What's/b/ drinking tonight?

What's/b/ drinking tonight?

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>>832392576water, since i'm not a fucking loser

buckfast mate


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>>832392576>What's/b/ drinking tonight?Cheap red wine. Plenty of it.

>>832392576Gin, so I dont feel weird going to this happy ending parlor. My Nigerian roommate is coming with, he's hilarious when he's drunk.

watah nigga stay hydrated

>>832392576Montezuma gold

>>832392576peruvian pisco and my woman pussy juice.

Vodquila and gatorade

>>832392576Water. You cunt.

grain alcohol diluted with whatever carbonated drink i have in the fridge

Funneling Coors light alone, high fiving nobody, then texting my ex making six figures and engaged.

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My uncle just got hospitalize for alcohol induced psychosis, so I'm not drinking tonight.

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>>832393252Wet brain?

>>832393402You mean water on the brain? No.


My nephew injected oranges with everclear and I'm eating them

>>832393252jesus man how much does he drink?

>>832393446Dont know if you're joking but wernicke-korsakov just in case

>>832392576nectar of the gods

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>>832392576Steel Reserve.Mixed with some weed, it gets me pretty fucked up.

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Water or pepsi zero

>>832393822is it frozen inside? doesn't this indicate shit-tier alcohol?

Vodka and benadryl. Saves vodka and I have bananas dreams.

>>832394173Shouldn't be frozen like that

>>832392576A couple 25 oz Natty tallboys.

maybe some tequila, maybe vodka. might have a little of both

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>>832393042water is for ducks

>>832394173>>832394217lol you guys are drunk

Coffee. It's 9am.

Jagger and a cart of gorilla glue.

>>832393744Nah it's definitely not that. He's in a whole other world rn.


>>832392576ur mum squirt

A few beers waiting for the boys to make plans before we bail and I go to bed on 4 beers

Kalumba mixed with ginger ale

>>832392576fucking nowt the dishes are dirty

I'm drinking water. stay hydrated, Holla Forumsros

>>832394263Hayley no, take a night off please

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sparkling water after my AA meetingfucking shoot me

>>832392634Someone must have had an alcoholic relative.


>>832392576Alcohol drinkers are gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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>>832398792Careful, all that sugar is going to mess with your bed time!

>>832392576Liberal tears, just like yesterday.

>>832394173Those are cotton balls lol. People put them along with xmas lights in bottles to make a decorative lamp.

>>832392576coors. The real question however is what am I snorting? Coke probably.

>>832396315Looks like an off brand Smirnoff

>>832393920Based Pontius is basedWhy aren't we all watching a movie or a stand up

>>832392576stolen wine from my parents liquor cabinet.

>>832396315it's poison now. don't drink stoli from latvia.>>832402221putin don't send us the good stoli no more

>>832392576cheap ass blended canadian whiskey

>>832392576Drink is gay weed is the way

>>832402515sad thing is you're probably in your 30s

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>>832402476Pontius is a fucking legend.


>>832402569hey moron,stoli supports the lgbt community.your clearly some american idiot

Makers Mark


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>>832402630am 19, cant go back to college bcuz amerifag

vodka straight from the bottle i dont give a fuck

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Watching bloodshot its pretty good so far

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>>832402634>>832402476does he still live in his truck?

Alabama slammers

>>832402652enjoy your blindness and schizophrenia>either from the hand-sanitizer-grade stoli or weapons-grade sissy porn

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>>832402750kekI don't think so.

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>>832392576Some evan williams in a bit

>>832402775are you stupid? i never said i drank stoli you god damn idiot.its for faggots and soylent connoseurs like you apparently

>>832392576Gin and tonic

>>832402853ok virgin

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Had a couple of 1L modelo especial barrel beers with my brother at 1pm, followed by tequila all the way until now, just switched to bacardi solera. If I still want to drink after my guests leave (of course I will) there's some cheap whiskey to knock me out.

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>>832393731he's 61 and i dont know how much he drinks but definitely a daily drinker for decades

>>832393252you don't have to do it in front of him you retard, just go in another room

>>832393252sounds made up,i bet your a liberal

I like to mix with dr pepper

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>>832394263no hailey,please.my boner is to hard at the thought of drinking some tequila thats been in your glorious butthole

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>>832403520Of course I'm Liberal, I'm Canadian.

>>832392576Dr pepper

At least one of these.

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>>832403672>im canadianoh god,im gonna die laughing

>>832403861>patronlol,how does it feel to have wasted money on sub par tequila


>>832402739Looks delicious

Nothing... and I’m thirsty as fuck.

>>832403993time to tap the ass keg

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>>832403927That's how I felt when I got it for free.Cazadores kicks it's dick in for what I use it for and that... is margaritas

>>832402739great taste user

4 loko.

Moosehead dry ice

Tap water, no ice.

>>832392576Sailor Jerry and my girl's piss in a highball glass mixed with a swizzle stick.

>>832404138Thanks it's hard to find but when I do I always grab it

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>>832392699checked most red pilled drink there is. You a Scot?

>>832392576$5 Target brand wine and Coors Light to back it up if needed. Feeling redneck tonight.

>>832404283is your girlfriends name hayley williams?


>>832404347i got that single barrel jack daniels this week.i feel like its to expensive to mix with coke but im not exactly sure,since all ive ever drank with jack daniels is coke

>>832404589well,did her piss taste good at least

>>832404608Never had single barrel. Just running standard octane.

Drinking a soda and smoking some fucking amazing bud

>>832404630It's a fun garnish. Wouldn't drink it straight or with anything weaker, because it's mostly about us getting a kick out of it.


