Wisconsin Thread!

Wisconsin Thread!

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Bump for that blonde chick with the massive tits!


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used to live in viroqua, how is it now

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>>832402609K u always post these... where in WI are u at OP? I need weed Holla Forumsro :D

Any Kenosha

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Michelle madison, my fave. Anybody have more of this set?

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>>832405268idk where that is but La Crosse here

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>>832405508I will post a bunch of random wi girls if someone can help with this.

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>>832405508literally looks like a photo of rape meat

>>832405909yeah it's a super crappy photographer. But supposedly there's a whole set, and she's hot.


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>>832405992aside from the photo making her look like a dead body, she has the kind of face that would be fun to mark up

>>832404317More? Wins?

>>832406705oh for sure. She looks mad in that picture too. Like the photographer made her spread her legs.

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>>832403580This one?Who has more?!?

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>>832407139OMG YESSSMore Felicia!!!


Anyone have Ashley Rogers?


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>>832406815More of her face and full bodied clothed. Looks like someone I might know but can't say for sure with this photo. Name and location match


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Any new Berlin sluts?


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>>832405508Nobody can help with this? It was posted on here originally, and they said there were more.

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>>832407716Thank you user. No its not her which is a relief because I don't know if I could look her dad in the face if it was.


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>>832405508Wish I could man. That body!

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>>832409446Likewise. No more dells and north woods for you.

>>832408785Very niceMore?

More Felicia??


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who has holly s? older 262

>>832410647Any pics?

anyone got that that pic of Brittany Tomasik Morgan on the beach, she just overdosed.

>>832410726not on hand but what town you thinking?


>>832410853lmao possibly. kik?


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>>832410922Drop yours


Any big booty 414 bitches?


anyone have older pewaukee?

Any S.S. from kenosha

>>832411567face pic?

>>832411775Leave kik

anyone got any of this girl? she was posted on here sometime ago

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>>832410078More bikini!!Anybody else know her??


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Any kenosha bros wanna meet up and smoke?


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>>832412472fuck yea yum any more?!


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Therese T 414? anyone got?

>>832412727Where from

>>832412727turn her around. diamonds get

Thread proves WI is a shithole, fuck this state. Women aren't even hot.


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>>832411567still here?

>>832413132Know her?


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>>832413294think so left my kik



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>>832413751some great tits

>>832413294>>832413347sandy blonde small ish tits gives good head?

>>832414014Yeah. You got a kik or disc?

>>832414392left it up there^


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>>832414792608 here. You like?

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>>832410647has a new name now. anyone?

>>832407152MOAR plz!!!

She has a great ass, wish i could see it.

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why do most wisconsin girls look like refrigeratorsalso, Kopps or Culvers custard>t. Tennessean

>>832416566culversdont play

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>>832416654is that a Frigidaire 20.4 cu Ft LFTR2021TF Top-freezer in stainless steel finish?

>>832416654>plunger on bare bathroom floorlmao wisconsinite subhumans. just a step above Ohio in terms of midwest trash


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>>832412143hey 608 sister. you smoke?

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>>832417055area code?

Anyone got more?

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