Name a better guitarist

Name a better guitarist.

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The guy from Slayer

me. electric guitar is for faggots. >copes incoming


Tom Morello

>>832394988Lil Wayne

>>832395104why are you retards so impressed by this shit

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>>832395201The notes go whooo whhaaah

>>832394988Jimi James Hendrix

>>832394988John Fahey. Buckethead is overrated

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>>832394988Steve Vai

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>>832395072^ this guy and me.

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>>832394988Is this Shitbucket or something like that?

>>832394988Carlos Santana duh.

>>832394988Fred Durst




>>832394988Name a better hat...

>>832394988Dime. Bow before your metal god of shredding!

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>>832396323Yeah, that was real funny. Christ.

>>832394988Stevie Ray Vaughn


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>>832396396If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything.

>>832396427Too bad this shitbag couldn’t be fucked to finish that third record.

>>832394988Jimmy page,eric Clapton, jimi Hendrix, lil wayne

>>832396508You are not a total faggot and not a colossal retard.

>>832394988Slash, Santana, Joe Satriani, Van Halen, Paul Gilbert, Hendrix, Jimmy Page just to name a few

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>>832396590Thank you.

>>832396408>>832396324>>832396115These are good answers.

>>832396396cope cope. Bet your guitar doesn't go Wheeewhaaaa>acoustic fags incoming

>no jeff beckwhat

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Steve vai

>>832396692Slash and Page are massively overrated.

Uhh...uhh I AM!>Plays 3 chords and a pentatonic riffLets see Cuckethead do that!

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Joe Satriani

>>832396427Also>>832396524Yeah, but BMWs are pretty cool tho

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>>832396787Breeow breeow whawhawhaaaoooh chicka frittar tik eeeeooooooooow

>>832396408Only right answer so far. Nobody in this thread plays guitar

>>832396058This. Not even ironically. Probably the greatest solo instrumentalist of all time if we're being

>>832396833This.Slashes trump card is sweet Child of mine when he is losing the crowd.

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>>832396916Vaughn always had that big dick energy no other guitarist I feel has ever had.

Hank marvin or David Gilmour

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>>832396893neeer neeer neeeeeer breeninananana browowwoawwwwww

>>832397101ROCK AND ROLL MOTHER FUUUUCKA!!breeyouuouou whaap whhaaa

Dick dale

>>832396692Slash is trash. Completely overrated.

>>832397044Roy Orbison had big dick stage presence but he also wasn't much of a guitarist

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>>832396692Paul Gilbert was wild back in the day, playing with a fucking drill lol

>>832396865This is the only correct answer. He's the guitarist's guitarist.

>>832396833Izzy was the soul of GNR.

>>832394988Trey Anastasio

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Woohngie Malmsteen


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Eric ClaptonAlbert, Freddy, and BB KingJohn Mayer (no memeing)Mikael Akerfeldt or however it's spelled

>>832396924That was impressive.

>>832394988I judge a guitarist by how many future guitarists and musicians he has influenced. Buckethead hasn't influenced anyone. He might have technical ability on the guitar, but that's about it.

>>832397436Jeff loomis pretty good tho

>>832396692Damn, you really live by the top 10 rock and roll spotify playlist.

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Tyler Larson

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>>832396833slash was like 21 when he recorded Appetite for Destruction, which is really impressive, considering it's one of the best rock albums of all time, in large part to his playing.

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Bucket head is in an entirely different level then most of these guys, but alot of them have one thing in common. They taught themselves how to better play the guitar.I'm sure there are better guitarists then bucket head, but there is no one who can do better what he does

>>832395201Morello is a good guitarist. His RATM stuff doesn't reflect all of his technical ability. But he'd be the first to say he's not an all-time great. That being said, his use of effects and guitar playing was pretty inventive. No need to knock it, for what it is.


>>832394988Seriously everyone listed is a great guitarist. There is no such thing as the best, they each got their individual quirks that make them unique. That’s the beauty of guitar, there is no true standard of greatness.

>>832397650>top 10>spotifybro I was listening to them 10 years before that app even existed, these guitarists are legendary

>>832396833Page is better than you think.

