Not gonna lie, I think I'm getting a little obsessed

Not gonna lie, I think I'm getting a little obsessed

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>>832407411shes on right now twitch tv /maidnagi

>>832407411>loli tries to be big streamer during covid>reddit neckbeard simps help her with foot worshipping>user crushes them for being worthless simps, floods channel with beastporn, finds big success>loli cries and stops streaming bc of drama for two weeks>reddit neckbeards go back to supporting her, loli starts streaming again by being encouraged>reddit claims therir sperm is more potent than 4chan and is breeding 4chan out of existence>anonymous and reddit spamming channel>loli has zero clue whats happening entire time


>>832407467>loliEvidence she's not though, retard. She's a grad student. She also was drinking a white claw last stream

>>832407580Incorrect, under aged kids always drink, if you weren't an incel you would know that

>>832407470whos in chat? we need to start the lulz


>>832407828Wait how????

>>832407860check it

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>>832407828>>832407860Her army of simps are blowing their credit card on giving other simps subs to use her shitty emotes

>>832407580shes not legally allowed to drink, especially on stream

All I see form chat is a simp bragging to poorer simps

>>832408107I least I got a free sub out of it kek

>>832408127You must be another fucking reddit simp piece to suck on her (delicious) toes

>>832408093yea she is, are you retarded? streamers drink all the time

why do you people always insist on harassing her? its obviously doing nothing and she just ignores most of it and her mods dont even filter or remove any of your spam messages anymore. just leave her be, since it isnt working. in fact in the last 10 mins ive been in her stream, over $200 was donated which is more than most of you losers make in a week

>>832408293No? It's a fact, twitch doesnt filter for underage viewers, and they cannot be exposed to drinking from people who they can view


What's the orders captain? Should we engage? Who is in chat and ready to drop the N BOMBS

>>832408380She's in university, you idiot. Grad student. Do you not know what that means?

>>832408405Theres plenty

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>>832408438Im ready to go anytime, just give the word

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Any of you think she makes these threads herself?

>>832408527She said she comes here, so yes I think that's a big possibility. >>832408517Tell her show ass

>>832408527She's constantly on her laptop, she's probably the one creating the thread and also replying and bumping it. Guess she enjoys being called a stream slut

>>832408579I will donate and have that as the text to voice if you can get dubs

>>832408579Yeah, seems weird that a relatively unknown streamer would get so much attention.

>>832408610Idk about stream slut, it’s more about finding simps.

>>832408749is 4chan the place to find hq simps?

>>832408488Nice name lol you banned yet?

>>832408799Idk, I hope most anons are smarter than that. Reddit might be better, they are more inclined to simp.

>>832408851Loading up on nicknames so if they're said on stream the twitch ban hammer comes crashing down

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>>832409067LOL FUCK I AM DYING

quality thread, who is in chat to help the cause?


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>>832409166oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit


>>832409166her tits are nowhere near that big bitch weighs 75lbs


>>832409310One of the finest soldiers here on Holla Forums

>>832409304yeah because you can totally see her "tits" while shes wearing all black

Leave her alone guys, she seems like a nice girl

>>832409423The more innocent and pure something is, the more beautiful and rewarding is it defile and destroy

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>>832409452Why is it mirrored?

>>832409533why are YOU mirrored?

>>832409452Hit or miss, I guess they never miss huh?

>>832409452true wisdom coming from a veteran old fag it seems.

im on this channel now, it blows

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>>832409680You missed the good parts, look above for the screens lmfao

>>832409680>mainly simps >streamer has the personality of a body pillow Yeah, no shit, it blows

>>832409753Hence the reason why were are infiltrating her stream and getting ready to drop the N BOMBS

>>832409727How are they good? She just pretends they are not there. It’s not the same as making foreign streamers say offensive things by accident, it’s just an exercise in futility.

>>832409828Just chill and enjoy the stream bro and find creative ways to make her say nigger

What do you think THIS would do to her?

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>>832409822>drop hundreds of n-bombs >steamer doesn’t care, seen it before Mission accomplished, boys

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>>832409828>She just pretends they are not there.nah she was dying laughing reading the "niggers" from username "BEHEAD_KOONS"

>>832409902I'm not a faggot, so I don't think about other guys dicks fucking girls

>>832409902Upload that to imgur and get her to click it on stream

>>832409884Yeah, I did get pretty pissed of there. Had a shit day. It’s good for background music I guess.

>>832410014It's all good my Holla Forumsrother the battle may have been lost due to reddit, but the war is far from over


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>>832410082>due to reddit90% of the chat is from Holla Forums

>>832410142All the simps footworshipping neckbeards from her stream are from reddit moron


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>>832410179the top gifters and donations are from Holla Forumstards

>>832410214Rofl that is not her dumbshit

>>832410268Prove it

This was a long time ago but I got her to click on a big black dick imgur link and this was her reaction

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does anyone have the foot pictures of her and shoe on head? i lost it because of reformat... fuck

>>832410303they literally said it in the chat

>>832410346Ahhh the good o'l days where 4chan got her addy and sent her cheese pizza because they thought she was a loli

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>>832410402??? screen it or it didnt happen?

