What do you expect to happen between November 4th and January 20th...

What do you expect to happen between November 4th and January 20th? What will a lame duck 1-term very stable genius do with his final 2 and a half months?

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Strategists claim he may just quit leaving Murica presidentless.

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Might play golf through his remaining term.

>>832406505Dumb Fuck - Trump will be preparing for his second term

>>832406904You haven't been paying attention. There's virtually zero chance of that.

Finish the remaining 488 miles of the 500 mile wall....almost there, just a couple more months.

>>832406505What about January 21st?

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>>832406969Paying attention to what? Who do you think will beat him, and don't say Biden you fucking cuck

>>832406505Loot and plunder, loot and plunder, loot and plunder

>>832406505I expect an assassination

>>832407078Someone took the time to make this gay ass shit. Holy fuck what a loser.

in the event that happens, narcissistic rage. he will burn as much as possible, then fly off to some country with no extradition. putins puppet will dance for putin.

>>832407252seethe, seethe, trump fanboy.


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>>832406505corona's the one thing he can't bullshit away and actually made a lot worse by continually trying to do that. Looks like it's either going to keep getting worse through November or force a second lockdown so the economy's fucked - in either case, he's at a disadvantageHowever, it's also a pretty good excuse for Repubs to go full speed on the voter suppression and shutting down polling places, esp when people will be less likely to show up anyway, so he could steal the election that way

>>832407297I bet he can't wait to smell the familiar aroma of Putin's cock again.

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>>832407416>However, it's also a pretty good excuse for Repubs to go full speed on the voter suppression and shutting down polling places, esp when people will be less likely to show up anyway, so he could steal the election that wayNever gonna happen. States are already taking matters into their own hands regarding the virus because everyone realizes Capital hill ain't doing shit. California closing back down, governor Newsom is doing a better job at containing the virus than Trump is. I doubt states are going to let Republicans fuck with votes this time.

I'd have love to of seen a Trump Presidency where the system wasn't working against him on both sides. He's not the best President but he's certainly better than any modern Democrat.I still think he's going to win another term though.

>>832407252These are the same people who mold literal shit with their hands to own drumpf.

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>>832407090Biden, you dumb fucking truck.

>>832406505i honestly hope Kanya wins just so I can see what happens

>>832406505Not amerifat but werent you guys the same people screaming he will never win against shillary?I dont think you have a clue.Also being this obsessed with Trump,super weird bro

>>832407252bro, "took the time" is literally like 15 minutes.l2 template.

>>832408123He's already dropped out

>>832406505Trump is already coming unglued - it should make for an interesting downward spiral

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relying on public accidents that i can spin to make into some sort of campaign against racial coexistence. the usual.

>>832406505Martial Law. Menace. Murder. CyberWarfare. Concentration Camps. Lots and Lots of Pardons.The counter offensive begins on the 21st, if not sooner.

>>832408237you are in american cuck state so same thing

that will probably be a paradigm shift or some sort of timeline disruption, the people will go headfirst into the death portal, and on the other end it will force everyone to devolve into monkeys, but then the monkies will have a war against the non-monkies and we will all die.

>>832408296No he hasn't.. he filed his papers this week.. his name will be in the ballet on many states so far. Pay attention ... Jesus. This is the problem.

cant wait until the next morning and all the Libs are screaming"BUT THE POLLS SAID SO. CNN SHOWED US THE POLLS"

>>832408750So you got nothing then,no original ideas,thought out arguments just an autist or child pounding a keyboard.Weak

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>>832406505Pardons, executive orders, distractions, deflections, and about 12 rounds of golf.

>>832407297pretty much this him losing isnt a sure thing but its looking more likely and if he does lose the only two outcomes I can see is complete rage breaking as much as he can or possible suicide because hes so fragile his ego wont be able to take it

>>832407090Biden could beat him alone, but when he announces his VP, tsunami incoming.


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It will be business as usual when he's entering his 2nd term

>>832409167this he will probable pardon himself and everybody close to him to complete his perfect con

He'll spend the lead up focusing on the riots and voter fraud, blame a rigged election on his defeat, then ride the free post presidency marketing into a bunch more scam businesses and ventures. It's the same basic plan he had in 2016, he just never expected to actually win.

>>832406505Get us sucked into a war with Iran, maybe China (a lot less likely).

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>>832406505Prepare for his next 4 years


>>832408576President Stacey Abrams will nullify all pardons and commutations.Why is Stacey Abrams president, you ask?She'll be Biden's running mate, mostly for the feminist and darkie voting blocs.He'll continue in cryogenic suspension and then trotted out for a Weekend at Bernie's inauguration.

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He'll start a nuclear war.

>>832409230He fucked himself by saying its going to be a woman. He's gonna announce either someone from AOC's camp which will cost him the center or he's gonna announce Hillary which will cost him everyone.

>>832411383>Fearmongering spotted

>>832411724I'm not fear mongering i'm an undecided voter. At this point I'm staying home on election day unless Biden can pick a VP that is good enough to convince me to spend my spare time going out to a polling booth. He picks someone like Hillary i'm going to stay home, he picks someone like AOC i'm going to be inclined to go and vote against him. There aren't that many female politicians and most of them fall on the further side of the left wing spectrum so by specifying he is picking a woman as his running partner he has severely limited who he could choose..

