure of the moment, bare and exposed.

>>832412020Thanks anonIt was actually this one, but she’s super far away

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>>832411952location? this is such a fine photo. many thanks.I'm thinking Oceanside / San Diego area

>>832411901She into bondage?

>>832412088Yeah, blacks beach — you reposting anywhere?Def want her famous

>>832411866hot af moaar

>>832412072Thank you. That's perfect. As is she. What a little treasure.


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>>832412072Reminds me of Martha's Vineyard.

the wife

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>>832412129I might. Just curious at the moment.I like her body shape - slender torso, nice tits, pretty smile, and those hips. Wow.I'd like to have the chance to look through your entire private stash. Is that something that you might consider?Would like to watch her move, as she undresses and offers herself to you. The sounds she makes when an orgasm washes over her, the way her tits sway when you fuck her doggy style, the look in her eyes when she feels that first hot spurt of cum hit the back of her mouth.She looks like a fine little fuck toy.

>>832412214>>832412175>>832412311no need to crop. I'd like to see her smile as she shows her naked body to her man.

>>832411756None bent over?

>>832411901>>832412118A lil bit nothing too crazy

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>>832412335Needs to be mounted right there

Weird. Can't seem to post any photos up?

>>832412508It was done. My favorite position, unfortunately not hers haha.

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>>832412524Spread those cheeks

>>832412267>>832412311It does, except for the excessively long coastline in the distance of the images upthread.I see what you mean though. Rocky, foggy, naked dark-haired beauty with wide hips, and not another soul in sight. Looks like she'd be willing to fuck right there on the beach and walk back to the car with cum dripping down her inner thigh. Such a sweet smile.


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>>8324125182MB limit.


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>>832412584TY.Does she play with others? Looking for a little girl-girl photo.

>>832412674Nicely done, user. Care to put her into an intimate setting and show us what she looks like with that spaghetti strap top pulled up over her head? So pretty... I'm hoping that she has a naughty side. Or that you're bad enough to share stuff that you said you wouldn't show anyone else. Dare.

>>832412674shes a cutie

>>832412704So fucking hotDiscord

>>832412608Definitely not that. Photos are half a meg at most.

>>832412072Love this shot. OK it I keep her in a special folder?

>>832412693Unfortunately not — she has expressed interest and def in role play gets off to the idea of girls, but in real life she’s a prude except for nude beaches.

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>>832412799care to drop your disc to chat about her further?

>>832412824Post yours

Send dick pic for more. Kik gatorrr99

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>>832412483Perfect cuffed just like that.

>>832412560Lol well they gotta take it sometimes. I wouldn't last long in her anyway

>>832412885thanks for sharing.do you have a favorite photo that you'd like to share?the notion of prude except for naked beach is an interesting juxtaposition. it must be the power of nature that gets her wet.she's quite pretty. I like.


Tired of not sharing your gf/wife only to get the same one-word "more" responses without any feedback or real conversation? I'm your guy! Down for longer-term sharing, actual discussions/opinion-sharing, and open-minded to consider anything you suggest. Kik @windyanon

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>>832412994don't do disc. email OK at a.mous94558 at gmail . would like to see more / hear from you. many thanks.

>>832413101Def — let me know if you repost ;)One of my favs

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>>832413182wow. nice shot. where was that photo taken?she's really quite pretty.

>>832413185ahh well thats too bad. glad you like her though

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>>832413262She's the only one I'm saving tonight.Cleveland Browns fan?Cropped again... would love to see if she has a look of mischief, or tolerance, or CFMH.any with an unshaven mound?

>>832413095Pretty accurate. Still get to mount like that quite often.

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>>832412560>>8324123352 requests.Pussy from the frontTopless tits as she is sitting/standing up and facing camera

>>832413307I do.That suit is about two sizes too big though.Let's see her naked in that same location.

>>832413287somewhere in LA, not sure hwere

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>>832413439Nah, just happened to be the color of the blanket.Pre-fuck

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>>832413544girl's got some nice tits. and that slender frame. wow.

