I'm a zoophile AMA

I'm a zoophile AMA

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when are you killing yourself


Where do you live?

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kys faggot

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>>832404599When I die of old age>>832404839United states>>832404923Not a question

>>832404154have you had some dolphin pussy yet?

>>832405150What did you expect?

>>832404154Do you do male animals? I can't stand faggots.

>>832405366Nah wish I did though. I've heard many a story of dolphin puss>>832405369I expected the hate to come later in the thread>>832405411No. I hate gay stuff and female human on animal. Sadly they make up the majority of the porn. Male human on female feral has the highest quality though.

Favorite animal?

>>832405532That's a tough one. It's most likely a mammal. I'd say deer.

they do have a /mlp/ board for guys like you

>>832405922Tis for pones only. Plus that place is devolving into fetish generals. They are good at oc. And that voice ai thing is pretty cool.

>>832404154Why fuck doggo when you can just pet?

>>832404154i've been talking to a guy on a chat line who is very keen to get me knotted, i want it too. any advice for me? am i being stung?

>>832404154Would you a chicken?

>>832406440Why do you even want to get knotted? Female animals are way better. Just use a dildo lmao. Sorry I'm not really into gay shit, see: >>832405505>>832406378Why not both?>>832406703Nah, seems like that would end in suffering or death. If it didn't then yes.

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>>832405612Bruuuh, slamming a deer pussy or antelope would be bomb.

>>832404154got more pics like that?

I'm a pedo and I have noticed that even Zoophiles get treated better than us!

>>832406966cuz being a pedo is illegal everywherezoo is legal in some states I do wonder the legal standing of loli sex dolls tho

>>832406910seconding this

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>>832406855>why do you even want to get knotted?i just do

>>832406897we should go hunting sometime


If you fuck animals to make them hurt, you’re a disgusting faggot. If you fuck animals and they seem to be enjoying it, you’re still a disgusting faggot but not as bad as the prior. My problem with Zoo is because a lot of mammals can’t take human dick. Have you had any sexual experiences with any non human yet?

>>832406910>>832407051Sure. There was this video of a white dog with makeup, wish I could find it again.>>832407110I don't know why but for some reason I absolutely hate gays and women when it comes to zoophilia. Really weird tbh.>>832407181No but I've seen videos of female dogs orgasming. I agree on the hurting part. A lot of my pleasure comes from making my partner pleasured.>>832406966Well zoophilia seems to be in the background of fetishes.

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>>832407181have you ever seen a deer cock? those things are much scarier than a human dick

>>832407329>you're a degenerate yourself>you hate other degeneratesyeah that makes sense.

>>832407329any chance you can drop a mega link?especially if you have more pics in dresses/skirts

>>832407135I'd be wary of that, but if it means deer poon, fuck yeah. lol

>>832404154May I make a serious suggestion here?>pic related

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Tell a greentext about a good Zoo video you watched? Ever feel any dog dick/poon?

>>832406966truth brotha. i'm totally feelin that

>>832407528yeah it means deer poon

>>832407368Happens all the time. Especially on other boards.>>832407332I'd rather not.>>832406897I imagine it would. You seen the screencaps of 4chans interactions with deer?>>832407446Sadly I don't have one. The /an/ threads about lions, deer, and dolphins are typically full of like-minded people. The threads about that one bird too. I'll look for more images though.>>832407617I already told you. Old age is my way out.>>832407709There's this really good video of a dog licking her human till he cums.

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If you get a female dog you should know that vets are trained to identify unnatural swelling of the genitals, which will happen if you get the urge to stick your dick in it. So maybe don't do that.

>>832407859Tell about dolphins. I am interested. Any sites to see some dolphin porn and or poon?

>>832408061I'm caught up on dog anatomy, disease and other care related things. So don't worry.>>832408121Not that I know of. I've only seen pics and stories. Someone posted an anonfile linkn in one of the /an/ threads like a year ago. It was full of gay shit though. You can probably find this stuff just by searching for it if you know how. I mostly use Yandex for all my searching.

>>832408061Anything else we should know?

Chatting to this chick and she wants to try it.

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>>832408958Man I wish women and knotting didn't exist


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>>832408958>>832409375Why do you even want her to do this?And why is it so casual

>>832409618She grew up very sheltered but now wants to try a lot of things.... definitely want to see her take it and see how she handles it... I did suggest a horse but we don’t know anyone with one.. She has a extremely high sex drive...

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>>832410409Literally the same shit you see in their feral rule34. I don't understand how people like this over male human stuff. Women seem to be chastised WAY more over bestiality than men. That time on YouTube where that girl said she fucks dogs is a prime example.

>>832406910Can't find a higher quality version of this

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>>832405612>>832406897I found a video of a guy fingering a deer on Zooville. You need an account though.

Post more hot animals

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im developing the same fetish (which im embarassed to admit but i talked about it a bunch on here already so idc at this point) except i'm a female and instead of fucking animals ive been fantasizing more lately about getting fucked by animals.

>>832404154Do you feel sexually aroused by the animal itself or do you have to imagine a humanized version of it?

I'm suddenly interested in seeing knotting stuff and more. I hate this site bro.

>>832411515>i'm a female and instead of fucking animals ive been fantasizing more lately about getting fucked by animals.Um, isn't that the norm? I don't think any women are into penetrating their pets.


>>832404154Do you regularily have sex with animals?

>>832411694It's the animal itself for me. Feral art can be good too but if you mean anthro stuff then nah.>>832412101Why not watch the giving instead of the receiving?>>832412244Cant, I'll definitely get banned. May upload to anonfile.>>832412275Nah, I'm kinda on the fence about it. Seems like it have to be a very specific situation for that to even have a chance of taking place.>>832411515I regularly fantasize about fucking and cuddling many different animals

>>832406966Hey, I hate both of you equally


>>832412789upload it, please

>>832412128lol you never know anymore. im not so much into dogs but horses are yummm

>>832414027Taking awhile to load


>>832415275We'll wait user. Well worth it

>>832404154You, mother fucker, are the absolute worst scum from Earth. I hope that in your next life you reincarnate as a dog, and I hope that your owner will be a mentally ill fuck just like you, and will make you suffer as much as you've been making animals suffer.Fucking SCUM.

>>832404154swallow a cyanide pill and die you worthless faggot.

any good free zoo websites?

>>832417188The one your mum's has in favoritesFucking handholdless loser