Start the doll thread, you doll fuckers! Show how you fuck your doll!

start the doll thread, you doll fuckers! Show how you fuck your doll!

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this is ME, fucking my doll. jelly much?

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She is super tight, why haven't you bought a doll yet?

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I wonder when they'll be able to react. I find whimpering oddly arousing.

Kara and I checking in o/ Hello doll anons!

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>>832394354>>832395022>>832395992all nice

>>832394895You can run a wimpering mp3 file while fucking them you know

>>832394100Where should I get one like yours?

>>832396213It's a Debbie doll, search for Debbie doll

>>832394147Actually, that's me, and my doll.>>832396213She's a 135cm doll4ever Debbi, I got her from

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>>832396466Damn, cute doll. Post more.

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>>832396189I wish project melody would do a track of her moaning until orgasm. Her moans are so cute.

>>832394100>>832394147>>832394198Videos or gifs please?

>>832396832those gold pants need to be gold short shorts

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>>832394147Grape jelly, all the time. On toast, please.

>>832395022show us her pussy, dood.

good mid teir dolls, priced 1-3k or (1-3k)dh168 (1-2k) (also sells other mfg including catdoll, piperdoll, d4e, ect, approved vendor 1-2k and often cheaper due to deals) (800-1.5k) (1-2k)d4e (1.5-2.5k)jydoll (can be seen on hgdoll 1-2k) (500-2k, reseller for silicone at markup)axb (generally supercheap, if you find random ones that dont match any other seller it might be an axb) (500-1.5k) (clones, 1-2k) (lot of sub 1k, iffy quality) (500-2k) (alloy skelly, 1-2k, details somewhat unknown)silicone:dsdoll or (sister sites, all models available from both, also (2-4.5k) (2-4.5k)gynoid (4-6k)(recent material and construction issues, order with care)aikodoll(US based, 60/80cm) (500-800) (2-2.5k) XYColo advanced skelly(~$4k)3rd parties(can be cheaper or more expensive, check with the mfg site) DS distributor) (good as an infodump, not great as a seller, does have some uncommon stuff) (some are slightly higher than oem, but lots of options in one spot)sexye aliexpress store (moderate quality knockoffs of stuff like DSdolls but in TPE) (seems decent, prices are about right, unknown) (unknown/newish, seem to have good variety and prices)rule of thumb is to ALWAYS buy from the manufacturer


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>>832396832Is this a "MultiPass" costume? pretty nice>>832398348This looks really sexy for some reason

>>832396466Awsome. Fuck her ass please.

>>832399304>>832399341>>832399367Fuck, this doll is a turn offI would rather just jerk off


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>>832399274what doll is this?

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>>832400617here we go

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>>832400912FuckI'm hard

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>>832401779play Spiderman

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whats it like to fuck doll ass

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>>832401953soft and tight like a baby's asshole

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>>832402420yo, show us more of that black dick, nigga'

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>>832400344Well atleast he's getting laid.

>>832400863catdoll sasha

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>>832400705Ummm... moar?


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>>832403795This your's? I see the site list but where'd you get this one

>>832404075Yes that's my doll. Sinodoll 162cm + s30 head.I order through Thesilverdoll

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>>832403702That's the hottest doll I've ever seen holy fuck

Are Piper dolls any good?

>>832401078>>832400617yo where do you buy these?

>> and

>>832404980I have had a Piper doll since dec and am very happy with her. I don't have any other dolls to compare with, but she seems great quality to me and is holding up very well so far. Only slight complaint is that the eyes are sometimes difficult to position, but its not a big issue.

>>832400344The face of Holla Forums

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made you look

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>>832406433ya spelled it wrong

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literally kill yourselves

Attached: 111184.jpg (870x720, 603.96K) am on pornhub, I have videos

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>>832405591Which doll?

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Fucking pedophiles


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So is there like some crazy guy going around pretending to be other dollbros?



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>>832409729Seems so.

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I dropped my dolls head in some dirt and now there's this brown mark I can't get out. It's tpe and looks like it's seeped in there pretty deep like dye.

>>832409987have you tried mineral oil?

>>832409987I use baking soda toothpaste with peroxide to get out stains.

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>>832409987First of all. What the fuck were you doing that you dropped your dolls head in dirtSecondly, wash your doll and if a stain remains then look up TPE stain removers for your doll.

