Do you know someone hospitalized for COVID-19?

Do you know someone hospitalized for COVID-19?

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Your mom.

>>832400468Nope. I did get it myself though. It was a really nasty flu that lasted about a week. Was never hospitalized. Just popped ibuprofen to keep the fever down and I was back on my feet in no time. This virus ain't shit

So this pandemic is just theater after all.

>>832400468Neighbor's young niece had it and died from a blood clot. 2 of my friends had it and recovered, but 1 should definitely have gone and didn't. She sounded like hell and slept 18 hours a day. I was seriously concerned. My girlfriend is travelling for school and potentially was just exposed in Louisiana. We'll see how that turns out.

>>832400602pics of positive anti-body test or it didn't happen

>>832400468My grandma was infected but she is fine now, and an uncle who was staying in her house didnt make it. And my mom tested possitive but she seems fine.

>>832400468Had it in March. Thought it was just bad really bad flu. how to prevent diseases.

>>832400468Yes, I also know someone who died of it two days ago. My Grandmother is currently a Covid paitent. 12 people at my work have confirmed cases, we have 14 recovered and back at work. Also my ex-wife had covid a month ago and has since recovered...

>>832400468Had it twice. As far as I can tell it's just the common flu, like every year. Almost as if the annual end of the world scare was blown out of proportion as it is every year.

>>832402870you didn't have dick.

>>832402870I suppose those freezer trucks full of bodies outside the hospitals in NY were fake then? No one thinks the virus is going to end humanity, not even the plague did that. But it is overwhelming health systems the world over.

>>832403546Only because we unnaturally extend the lives of those who cannot contribute to society and are fragile shells of a human. Why sustain that which provides no value?

>>832400468killed one family member. Almost killed a second. Know plenty of friends with similar stories. Its not "just a flu" but its also not the shadow of death some people make it out to be. It should be taken seriously but do not let it scare you in to locking yourself in the closet for 6 months. Just wear a mask, dont get involved in huge groups, and wash your fucking hands. Be smart but dont let fear cripple you.

>>832403624Yeah? Talk to me in 30 years when that's you and we'll see how you feel.

>>832400468Friend had it and was on a ventilator. He is getting some clotting looked at right now, i guess it really fucks you and post covid bullshit effects are a thing. In his mid 20's too.

>>832403624Plenty of young people, thin people, people without underlying conditions have died. Your cavalier attitude is what is making this shit worse. I hope you get it and no one has a ventilator for you

>>832402870trumptards have been calling it a flu since this pandemic first happened.nobody believes you

>>832403624>Assuming he has value

Grandpa of my brothers wife died of it. And a friend in NY got hospitalized. So yeah.

>>832403686>hurr durr,it killed muh family members>goes on a political movivated rant about wearing masksok trumptard,how about instead of wearing a mask.we kick your people out of the goverment and improve the healthcare system so we dont have to rely on old bible thumpers anymore

The grandpa of the wife of the brother of a guy I saw post on an imageboard died of it.

>>832403777>We have what, 15 cases? Pretty soon it will go down to 2, 1, zero. It will be like magic.Now we're supposed to be impressed that "only" 3 million people got it and 136k people died. This man wrote the book on moving the goalposts.

>>832403746you realize the ventilators just make it worse? your lungs are clotting and youre forcing oxygen into them...

Yea my friend apparently got it but she showed no symptoms

>>832400468I had it, went into one lung but didn't become pnumonia so I didn't go to hospital. Got off easy I think. Still 3+ weeks lost trapped at home.

>>83240397115 cases? what fantasy world do you live in,america leads the world in cases.thanks to your idiot president thinking he can run a healthcare system better then obama

>>832403997You should let all the medical professionals dude! Man, are they gonna be some embarrassed!

>>832400468ROM here, covid is just a flu we aren't used to. Picture a new born getting real sick after contracting as an adult after the first week its gone.

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>>832404077then why is she in the hospital?

>>832400468Closest so far is Father's co-worker's wife's co-worker, and that came-back negative today.


>>832404178imagine calling yourself a medical professional and spending half your shift making tik tok videos like your average american healthcare worker

>>832404139I was paraphrasing Trump, and politically we likely align, which you would have understood if you absorbed the context of my post at all. You are not smart.

all jokes and hatred aside though,ive been in quarantine once and it sucked.HOWEVER,i wasnt the one tested for parents were because somebody they worked with complained about symptoms

>>832400468Yeah, my 96 year old great grandmother she had a fever of 103, they got the fever down and she was back and kicking it 3 days later, mind you she smokes about 3 packs a day, only drinks sweet tea and eats one meal a day so I think she is some kind of super human.