>>832411983You aren't voting for Biden, you're voting for whoever replaces Ginsberg. Don't be a fucking dope.

>>832411983Out of curiosity - Who would you want Biden to pick as his VP?

>>832406505The daily meltdowns will be epic


>>832411383None of those people are even being vetted. The top tier are Harris, Warren, Rice, Demings, Duckworth

>>832413545John McCain didn't vet his VP candidate, what could go wrong??

>>832411983>AOChave you ever noticed how robotic and serial killer looking the vice presidents tend to be? Joe Biden, Dick Chaney, Al Gore, Mike Pence. The vice presidents seem like some real politicians, while sometimes the presidents seem more like figureheads and spokesmen. He's not picking an idiot like AOC for vice president it's going to be some robot serial killer

>>832412491I don't care. If the DNC wanted me vote they wouldn't have put up an 80 year old with questionable mental health, I mean better than the 80 year old who is possessed by an ideology whose tenants were formed 200 years before the PC was invented but the fact those 2 were the only 2 real choices tells me the DNC doesn't want my vote.>>832412801Idk someone young, not ideologically possessed but who is capable of standing up to the DNC if needed. You know, like a reasonable fucking person with a head on their shoulders who isn't sucking wall streets cock. The fact there are probably like 2 politicians in the entire country who fit that bill is the reason I stopped paying attention to politics.

>>832415827Cheney was obviously a psychopath and I'm positive Gore was a robot. Someone said that Pence always looks like someone just pressed his "factory reset" button.

Deploy all the brownshirts he can and seize votes and/or electoral college members to declare the election invalid.

>>832413545So a the choices are between bunch of ipeople who are either ideologically posessed or DNC corporate suckcocks. Bidens gonna go for someone like Warren, Clinton or AOC, someone who is both popular among groups whose votes he needs but who are sufficiently well known and considered competent enough to counter the concerns people have about Bidens mental status at any rate theres nobody on that list who makes me want to go out and vote. Also considering the Clintons are a DNC institution you really think she'd need to be vetted?

>>832416106Look at older al gore shit, the dude is a zucc tier bot he got into a debate with the lead singer of Twisted Sister during a senate hearing where he fucking lost to the dude in tight jeans and teased hair and the only reason he got involved in it was because his wife didn't like rock music and basically forced him to do shit about it.

>>832406505>What do you expect to happen between November 4th and January 20th?That trump is likely going to win and that anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded?>What will a lame duck 1-term very stable genius do with his final 2 and a half months?... enjoy another 4 years of presidency?

>>832416219>show me on the doll where the DNC touched youAgain none of AOC, her squad or Clinton are even being vetted. It's most likely gonna end up being Harris.

>>832406505trump will resign in a great big huff and hand things over to Pence.

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>>832416353>show me on the doll where the DNC touched youYou can't just expect my vote by pointing out how bad the other guy is, give me a candidate I can believe in and you'll have it. The vice president in this case needs to be somebody who i would feel comfortable voting in as president in order to quiet my concerns regarding Biden's mental state and Harris also isn't it.

>>832416769No worries. Vote your conscience

>>832416514There is a thought he might declare victory and head for the sunset with a pardon from Pence....I don't think Dotard understands that does not affect all the many, many state charges he faces.

>>832406505I predict he'll resign from presidency before we actually get election results back and make it seem like it was all a big conspiracy by Democrats to save his ego

>>832415955Supreme Court Justices have lifetime appointments and Ginsberg just relapsed with cancer. She won't make it another 4 years. If Drumpf gets to appoint three justices during his presidency it will be a goddamn travesty, especially after that Kentucky turtle robbed the Obama administration of the right to appoint Merrick Garland. I don't think you have a firm grasp on how most of this works.

>>832416769You have to remember Trump is LITERALLY trying to destroy America. You joke about Biden but Trump is obviously suffering from dementia and rapidly declining health, he can't even hold a glass up to his mouth. The one saving grace is that even if Trump were, god forbid, to win - he won't live four more years. Pence is of course a complete idiot fascist scumbag too, but he has the charisma of dishwater.

>>832416769The top two are elizabeth warren and kamala harris. Stacy Abrams is the only other person who has made joint appearances with him but that's mostly because of the BLM stuff and her ability to get votes from the blacks. it look slike Biden doesn't actually need any help getting black voters though, so Harriss black cop image problems aren't as big of a deal as they used to be in the primary. Warrens biggest kliablity is that the bernie bros have magically turned into BLM bros and all those social programs that she has plans for are now not as important as they were before that nigga stopped breathing.Anyone else's names floated is just PR spin and astroturf. Harris and warren. those are the two.

>>832417078You aren't helping with basic bitch talking points like that. Shoo.

>>832406505Eh, he'll win re-election and the Dems will sperg out again. With all the political violence , murders and rioting far left Democrat groups like Antifa and BLM have perpetrated the last 4 months, Trump's re-election is pretty much inevitable now.