YLYL gay edition

YLYL gay edition

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>>832399672Licking his own dick in public huh?

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>>832401469 Fuck you, user

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>>832401500Checked, but screw you.If you saw the post yoirself, doesn't that mean you need to reply to it as well?

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>>832402364This is gold


>>832401361wtf is going on here

>>832401469Fuck you

>>832401500Fuck you


>>832402281jej are these the real subtitles

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>>832402502what dis?

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>>832402469logic would dictate such

>>832399760Thanks doc!

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>>832401531>>832401565>>832401602>>832401627>>832401663>>832401688>>832401713>>832401742>>832401773these have got to be the absolute worst funnies I have ever seenlost and saved

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>>832406804theyre werent very funny, but you could tell the person making them was at least trying to amuse us.that's more than i can say about most of the other images in this thread

>>832399672OP probably isn't even a faggot

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youtube.com/watch?v=u-1OqQfFB48gay faggotshit right here O O

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>>832399760lolo i think vagate gave love kek lol not brolly lol

>>832401361biden 2020sorry im from finland


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>>832401500DUDE HOW THE FUCK IS MY MOM STILL BREATHING AFTER ME WATCHING THESE SHITTY POSTS YEAR AFTER YEAR... im gonna give up, she will never leave this basement to me anyway

>>832408141It's called just "struggle" because the reality is there isn't enough stuff for everybodynobody is hiding money from you


>>832401500Fuck you user

>>832401627nigga going ssj7 and the jew running awayi mean, look at that fucking nose+hair combo"bahhhh i was raped 6million times bahh bahh"

>>832401469i knew it

>>832401469Fuck you user


>>832401500Dumbass my moms on meth, she ain't sleeping tonight

>>832408319wait you're saying i just go into the wilderness and eat animals and berries and use the trees for wood to build myself a cabin?

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>>832406237boxers or brefs?

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>>832407910That show was really funny

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>>832401469Fuck you asshole


>>832408901I’m saving this for when someone I hates mom dies

>>832401469Fuck off op

>>832409095Can't kill my mom if he doesnt have my post

>>832408751I don't think the words were really necessary.

>>832401469oh no


>>832408133theists be like

>>832409394>the common publicit's always necessary


>>832408751Wow that comic is so WOKE.oh wait it isn't microwaves, tvs, and cars that are destroying the planet and promoting abuses of humans. Its animal agriculture. But no one wants to talk about the real problem because >MUH CHEESE>MUH BACON>THOSE ANIMALS ARE HERE FOR US TO EXPLOIT BECAUSE GOD N SHIT

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>>832401500Get a load of this nincumpoop



>>832402407Holy shit... The left can meme.

>>832411009the left wouldn't make fun of obamas nigger skin color, comparing it to chocolate.the right wouldn't make fun of trump sucking on a black pecker.That's a chinese meme. A succulent chinese meme.

>>832410648is b getting it’s own autistic vegan?

>>832408116Haha, It's funny because Cancel Culture is an imaginary bogey-man that hasn't ever killed anyone.


>>832411099>left>right>ChineseOK, OK, so what is it? Are you saying the Chinese are not leftists? Or are you saying they can't meme?


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>>832407618where can i order this?

>>832411117Nope. Just ruined lives and careers. Death usually comes from suicide.

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>>832411117you should listen to this guy: >>832411421

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>>832408319Look at the wealth distribution of world and tell me we can do any better

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which one do you prefer?

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>>832408319Pretty sure we're already technologically advanced enough to ensure every human on the planet could live a life free from struggle if it wasn't for our insistence on clinging on to the archaic concept of money

>>832411871IDK man as much as I would love it, I don't think we have the resources to maoe a post scarcity society

>>832411798I mix the pacific punch with the pipeline punch.

>>832401688Good reversal

>>832412150does pipeline punch make your pee smell bad?

>>832402519Holy crap, Ellen superstar Rich Evans!!

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>>832411011What's the restaurants name, I want to call her....

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>>832412496No lol why would it?

>>832411117You're a shithead.

>>832412705it does for me


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>>832411580The question should be 'it's the Chinese, why should I care? '

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>>832408141The left can't meme

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>>832408178Sorry about your gay country.

>>832410648Shut up autistic vegan faggot.

>>832401361There's no hidin' from the biden

>>832401469F u

>>832411009Still triggered your closeted homosexual ass.

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>>832411117you sure?fox59.com/news/family-of-woman-killed-on-canal-to-hold-press-conference-prayer-service/

>>832413058Imagine being triggered by someone for abstaining from animal abuse.