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>>832403861Are you in Texas?

>>832405426yeah,ive never had it either.i usually just get jack daniels rye or regular jack.im assuming from the price its drank straight but ive always thought jack daniels wasnt the type of booze you drank straight

>>832404019you know,all jokes aside.ive always thought hayley williams was hot as fucki feel like a fag because i only really listen to paramore because she's hot

12) large dried papaver somniferium podsgrind in coffee or spice grinder.Steep in ~6ozs waterPour ever coffee grounds.Allow ground to brews.Opium infused coffee.TRIP BALLZ!

>>832405700she isn't too hot anymore, kinda fucked herself up with alcohol and maltnutrition all jokes aside, its pretty sad

>>832392634fpbpDrinking some san pel, just finished doing some lifting.

>>832392576Gin to get a buzz going, then a fat growler I bought to go from this restaurant I went to earlier with some friends. Fuckin COVID man

im drinking gay white claws tonight

My life away I suppose.That's 6 litres in the pic. By Monday I'll have drunk 12

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>>832406352nice floors. i feel bad for the white person you're renting from.

>>832406352and what shit hole 3rd world country do you live?

>>832392576brisk fruit punch

>>832406465Manitoba. Winnipeg. It's like the armpit of Canada. The only place in the country besides the far north regions that has issues with clean drinking water.

>>832405590I chase it with cola. Getting old, cant shoot it raw dog. But I like the little bit of caffeine with it.

Do any of you pussies homebrew? Real men make their own beer.

>>832405577Wondering the same.

>>832407059i bet your homebrew tastes like a hooker with a yeast infection

White russian

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>>832393920Steel reserve will do that on it's own mate, no need to pile on the degeneracy.

>>832394236That's not even enough to get buzzed tho

>>832392634Fpbp 4th day sober from that waste of money.

>>832394349What shithole are you posting from?

Water. I quit drinking for the most part like 7 months ago. Sink a few for me, /brothers.

>>832394535Same except I drink 10


>>832397461That sounds terrible, hang in there bro.

>>832398792>furry diabetus juiceGaayy!!

>>832392576I have Kahlua, Baileys Irish Cream, some cheap vodka, about 2 shots of Bacardi rum, half bottle of red wine and 3 bottles of beer, what can I make?

>>832402111>probably Crushed up tylenol and speed more likely

>>832398792I mean at that point soda is arguably worse depending on how much alcohol you're drinking, alcohol in moderation isn't going to hurt you, but soda is a one way trip to rotten teeth and diabeetus.

>>832403215Nice. Wish I could do an all day binge. Not gonna happen till the kids are older.

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>>832408364Mix it all in a big jar!

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>>832405515Yo ho, yo ho, you’re GAY

>>832407293Mmm delicious

>>832407059I homebrew mead, not beer, because I'm not a basic bitch.

>>832408806Mead is one step away from prison wine. Beer actually takes effort to make. The only thing mead has going for it is honey is expensive af

>>832404202How's the wagecuck life treating you user? Still in the Southside of town?


dark and stormy


>>832392576Wish I was old enough to drink

Bulmers big laaaaad

>>832392576Vodka Sobieski, polish trash.

lot 40 aka that good good

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>>832392576Rich and Rare, because I'm not the former and it's not the latter.

Some homemade wine

>>832403861Not gonna argue with your taste in scotch, except that you seem to have drank all the Glenmorangie already.

Żubrówka, shoutout to my bisons

>>832402806Fuck yes

>>832408364If you had some Amaretto, you could mix the Kahlua, Bailey's, and Amaretto to make Brown Derbys, which will give you the worst hangover known to man.

>>832403288Fuck that evil cough syrup

thebarchive.com/b/thread/831100283/#q831100283>>831100283https://desuarchive.org/k/thread/45741998/#q45815232_4>>>/k/45741998PAGE 54 Setting the Stage By Edward Doyle, Samuel Lipsman 1981 1981 Boston Publishing Companyresistancerepublicaine.com/2020/05/01/il-y-a-2000-ans-les-soeurs-trung-avec-une-armee-de-femmes-ont-tenu-en-respect-les-envahisseurs-chinois/

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>>832417193lecourrier.vn/les-sœurs-trung/108271.htmlhttps://www.lecourrier.vn/les-sœurs-trung/107906.htmlhttps://www.lecourrier.vn/les-sœurs-trung/107751.html Below are some extracts from the episode concerning the insurrection of the two Trung sisters:“… When Governor Tô Dinh and his army came, the atrocities multiplied, much worse than before. He created taxes and drudgery with impunity to squeeze the people. Innumerable were the taxes and tax receipts in money. The women of the country were victims of embezzlement and rape.They were forcibly taken to the harem to become his objects of pleasure.Tô Dinh acted in complete freedom, without any fear,Having no respect from heaven, no pity from the people.Harming others, he only sought his personal interest.Soon the rumor spreadThat Thi Sach had married one of the two Trung sisters,Full of talent and beauty of infinite value, like goddesses.Tô Dinh having learned this news,Was surprised that among the people, there were still exceptional beauties that they did not know.“This Thi Sach really is a cheeky one.To dare to marry such beauties is a real offense against me!(Tô Dinh, hearing the news of the uprising, hastened to gather his soldiers, and marched against the two sisters at the head of his army. The meeting between the opposing forces soon took place).In front of the beauty of the two heroines, Tô Dinh wanted to capture them alive and bring them back to his camp.They accused Tô Dinh of infamous actions, exploitation of the people and massacre of people:

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