>>832404233picture a country thats healthcare system isnt ran by bible thumping conservatives.then you have a country that deals with covid 19 successfully instead of calling it a flu when a flu kills less people then covid 19next time try not calling everything you disagree with fake news ameritard

My mom, she’s good now. However it was the worst 2 days of my life, thinking she was going to die.

>>832404310of course the idiot thinks he politically aligns with donald trumpgood luck thinking republicans still support your dumbass president.since apparently your handful of braincells never learned from losing the midterm election

know a few people who have it and fully recovered.i live with my elderly grandmother and my insane conspiracy theorist mother who doesnt believe the virus is real and goes everywhere without a mask.only goto grocery stores and shit though, and the risk in my country is pretty minimal at this point. feels good being a canadafag

>>832404393>>832404310also,you politically align with clearly you arent smart.just like your president who cant pronounce simple words correctlymaybe you should go back to school and learn something instead of spending the time fucking your sister like your average ignorant trump voter

>>832404398masks arent really helping anything anyway,i guess your canadian so maybe its different up in shitty socialist liberal land.but 99 percent of mask issues in america is political

>>832400544you must be +18 to be here

>>832404233what is an ROM and why doesn't it understand the difference between an influenza virus and a coronavirus?covid isn't a flu that we aren't used to, it's a common cold that we aren't used to. The flu is caused by influenza virus. The common cold is caused by coronaviruses, rhinoviruses, and a few other viruses.

>>832402159>China needed a distraction to start asserting themselves w/o resistance (see South China sea and/or Hong Kong>Dems, after failing to get Trump removed/impeached/whatever, needed a scapegoat to get back-in for their interests>UK, after tiring of their knock-off-Trump and the whole Brexit situation, didn't want to be the laughing stock of the world anymore, and sent a poor lass over to China to try some interesting cuisineI mean shit I'd watch that play, sounds better than most TV these days.

>>832404514It's all going to be over soon user, my team is working on clinical trials and so far vaccine is doing good.

>>832404233ackshulleeee!I get what you're saying, not that it's a literal influenza infection, but that it's a general "feel like shit" infectionand, yeah, the exact problem is that no-one has ever had anything like this before, so nobody's immune system knows how to deal.which means some people's immune systems figure it out (most).. and some people drown or die of blood clots.Thank you, captain obvious, for conferring with general retardation, and bringin us to this meeting with major headaches to air your goddamn stupid thoughts in public.

>>832404667Helloooo reddit!

>>832400544No underage please

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>>832404933just bee yourself

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Drove my sister to get tested and they wanted to test me too. Turned out we both had it. She had a strong cough for about a week and all I had was what felt like a tickle in my throat for about the same time. We both wore masks and washed out hands and did all that shit too.

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>>832400468My manager's brother was in ICU on a vent for a few weeks. Not great for the brain

>>832405147>she had a tickle in her throatwas probably getting throat fucked by guys to much

>>832404933Join Grindr. Meet up with anonymous guy. Fuck him. No more virginity. You're welcome

>>832404468masks have become mandatory in every in-door space. the only reason not to wear one is if you have a health exemption

>>832404398your mom sounds cool. what other conspiracies does she believe? post her nudes

>>832405638yeah,but its mostly a political thing.if murica cared about a covid 19 they would use science and healthcare to cure it.not just blabber on about masks and turn it into a political issueunless your talking about canada,because i could give a fuck less about that socialist shit hole

>>832404398>insane conspiracy theorist mother who doesnt believe the virus is realIs she french canadian or simply based?

>>832405815Thank god, we're having enough trouble keeping you guys out as it is.

>>832400468One of my mom’s friends died with Covid, but no one I personally know.

>>832405990>you guyslol,the only people who want to move to canada are liberals.besides,nobody actually moves anywhere,people threatened to leave the country when obama got elected to

>>832405815>socialist shitholei'd much prefer a socialist shithole to a free market capitalist one that fucks people every chance it gets

>>832406020is your mom hot?

>>832406084>the only people who want to move to canada are liberalsSo basically 90% of women in your country

>>832400468A guy I work with tested positive but it turned out to be a false positive.

