What's your favorite food Holla Forums?

What's your favorite food Holla Forums?

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pbnj sandwiches. or Oreo cereal.

>>832408125Deer sausage and white rice. Only white people can relate

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>>832409383i can't relate to poor people who eat road-kill. go eat a bat.

nuts, dried fruit and coconut mixed together.

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>>832409383Venison is yummy, I would probably spice up the rice a bit. Looks like calrose rice...points added

Duck confit hands down

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Steak and eggs overeasy. Bonus if theres hot sauce for the eggs

i wouldn't eat it every day but a nice clamb chowder always makes life better

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>>832409802Manhattan chowder is great to

>>832409383Deer sausage is great. That looks a little plain though, i like to eat it on a hot dog bun with mustard/diced onion/relish/other random hot dog bullshit.Favorite food? lately i eat a shitload of pasta.

>>832409383I eat hotdogs and white rice.

I'm actually making Shoyu Chicken right now

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>>832409845manhattan chowda is ok but it lacks both chutzpah and panache

>>832408125dicks and balls


Either mud crab or blue swimmer (sand crab) boiled in salt water, I don't mind chilli mudcrab but much prefer plainI miss living by the river, I use to spend half a Sunday devouring crabs that I caught. Now I'm lucky to get a couple once a month

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>>832409999Hitler quads checked


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>>832410147damn I miss so much living in in brazil by the beach and eating crab

>>832410141It's a Hawaiian dish, dipshit. Shoyu is Japanese anyway.

>>832410141Shoyu Chicken is Hawaiian.

>>832409260>sugary paste. or sugary paste

Moreton Bay bugs.



>>832408125is that a spaghettio ring surrounding hotdogs?

look I know this would be disgusting but I have to try it

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>>832411601That potentially could be great.

>>832411779I think it could be, but in small portions. Cooked bologna is salty af and way too intenseI could imagine a nice sweet fruit salad adding just enough sugar and tang to compliment the meat though

>>832411954If you put the cherry and pineapple bits on it like it should have, then that would make it less salty.

pizza or rigatoni im a simple man

>>832412147yeah that would probably help. awful lot of toothpicks though. i like the idea of banana, orange, and grapes stewing into a glaze off to the sidefuck it i might make this shit this weekend. i live a lone, i'll have to freeze like 10 separate portions for leftovers kek

Andy Sixx's Log of Shit

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>>832412310rigatoni prepared how? what sauce?

>>832412322Make a thread on /ck/ if you do.

>>832408125buffalo wings with ranch, and not skimpy wings either. I'm talking about saucy. I really like buffalo wild wings because they slather the sauce on their wings. Bring me a combo better than 12 wings, some garlic fries and a beer.....until then I'll be eating wings.

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>>832412629Blue Cheese Dressing, NOT Ranch (barf)

>>832412505Idunno man. I'm not noob enough or good enough to be welcome there

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>>832412629>with ranch

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>>832412781Do it.

>>832412413I buy the box of Walmart brand pasta and boil it, drain it then put some in a bowl. Then I open the Walmart brand meat flavored spaghetti sauce and pour some over it to save washing another pot. I'll get prego or ragu if it's on sale sometimes. I'll add 4-5 dashes of Tabasco and mix it up. I'll add parmesean too if I'm feeling fancy. The stuff in the plastic tube that's like grains.

>>832412766Nigger, ranch is the best. I can drink that shit

>>832410577this faggot

>>832412853You sound like a peasant


>>832412366/thread & /throat

>>832412999why waste time and money cooking some fancy meal? I just turn it into poop

>>832409999Can I have some?

>>832413129Pasta isn't even food

>>832412853sounds fine to me user. you really like the vinegary tabasco in your sketti sauce though? i usually prefer red chili flakes instead. but hey, you do you

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>>832408125Pizza has always and will always be my favorite food.Sadly... I hate most pizza places now days. Back in the late 80's and early 90's pizza was fucking delicious! Now days though? The quality sucks, the overall taste sucks, the crust is never cooked properly, toppings are skimpy, they never put enough fucking cheese on the pizza.... I'm severely disappointed in all the pizza chains that exist now days.I miss the days when pizza actually tasted good.

>>832412766>>832412848>hating on ranch

>>832413188Yes it is

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>>832413253Yeah I like Tabasco with lots of stuff. I think it blends in well

>>832413478Yes listen to Jewgle

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>>832413529you understand that the image you have posted is useless correct ?


Why did liberals ruin The Last of Us part 2?

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>>832413570>i can't afford a good phone

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>>832412766FWIW the original Buffalo Wing recipe used Blue Cheese dressing, only people from Wisconsin ever put ranch on anything.Buffalo WingsWingsFrank's Hot SauceButterBlue Cheese dressing for dipping

>>832413803> i cant afford a good phone REEEEEEEEEEEEbuddy get off the internet, im opening that shit on a 4k.you need to kill yoself.

>>832412781Cup and Handle formation - BUY BUY BUY

>>832413856blue cheese dressing.i honestly don't understand how they made something so disgusting into something so delicious.

>>832413867Stop larping you broke fag

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>>832413944you a bad troll nigga.

>>832412766I've never had blue cheese, maybe I'll try it, I like ranch though, I've at it my whole life.

>>832413478Technically pasta is dough. It can be used to make macaroni, spaghetti, linguine, etc.

>>832413803>smartphones magically add detail to lo-res images!kys yourself

>>832413918Try some good Blue Cheese with a good, smokey scotch....heaven. Stilton is a good blue for this.

>>832414058>>832413966 checkdNigga you scrolling on a brick.

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roast beef draped with crispy bacon. it's become my holiday standard

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>>832412629buffalo wings, ranch dip, and a side of poutine.

>>832414833Bacon roast beef with sprouts - you are my god

>>832415043I prefer wings with Blue Cheese dip and a side of poontang

Deep fried nigger cocks.

>>832414015>macaroni, spaghetti, linguineyes those are also all food

>>832415126If its a good blue cheese than it's my preference too. And a poontang to chase the poutine is the best way to work off those delicious calories.

>>832409934>>832409383>>832409498Fucking chinks ruining real white people food.