>>832410492sec, scrolling up to post

>>832410492it did happen nigger, rewatch the stream when it's over and you'll see the comments like 15 minutes in or so

Have a little more

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Lord Zoloft checking in lord_zoloft: pepe is a racist frog for trump loverslord_zoloft: he is a champion of WHITE POWER

>>832410548Not her

>>832410594maid nagi loves trump

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>>832410346lol this is the only time i've seen even a semblance of an interested expression on her face

>>832410765Park Nima looks more like her than the pic


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>>832410765>different complexion>different eyebrows>different facial structurenot even the same ethnicity

>>832410794>interestedshe looks disgusted lol

>>832410827nah she's into it a lil

>>832410827Nope, shes loving all of it, all 2 inches

Anyone else want to see her get wrecked by a big dick?

>>832410915>>832410918you guys probably have autism and can't into facial expressions. look up 'disgusted face drawing', maybe that will help you. >>832410961yes, my big dick

>>832411072Too late I already fuck her and spilled my stronger reddit seed in her pussy


Is she even plugged in or is the DJ thing bullshit?

It's always been a fantasy of mine to be a sex slave for 2 bears, male and female, pleasing the male when she's tired, and vice versa. Slowly sliding my lips up and down his thick shaft, tasting his pre-cum on my tongue. Once he's had enough of that, he rolls over onto his back, lifting me up as though I weighed nothing. Gently placing me on his cock, I guide him in, feeling him stretch me wide open. I moan with pleasure, feeling him fill me up. He growls softly, I feel it rumble deep in his chest, vibrating all the way down his body and through mine. He continues to lift me up and then pull me down.

>>832411334Oh man, I didn't realize this, but her outputs aren't even connected. Shes not even playing, probably using a premix on her laptop and just turning knobs. I'm a DJ of over 10 years and I know what a correct setup controller looks like, and she is not playing live 100%

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>>832411481>Shes not even playing, probably using a premix on her laptop and just turning knobs.Exactly what she's doing. That's why she doesn't take requests. She premixes everything

>>832411481lol holyshit

>>832411481Someone expose this fraud

>>832411557True... She hasn't taken my requests because she can't lol

>>832411481He's doing all the work for me, it feels so good, the warmth of the fur, his paws either side of my waist. He is in total control, I'm just nothing compared to his vast size and strength, but I have total trust in him, I know he won't hurt me. I feel the pace quicken, almost imperceptibly. I slowly stroke myself, feeling myself nearing the point of no return coming closer with every stroke. I can hear the growl getting louder now; he speeds up even more, forcing me further and further down onto his thick cock. If it wasn't for the fact I my body is releasing so many endorphines, I would probably be screaming in agony. Except I am panting and whining, just like a bitch, begging her mate to fill her up. His claws dig in deeper, the pain, its excsquisite. It sends me over the edge.

>>832411621exactly lol

Does she even have a USB plugged into the controller?

>>832411842nope she didnt plug anything in at all when she first started. proof that she isnt actually djing

>>832407342dont be a simp OP

>>832411887Then what's the point of having all this equipment if it's all fake? Seems dumb

>>832409166thats not her this bitch is way cuter

>>832411927It's all for show,

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>>832411927Thats what Im wondering honestly

You fucking idiots, most likely one of his mods put his channel on here to farm followers. There's a difference between having 10 normal followers and 100 banned and muted followers, you get pushed up the list and more likely to receive more followers. Fucking retards falling for shitty bait. Also, I say "His" because that's a fuckin dude.Also, to the retard posting tits and claiming it's this shitpot streamer, that's Miss Reina, but you probably already know that because you're a mod for an Asian trap and you're obsessed with Asian culture and women so much so she's most likely the only person you beat your tiny shrivelled dick to. This is a terrible thread.

>>832412107>thinks every girl is trap user, get off Holla Forums, your mind is rotting

>>832412107This man speaks the truth, and we must do what we can to expose this pretender and wanabe e-girl streamer


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>>832412200>>832412107>>832412201I can't stop beating my dick to traps, please help me.

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>>832412295Post that in chat, not here my brother

>>832412200>get off Holla ForumsFucker I come to this shit hole once every few days in some small hope it changes or I find something to entertain me like it used to, but no, it's always the same old shit, shouldn't share, have nudes of, black cock, white supremacy, ylylylylylylyl, you cringe.I want cardstand back

Lol she moves stuff but the music doesn't change, what the fuck?

I got her IP address, who here can DDOS? WOULD BE FUNNY AF

>>832412439What kind of monkey pulls an I.P but can't DDOS?