>>832403513any video of you fucking the billie doll lookalike?

>>832410079I used baby oil and just kept rubbing it in hoping it would fade away, but it's pretty much looking like brown dye.

>>832410419Hmm, maybe give the baking soda toothpaste someone else suggested a try. Other than that there are special TPE stain removers you can buy from doll vendors, but they aren't cheap.

>>832410088I'll give it a try when stores open. >>832410112I was moving and her head fell out of her unsealed box when o opened the car door. Her head tumbled into the dirt and grass. Got all the other dirt and stains out except for a deep brown mark on her face.

>>832402420>>832403332Sweaters look soo gud on her, is this one new? I haven't seen her wearing that sweater before>>832403513>>832403638>>832403795>>832404262>>832404306I will say it again, you make such an awesome work with her clothes, you have really good taste and that's not cheap looking, how much do you spend just on her clothing alone? I can't imagine Can you post her Twitter again? I can't get enough of your girl>>832407891Nice>>832409729At least one guy doing it, could be more, he is trying to doxx doll owners, he is also this racist guy >>832402593

>>832410688How do you know he's trying to dox them?

Any videos of loli dolls being fucked, preferably with deep creampies in them?

anyone own Piperdoll Iris? stuck between her and Ariel

how would you fuck my doll

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>>832411641hot glue

>>832410968I'm just guessing, he usually posts links to 3rd party message apps or chatrooms, probably trying to lure people and get more information from the doll owners themselves, 4chan deletes the metadata in the photos but naive anons sending DMs or posting in chatrooms could get their location and address exposed, an address is the key to a full doxxingThere was some autistic dude talking about how he was going to "expose your disgusting pedophile hobby to everyone so you will live in shame forever" and shit, that was probably this same guy, but this is just speculationhe was harassing the sinodoll owner for 2 threads to make him post a pic of himself, now the dickpic is posted every time sinodoll user posts his doll

>>832412504I wouldn't be surprised if it was blowmold himself. with a weak attempt at phishing.

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>>832412714I was about to say it's probably blowjob with his retarded bullshit again

>new elf doll came in last week>its been in triple digit heat>barely enough energy to use>even less to pose and take proper picswinter when

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>>832398727i dont think i can go through all these slow loading sites. any 7-9mo pregnant dolls?

>>832413085use the heat to your advantage so you don't have to heat your doll

>>832413085that's some weird looking doll.

>>832414158did you expect some human face with elf ears? TOO BAD

>>832413085Looks cute!

>>832400344Exactly what I always expected.

>>832414484Every other video disproves what you expected

>>832403470Xev Bellringer did a video kind of like this but with an "older" doll.

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>>832414589:O perfection!!

>>832401078>>832401779agreed. More diapered loli dolls

My first doll arrived! Meet my sweet girl.

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>>832415050Nice~Congratulations user

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>>832398348Came bucket loads. Thx for sharing user:)

Want to see something amazing? Google who invented sex dolls SS

>>832415050Congrats :]

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>>832400344This is a man I could literally murder. For some reason I absolutely hate him so fucking much.

>>832415050looks like some Puerto rican whore

>>832415138Thank you! Now to find good clothes for her, and practice photos. Can't wait til I have many photos to share with y'all. Also, thank you to those who helped me with the decision process earlier this year.

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>>832409878Ive never felt so bad for something without a pulse.


>>832415699fuck her now

>>832415506Why? Motherfucker is taking care of himself. Sure he's a fat fuck and prolly knows it. He most likely gets his rocks off by yes fucking his tiny dolls but also by posting his shit. Whatever works as long as it's legal. Maybe you should get your rocks off too user.

>>832408329These are non-fucking pedophiles. The fucking ones wouldn't bother with a doll.

>>832415506why, because he resembles you?

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>>832416144The fingers wiggling is kind of freaking me out.

>>832415344I hope to get to your level of photos one day! Hehe.

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>>832416144Breh them fingers

>>832416144looks like she's playing an invisible piano

>>832416266Dubs of truth.

>>832396466nice bro.wanna fuck it together?

>>832416144Looks like terror shivers. Try again nigger

>>832415826We need sex robots now.

>>832415050You bought Dora the Explorer.

>>832416979Fucking kek

>>832416979Lol. Yeahh.... I need to style the hair, and bye pink shirt. Lol

>>832416296This image makes her look like she has downs syndrom