Should "functional pedophilia" be illegal...

Should "functional pedophilia" be illegal?>Functional pedophilia is pornography involving individuals older than the age of consent but possess features that indicate they are not of age

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No because they are over 18 and can consent. Mostly size discrimination tbh

>>832405610>some adults are illegal to fuckyeah no

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>>832405959>>832406197So you're pedophiles?

Seems like a couple old dried up cunts just being jealous. If they're 18 they can do what they want.

>>832405610it's gross, but no one's gonna put you in jailAlso, these girls are probably the same people that complain that men only like big tits and big ass. Who cares what people like as long as they aren't hurting anyone... don't get me wrong tho it's creepy

>>832406258if liking Milena D makes me a pedo, then yes

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>>832405610The chick in the bottom 2 panels is 29 years old.

>>832405610These are the same kind of women who have diaper fetishes. Hypocrites


>>832405610We should ban some 18-year-olds from doing certain jobs because it makes me uncomfortable.

>>832406258No we just like tits that arent deflated balloons and pussy that doesnt look like yesterday's subway sandwich

>>832406472This is now a diaper thread

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>>832405610she's such a age-cist woman. People like these depicted will probably keep thinking nobody will desire them. she's got no right to tell them they can't date

where would one achieve such "functional pedophelia" pray tell?

>>832406498Truth to be told, 18 yo girls working in electronic stores make me uncomfortable.Usually they’re fucking useless.

Regardless of whatevers said, most men are will be attracted to an underage person.

>>832406574Nooo not what I wanted oh no please don't Keep going

>>832405610I would sooner see us banning stupid from earth. And we can start with all the people who sling around the word pedophilia where its not at all applicable.

There are humans who never go through puberty properly or have hormone disorders that make them look very young for most of their entire lives. Who the fuck are you to tell those people "sorry, you look kinda young, it's illegal for anyone to be with you sexually in any context, sucks to suck. Try not being born like that next time."

>>832405610Nice chicks!

>>832406674that'd kill 95% of the media

>>832405610Kek reminds me of my mom whining about how white men go to asian country to fuck pristine women after she took a trip to vietnam

>>832405610Women like this won't be satisfied until men are forced to beat it to nothing but dusty grandma snatch.

>>832405610Mad that some girls stay looking young while the wife get's fatter and older or what?

>>832406629This. It's okay to fetishize or fantasize about whatever, that kind of shit doesn't have to be logical or moral in any capacity.

>>832405610Remember when middle aged women were fawning over these young pups? Nobody said anything.

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>>832405610Yes. Consenting adults.

Bullshit. Many men like young looking girls. That’s natural. The age of consent does not exist because of men aren’t supposed to like young looking women. It exists to protect girls that are to young to consent because they’re body and brain is still developing.

>>832407216I'm sorry. I mean no. It shouldn't be illegal

>>832405610maybe not in Australia faggot

anybody wearing a bra smaller than a c cup should legally be considered a minor.

>>832406480>Name?Milena, pro nude model.

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>>832405610Same thread on Holla Forums sage

>>832405610>t. fat, jealous feminists

>>832407208It didn't stop then either, beiber got molested and it was just teehee cougar. Thats only one more big name example too.

>>832405610I'd rather have people beating their meat to fake child porn than to real child porn

>>832405610>Should "functional pedophilia" be illegal?No.

can someone give me a list of models?


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sounds like some old roasties are getting toasty.

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>>832405610I hope you choke to death on a bowl of dicks, feminist cunt. You're just jealous of young looking women.

>>832408831>3D women are not importantCouldn't agree more.

>>832405610>"Pedophilia is wrong because children can't comprehend the consequences of their actions!">"So what if they're adults that can comprehend the consequences of their actions, it's still pedophilia!"

>>832405610Well, is the young girls mere appearance what makes pedophilia wrong? If so then yes it should be illegal. But if what makes it wrong is actually the girls age and cognitive development (ie. not being a full adult), then clearly it shouldn't be illegal. Those women are aware of what they are doing as are the men watching them. They're consenting adults.

>>832405610The absolute state of these middle aged whores>tripple anal gangeband>sissy hypno #42>fucked my mom in front of my sister then fucked her too>20 man bukkake Yeah thats fine>young looking girl plays with herselfREEEEEE NOOO PEDOPHILIAyet most of pornhubs viewership being under 18 is somehow not pedophilia but this is

>>832409670>is the young girls mere appearance what makes pedophilia wrong?By that logic any petite girl needs to abstain from any and all sexual activity until they develop wrinkles. It's retarded. I pray to god OP's pic is just shooped and people like this don't actually exist.

>>832406574You spread corona

>>832405610Who's the top right?

>>832409026who is this beautiful female girl woman lady

>>832410660That's a tranny.

>>832405610Go to bed, Mr. Helms. You have to get up for Sunday Worship Services.