>>832412380Cardstand was the yesteryear of Holla Forums... You will not find that again anymore. However, threads such as these are the last glimmer and hope we can have that is the the best of what Holla Forums used to be, and what we can aspire to in the future, which is to destroy that of which is pure.

>>832412425We already established that she is a obvious fraud moron

>>832412380>it's always the same old shitAnd that's what you come back for

>>832412516My AWS farm got raided and I no longer have access to it idiot.

>>832412559Lmao this... Why are you still on 4chan then?

>>832412425I'm a professional audio engineer and DJ for offteam for Red bull international. She is using an DDJ1000 and it REQUIRES an active USB dongle and XLR jack out, both of which are not present on that controller. So she's just rotating knobs for the EQ and pretending to play. Take what you may from the stream, but she is NOT playing anything.

>>832412772Lmao that shit isnt even plugged in or turned on

>>832412772post this in the actual stream nigger

>>832412536It was never about destroying what is pure, you fucking child. If it was like that, we wouldn't have caturday, we wouldn't have found and punished cat abusers, we wouldn't have protected the internet from oppressive laws. It was always for the shits and giggles, which for you feeble minded cunts, is a term we used to describe being able to have the largest impact possible, just trying to make ourselves laugh. That's why Shia can't keep a flag up, that's why a predator drone shot a missile at ISIS coordinates, because it was funny and we had a huge impact from behind a computer screen, which even the idea of such things happening is hilarious itself. If you want to aspire to anything in the future, don't let it be this shitty forum. If it is, then atleast learn what we REALLY stand for.>>832412559Read the post again you fuck

So are we going to sit around or actually do something in chat? It's filled with nothing but her simps

>>832412952Those two things are not mutually exclusive. You can destroy scumbags animal abusers and Scientologist AND cuties who are streaming on twitch for the lulz. Which is what user is... To destroy for the lulz, nothing more. We are apolitical, everyone and everything is a target.

>>832412947I can't im logged into my personal twitch account, someone else post it


>>832413197leave her alone

>>832413329Fuck you simp shit

Why the fuck japanese girls are so cute?Why is she faking the stream? Just turn it off and listen to music instead of being a liar

>>832413197I can feel in, filling me up. It's undescribable. He's mating with me, he's claimed me. I feel him slow, his cock still throbbing within me, it seems as though there's no more room for his cum. It's dripping out of me, onto his fur. I reach down, and then bring my hand up, tasting him. It's more than I ever expected. It's heaven.

>>832409166This pic is as old as the internet

>>832413412Because frauds like this need to be exposed since they are basically scamming other people into donating $

>>832413412No one has called her out for it yet. Really want to hear her response.

>>832413476>>832413476That's because Holla Forums is too pussy nowHer mods are even nonexistent in chat

>>832410794That's a literal look of disgust

I don't even know why I've been coming to her streams, they're boring as fuck. The first one was fun when people were talking about sniffing her ass and shit. Without it its just boring as fuck

>>832413540No, it has its moments but 4chan is dead as shit now since the mods ban everything except cuck threads, white race extermination and big black dick pics.

>>832413531It's the look of victory my brother

>>832408488>>832407911>>832409067looks like a guythen again most Asian girls due

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I want someone to call her out for fake djing Imagine if someone was fake playing the piano. its the same thing

>>832413930how dare you

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>>832413959Do it, post it. You can make an account in 1 min using temp email

>>832413930so its is a double fake. Can't dj and it's a man.

had to take my headphones off. this stream is killing me. do something interesting faggots

>>832413930Haha oh wow.. is this her?

>>832414009If that's a trap I wouldn't care to bite that ass

>>832414060ready to go

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>>832414182its not a trap you retarded fucking nigger. go speak to women irl let the trap mental illness evaporate from your mind

>>832413531fuck i guess im more autismo than i thought

>>832414246U idiot, she admitted on one her streams that she is a trap. Look at her past broadcast clips titled "the truth" and she says it straight to her chatters

This sums up Holla Forums nowKvjavs: I once had girl talk to me and I almost nutted2oxtuq: >imagine greentexting on twitchlaineychan: i miss girlsazzahill: Its the foundations of a plant based diet. lolKimarnic: i wish i had friends : (

>>832414329things that didn't happen

>>832414478Fucking depressing

>>832414921shits addicting but depressing.

OMFG so goddamn boring but i feel like im going to miss somethign

>>832415124You missed out

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So nobody is gonna tell her if she's a dude or she's faking the music?

>>832415569>So nobody is gonna tell her if she's a dudePeople do usually every stream. She's not.

>>832415569why dont YOU do it?

>>832415754I don't wanna get banned

Looks like she got exposed lol

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Holy fuck KrustySauce you retard donated $85

lmao she just ignored it, now she's leaving


>>832407467>lolishe looks 20-25 if you're calling her a loli you're a fucking retarded faggot

>>832416031I wish I saw this thread earlier, I could have spammed it way more

>>832416060159.85 to be exact

>>832416286loser get a life