My ideal gf is a pale thicc tiny dick gamer gurl

My ideal gf is a pale thicc tiny dick gamer gurl

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>>832397232If I'm going the date a tranny I'd at least want to be able to get plowed by her and feel it.

>>832397232Sauce ?

Don’t be a fucking retard, if he’s packing cock, he’s not a girl or gurl or whatever the fuck you want to call HIM, he’d be your boyfriend.

>>832397232Reminder: white traps belong with Black BBC Kangs

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>>832397232so a man op. A man

>here take a sniff, user

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>>832397232Man, I'd breed the ever living fuck out of that trap. Repeatedly. Every day. I would bury my cock as deep as it could go, grab her thighs and fill that asshole with my cum and stay inside til I got soft. Then do it again as soon as I could. JFC.

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>>832397232If you're gonna go gay, go the fuck all the way, and don't settle for some god damn Micropenis... for fuck's sake have some standards.

>>832397232my dick is the same size but i'm not a girllife isn't fair

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>>832399713the micropenis make them more feminine. that the best part imo

>>832399959fucking hot

>>832399959Shes perfect who is she?


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>>832397232Nice try OP

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Here's her Twitter. She's got an OnlyFans, too. $13 a month.

>>832399761thats hot user show us your clit dick

>>832397232Honestly? I agree with you for the most part. I'd love to date a guy like that with a micro dick but looked very feminine. The problem is? I think I like the IDEA of that more than actually going through with it. I say that because sure online? They're hot as fuck to look at.. the idea of being with them in a solid relationship sounds very appealing. HOWEVER.. where I do not kid myself is.. THEY SMELL LIKE A MAN BECAUSE THEY ARE MEN. And that's where the fantasy dies out for me. Men give off smell just like women do and you CAN tell the difference. No matter how feminine they LOOK? Their smell would always give them away. That's the downside to being with a trap and why I never will be.

>>832400505Ugh.. that faggot supports BLM... instant turn off.

>>832400034You know what makes them even more feminine? A pussy, you retard.


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>>832397480i can tell you are not black

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>>832397232i like mine to be thinner

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Oh god this thread is going to make me vomit...

>>832401890and yet here you are.

>>832401890...he said as he masturbated almost as furiously as he was pounding the refresh button

>>832401016fuck yeah i wanna rub my cock all over yours and show it who's boss

>>832397232Just come out of the closet and admit that you are gay. Girls don't have cocks, faggot


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>>832397232Mine's a wealthy green-eyed puffy-nippled freckled redhead with a bubbly personality and a passion for most of my interests. But not boatbuilding. Boatbuilding is MINE.

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>>832398967You can't breed a man, you dumb cunt.

>>832402021its a brave new world boomeryou will assimilate

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>>832397232Assuming some of these are early mtf, I think they should have been given testosterone cream to apply to the penis such that it grows.

>>832397232sorry to tell you op,but that is a manhowever,her penor is cute.i would kiss it

>>832400623go back to fucking your sister then,republitard


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>>832397232Kill yourself, you autistic faggot. It's thanks to people like you the world is in such a fucked up situation.>Only good thing is, statistically you'll kill yourself.

>>832402459So um not to be rude, but is that a vagina made of scrotum skin between her legs?

>>832402145If I liked men I would've transitioned, if I had a micropenis I wouldve transitioned too. Doesn't sound so bad tbh.

>>832402637pussy is pussy, right?>>832402660ok

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>>832397232This OP is a gay homosexual

>>832402764honestly i prefer the benis

>>832397480They can have every single one.


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>>832402812nice cute gape!

>>832400623They're fucked up in the head since they're traps what did you expect

>>832398803i am repulsed by their disgusting man assholes , this is the nicest looking one i've seen and it's still disgusting , if you are with these faggots for an outstanding blowjob, hey more power to ya, god bless, but if you are with these freaks for their assholes you should seriously consider killing yourself , you are disgusting and i hope you get AIDS and you have man shit all over your disgusting cock fuck you

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>>832402145that on top of my dick cowgirl style would be amazing

>>832400034I like small dicks, tranny or no. There’s something cute about them.


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>>832398803>>832397553>>832400414>>832402145If I came to these pictures does that mean I'm gay?

