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>you will never have a khajiit gfwhy even live?

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hey my last pc's CMOS shit the bed and I can't find my IBM screwdrivers. please post your best so I can sauce 'emthanks,- earl -

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>>832395292>human pussywhy

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>>832395330why not both?

>>832395330because that shit you posted is disgusting.

>>832395398pussy's pussy manwhen you get to be my age you take what you can get

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honestly human pussy is best pussy tho... but if the opportunity was granted to me I wouldn't be picky.

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>>832396011oh holy shit that anime is outI was monitoring it months agoI suppose I better watch itwas it good?

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>>832396089my roommate had me watch some, it's cute

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>>832394887okay then user, kill yourself now please.

>>832396089I haven't watched it yet, i just think the characters are cute

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>>832396089If you're looking for good visual direction and nothing else than its enjoyable.

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>>832396089I'd suck a fart out of Michiru's ass

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>>832396666quads of truth

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What should I do on mushrooms later? Anime might actually be interesting, I used to be a bit of a closet weeb, admittedly.

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>>832397194>What should I do on mushrooms later?go for a walk i the woods you pleb

>>832397269I won't be able to see anything considering it's almost a new moon. I'll take them earlier in the day next time, if it isn't miserably hot and humid.

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>>832395204sauce this fgt

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>>832397356>I won't be able to see anything considering it's almost a new moon.ooooh yes you will. bring a flashlight

>>832397194imagine doing drugs lmao, fucking cringe.Honestly doesn't surprise me someone like you need drugs.

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>>832397482>imagine doing drugs lmao, fucking cringe.mushrooms=/=heroin you fucking lobrow tard

>>832397444Yeah I'm not about to do that just yet lol. I'm probably going to stare at and smell all of the plants and flowers on my back porch, meditate, and just listen to trippy music, but maybe something different to entertain myself, something new and perhaps more exciting than what I usually do.>>832397482Everyone needs to do mushrooms at least once in their life. I'm doing it for spiritual purposes so I can better myself, and use it as a treatment for depression.

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>>832397574drugs are drugs retard.

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Everything is made of drugsprodrug: 1, antidrug: 0

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>>832397395>>832397574people that try heroin and meth get addicted. people that do mushrooms go "holy shit omfg I wasn't ready for this" and then they get a job and raise kids.

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>>832397619>use it as a treatment for depressionprepare your anusyou are responsible for your actions and there is no escape from that. you made your bed now lie in it.

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>>832397872I did .7g a couple weeks ago, and this time I'm thinking about 1.3g, but I'm tiny too. I'm not going to take a high dose just yet, I'm going to start slow, but I want more experience first because I'll definitely do them again in the future. I'm a bit of a psychonaut who's never had the opportunity to explore psychedelics until recently.

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>>832397902Nice dress

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>>832398842Is that their mom

>>832398882Maybe. If so then Zoqi's mom is even hotter than Zoqi himself.

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>>832399013Why is he keeping his mom to himself

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>>832396666Better than "cuck wolf and slut bunny - the netflix animation".

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>>832399577MY PANDO

>>832400903Imagine thinking she could be satisfied by only 1 human dick

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>>832400453the rhinoceros fight was cool but all the girly baseball and singing crap in most of the episodes was boring and a bit annoying

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>>832398294d0 2 gs' one every 90 minutes

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>>832400944i also have human brew for her, she'd love it.

>>832402702Do you mean piss?

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>>832402563I wish she were on my face, I want to taste all of that

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I'm gonna take my shrooms and play Smash with my brothersLater, furends

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>>832402722no, i mean whisky

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>>832393703I'm Canadian and Lol

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>>832403662>>832403688wait that's incest

What do I dinner?

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>>832403753youtube.com/watch?v=Qq27USSvA08WatPintrest also has some bean and collard soul food?>>832403784>Big think

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It's my birthday today.I like canines, felines, and equines.

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>>832404338This soul is over 9000 seasons old!Happy unbirth....... Regular birthday!

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also im thinkin ramen.

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birthday material is iffy on e6

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>>832404802LOL wtf. Wish this had the sound.

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i saved a horse just for you

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>>832393530Someone for real came to this.


she fat

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going to bed bye

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and another of her

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>>832405284noooooo k

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thanks to the person (or persons) posting birthday pics

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>>832397902nice feet

>>832403229loser gets creampied

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>>832405424How many times have you been around the sun!?

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double ramen?!?

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no connection

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>>832406316would unwrap

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>>832393530that fatass won't be flying south for the winter


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>>832406385looks young for their age

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stop body-shaming the birb

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it seems like only every other post actually posts

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>>832397626>There is no middle groundHave you ever used any kind of medication in your life? what a shitter, imagine using drugs

>>832406609please if i ever need a blowjob from a bird i know where to go

>>832393703We need more pics like this.

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note: whatever that potsticker sauce was, it did not make for a good ramen flavor base.

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>>832407835potsticker is like American Jiaozi right?

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>>832408542yeahprolly the same thingyou get them in plastic bags too? then i guess they are the same thing

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>>832396089the art style makes me think of neon-tokyo infused akira. It has the lines and city scapes that match old darker anime, but with a happy vibrant color pallet shifted into magintas and cyans. Sort of a sailor moon style colour design.The story unfortunately seems to be a generic magical girl / and mary sue type personality. Im Okay with that, its like eating candy. You know you like to do it and will do it, even if it leaves you unsatisfied after 5 minutes.

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>>832393530Afternoon guys



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>>832410560Do you want me to edit the balls off that picture and I'm trying not to go insane after I was put in ROM

>>832410606if you want

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>>832410661Give me a sec


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evryone dedworld is peace

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>>832414037ur alive!

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>>832414253I've been dying since the day i was born

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>>832414625better than being undead.?

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>>832414763can't compare the two

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>>832414831they both have their ups and downs

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Work was a bigger shitshow than I was expecting today, life is suffering.

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>>832415351whats a normal shitshow like?

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Good morning, furfags. How's life. today will be a veeeery good day.youtube.com/watch?v=lnNP9CVOT5Q

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>>832415759life is averagebedsleep soon

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>>832415842Take risks and make it above average ;-)Good night so.

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>>832415453Everything is broken and crashing and on fire, but this time it was that and my first shift managing without any training with a bartender who had no training either on a weekend.

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>>832416052my luck is not good enough to make most riskd worth it.>>832416073damn weekends!g'night dudes n babes

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>>832416287You can cheat luck by carefully calculating the risks.What are you studying or working as ?If you want to go to bed, please do.

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>>832416465nothingNEET afzzz

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>>832393530>every day we stray farther from godsome body commissioned a literal fucking demon to jack off to I swear. that fat bird wolf with tits is just horrifying man.

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>>832416751Can't agree more. Frankly, the demonic horrors we can encounter on e621 are baffling ...

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>>832417100Why are they looking at me