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>>832397929oh yeah sure can you shred at 300 bpm?

>>832398388Yea was so difficult stealing music from Black American blues guitarist back in the day without YouTube

Guthrie Govan


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>>832398433Ummm yes. I’m a guitarist. Shedding is more practice than feeling.

>>832397929this is some truth. although i'd replace guitarist with musician. art is lovely because there is no objective way to rate how "good" it is. If you like it, it is good. If it makes you, feel something it is good. If it makes you think, it is good. If it makes you recall memories, it is good.Fuck I love music. Some songs will make me feel things nothing else ever has. Sometimes I'll sit fucking around playing some stupid ass riff with 13+ effects pedals doing stupid and I'll just feel free........ Life is a pain, and I'd do anything to just not feel the burden of responsibility for a second, and music will do that. Lose yourself in whatever you like, even if just for a moment, and feel free. No reason to hate on others for their ability or preference


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>>832398586>i'd replace guitarist with musicianYes thank you for that correction

>>832394988Hsia aoa osevae h ee disusue

>>832397789Fucking amazing

>>832398460He had his own voice on the instrument, bud. He had a knack for tasteful phrasing as well. Can't steal that.

>>832398424Sucks we didn’t get a lifetime of amazement from Jason.

>>832394988tim henson

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>>832398765love you man, keep spreading positivity.

>>832398807He literally did and the rest of the British Invasion. Any credit goes directly to Robert Johnson. Go back to your newspaper boomer!

>>832394988Just about anyone......kys faggot.

>>832395067>copes incomingHow'd that work out for you?

>>832398807Not really. Hitting your guitar with a bow like a retard doesn’t give you “voice”.

>>832399004Nitpick more, you have no argument.

>>832399083Cope more. Page was shit.

>>832396924>>832396058This. Its no contest. Jesus is a Dying Bed Maker is a folk acoustic standard

>>832398940Yeah Page and Johnson have completely identical playing and there's no way to tell them apart by ear.

Jimi Hendrix

>>832399117Nice no argument, like I said.

>>832396058You’ve got great taste, user

off the top of my head: hendrix, rhodes, colbain...

>>832399176This was never an argument. Page is overrated shit, and you have no other rebuttal other than his “voicing”.

>>832397338Get fucked hippie

>>832394988Django Reinhardtjimi hendrixJohn ScofieldMichael Hedgesoff the top of my head. Bucket head is amazing but he's not the best.

>>832399347Voicing is probably the most important quality any soloist can have.


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>>832399458And there’s plenty of guitarists, even within this thread, that have better voicing. He’s overrated, sorry.

>>832394988John 5

>>832399564You'll develop taste one day, bud.

>>832394988Too much apple pie, David Gedge.

fucking /thread people.

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>>832399358I don't look like what you think I do.Also, he is an amazing guitarist, whether you like his music or not.

>>832399593I’m good. Enjoy your overrated guitarist.


>>832396692Check out his cover of Hey Joe. Impressive

>>832397097Gilmour is awesome

>>832397360you mean wingie melmstien?

>>832396058HOLY BASED

>>832394988Check and mate

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>>832396058This is the only correct answer ITT. Every other answer here is generic boomer shit

>>832394988I love Day Of The Robot and Bermuda Triangle from him. Really interesting stuff. Colma is great too. He plays acoustic really nicely.


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Alexi Laiho hands down

>>832397938and how does that justify the fact tht are the only ones you know? But hey, it's okay.You can look up for >Jason Becker >Steven Siro Vai>John Petrucci>Paul Gilbert>Matias Kupiainen>Mattias Eklundh>Ronald BlumenthalCheck em out, dude!

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>>832399812REEEEEE fucking contrarian

Tim henson

>>832394988Steve Harvey

>>832400254you're so underground bro

>>832398855came here to post this

Bucketheads stuff isnt that accessible. If your output is raging torrent its just going to whiz past anyone trying to find some songs to listen to.>Pike 7849832I like his idea of recording jamming along to his laptop and calling it an albumThere are far more guitarists i actually watch and listen to than him. Technically brilliant prodigy virtuosos are now ten a penny thanks to the internet. check out this goofy looking kid. the reason buckethead wears mask and bucket is he looks like that

$99 Squier.