>>832406244>90 percent of womennope,try again kid

>>832406107I mean, she looks good for 70 years old.

>>832400468Yes. My cousin. He was 24 years old. He contracted it but was asymptomatic. Despite being asymptomatic though, he had a clogged artery inside one of his lungs which wound up killing him. When they performed an autopsy the doctors and medical staff informed my aunt and uncle that the blood clot was directly correlated to the coronavirus... He had no health issues before and was reasonably healthy (didn't smoke. Hardly ever drank, etc...). I am starting to read several stories of people getting random blood clots in their bodies after surviving the virus. Shit's scary..

>>832406102Capitalism fucks you anytime it's allowed to. Socialism fucks you nonstop.And in your case, if it wasn't for the System fucking you, you wouldn't get laid at all.

>>832406320i'm seriously triggered you forget the space everytime you use a comma. No wonder your women prefer to bounce on our canuck cock

>>832406389ye its true. they are learning it isnt a lung disease at all. it is a blood vessel disease. and it causes millions of tiny clots allover your body. i read this way back in march, i had a spell while drive in my home town where i couldnt think and the left side of my body felt weird and cold. bet anything it was a minor stroke, never felt anything like it. it was like my brain was working at about 20 percent. i couldnt even tell the nurse what was wrong. they also didnt take me seriously and made me fill out all of this paperwork. they said i was too young to be having a stroke. it is frightening how little doctors know about this shit. i bet i could sue the shit out of them if i had gotten a ddimeer and it showed clotting. but i went home instead. there is nothing than a moronic black nurse who has power over you and doesnt know her ass from a hole in the ground.

>>832404511>>832404887>on Holla Forums>someone posts lite modern Holla Forums tier shit>says it's immaturemakes my eyes roll slightly but whatever

>>832405815doctors dont want you to know they are complete useless idiots when a disease is new like this. they require 30 years of papers by people smarter than they are to read about a disease b4 they can do their job. right now they are 100 percent doing absolutely nothing to fight covid.

I currently have it. My only symptoms so far have been a scratchy throat (no bad cough) and a loss of smell. It’s kind of shit because I can’t enjoy eating.

>>832406802I've had many horrible experiences with doctors including when I was sent to one in an ambulance. I was harrington rod implants down my entire spinal cord due to having severe scoliosis. They replaced every single disc in my body with titanium screws and two elongated titanium rods. It did cure my scoliosis HOWEVER I now live with recurring lifelong nerve pains and damage that can become excruciating at times (especially after heavy lifting or bending). After moving a very heavy couch, I got an extreme deep and sharp excruciating electric jolt of pain that radiated my entire lower body. It was so unbearable I just collapsed onto the ground writhing in agony. I called an ambulance and they took me. As I was trying my hardest to lie down in the bed in the ambulance I was involuntarily yelling and whining from the exrcuciating pain and the drivers basically were bitching at me the entire time and getting pissed at me. they threatoned to turn the ambulance around (wtf??) when I got the hospital they basically bitched at me even more and only told me "well I could give you a bunch of opiate pills" I told them no and went home.... (this is why I take kratom instead so I don't become a fucking junky) also an experience of how little the doctors actually fucking care and know about their patient's problems and how callous they can be. I will never forget. I was also slapped with an absurd medical bill despite having healthcare just to be bitched at by asshole doctors when I really needed them most. Seriously; what the actual fuck?

>>832400468Someone I worked with years ago died from it. Work with people who have gotten it and recovered. 2 of my cousins got it and recovered.

>>832406987it can actually enter your brain through nerves in your nose. it can cause all kind of crazy inflammation to the lining of your brain. losing your smell is actually a neurological symptom. it is amazing how it rapes some some peoples bodies from the brain to the lungs to the liver and other people it is just a minor cold. how old are u?

>>832403624Sounds like you have some very distorted ethics and probably are quite simple minded.

>>832407084the way to get them back is to be poor and have them do a few cat scans and some other crazy scans and make them eat a $30k invoice. poor people really rape the hospitals in the us and it makes me happy. if u go to any er it is full of poor people who cant afford a doctor but the er cant turn them away

>>832407159Perhaps I am wrong but I had actually heard that basically every single person infected with coronavirus (even asymptomatic people) all get the vast majority of the virus build-up inside of their brains. But it spreads through the rest of the body and does so the most easily through your lungs. They still are not 100% sure about the clotting causes but one popular theory is that when your body's cells going into attack-mode, it releases these proteins that have this type of gooey substance that tries to attack the virus. As a result of the fighting that occurs in your body, these protein cells gradually die off and their gooey corpses stack up inside your arteries and buildup which leads to clotting in your arteries. The most common areas seem to be the legs (that artery in turn goes almost directly to your lungs which causes pulmonary embolisms), lungs, and yes; your brain.

