What do you guys think about forklifts? this bad boy is quiet inside and has air conditioning (:

what do you guys think about forklifts? this bad boy is quiet inside and has air conditioning (:

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never had a chance to run one myself. Have ran a cat 299 with forks unloading bales to be recycled though. Seems like a good job and anytime you get AC that's a plus.

>>832403837You know where I could get me a forklift motor?

I ran a stand up Yale for years at my last job. It's a pretty cool feeling when you get really good at it. You can put the forks on a fucking dime. I got my card and everything, but I don't think I'd want to do it as a career. Too much sitting on your ass.

I personally love Toyota forklifts, best in the business.

>>832403837Toyota can't go wrong

>>832403924forklift guy here, no i dont, ask around small shops maybe?

>>832403955forklift guy here, i like the cherry pickers a bit more because of the versatility, but i also like the sit down cause lazy days

>>832403924Repair shops can always hook you up.

I work at a big grocery store and we work alot of stock so we have a large back room with racks 3 high. Anyway we call them Hi-Lo's and in ours you gotta stand up. It also has a crank for steering and a joy stick for movement plus operating the forks. Its also like a trike with 2 wheels in the front and 2 combined wheels attached to a rotating shaft for turning on a dime in the back. Made by crown. They take some getting used to but these models seem best if you gonna be getting on and off them alot.

Pain in the ass If you have to get on and off quickly

>>832403837i've shot many loads on forklifts. that damn seat rumble got me every time.

>>832403837After driving them for 6 months, I wish cars drove like them. They control so well but I could see why the control isnt used for high speeds. They should make a hybred car that allows you to convert to forklift controls, that would be dope

>>832403837Looks like wage cage.

>>832405383Don't some people use forklift motors in DIY EV car projects?

Would be down to try learning one of these, half-tempted to get Forklift simulator on Steam sale but know I'd probably never play it.

can someone please post the boomer forklift operator t-shirts?

>>832405751Better than being a nigger.


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>>832403837i remember my co worker admitting to drunk driving one the last day i worked at a previous job

>>832406204lmao thanks. i love these. i have no idea how forklift operators got such a sense of unearned superiority, let alone why it's so common that they made t-shirts out of it.

>>832406266well they are generally better trained and experienced that most soldiers, and do more of a service than some glorified machine operator in the middle east i.e. directly supporting the domestic logistics train

>>832406266Society would literally collapse and be reduced to farming and local market without forklifter. They quite literally run/forklift the world

I guess they are okay. I could pick up a dime with one. Not like it's hard to do

>>832406369>>832406424lmao they make like 12 bux an hour

>>83240649912 freedom buck an hour is a lot of money in any other country. In canada you would make over 30 an hours for being able to drive those things

>>832406499ok jew

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>>832403837Das right wagie from Dorman

prob boring as fuck moving pallets all day long

>>832403837What do I think? Don’t really have an opinion I guess until now. They are useful to people that work with them. I don’t. but I’ve seen people so sick doughnuts in them.

Operating forklift is a skill. I've run smooth and rough terrain units... backhoes with forks, bobcats with forks and bobcats with factory fork masts. Definitely a skill and I have respect for those who can do it well.

>>832403837>quiet inside>propane tanknigga da fuk?

If it isn’t a linde baker hydrostatic forklift it isn’t a forklift

>>832407109Guessing he means inside the cab

>>832406590>canada>over 30 an hourwtf the place i work has 2 of them and i'm the main operator (among other things) and i sure as shit don't make that much

If it isn’t a Linde Baker hydrostatic forklift, it isn’t a forklift.

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>>832403837Forklifts are my fetish. I hope to marry a nice Cat® forklift.

>>832407336how do you have sex with a forklift though

>>832403837AC? Yeah, right.

>>832407373Fucking biggot... Nouns are a social construct!

>>832403837Drove one for every day for 4 years working in a Lowe's. I kinda miss driving it around sometimes since it was fun and I was literally the only person with a normal IQ on my crew so I was a god in there eyes doing basic as fuck shit on it, however, I hated that job with a fucking passion at the end so I guess I'll live.

