Sugar is geeeeey.G/fur

Sugar is geeeeey.G/fur

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expand your manhole, queer, this is a FABULOUS zone

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>>832406546What happens if you're not fabulous enough?

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>>832406425Sugar is definitely gay! Try using Xylitol, monk fruit, or stevia instead. Also avoid carbs whenever possible.

>>832406788glitter and tons of lube.

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>>832406822I'll give you some sugar.

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i hate being this lewd.

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>>832406788you get sent to dance school with >>832406943 fabulous results will be fabulous but may vary

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>>832407038bad foxy

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>>832407062instructions unclear dick stuck inself.>>832407088not trying, to be. finally got time to myself.

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>>832407149then have fun :3

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What happened to all of the name avatar fags that talked about nothing

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>>832407145i'll kiss you snarf.>>832407171but im having fun teasing people.

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>>832407149you will learn to breath pink and hang your wrist in a fay manner, we at fabulous dance instructions cannot guarantee a traditionally fabulous physique as it is highly dependent on the pupil's dedication to the craft

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>>832407245you are pretty good at that

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>>832407421its the only thing i can really do.

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>>832407484nuh uh, you're good at lots of things

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oh i just didn't have the secret goggles

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>>832407519nope, teasing is my best thing.

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>>832407568can't deny that, very good teaser

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>>832407600not as good as you and snarf though.

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>>8324073331. Do you have any more pics of sexy muscular/buff subs with phat asses?2. Very nice trips!!!

>>832407636i don't even do it!

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do-do do do

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>>832407640>Do you have any more pics of sexy muscular/buff subs with phat asses?possibly not

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>>832407677Natural talent

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>>832406943>>832407062Sign me up! On both counts.

>>832407739doot>>832407762no u

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>>832407758Don't tease me like that you jerk~ heheWould love some buff sub to bounce on my cock until I explode.

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subs are for sandwichesdoms are for minoessniff

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>>832408886you will need to be more specific

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>>832409235rim hot man ass

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>>832407908all you

>>832409448inch restingtell me more

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>>832409554uhuh!you are cuter than me.

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>>832409518ravenously french kiss the handsome wolf dad's exceptional hairy muscular round assyou shmoe

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>>832409939with a firm grip on his hips to make sure he can't squirm and pull away if he starts feeling silly?

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>>832410232my god i love this.

>>832409600not true

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>>832410369100% true.

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>>832411852g'night snarf.

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>>832411852night snarf.

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>>832412325>>832412722coconut oil, for real

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>>832412722 female ff lesbian strapon sea otter mustelid Blake Sheiya

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>>832412924I'm not a fan myself, but that's just because I don't like the smell. I'm happy you like it though.

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>>832412995Good to know I suppose.

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Is anyone else having issues with images not reliably uploading?

>>832415408Try uploading a small gif to see if it works. Sometimes it gets a little glitchy.


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>>832415547no unuu~

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>>832415609says the lewd poster

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>>832415673i didnt even post lewd that time!no lewders only cuters nuu~

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>>832415804there's a pp thats lewd!

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>>832415877where is the ppu lewder nuu~

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>>832415989poking out through his shirt!

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>>832416035in the second one but not the origional yo claimed is lewd a lewd is u nuu~

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>>832416159the original is still lewd

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>>832416205whats lewd about a lil tuggnuu~

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>>832416739a lot, like u

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