>>832400468Not yet, concerned about a friend

>>832407339the sad thing about this post is it's basically already happening... before this pandemic even happened, approximately 7million people got kicked off any healthcare plans and during this pandemic, an additional 5.5 million americans got kicked off their healthcare plans. This is also excluding the people who simply never had healthcare to begin with. They say the numbers are too gargantuan to even fully quantify but they say there is an estimated 20-40 MILLION americans in total who do not have any form of healthcare whatsoever.... its horrible and grim when you think about it. And this plague is absolutely ravaging us. Many millions of these unfortunate souls are going to make their rounds through the hospitals and many of them will end up dying or extremely fucked up for life... the empire is absolutely collapsing..

>>832407351yeah its scary. a guy on rogans podcast who seemed to be a legit expert said a significant number of people with no symptoms still get the ground glass capacities in their lungs that sever pneumonia cases get. they worry that the long term effects of covid on the population are unknown and they might be dire - even for people with "mild cases"

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My great grandma 110 just got out or treatment last wed shes doin fine says her lungs feel heavy though. She wasnt on a ventilator but doctors say she was licky not to have been affected like the majority. My fuck buddy from work caught it and she wasnt hospitalized shes just stuck at home for the next month different doctors told her it hits everyone different

>>832400468Yes.But I'm a doctor that works in a hospital full of them, so I've met quite a few.

>>832407737she still needs to get her arteries checked. Several studies show this virus absolutely fucking decimates your arteries. Should could randomly get a blood clot or stroke or pulmonary embolism out of the blue and just die.

>>832407903*She could randomly I mean

>>832403539Not user but I had dick last night

>>832407903Were aware shes able to get up and move on her own now and we still have a nurse come out and check her every 2 days. Since shes still not 100 percent. She says once shes up and running again shes gonna want to donate plasma to help

My best friend has it. Had to get a test to even know if he did. Had a slight headache. Literally. That's all. This virus is bullshit. We had lunch together same day test results came it. Pretty sure I have it too. My throat has been very slightly sore for a couple days. Oh God. The humanity. Better take 3 weeks off work and hide in my room.

>>832404360Smokers seem to have some immunity to it. Their contaminated lung cells don’t allow the corona virus spikes to bind and they avoid getting sick better than imagined

>>832404468Americans are in no position to lecture any country about what works for suppressing the spread of the virus. You guys have failed miserably compared to everywhere. The sooner you retards accept that, the sooner you can start to resolve it.

I say let it cull the weak.It's the way mom wanted things to be anyway.

>>832405815You sound super tough and edgy. I’m sure your trailer park is much nicer than Canadia

>>832408512got any source on that? Everything I've read suggests just the opposite but smoking is so demonized (rightly so for the most part) I don't know if it's just agenda or fact.

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>>832400468I know a nurse who had very severe symptoms and was nearly put on a ventilator. It's been a couple of months and she's still recovering.

>>832400468I have a friend I speak to daily who lost a co-worker.I heard tell, she was older, and was asked to go to work every day to answer the phone, and occasionally look up something in paper files.So out to drive every day, stopping for gas now and then, walking between office and car...that's plenty of extra exposure.When she died, her supervisor took over, answering the phone from home only two days a week.....I'm hoping her survivors sue their asses.The SHIT IS REAL, and as usual, a few clueless and selfish BOSSES are fucking over the regular folks.

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>>832400468My uncle Max just passed away from it last month.He was one of those conservative republican Fox channel watching Trump supporters. He tried to start boycotts of all the stores in our town when masks became mandatory.He was one of those idiots who thought the whole thing was/is a "Hoax" and he died because he wouldn't wear a mask.I'm really broken up and have a lot of mixed feelings about this, because I hate people like him, but yet, he was a family member......

>>832408512So much Gas, so little Light.

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>>832400468Two distant family members died of covid. Moms cousins kid and their son.