>>832413446Her ass if unreal. Kudos on wifing her up


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>>832413627the shot that every guy should have of his woman.on her back, arms over her head, legs spread wide as his cock first presses inside her. the look in her eyes as she feels you enter her... pure lust.Nicely done.

>>832413559Exactly like that. Wish I could get a turn to fuck her senseless

>>832413792Thanks, she's lot of fun.

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>>832413816More pls


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>>832413932I'd buy that for a dollar.Willing to naked her for Holla Forums tonight?


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stroke for my wife

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Wife. Rate her please.

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>>832413974cute haircut. What can I call her?I'd like to name her folder, if you will.damn crop. I want this one. fun, naughty, and she know what she's doing.nice little fuck toy.

>>832414119Erin R.

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>>832413869>>832413816Thanks! She's perfect and I'm close to coming to her. Can you share a pic of her pussy from the front? Then I'll shoot a load to her

>>832412228How’s her body?Looks niceeee


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>>832414114Post baby...kinda fucked up her tits

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>>832414114nature. beauty.lie down and let's see her get wetlegs spread, pink wet lips

>>832414092she would get so wet

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>>832413974She's so sexy there, do you have any more where she's leaning forward making her tits hang like that and they are totally exposed? She's incredible in that pose

>>832414193Perfect.Does Erin know that I'm enjoying her naked body tonight?

>>832414239Let's see, I bet they look even better

>>832414019cant my friend

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>>832414239my favorite thing is following a woman from a 20-something with her girl body who is unsure about you and that damn camerato a woman who has become a Mother and has come to grips with her modestyto a forty-something who knows what she wants and makes it happen.You're doing a great job, user. Many thanks for sharing Erin. Next time you hug her, please tweak her nipple and think "that's for Holla Forums" . She's all that, and I appreciate the effort.

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>>832414396Had to ask. thanks though.

>>832414508got a little muff thing going on there as well


>>832414710havent got that downloaded currently, got discord?

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>>832414548Fuuuck they look waayyy better here. I love big areolas and nips, do you have more like this? I'd love to see it. If you have Kik, I'm super interested in seeing more of her like that, socalanon90Otherwise, please keep dumping her here, I'm jerking off to her

>>832413446Porno ass right there

Actual real girlfriend

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>>832414669>>832414508Keep going. Got more of her with a bush like that? I love her body by the way



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>>832414821She looks like a real cunt


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>>832414875I’m in love

>>832414867why do you have to act like such an asshole?

>>832414894Bent over ass por favor

>>832414916Because 4chan is the only place I can anymore. Fuck you

>>832414891is it hard not having anyone user?


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wife's tits. can i get an honest rating?

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>>832414821of course gf. a wife doesn't shave/wax anymore


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>>832415113Mine does

>>832414993why don't you just crawl into bed and let your husband cum in your mouth again. he loves you more that way, and we don't have to put up with your shit.


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>>832415177top shelf.Good to see you here tonight.

>>832415177Very nice milf wife

>>832415211cause she's fucking someone else

>>832415113I actually don’t mind if it’s been a couple days like you see here. Long as it’s relatively clean.

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>>832415243so very enticing


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>>832415356Just me on almost a daily basis...on the days we don’t fuck she’s usually getting a mouthful of cum

>>832415177>>832415286>>832415293Thank you guys. Here’s another for the comments

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>>832415520yeah ok bud

>>832415587Not lying...just cuz your sex life sucks doesn’t mean everyone else’s does

>>832415177>>832415583How many kids? Digging the tan lines, moar!

>>832415370i agree. but wives get lazy


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>>8324150307/10 i'd say nice pink nips

>>832415651I wouldn’t know thankfully. I wouldn’t just marry anyone who came along, I like women who are easygoing and willing to shave if I prefer it. Meanwhile though I make similar allowances if she prefers. So many men end up marrying children basically.

Here’s mine

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>>832415837well my wife as a gf would shave, fuck in the car, blow me regularly, wear thongs and play with vibrators. you can guess it's the total opposite now.

>>8324156502...rate? Will post more soon. Any requests?


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>>832415650Honest rates?

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anyone want to see me jerk to their girl hit me up on kik meh001313

>>832416977Love her nipples

>>832416866Ass pleaseGF or wife ?