Trap Thread

Trap Thread

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Add me on kik @ itsjoebates

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>>832404988checked based digits and based taftaj. Only trap i'd ever consider fucking. call me a faggot but i'd get that shit pregnant

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Y'all niggas in a taj thread now

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>>832405356you're literally gay if you WOULDN'T huff that ass like an old paint rag

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>>832404743I want to marry a trap

>>832405388looks kinda like Gabbie Carter

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>>832405356Will she get mad if someone leaks onlyfans content? I have none.

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>>832405131fuck whats her name again??

>>832405434marrying one is gay. they'd probably make the perfect mistresses though

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>>832405454Idk who cares?

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>>832405454she would have a sad

Just stop already. You guys are delusional

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would you lick her fingers?

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>>832405570Fuck yeah. Delusional and gettin that nut, nigga. slurrrppppppppppp

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>>832405568I can't let that happen!Wouldn't be funny if I stop being a neet and find a job just because of taffers? haha.

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>>832405665not really, we are all motivated by sex

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>>832405665jesus, dude. you gotta get rid of your computer

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>>832405813Naw I'm good.

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For me its mermaid hime

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>>832405042Kik me @ itsjoebates94

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well endowed looking for traps, trans and cds kik: didshead

>>832406454Just a fat man, not even a sissy or cd


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Remember! If there’s no face or at least tits, you’re just posting a dick, and who gives a fuck.

>>832404821chastity caged AND perfect pedicure, i want to tease AND spoil you

>>832405794More I loveccurly hair

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>>832407289classic skitty

>>832406644Still getting messages on kik so not bothered dearie :3

>>832407359bestow upon me your cheek vision

>>832407485I'm no expert, I can only recognize a couple of my favorite girls by her asses, moles or balls.

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>>832408330this be rhi?

>>832406136Would fuck and make you have my babies / 10


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>>832405449Who dis?


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>>832410979Nice ass

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>>832411026What’s good

>>832405914Disgusting man face, fat. What do literally any of you see in this faggot?

>>832411516Nice package

>>832411537Mostly that he looks underage and guys get off on that

>>832404743if any traps want a sugar daddy i’m holding auditions Pizza.bone

>>832409686I’d tit fuck


I'm bored

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Why is everyone so fat and out of shape?

>>832413305Got a kik?

>>832413305Me too suck me?

Looking for traps and Sissy's that wanna talk dirty and trade dick picsSnap: knashi33

>>832413651I do but rarely use it>>832413702But user that's gay

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>>832414631You look very familiar, around SF?

>>832414631It ain’t gay if I’m in panties as well

>>832405784>not really, we are all motivated by sexFood,toys

>>8324065504chan's queens

>>832405498 It really is fucking hot. I cheated on my gf back in college with a tranny and she never found out. I was horny af like at 3am browsing backpage and I arranged to meet up with one 30 minutes later. She had big tits and a nice ass but the voice definitely needed some work. So I fucked her for about 20 minutes, with a condom on, and then she let me cum inside her mouth. It was one of the biggest loads I ever blew and then she swirled the cum in her mouth and swallowed it. So then I went back home, took a nap, and went over to my gf's apartment later on. As we were having sex, I could only think about how earlier in the day my dick was inside a tranny's mouth. My gf rarely swallowed but that time I got her to do it. I don't know what it is but something about cheating makes sex more exciting.

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>>832416410cute bum


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