>>832400390I’m sorry you like overrated guitarists, dude. You’ll live.

Guthrie Govan?

>>832400570Thats all just soulless guitar wankery even the people who play it know this. Animals as leaders for ex

>>832399139People get sued for those things today.

>>832400587Is your personally really that lacking that you desperately need to find a sense of self-identity in lesser known guitar players?

>>832400726I think this kid understands that.

>>832394988either of these 2

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>>832400702Sadly all these dorks ITT don't know who that is

>>832398939Based. Musicianship is a thing of love, not a competition. Only a true artist realizes that. All non artists argue, even though they have no understanding of it.

>>832397789Definitely worth the watch

>>832398903Underrated. Very thoughtful player.

You can't.

>>832394988John Scofield, Path Metheny, Joe Pass

>>832394988Buckethead is the best guitarist but if you want to see him live you have to wait

>>832398855The muppet guy played?

Frank Zappa

Kurt Cobain killed the guitar hero and we guitarists should thank him for the ego check.

Josh martin

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>>832397585Buckethead totally influenced me to get a guitar after playing guitar hero II NO doubt

Went to a Buckethead show once. Got bored after 30 minutes and left. Yeah he can shred but it has no soul to it

>>832401042Had the same experience with Yngwie Malmsteen

>>832400782Are you really so upset over some stranger on an anonymous image board not liking your favorite musician you result to projections and insults?

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>>832400844We know. And we know Tom Quayle. Its crap wankery verging on elevator "jazz,"

>>832401166youre thinking way too hard bro, it took me 5 seconds to type that

>>832401149Dream Theater for me. I literally fell asleep 15 minutes into the set.


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>>8324002541.) I gotta ask you to never spell out steve's name againB.) He already had Gilbert on his list

>>832400984Naw, Kurt didn't kill the guitar hero, he just created a new breed of it after he turned the "Jaded Cowboy Chord playing junkie" into an image

>>832400984Fuck that, bring back 80's shred.

Tosin Abasi

Probably the most underrated guitarist is Bernard Butler from Suede. His playing on their debut album is insane.

>>832400010That's the one, wangy moomstunes


>>832397325This. Izzy was the fuckin man. Sucks he's still a hermit and refuses to come out

>>832396125nah, fucking overrated nigger

>>832398424Sad story. Dude was out of this fuckin world good.

>>832394988jason becker, tosin abasi


>>832400208"Heres Mildew"

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>>832396125Not even a discussion

>>832401682wingo moomsten, got it.

>>832400254>steven siro vaiLol

>>832401366Checked. And Gilmour was a huge inspiration for me. I always loved how he can bend any note and make it fit anywhere.

>>832394988Guthrie GovanJohn PetrucciTosin Abasi

No Yngwie?

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Robin Trower. He's still alive AND he's still

Eddie shreds

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>>832397241Virtuosity is over-ratedThe whole idea of rock is you could learn 3 chords and be on your way

>>83239700910/10 only real og's know him

>>832404024Eddie shreds, but the man cannot write a song to save his lifeHe can only write riffsDave and Sammy had to go over his stuff, write lyrics and shape it into songsThat's why we've never had an Eddie Van Halen solo album

>>832394988What makes a good guitarist, technical skill or the ability to write a good song?

>>832394988John Frusciante

John 5

>>832404108Songwriting is a totally different animal from just being able to play

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Jeff Hanneman !!

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>>832404108The ability to demonstrate that you have a soul. That's why speed metal sucked so bad.

>>832394988Yourself if you learnt to play

>>832396125Isn't he dead? Then how is he being a better guitarist being in the ground? Get my point you suckers?

>>832394988your kidding, right?loomis, of course.

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>>832404108Being able to communicate information just by playing the instrument.


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>>832398424Came here for this. Influenced many of the greats, and if it weren’t for the disease he would’ve had a long lasting reign in the guitar world.

Adam Jones.