As far as drone jobs go, forklifting always sounded kind of fun.

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>>832403837Get a off-road telehander user and stop being a weak little forklift faggot

>>832407109yeah i ment inside the cab

>>832403837Standing forklifts are fun

These are better to drive.

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>>832404619That's what she said

I used to take mine through the McDonald’s drive through drunk off my ass. Good times

>>832409032Yes. I own a jcb telehandler too.

>>832409231This is why I will never live on a continent that isn't north america

>>832407281i meant 20 my bad. It's still pretty good if you work 50-60 hours a week at 20$ an hour you can probably afford anything you want unless you smoke or do drugs

>>832406257I had a supervisor who would unload a semi truck perfectly after drinking 4 tall cans and smoking weed

>>832403924Most of them use car and truck engines. We've got one with a Mitsubishi 4-cylinder and a larger one that uses a v6 GM vortec.

>>832403837I spent ten fucking years on a forklift. I got to load 463L pallets into trucks with tractor sized forklift. The job was so boring everyone would always hit the pedal to the metal, and rev the fucking thing. Accidents a many did happen. Everyone was always drunken, and hungover. For some reason the place where they loaded 463L pallets was always over looked on purpose. As for the regular forklifts people tried to get them into every room. Such as the supervisor's office. The bathroom. The fork's mast was always to wide by a couple of inches. They made people crazy fucking lazy. They used to call me the wanderer because I chose to talk.

>>832403837A/C must be a government forklift. Would like to drive it. Probably has heat too.

>>832409249With agriculture levers or the new joystick?

Hate diesel yale trucks they suck unloading a trailer on a gradient electric are more precise.

>>832403837zero skill, over glorified job. i’m a fabrication guy and I love making the warehouse guys feel like shit everytime I need to get my copper sheets off the racks. I just walk up with a smile, take their shit and drive off laughing honking that stupid horn letting them know a forklift drivers job ain’t shit

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>>832403837forklifts are cool as hell

>>832404439The deka ones?

>>832406841The best advice i got when training to use one is always take it at your own pace and make sure you are doing everything right. He even made the point of telling me that he will never pressure me to do the job faster then im comfortable with as long as i follow all safety precautions and do it right. Sacrificing saftey for productivity is when people get hurt or killed.

>>832403837that's a dock stacker. the cuck of forklifts.

>>832406204imagine flexing 16/hour lol

>>832409568$20 x 40hr week x 52 weeks = $41,600 CAD / yr. Garbage wage.

>>832407287is this electric? also didn't know linde made their own forklifts, and weren't they bought up by messer?


>>832413118 lol 16 is 5 year topped out pay where I work for lift drivers. I make 30+ picking based on production rate. The lift drivers are the fattest, most redneck pieces of shit I know.

>>832410236its pretty nice, and its not exactly government but it is kind of, cant say exactly

I'm a fan of squeezes.

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Best one is when you get a forklift job and the forks are bent that's when you're a real forky picking pallets up with forks pointing downwards.

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>>832403837like running a forklift. easy way to win a bet is to pick up a quarter off the floor.

>>832413976op here, i learnt this first week on the job actually, good kept secret tho

>>832406266its because they do heavy lifting while sitting on their ass looking down at you working on your feet


>>832409231i guy took one from walmart, down the highway a little bit to the drivethu. got arrested before he made it back.

>>832414296based forklift chad

>>832403962I'm more of a Raymond guy myself, but, I only fell in love with a Raymond forklift after running Yale forklifts all through college and someone needed something picked from Z level and we only used Raymonds for that height.

>>832414550raymond forklifts are beat by daewoo for me

>>832403837fun as hell to drive around in, i always take one of those if i can, even if i could easily just take a hand pallet>quiet inside and has air confitioningfuckin sweet, bro

>>832413118In defense of that guy, it's entirely possible one of his kids got it for him for fathers day and he's just like "eh.. need to put a shirt on to go in the store"Or he could be a cringy old faggot, idk.

>>832411073A poor unskilled fag shitting on other poor unskilled fags. Tok kek