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why is it so hard to find a good video of a sissy or a girl like this getting assfucked so hard they want to cry, or gagging from getting facefucked

>>832402296Jesus. Does that work?!

>>832403462 just cry after , won't be gay

I really do think that exposure to porn at a young age affected all of us in adverse ways, this fetish being one of them...

>>832402764Sure is. And that's a blown ball bag, not a pussy

>>832403768I’ll blow your ball bag, you son of a bitch.

>>832403468because youre either too lazy/stupid to search for it, or youre to broke to pay for what you want

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>>832402637can someone please answer this fucking question please,

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>>832404021They did.

>>832401890>Go on 4chan>Hop on Holla Forums>Scroll through catalog>Identify trap thread>Enter trap thread>Look at trap pics>Makes bitch post>...has guilty fap later on

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>>832404186Not him but why do you retards act like its a burden to write a comment.

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>>832399300her name is ashley george

>>832404339this is an image board, not a comment board, go back to red.dit faggot

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>>832404456you cant “plebbit newfag” someone to try and hide the fact that youre an idiot. there are more comments than images on this site in general. Its not an image sharing site, that just so happens to be a feature. Newfags calling others plebbit. Like i said youre a retard

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>>832404339That sounds like something a faggot who goes out of his way to complain on the interwebs would say

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That's a man though dude. Very haram

>>832404719>>832404456Butthurt cause you had to comment twice

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>>832397232He'll be a fat balding old man one day

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>>832400579hormonal treatment and there will be no difference, if you add the correct food and good hygiene will smell even better than a cis women



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>>832397232Boy, do I have a treat for you, user

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>>832401863Anyone know who this is?


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>>832405804And the reveal

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>>832405814I got you, faggot

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>>832405729i do


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>>832405881Yes... this pleases me.


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>>832406128>Forgot to mentionOC

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That hair is so metal. This looks to me like a metal head which makes it 10 times more disgusting.

>>832406259Ok. Moneyshot from a video and I'm out besides some scraps

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>>832406305she could get it

>>832406351Yep.Somewhere in the Carolinas if I remember correctly

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>>832406418Ah this goddess

>>832397232So your ideal gf is a bf?

>>832397480Imagine thinking you can tell others what to do? Just imagine being that fucking stupid lol

>>832397480This is a fetish, thats why obese and ugly guys get to fuck some gorgeous traps too.

rate me please

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>>832407578Fairly bony

Rate me Holla Forums

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>>832397232*with a cock because you are a fucking faggot. DIE PLEASE.

>>832403378im agree with you bro

>>832404719Are bows on dicks your fetish or something?


>>832402637>>832404021Yes. I believe the dick is used to make the canal, the ball sack is used for the Labia, and the head is attached at the top to make a pseudo clit. The Head has feeling, but the inside bits are just regular skin.Amazing what is possible nowadays, but its still not perfect and most trans women don't get bottom surgery done. Only those that have severe gender dysphoria will go that far.

>>832397232this, except without the dick.


>>832400579Estrogen fixes the smell thing, and in my own experience: looks like dick


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>>832410289Results aren't always the best though plus it costs like 50k usd minimum

>>832410631Also it makes you an ugly girl with an ugly vagina.Keep the dick ladies, I'll suck it for you.


>>832411411Lol, ain't no self respecting trans girl letting you do that faggot


>>832406417any socials, twitter?

>>832397480He looks sad :(

Your girls have chromosome aberration

>>832397232You mean your ideal boyfriend?

>>832412241this guy is gatekeeping tranny bjs. what are you? some kinda faggot cop?

Here's some oc

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>>832402145You are gonna be hanging from ropes soon enough


>>832415663looks tight ;) would love to get my tongue inside

>>832400088It's literally just a fat man with a tiny dick wearing a wig

>>832415720calm down the both of you are probably shillsthis is a trap thread not a bible thread

>>832415940It's a fresh hole, so good luck with that ;)


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>>832397304fucking CLASSIC forgotten gif. Thanks user for making my night.

>>832415663Wax. Fuck.

>>832416226Society is degenerating.

>>832402764Looks like a mutilated genitalia. He was better off keeping his cock and balls.


>>832415387You haven't met any real ones have you?