>>832404197Yes sir yes sir yes sir

>>832394988No one. And I think C2B3 is the best supergroup

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>>832404108They are both different skills entirely and it's hard to compare. One one hand, if you're a skilled enough songwriter you really only need to know 3 chords to impress people. On the other hand, if you had good technical skills you could impress people with just instrumentation and no lyrics

>>8323963661.4 million Russian least....

>>832402014YOU instead are underestimated. You are certainly a master at ringing the doorbell and making an "o" with a glass. Professor of bar talk and things like that. You can certainly count to 3, say by heart the names of the 7 dwarfs and that the notes are 7. Ah, yes, only one thing you don't know: who is Jimi Hendrix.

john frusciante

Eric JohnsonJohn 5Jimi HendrixJ.J. CaleDave Dederer Raw dawgifnot ok get fucked

My buddy Eric is pretty good at guitar. Before covid we used to get little ceasar's pizza and then go to guitar center and hang out while he played guitars.

>>832396058mi negro.

>>832394988Elton John

>>832398424This every time.

Easy. Justin Beiber. All day long!

>>832397585This being one of the standards, Ronnie Montorse and Michael Schenker, (esp. at 18 on during the UFO era) have been under rated, but not by the musicians. A lot of later guitarists cite these two.



>>832394988Fucking normal fag.

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>>832394988Considering I have no idea who that is, should be easy.Yngwie Malmsteen

>>832394988Eddie Van halen

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Dave Mustaine

haha line6 fm4 go brrrr

John 5

>>832399812If anything page deserves more credit

>>832399898Buddy Guys is way better

>>832397786Wow wow wakka wakkaWow wow wakka wakka wakkaWow wow wakka wakkaWow wow wakka wakka wakkaBulls on parade!

>>832396058check out dylan golden


>>832401042That's odd, I took my nephew who knew very little about Buckethead & he was entertained the entire time.

>>832408309Thanks for the rec user. Man what an incredible sounding 12 string

>>832404707This is my feeling and it crosses genres. The ability to make a song that can affect me emotionally, whether it be a head nod or a tear or a smile, is much more valuable to me than someone who can soullessly noodle their way through complex scales. Any person who devotes enough time can learn the technical shit. Music is visceral and conveying something special within that construct is much more rare.


>>832394988Cliff Burton

>>832394988Guthrie Govan. Tim Henson. Tosin Abasi. Jason Richardson. Plini. Ichika. Yvette Young. Etc. I like Bucket Head. But he's no end all be all.

>>832397528>TYou're so fucking stupid how can you say Mikael is better than Buckethead omgThe rest I'm okay with...I understand the thing about style but Opeth's fucking metal...and Buckethead plays put in th same fucking league, BH is way better than MA

Not the best guitar player, but mock ronson had a pretty badass style and tone on those couple blwie albums

Mateus Asato

>>832394988dimebag derrellbuckethead is actually just an autist

>>832394988I knew a guy who recorded with him. I think he shut down the session until they brought in fucking straw or hay or something to throw on the ground so he felt like he was in a barnyard. Was a long time ago.

>>832409632autism is the new master race

I quite like Neil Young's playing.

I didn't read the thread, I'm just popping in to say that anyone who values woodlywoodlywoodlywoodlywoo over songwriting and simple, memorable melodies is a mouth breather.

>>832396366That breakdown at the end of 'Slaughtered.'

>>832409798This isn't a songwriting thread.

Angus young u faggots

>>832409835found one.

>>832408084Marty Friedman

>>832409920I have sinus problems, what do you want from me?

Shocked that Derek trucks hasn't been mentioned in this thread. Also JJ cale and steve cropper are among my favs not mentioned.

>>832410055I find slide to be an overrated method of guitar playing.

>>832409982I laughed. All is forgiven

>>832410120There's literally no other player that can play slide at the level trucks does. He's made it it his own style.

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>>832394988Anyone who’s written something I enjoy listening to.No offense to Bucket, Vai, Malmsteen, etc. But write a fucking song.In b4 For the Love of God, yawn

>>832394988frank gambale and greg howe are two. come on you guys

>>832400702Fucking thank you. As far as technicality goes, this dude is the best, and unlike Vai and other virtuoso players, I can actually stand to listen to his music for more than 10 minutes

>>832410199It still has that distinct slide sound that I don't like.