>>832411871Requires one world government which would be hell. Go watch zeitgeist and drink your own cum faggot



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>>832411201actually chinese memes are awesome... but they're only funny in chinese

>>832411555boo hoo say something ignorant and now people make you wait a year before making money again

>>832401469ok lol

>>832401500ok lol

>>832412669that girl is using her dildo backwards

>>832413631>People only evolved intelligence because we ate meat1. If there was any shred of a link between intelligence and eating meat, lions would be typing out comments on computers, not herbivorus humans.2. Humans evolved because they fucked.

>>832413213Your cause is virtuous. But nobody will ever convert because you act like religious retards who bully everyone you talk to. People only evolved intelligence because we ate meat. It's very deeply engrained in our evolution. Prior to the late 20th century you and your family would starve to death without meat.300,000 years of evolution vs 50 years. Quit being dicks and have a sense of humor about yourselves

>>832413135oh look a projector

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>>832412945Fucking hilarious

>>832413823it's probably just because it takes bigger brains to hunt brained animals than it is to find plants to eat.

>>832413809>Everything that eats meat should become people.Are you retarded? Do you know nothing about the evolution of humanity? Your mother should've smashed your head with a rock and tried again.

>>832401469>>832401500Are the (you's) really worth it user?

>>832413823"maybe stop eating meat and perpetuating needless suffering and death.">Shut up autistic vegan faggot.>no one will ever listen to you because you're a bully.>shut up autistic vegan faggot

>>832401469Should of known

>>832413956>Are you retarded? Says the person that can't even comprehend the fact that I used your own logic against you.

>>832401500Skinny single bitch

>>832413922Are you implying that life would be better if we had 50 less IQ points on average and crawled on the ground eating plants? Wtf is wrong with you?Not to mention your concept is retarded. Meat has such a high volume of protein that it's much more advantageous to eat a deer than it is to pick plants for four days. Good fucking god user. You have worse arguments than the dumbest vegan shit tubers.

>>832413823>Quit being dicks and have a sense of humor about yourselvesBro, we've been using your long-debunked and boring anti-vegan tropes (MUH PROTEIN THO. MUH BACON THO. MUH MIGHT IS RIGHT THO) as a source of great humor for years and years now.

>>832414101No you didn't. You don't seem capable of creating analogies. Probably the autism.

>>832414238You have not disproved anything I've said. Everything you've said has been unrelated. You can't "debunk" anything because you have a room temperature IQ.

>>832414257What a dummy you are. Seriously.You literally just tried to say eating meat = more smart. This comment >>832413809Shits all over your low brain "logic"

>>832414148I was slightly agreeing with you except that it wasn't meat but rather it took big brains to obtain meat.

>>832411117What I would say to you wouldn't really matter. I just hope to meet you in the battlefield. See ya there user!

>>832414348You dont even understand evolution as evidenced by your comments about intelligence.And its allanywqys irrelevant because you don't live as a hunter/gatherer. You should stop now.

>>832407618>OP probably isn't even a faggotOP is always a faggot

>>832414148Since when does "advantage" make something right?


>>832413213If you could ask a free range chicken if it would rather exist to be harvested or not at all, what do you think the answer would be? Anthropomorphizing is a smooth brain thing to do user. Not that I'd expect protein deficient vegans to understand logical fallacies.

>>832414889I don't have to ask the chicken.I can ask you.

>>832414889Please tell me the logical fallacy you think I engaged in.I cat wait.



>>832411421>>832411555>suicideA lifestyle choice, not inherently deadly

>>832413180>fox59.com/news/family-of-woman-killed-on-canal-to-hold-press-conference-prayer-service/What does that have to do with 'cancel culture'? That's two groups of dipshits arguing with other while both groups were armed.

>>832413739Not a girl but a very cute guy

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>>832413180>wtf Indiana?Yeah, I'm sure.

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THIS IS A YLYL! Fuck your politics I came for laugh not cringe.

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>>832414506>What I would say to you wouldn't really matter.Obviously you have nothing of matter to say to me and can only resort to threats of violence. Very funny user! Duel at 20 paces, weapons of our choice?

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>>832408141>>832412954yeah, like why would it be Marx shooting the American, shouldn't the emblems be reversed or something?

>>832412739Perhaps, but that doesn't make me delusional or a liar like those who are promoting cancel culture as a real thing.

>>832416101yes. i will fix it

>>832416121happy hannukah.





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>>832416167make the astronaut with the gun have a star of david and a Free Mason logo

>>832416101a hundred million dead to marxist ideas, just in the 20th century. hmm... i wonder why marx is killing again. its just such a mystery.


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>>832415483Sauce please


>>832416544Troll harder, Earthman

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>>832413180>>832415536Why weren't Federal troops sent into Indiana to restore order after that?

>>832416703those shekels dont keep you from being retarded, apparently.


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>>832401469Gayest thing in the thread

>>832401469damn ok

>>832401500fucks sake

>>832401500fucks sake, here we go again


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