So i'm the user who has been hearing seagull noises for the past 4-5 hours...

So i'm the user who has been hearing seagull noises for the past 4-5 hours, so my buddy ended up coming over to see if he could hear the seagull noises, but nothing. Even when I heard them clearly when I pointed them out he couldn't hear anything. He was really weirded out from the whole exchange and now i'm in full blown panic mode wondering what the fuck is going on. Will update as things unfold but i'm considering seeking help.

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>>832405279if its not from lack of sleep, then its probably schizo time

OP here, one user said it might be an inner ear problem but my buddy said, kinda rudely, it might be brain damage.>>832405401I haven't been sleeping too well but I have gotten minimum 6 hours lately.

>>832405279Play some obnoxiously loud music for like 30-mins, see what happens.Could be like ringing in your ears, there until you make it go away with some sort of stimulus.

>>832405585I'll try this because at this point i'm getting desperate. :(Right when I think i'm rid of it, it seems to chime in and instantly my mood is ruined.

>>832405279Your buddy is fucking with you, I hear them too

>>832405764Haha very funny you fucking joker :(

>>832405279Seagulls are loud niggers. If you have good hearing, you can hear them, idk, 5 miles away..

>>832405717Could try speakers/system in a bedroom or a nice pair of headphones. Idea is to drown out everything that is not the music playing.

>>832405996Seagulls aren't too common because I don't live by a large body of water, rather a small river. Plus I live in an apartment complex which makes the situation all the more perplexing.>>832406012On it.

>>832406142>Seagulls aren't too common because I don't live by a large body of water, rather a small river.In my shithole seagulls fly in-land 30 km.> Plus I live in an apartment complex which makes the situation all the more perplexing.Apartment complexes might have dumpsters and flat roofs which attract those flying niggers.

Thanks to the user who suggested music with headphones, I can't even notice it right now so hopefully it will go away.

Put some ravens in your head to get rid of the gulls.

Embrace it. Now you can imagine you're at the beach at any time, drink in hand. Smell those salty waves..

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Around the area it's mostly crows and magpies.

>>832406327Rock-on user, play whatever you like, get into it, bang your head, air-guitar, etc.

>>832406509Lizbef cunt

Maybe you should see a doctor.

>>832406436Only thing I associate seagulls with is defecation.Living near seashore ruined everything for me..

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>>832405279Don't panic, see a doctor. I had a vitamin D deficiency that really fucked with my head. Was all worried I had mental issues and turned out it was something simple like that.

>>832406615Honestly i'm electing towards this because my benefits cover it.>>832406436I'm scared dude not cool ;(

>>832405401this, it's mild schizophrenia. ask you doctor for some 'pams.

>>832406774>I'm scared dude not cool ;(Dude relax, you got LSD for free from nature.

OP here, took the headphones off and the music SEEMS to be helping?I dunno, I can still hear it though but it isn't as bad.

>>832407144Listen to this

>>832407182 (You)REAL COOL GUY AREN'TCHA?

>>832405279could be tinnitus.

It they are poking your knees, just yell "stop it now!"

>>832407249No, seriously, this might fix it. Worked for me, and I had similar issue, I heard gulls everywhere.

>>832405279if you hear them too long it stays for couple hours

>>832407296i see wut u did there


I was certain I found the source so I ran and grabbed a mallet out of a toolbox and smashed through where I thought they were at.And now I feel like a fucking idiot because nothing was there.

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>>832407573Maybe they're deeper in.

>>832407249Sorry, what?

>>832405279brain tumor



>>832405279I fucking hate the seagulls here man annoying as fuck, cocky little fuckers and they'll shit on you

>>832407609>>832407755Haha very funny tough guys

If you find yourself please go to the hospital. Its nothing to be ashamed of, and probably very treatable.The stigma around mental health shouldn't be there. It would be like stigmatizing somone for getting cancer.Instead of wondering and worring, just go get it taken care of.

>>832407995>he doesn't want to get shitted by a gull.

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Why not try to record them?

>>832408214It might be treatable, but you will never ever get a good job if you have some mental issues on paper.

>>832408698Did this work?

>>832408698>>832409821Yeah this was something that I tried to do when I was calling friends. They couldn't hear it and it is too unpredictable that I cant record it.

alright let the thread die and leave me to my burden i'm a goner :(

>>832410662I’m sorry user. Feel better

>>832410662Not good enough. Find the seagulls.

>>832410662Hey I'm a psych resident. Psychosis is really common, and not a diagnosis in of itself. It's more a symptom. Yeah it could be schizophrenia (prevalence 0.9%) but it could just as easily be a combination of stress, poor sleep and substance use (and more substances than you think affect your risk)(prevalence unknown, but much higher).If it's pissing you off to the point where you are taking a hammer to the wall, I'd probably consider a psych admission to get some antipsychotics on board. Yeah they're largely pretty shitty medication but they're a damn sight better than infuriating auditory hallucinations and a wall looking like Swiss cheese.

>>832411365Could also just be a bunch of seagulls in his wall.

>>832411823Definitely this

>>832411823god damn it keked.Seriously though op see a doctor, the meds are shitty but youll get used to them.Also what kind of faggoty friend is 'weirded out' by that instead of concerned?

>>832411365The only substance I "abuse" is caffeine which I drink at least 1L a day, mostly in the AM.Alzheimer's and Dementia runs in the family so I dunno if if this is a sign of things to come or just a light hickup.If it is to be anything constantly like what I have experienced today then I may consider advanced help or suciide.

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>>832412519>I drink at least 1L a dayThis shit may actually have allot to do with whats happening.....

>>832412588sorry of COFFEE and not CAFFEINE.

OP here I just woke up from losing consciousness, it was like being enveloped in an avalanche.I think I might be an epileptic :(

>>832412897Maybe you should really consider going to a hospital. Especially if you're passing out my dude.

>>832415111This is only a recent development. Hasn't happened since but I still hear fucking ocean style seagulls.

>>832415298You're lucky they're not the land variety.

>>832412897Dude if you’re serious get some help. Stop posting and see someone.

>>832415298I would be losing it if there weren't seagulls around...maybe make a non-emergency call?



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Find it and go straight up team edward in the lighthouse on it

If this is real I feel awful for OP and hope he gets better, but this is a legendary thread


Call your friend back and have him drive you to the doctor man