>>832405610This image is probably B.S. I have spent way more than 5 minutes looking at "most viewed" or "trending" pages on pornhub and never ever got the impression that very young looking girls were popular.

>>832405610>"literally 5 mins on pornhub" I just spent 5 mins and didn't see any of these. Well, maybe the top left, but she must have gone through the entire video and capped a screenshot where she looks a bit young. She has big tits and looks nothing like a child.

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>>832410958This! Ive never even come close to anything resembling underage on there, not that Ive looked, but I enjoy teen porn as much as the next guy, and not even then

I'm going to let you in on a little secret:All males want to fuck 14 year old girls.It's ingrained in their brain.The only reason men pretend not to like younger girls is because of social stigma.

>>832406616Yep just ask them a old game they probably never will hear of that's not manin stream and I bet they go to shit.


>>832410734and their NAME?

>>832405610You know it's not that difficult to understand. Women like the idea of being raped and man handled by big tall dudes and big dicks. Guys like sweet and tiny

>>832408831You belong here.

>>832405610wait, how do i find those?

>>832405610Hoes mad

>>832412034This is the top right >>832411315Its on like page 3 of most watched or something. I'm sure the others will be easy to find if she found them in "5 mins". You will be disappointed though as you can see by my screenshot, she looks nothing like a child.

>>832412155Top left*

>>832411915taftj or something like that, think she's on Twitter.


>>832405610No victim, no crime OP.

>>832405610When will people stop telling other people what is sexy and what isn't?>If you don't find faggots hot it's homophobic.>If you don't find trannies hot its transphobic.>You can't find kids hot cause it's pedophilic.>Fat is beautiful.>Retardation and mental illness is beautiful.Twitter is cancer.

>>83241149814's my personal fav age pick for girls, you hit the nail on the head

>>832412371that's exactly what bothers me about the chris d'elia cancellation

>>832409026I want to hear it's voice

>>832405610haha roasties are so jealous. They are jealous at women that are more youthful and beautiful then they are. They have to throw pedophilia at them because they quite literally can't compete and more men are attracted to these younger looking girls.

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>>832405610The real question is who cares what some dumb whore on twitter has to say about anything whatsoever?

>>832412644>I want to hear it's

>>832412896She sounds annoying

>>832412975She is a woman after all

>>832412975I don't mind it, considering she probably talks less than the average woman, since she's trans. If you've had a girlfriend youll know that they just talk and talk and talk and talk all the time and call your phone every hour.

>>832408831iwomen btfo

>>832412630I haven’t heard anything about it surprisingly

>>832412845That’s gotta be a dildo. Holy shit.

>>832412975her voice is fucking hot, imagine her moaning while you stroke her cock and hold her tits while fucking her ass.

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>>832405959Fpbp naysayers reaching out their asses

>>832413096You make it sound overtly cartoonish and while I don't get around I have at least been in a relationship and that wasn't the case


>>832405610all porn should be illegalfucking someone who is of age is fine though

It's all biology. Society and civilization can impose their rules, and they absolutely should.But it suppresses 2.5 million years of humanoid evolution.

>>832411498To be fair though the correct term is Ephebophilia (attracted to post-pubescent teenagers—usually those in the age range 14–17) but folks throw the term pedo around without any understanding of the term.

>>832408831based3dfags seething

>>832405610Haha, one of the reasons I started dating my wife (when she was 16) was that she looked 13 at most. Now 10 years later she still looks underage. Recently got asked for her ID in a grocery store because she used a credit card. What's this roastie gonna do about it?

>>832415145Very true and only within the last 100 years or so has society tried to impose the changes saying that it is only "appropriate" for people above the age of 18 to be considered adults and be able to freely procreate. Can we truly change nature? Even when our youth are entering puberty earlier and earlier?

Does that include midget porn?

>>832409546Fuck, most so called adults either cannot or will not take responsibility or understand their actions. Can you honestly tell us that you always know the age of a person by looking at them? I know for a 100% fact that you cannot.

>>832410000So sad too bad because women that look like that do exist. I can tell you that I have seen many women who you would swear are not 18 but are in reality much much older. I have carded women in night clubs that had to have three forms of picture ID because they looked like they were less than 13 years old. Some of them were older than I was at the time. I have also known a few young women who were more developed than most so called adults. I knew one 11 years old who had H cups and a fully adult figure. I was there when she was born. Her mother was a very close friend of mine. Nothing was done to advance her developement. There are many young women like that. Try looking up precocious puberty. It is far more common than most want to admit.

>>832405610I wanna fuck Brittany so bad.

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>>832405610She's just mad she's past her prime. It's obvious.

>>832413841>her cock

>>832405610Oh look it's Karen Mikelwait again. That bitch is a huge slut and is just jealous of women with young looks because her man left her for one. The woman is actually older than her too but looks far younger.

>>832416616We all do user

>>832405610Should it be illegal to look young fucking hell they can’t be serious