New Diaper Thread

New Diaper Thread

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Sorry wrong date but mildly incon from car accident fag here Ama

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>>832408263all good, how incon are you ?

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Wearing my first diaper ever and it feels amazing

>>832407940I'm curious, how did you realize you have this fetish, op?

>>832408374Have bad night control issues urinarily, and some days are better than othersGot tboned while I was in t a stop the other car was going 50 in a 35

>>832408532What brand is it?

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>>832408532what diaper are you in, Im in a bunny hops

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Anyone in Mass?

>>832408620It's a cushie. I have been in it for an hour and have peed once so far.

>>832408604dang that sucks, did you already like diapers before incon

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>>832408701I did, I kinda like the less now that uts a necessity

>>832408645I also ordered a bunny hops and going to wear it tomorrow night

>>832408697cushies are ok but if your wanting thick diapers id say any abu diaper is going to give you that feel.

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>>832408848Which ones do you recommend? And how many times can I wet in the cushie before it leaks?

>>832408581When I was young, like 8 or 9, I had dreams about being put in diapers. When I started masturbating (age 11 or so) I fantasied about girls i knew in diapers and other women. At age 15 I bought my first pack of diapers for myself. I am mostly a DL myself, but my GF is kind of a Little that wears diapers so I get into ageplay a bit.

>>832408733bunny hops are good for the tabs but i say they aren't as good as like Abu space>>832408899id say at least 2 times, more if you add a stuffer

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>>832409223I didnt order stuffers but going to next time. I also got Abu space too and my girlfriend was going to put that one on me tonight but changed her mind and went with the cushies.

>>832409362space can hold at least 3 before it will leak from my experience

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>>832408899I'll second ABUs, Tykables are great too but they're kinda expensive. I've bought a fair amount of Rearz stuff too, the tapes on some of them aren't the greatest (I just don't put the bottom tapes on quite as tightly) but they sometimes have some really good sales. I also order from Canadian companies because paying duty sucks and I don't want to have the contents of these packages labeled on them.There's also Dotty Diapers, Bambino, Crinklz, Littleforbig, and some medical brands are now making printed diapers like Forsite and NorthShore.

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>>832409854Where do you recommend buying them from? Im in the US, i bought mine from ab universe

a good place to try samples is wearing clouds but they are not taking orders right now

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>>832410930I probably won't be much help to you for US stores, there's plenty of brands available through Amazon and they all ship in non-descript Amazon boxes. I'm pretty sure the Tykables store is US too.

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cute guys ok?

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Any diapered sissies?

>>832413242what is that diaper?

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>>832413684probably cloth judging by those plastic pants

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>>832414411nice dubs, btw WANNA SQUISH

Here's my collection, what all have you got?

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>>832414800that's a lot of diapies

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are guys actually into girls that wear diapers? this is a thing?

>>832415381it's adorable

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>>832415381hells yeah

>>832415381Hell yeah!

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huh...never woulda thought... whats so hot about it???

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>>832415034Everything except the Aww So Cutes were all bought this year. I went on a big ABDL spending spree this year, I also bought a bunch of onesies, a pair of footie jammies, 4 adult-sized bottles, a huge paci, and a big stuffed rainbow llama

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>>832415696I wish I could explain it.I'm not really into water sports, and definitely not into scat. but its totally different in a diaper. for me, the idea of being forced to wear and use them is particularly hot. Why? no clue, but damn if it doesn't give me a boner

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>>832415696it's the perfect intersection of cute and sexy

>>832415738More like this please.

>>832415381I'm in a wet diaper right now

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>>832414800Ugh im jelly all i have is these that i got from thrift stores. I have 3/4 of a bag of ATNs, half a bag of Tena Ultras and 3 1/2 bags of Tena Supers (both US clothbacked versions)

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>>832415696big diaper

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>>832415775Playdate sometime?~

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Anyone have public diapers?

>>832416526does this count

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>>832415945this is you???

>>832415853does this suit your fancy?

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>>832415933I've spent thousands of dollars that should have went into savings to buy a car. I'm really not so good with the whole grown-up responsibilities part of life.>>832415985I don't suppose you're from Canada, eh?

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