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It's safe.See?

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>>832398850what the actual fuck

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>>832398894>>832398926What is this from, been trying to find it for a while2

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>>832398488Gonna need the source of that shit user.


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Why are all the posts in this thread anime instead of rekt?

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>>832399196>>832399223I don't know user, is just batch downloaded these from a past rekt thread>>832399444I know that one, is a new anime named "uzakichan", you can find it in

>>832399877Damn. I saw a name the last time I saw it but that sent me to some wildly different shit.


>>832399196Shoujo Ramune, it's hentai

>>832399223Yazugawa no Sora or something like that. I'm gonna spoil you a little and tell you that brother and sister get caught fucking.


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>>832400188Thanks man, been trying to find that for so long!

>>832399223a yea , a

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>>832400429Strike Witches

>>832400590thank ya user





What the fuck just happened to the rekt thread

>>832403567it got rekt


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>>832404381these parents need to be killed fr


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>>832405694Friend's Korean uncle used to make us fight like that when we were kids. Also molested us and would beat the shit out of us if we didn't do what he said. I'll kill him if I ever see him again.

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>>832405817what race were you?is pedophilia rampant in koreans

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>>832406093Did they survive?


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>>832399651Idk but is a shit Tread...

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>>832406859Ape hole rape hole

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>>832406240These niggers are wild

>>832398328the only thing this rekt is me not wanting to fap

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>>832405686What kind of dog is this?

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>>832404041What's for dinner?

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>>832408547Bad Babysitter or Black mother?


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>>832409016Hardraper you got the best of me

>>832397591What kind of a fucking nightmare dystopian fuckscape of a job does one have to have for something like this to happen?

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>>832409581like a sack of potatoes

>>832397935>That feel when you will never have an uninterested Egyptian catgirl go to town on your dick while the other villagers go about their day at Nook's Cranny.

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>>832404041Source please?

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>>832405523What happened?


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Notice how there are hardly any anons complaining about the child abuse in this thread? Normally you would have these posts have multiple responses saying things like "wow so edgy" and "lol you must be 12". That's because right now it's past their bed time.


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>>832405817Find him and do it.

>>832408295I wish there was sound, I want to know what the camera man is saying.

>>832404381Those who prey on the people who depend on them will have a nasty surprise when this madness ends.

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>>832405581Anyone know the story? Probably a lover attacked her with a blunt object or something.

>>832411691The sad truth about this world is that "bad" people are often rewarded, while "good" people are often punished. Any sort of justice is not guaranteed in reality.

>>832411738How could anyone possibly survive this hard bad disaster

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>>832410806that or the anime filtered out the redittors

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>>832411951looks like it might have been a tranny surprise

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>>832410259Retard is a retard and jams his non-retarded sister's face into burning candles on her birthday cake on her birthday because he's a retard.

>>832410259A clearly physically and mentally retarded family member pushed her face into the cake while the candles were burning.

>>832404271common african punishment... stuffing hot chili peppers up the butt. hurts like hell

>>832398328>>832400133>>832401581Bump for this

>>832415239Seikon no qwuaser. Its an echhi anime that really pushes the boundarys of what echii can be. The main charscter gets superpowers from drinking breast milk from nuns.


>>832409428Any job in an Asian country that isn't Korea or Japan

>>832405523I wonder if the retard got any sort of punishment or if they just let him get away with it.

>>832415982To-Love Ru Darkness

>>832416115Retards consistently get away with pretty much everything. Professional tard wrangler here. They have endless "rights" and almost never get punished for hurting others. Including sexual abuse, rape, pedophilia, etc.

>>832405686why my peepee hard?