>>832407567She has the "Deadest Eyes" I can recall.I dub her "Deadeye"

>>832403997It is more complicated than that....BUT.. the survival rate on ventilators is like 40% or less.Some places, like 20%....fucked up.

>>832403952pics or it didn't happen

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i was for 2 weeks

>>832400468Closest I've gotten is two degrees of separation. As in I know someone, who knows someone, who has died of COVID.

>>832404233It is a VirusWhether it is a Flu or not is a distraction from its lethal and maiming reality.Most get off with nothing.The lucky afflicted ones die.The survivors have varying degrees of long term internal, and sometimes brain damage.It is the survivors who will hurt the economy most.All that Insurance Money they gonna collect from policies paid for with Employer and Income taxes. The tax rates may go up to pay for it.The Shit Is Real, and coming to your pay-stub soon.

>>832411137All the best to you.Hope it leaves it as well as it found you.

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I had covid for 1 week, with a cough and now I'm fine. Take an antibiotic and a dewormer. which serves as an antiviral. Result of this: the common flu is worse.


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>>832411345That is how it is for pre-middle aged people, mostly.Some recover, then have relapses...but you won't.knock on wood.

>>832400602>It was a really nasty flu>>832402870>As far as I can tell it's just the common flu,>>832404233>covid is just a flu we aren't used toetc.You people are fucking morons. Flu is influenza. It's caused by influenza viruses. COVID-19 is caused by a coronavirus. It causes an order of magnitude more deaths than pandemic influenza, and even more than that compared to the regular, seasonal kind. Even those who survive are not uncommonly left with serious sequelae, like lung scarring, organ damage, or medical issues resulting from cardiovascular events. The gene pool would be tremendously improved by the summary execution of every idiot who says "it's just a flu, bro."

No. A couple cousins have it, tho

Lost 3 family members from it, they were old but still sucks

>>832412186>saying the flu isnt a corona style virus.this has to be a troll.

>>832412186it's just a common cold, bro

>>832412613>>832412751Morons. Though, that may not be fair to morons and imbeciles; I've met 7 year olds smarter than you.

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>>832412186t. regurgitates what i was fed from the main stream media

>>832413131no u

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>>832413131whats your goal here?to bait emotionally driven people to defend a stupid premise?im sure it may work with many people, but not with me.You wont be able to provide proof to your claim that covid-19 isnt a corona style virus.

>>832413230>>832413235I don't have cable, don't watch TV, and don't consume mainstream media on the internet. I do read peer-reviewed medical journals, though.Morons.


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>>832408593this tbh

>>832413523Good for you. Maybe you'll read a magazine that tells you what "order of magnitude" means. It's not just a fancy way of saying "more." I can tell by the way that you write that you think you're smarter than you are. Moron.

>>832413489>You wont be able to provide proof to your claim that covid-19 isnt a corona style virusI did not make that claim. COVID-19 is definitely caused by a coronavirus. You fucking dipshit.

>>832400468I know a guy who supposedly knows a guy. I wonder how much they paid him...

A few people, it's a lot like HIV so i feel in a year or two there's going to be a lot more people dead or at least in a bad condition

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>>832400468Nope, I have yet to hear of anyone I know nor anyone they know that has gotten sick with it... I also haven't missed a day of work. I work for a service company and have been in many many commercial and residential businesses and homes. I've been around 100s of people since it all started.

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>>832413845nobody wants to talk about it because they could be held legally liable for potentially spreading it.Plus social stigmas like ewww he's gross he's infected stay away from him.

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>>832414032>your organs can fail from coughing too hard hurr durrHow the fuck do they fall for this shit?

Covy conspiracy.

>>832413795>its alot like HIVKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKit has similar protein stands to HIV you faggot.

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>>832414174because its true..... if you cough to hard you can cause buildup pressure in your body which causes your organs to fail or work less efficiently.

>>832414191>>its alot like HIV>KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEK>it has similar protein stands to HIV you faggot.Yes all of you go get aids, thx. Closest you degenerates will get to pussy anyway.

>>832413678>Maybe you'll read a magazine that tells you what "order of magnitude" means.I don't need to. I know exactly what it means, and I used the term correctly. Though I understated; COVID-19 is roughly 2 orders of magnitude (not 1) more deadly than e.g. swine flu.

>>832414141>claimHe claimed nothing. He was just wondering out loud if something similar could be done. Fake news should be fucking illegal.