>>832396692all because they're popular. guitarists exist that will knock your fucking socks off and make these guys look like dumb parodies of themselves

>>832396366RIP! I remember that morning very wel..

>>832410486Each to their own I suppose but I wouldn't say his technique is overrated when literally no one else can do what he does.

>>832400042YOU SON OF A BITCH

>>832410570Fair, I meant the sound that using a slide creates on the string if that clears things up.


>>832394988Steve VaiTosin AbasiAlex Lifeson

SUM 41

Jerry Cantrell

How has no one talked about the teacher yet?

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cant belove he even hasnt been mentioned

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>>832408774yeah he's pretty tight, check out his other songs

>>832411058reggie wooten is ridiculous

>>832409819suicide note part 2 is like some of the greatest fucking shredding on a guitar I've ever heard..

>>832403914Yngwie's first 3 albums were amazing, but now he's such a goddamn tired gimmick of a person.

Skwisgaar Skwigelf


>>832411988He really is super underrated man! Ran a half-marathon recently and Pantera was about half the music on the playlist. Sucks how he died, totally unfair.

>>832398855Now that's what I called based

>>832397044It was the way he'd bend those big fucking strings like it was nothing

I used to hear rumors about this guy Eric. He used to get pizza at Little Cesar's and then hang out at guitar center and jam out on the nice guitars. Local legend.

>>832410534>all because they're popular.>Hendrixsounds like you just lack any proper understanding of guitar history. sure today there are more technical guitarists than these names but many of them were legends for their time. Jimi was 5-10 years early

Paul Waggoner from Between the Buried and MeListen to Colors and tell me he's not one of the best

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>>832397747/threadMetropolis Pt. II

The best technical death metal writer of the modern era

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>>832394988John Frusciante

>eddie>yngwie>mike orlando>john petrucci>john frusciante>herman li / sam totman>zakk wyldecan't be fucked to think of more

>>832394988Anyone who has never touched a guitar.

>>832394988Frank MarinoTony IommiPaco de LuciaAlex LifesonVictor JohnsonAndres SegoviaZakk WyldeBut, don't get me wrong. Buckethead is top tier. I listened to 'Longing' yesterday, and it is extremely evocative.

>>832398990its the unwritten (You)s that really mattergo play some screamo u fag

>>832395464absolute unit philosophy

>>832399117'Good Times, Bad Times' off their first album was amazing. 'Dazed and Confused'. JFC user...

I was actually at the concert in Anchorage where Iggy melstorm got hit in the hand by the beer bottle. He can out and said "fuck you, assholes" with a swedish. I laughed and laughed. I hated him. Anyway Quiet Riot came out nexy and blew the doors off the Sully. I was soooo stoned.


>>832394988Samuel P Bennet


steve vai

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>>832400219>Alexi LaihoYou've activated my Finnish trap card. Neoclassical Nose Man goes SSSWWWEEEPPPJari ends /thread

>>832397338never thought I'd see another phan here in hell, I raise you a Jerry

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Donald Roeser of Blue Oyster Cult. Listen to the bridge in don't fear the reaper. Not my favorite BöC song but it'll give you and idea of his talent

>>832396058Finally, a true music lover.

>>832396115And Joe Satriani

>>832396125Overrated. He became famous for being the only negro in Woodstock and that’s about it. Negros have so few heroes to choose from that everyone of them is overrated.

>>832394988Scott Pilgrim

>>832397789Her playing is overdubbed. It's hilarious, but she's extremely competent, and didn't play 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' for Don Segovia.

>>832398522Checked.But shedding is more about rubbing against hard things, like rocks.

>>832400905Or you could just go to Bucketheadland.

>>832415191>only negro in Woodstock Nigger!

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>>832411076Way too based for the likes of these ignorant casuals.

>>832405593Stranglehold is gonna be one of my favs til I die, but Buckethead thrashes him.

>>832414469I was there.How's Mo?

Mick Ronson

Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins. Both amazing guitarists, and made an album together too.