>>832414174No one said that, fucking tard.If you keep posting shit like this im gonna have to tell your tard wrangler to take your phone away

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>>832414267I've coughed pretty hard before and it did absolutely nothing, dude.


>>832414362>Those affected may develop a fever, dry cough>can progress to pneumonia and multi-organ failureOkay, libtard.

>>832414360>fake news should be illegal>freedom of speech needs to be understand that while america is still around that will never happen right ?.theres also an argument that suggests dealing with these retarded individuals is the price free people pay to prevent minorities blocking the opinions of majorities.

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>>832400468No. There have been 800 confirmed cases in my entire county, population 160k. Only 6 cases within 30 miles of me

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>>832414413>my experiences are objective for the rest of humanity.i mean cool? do you want to debate it using anything other than your subjective experience and opinion ?

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>>832414341>I used the term correctlyNo, you didn't. You can look up how many people die of the flu and see for yourself. I wouldn't normally nitpick someone about a phrase like that, but it serves as an example to tell you something that deep down you already know: you aren't as smart as you like to pretend you are. Moron.

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>>832414523How the fuck do you get "limit free speech" from that?

>>832414616Shut up, libtard.

>>832414640Shut up, libtard.

>>832414518Tell me where does it say that organ failure is caused by coughing too hard. Also not a libtard, not a conservative, both sides are fucking stupid

>>832414751Sure, libtard.

>>832414674>limiting fake newsyour making the opinions and propagation of ideas illegal, that is by definition the limitation of free speech.

>>832414772>hurr if youre not with us you're against usThink for yourself, don't be a sheep

>>832414751It's not caused by coughing, fucktard, it's caused by the virus. The virus attacks all of your organs, it also causes clots which can cause lots of problems, including amputations.You're not liberal, or conservative, you just a fucking moron.

>>832414727>SHUT UP LIBTARDoh boy go back to your cave the tribal neanderthal.

>>832414860Even if that was true, it's not like commies have rights under the Constitution anyway.

>>832414901I fucking know, dumbass, thats exactly the point i wanted to make to the other user i was replying to

>>832414727The word liberal means a person who believes in the maximum individual liberty possible and that democracy is the best form of government. You are just a clueless fuck who parrots shit he hears on TV

>>832414892>Think for yourself>NO NOT LIKE THAT SHEEP Dx

>>832408512The exact opposite is true you dipshit

>>832413812This is bullshit fake news dogshit and the person who tweeted it is like anti LGBTQ anti vegan etc

Uncle- 58. Flu like symptomsAunt - 57. Bad cold like symptomsStep brother- 25. Bad cold symptoms for a dayHis gf- 21. Mild cold symptoms for a few daysFriend - 31. Mild discomfort for a few daysHis gf- 30. Hospitalized. Severe flu symptoms. Seems like she got dehydrated. Trouble breathing. Hydroxychloroquine completely turned her around in 24 hours.

>>832415006This is what liberals actually believe.


>>832412186It's not an order of magnitude worse (10x). So far it seems more like 2-5x as deadly as the flu.

>>832400468Co-workers dad died from it in bay area. Co-workers friend in Seattle had it but he is 24 and got over it in a couple weeks.

>>832415057Look it up in the dictionary, Trumptard. Read a book. Your lack of education is why you don't know what words actually mean.I'm talking about the words themselves, twit, not day to day politics that have little to do with true meanings. Most conservatives are not conservative and a lot of liberals are not liberal.

My aunt's father in law died, but that's about it. he was old as fuck

>>832415057>liberals this>liberals thatkeep buying into the dodgy 2 party system than pits you against your political opponent and prevents you from realising that it is full well within your power to work with your political opponent to change your country for the better.but hey, keep screaming about those liberals eh.

>>832415242>lack of educationAnd yet she LOST. HA!

>>832415152The bad thing is that is is 5-10x as transmissible as the flu and it is starting to look like any immunity is not long lasting, so any vaccine won't do jack shit.There has never been a vaccine for a corona virus

>>832415263Cry some more, libtard.

>>832415152sure bro

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>>832415297Actually she won the popular vote by 3 million, but Trump won the Electoral College by one of the slummiest margins in history. If a handful of votes in Mich. and Wisconsin had gone the other way he would have lost. Basically it was a coin toss, and the United States lost

>>832415297oh godare you an actual retarded yokel that screams>HAHAHAHHA WE WON SUCK A FAT DICK LOSERas your leader ruins your country? and causes the death of more people than the Vietnam war did ?you Americans truly baffle me.


>>832415339thats is son, keep it up!>LIBTARD LIBTARD LIBTARD LIBTARDyou doing great! feed into the ape reward behaviour of our brain!

>>832415436pretty sure this came from china...

>>832400468yeah, me... well I had symptoms, so when I went to the hospital to get tested I got stabbed. turns out I was indeed positive

>>832415263Our constitution was not written with parties in mind, in fact the founding fathers HATED parties. The idea of having two parties is stupid and broken, nothing can get done and it's an invitation to corruption. Countries that have real political parties have 5 or 6 parties that are real and have people in office, they form coalitions and get things done. Our parties are bullshit, they are not even political parties, they stand for nothing, they are just fund raising organizations.

>>832415504waiting on you to repeat this to the posts screeching “trumptard”

>>832415423This is true unfortunatelyDo you think we should abolish the electoral college? On one hand it actually favors a more broad sampling of the population. On The other hand it allows people like Trump to game the systemRemember, most democratic countries on Earth use a similar system. Only Switzerland is a true direct democracy. And true Democracy has it's faults too. 49 percent of a population shouldn't lose out to a 51 percent marginal majorityHow do we keep the electoral college while preventing another Trump?

>>832415511>pretty sure it came from chinapretty sure america allowed this situation to happen through negligence.i live in Australia, right next to china, and we are barely going through shit. because we arent negligent fuckwits.

>>832404139>>832403850I don't know if this is a larp or if we have a live one

>>832415460Coping just fine. Watching Trump crash and burn and I'm doing well in spite of Trump's attempt to destroy America. Since I'm fairly wealthy I get by in Trumpistan, unlike the trailer park fucking morons that actually voted for Trump

>>832415436china did covid19ChinaOriginatedViralInfectiousDisease

>>832415423>waaaah but muh popular vote ;_;Not how you win, libtard.

>>832415674You retards have another wave coming. And besides your entire country has half the population of California.

>>832415654>i only hate the system when it doesn’t go in my favor

>>832415436Seethe, libby. Seethe. He's only destroying YOUR commie vision of this country. He's giving us true Americans back our freedom.

>>832415772I want to have a real discussion here. Does indirect democracy really work?

>>832415654by removing the "faithless voter" issue.federally speaking the Representative a state sends to vote for them, has no obligation what so ever to vote the same way the state did.just pass state law that states that faithless voters can't occur, like multiple states already have.

>>832415705The United States originated the Spanish Flu, so we're even.Fun Fact: Trump's grandfather died of the Spanish Flu. ...also Trump's father had dementia like Donald - that's what he died of.

>>832415690so you cry about trump “destroying” the country but you’re doing just fine....>destroying>fine>destroying>fineand you wonder why you aren’t taken serious

>>832415881>DRUMPF HAS DEMENTIA>still beat herkek

>>832404364Look at this shill trying to sell us on fake news. I bet he still thinks the earth is round. Lolololol

>>832415881spanish flu of 1918 came from china

>>832415856why wasn’t this a discussion any other time except now after you’ve been indoctrinated into hating a man that’s literally done nothing to you

>>832415858Just the opposite. "Faithless voters" are what make the system work, without it the Electoral College is pointless. If they have no choice then there is no point in having electors, you just count the vote. If you are going to have an EC, the votes should be proportional to the state's population, every vote counts the same.The electoral college also makes no sense in the case of political parties and makes ZERO sense if there are only two

>>832415745>we have another wave comingconsidering the first wave only hit about 7-8 k people and only killed, about 100 people, im pretty sure we are going to be fine.our wave to has already started, and by the figures looks like it has already peaked and is declining.>your entire country has half the population of im guessing you don't know how to do the math for per capita?no point in talking to you at all if your intelligence is at that level.

>>832415973Unironic round Earth conspiracists don't really exist... d-do they?

>>832404310The age old question, are they trolling or retarded, 1 retard 1 troll is my guess

why are we so averse to wearing masks, even as we get fucked in the ass by this disease?Even if your logic is "we need to start up the economy!", wouldn't it be better for the economy to lower the number of deaths and infections, since even if you don't die you can have long-standing problems from the virus?

>>832416105Either way, you still lost.

>>832416048The first wave isn't even over. The second wave is expected around November.

>>832404933It's all in the fedora

>>832416020>faithless voters are what makes the system work you fucking what ? faithless voters where designed so that when the actual voter, rode 3 weeks to get to Washington, could change his vote encase the information has changed and the voter now needs to change their vote because the real information wasn't apparent to them.this is not an issue in today's society, and the only thing it does is allow your representative to vote against you.

>>832400468My friends dad was, and it was serious. He had pneumonia-like symptoms.

>>832404990Love it

>>832400468personally? nobut I do work in a hospital, where we currently have about 20 COVID patients on any given dayat our peak, we had almost 80

>>832416048Per capita has nothing to do with it. When you have a country with so little people, it becomes easier to manage a virus


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>>832416230>infection rates drop to 0-3 per day.>infection rates then jump up to 150-250 per dayare you fucking dense or what ? do you know how to read graphs and statistics or are you just sperging what you read on you newsfeed ?

>>832416253How much did they pay him?

>>832416020the electoral college and the first-past-the-post voting systems we have were always destined to endgame at two major parties

>>832416345Are you saying that if you had a country with midgets it would be easier to manage?

>>832416299>works around carriers literally all day>hasnt caught itSeems totally legit and not at all a ruse to make us lose the election. Sorry, Shlomo, your tricks won't work on me. Still voting Trump.



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>>832416345>country with so little people>what is population density>what is geographic proportions>what is funding limitations>what is likelyness of infectionwhy do i have a strong feeling that you are not taking any of these into consideration ?by all theoretical indications, Australia should per capita be as or more infected then america.we exaggerated on our protection, and it worked fucking under exaggerated on your protection, and well, id be supprised if your country comes back within the next 30 years.although youll probably just invade somewhere n be all g

>>832416482redpilled af

>>832416370Just saying what Fauci said. You don't know what the fuck you are talking about. You have no idea what a wave is, or what statistics are.


>>832416510You're missing my point completely. Australia has a much lower headcount. This made it easier to contain the spread of disease because you had overall less people to worry about

>>832416612that's not even ironically funny

>>832416482Yep, you can't fix stupid...

>>832416655just an FYI australians are known for shitposting and trolling

>>832400468My coworkers mother died from it. But my coworker said that she was very old and that she probably would have died anyway this year. But he was sad that he couldn't visit her and say goodbye.Another coworker lost her aunt to covid 19. She had MS but she wasn't that old. Maybe in her 50's.

>>832416556>Anthony Fauci>American physician and immunologist.....i mean sure, i also get my news about america from the UKyea im done, your fucking retarded.

>>832416572You tell me. If there was some kind of magical corona-killing cloak, how did anyone even catch it in the first place, genius?

>>832416719Still your president, libby.

>>832416779were these people clearly infected and people knew it?Or was it like they died and then their test came back positive during the autopsy

A dude from my work tested positive for it recently. Hes pretty obese so it should have fucked him up but he came back to work after 2 weeks and said it was basically just a bad cold.

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>>832413523This is America, science is fake news now, get out faggot

>>832416795>magical corona-killing cloakt. Drumpf

I know a doctor from Jordon who was exposed to it multiple times. As a result he was forced to quarantine. They literally put an ankle bracelet on him and put him under house arrest for 14 days. If he's caught outside with the ankle bracelet on they will literally beat the shit out of him. But so far he has shown 0 symptoms

Why do amerimutts refuse to wear masks, even as they get buttfucked by this virus, the economy gets set back further, and their fellow countrymen die?

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>>832414413Not covid-hard you havnt

>>832416874They were infected before they died. The mother was living in an nursing home where I guess most of the residents got it. But not everyone died.The aunt had home care and with different carers coming and going all day.

>>832416791That's actually where I get my news, fucktard. Third person view is always better

>>832400468No. Everyone I know has a functioning immune system. The weak shall perish.

>>832417138Most of us are wearing masks. The virus seemed to get worse only after everything started reopening and people stopped social distancing. Everything is closing back up though and cases seem to be stabilizing again

>>832416795it doesn't kill the virus retard, it just makes it harder to get itif you follow strong hygenic procedures (as people in hospitals usually do) and avoid touching parts of your body where the virus can enter, you won't get it. the issue is most people touch their faces frequently and if you don't wear a mask it can come in anyways

>>832417138masks are for nerds

>>832417138weak should fear the strong.our ancestors chicken poxed us and now we will do it back to them

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