My BF is ignoring me

My BF is ignoring me

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no one cares, fag

>>832392291>no one cares, fag

>>832392291show bussy

>>832392291Show dick

>>832392291Is it me or does this look like the Richard Ramirez in Drag?10 to 1 odds he isn't getting any attention from his boyfriend because he just killed him.

>>832392820Here>>832393097Don’t spoil the surprise

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>>832393263would love to fuck that commie bullshit right out of you

>>832392291what do you do to look that good?

>>832393263You Pinko Communist Faggot-Ass Cross-dressing Trap!

>>832392291>>832393263How does it feel becoming a trans because you have 3 inches baby dick? Join the 41%

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>>832392291Come on OP, Dance for us.

>>832392291Probably because you have a penis.

>>832393450Try it Fascist>>83239351720 BMI for some fat, lower body exercise, skincare, haircare. I can be more specific on certain things if you wish.>>832393757It’s like 5 or 6 inches when erect to be fair

>>832392291>looks at webm>doesn't feel a thingWhew, haven't turned gay despite being on Holla Forums 24/7

>>832393097omg, I thought the same thing. Also... he's a sweet transvestite... from transexual, transylvania!

>>832393897elaborate on skincare please i just want to look as good as you

>>832393263Put something in your ass

>>832393959Fuck me your Right, Rocky Horror Picture Show!, Fucking Dead Ringer.

>>832394092I shower once a day, hot water and then end with cold. I use a loofah and scrub my skin pretty hard using LUSH’s “ olive branch “ shower gel. After the shower I lotion my entire body pretty heavily, lotion depends on your skin so just find one you like. For my face moisturizer I like neutrogena bright boost gel and drunk elephant vitamin c serum, lash and brow serums also are good if you want fuller eyelashes\eyebrows.For hair removal I use an epilator on my arms, nair for armpits and special areas and then just shave my legs. I don’t get a lot of leg hair but if you do just nair or epilate them so the hair doesn’t regrow as fast.I take collagen and fish oil supplements because they’re supposed to help your skin, kind of a meme maybe but it might help.

>>832394665Put something in your ass

>>832394665How quickly did the epilator take to stop hurting?

>>832393263How to make webm's so quickly?

>>832395037It always hurts, a hot shower before kind of helps but you just have to push through the pain until your skin numbs.

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>>832395507Put something in your ass

>>832395501These are ones I already have, but they take about 5 minutes to make. Convert, remove sound, compress

>>832395507hm, kinda cringe it hurts all the time. ty away kinda lost in this. also what sorta lower body exercise do you do?

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>>832395507daaamn, you're hot af

>>832395507You from Alabama?

>>832395551I only like the real thing.>>832395813Squats, hip thrusts, lunges, sideways leg lifts.>>832395947Islamic Republic Of Minnesota

>>832395507very very cute, how tall are you?


>>832395507show boipussy

>>832397464Post more ludes, you look like me if I kept on being a femboy

>>832397785I already did >>832397921What age did you stop?

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>>832392291Fuck you're hot, it's been a while. How was your trip with you bf, lots of unprotected anal sex?

>>832392291Your boyfriend is probably a faggot just like you.

>>832398658Well. I tried VLC. You have such good quality. Any recommendations? I just fiddled with FFmpeg and VLC, couldnt get ffmpeg to work and the download doesnt have exe files. VLC is kinda wonky.VLC made a 1mb file but has 66:00:00 minutes and i cant post it.

>>832398658Can you do this with your skirt? I thought you were from Libya, are you the one who posts pics on /int/ or a fan? You should post more.

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>>832398658Show feet plz

>>832398658Fuckin like grew out of it a year ago as I couldn't move out of my parents hous who are devout muslims,I essentially look the same as you with the hair n all just act more straight because I don't wanna give the mother a heart attack


>>832392291Is this gay? Does your bf consider himself gay? I'd make sweet love to you in a heartbeat but I'd be extremely confused.

>>832392291>>832393263>>832395507>>832398658It makes me happy to know this is who is on the other end of those who post in the Holla Forums communism /gen/ threads with the anarchist flag. What are you gonna do to me when we meet face to face in the streets, blow me to keep me from beating up your bf?

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peener please?

>>832398678It was great, loved it! And yeah lol.>>832398729He is, more so than myself.>>832398823There’s a website called ps2pdf that compresses without major quality loss.>>832398829>>832398840Sure, I’ll get around to it>>832399096We’re in the same boat, hope everything is good.>>8323992561:Yes2:YesThank you

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>>832399431I'm sure youd like that you god damn faggot degenerate, go jack off to Donald thump

>>832392291What a cute face holy shit

>>832399459show sextape or else youre a poser

>>832392291OH FUCK FUCK FUCKDude, I won't rat you out, but I never think I'd see this. No wonder you hate traps so much. You're a femboy!

>>832399459>It was great, loved it! And yeah lol.>And yeah lol.You recorded any of it?

cringe politics in a jackoff thread huh


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>>832399459It's all good but theres no end in sight to this shit, if I had my own place I'd probably have transitioned by now, but now theres literally no jobs, then theres this added layer of shitty small town, everyone lookingat you like your an alien just for having long hair, I'm turning 22 n like theres no prospects even of moving to a bigger city, I'm in fucking Ireland btw

>>832392291you're so fucking hot jfc


>>832399589>god damn faggot degenerateThose slurs them evil dumb nazis use really got to you huh? At least you own it, it compliments your ideology very well.

>>832399867Not him but why don't you do it anyways, just wear baggy clothes and move out when you're ready.

>>832399867Huh. Ireland? Lmao makes me think I know you

>>832399867Btw by transitioning I just mean to look move feminine I dont wanna be a woman or some shit exactly, essentially for all the "social progress" it's still impossible to have a normal life as a gender no conforming person

nazi this, commie thati just want to jerk my cock over here for pete's sake

>>832399986I shair a room with my brother

>>832399997How so

>>832400187Does your brother not approve

>>832400238I know a trans person from Ireland who's in their early 20s who shares a rooms with their brother

>>832400187I'm sorry user, I moved back to my dad's because of this shit and I'm sharing a house with a cousin and his family. Its hell on earth and I'm just a guy. Couldn't imagine what it'd be to share a room, get a daddy.

>>832392291I'm not even gay but Ide fuck you so good OP. Dam your hott

>>832392291Dildo or finger in ass

>>832400251My family are devout muslims, I just had the fortune of growing up in the west and not being influenced much by my family, in gonna fucking stop with my depressing shit, please op let's all refocus the thread on your ass m pean

>>832392291What's your twitter/discord

How big is your bf's cock? Is it difficult? Do you enjoy sucking/fucking it?

>>832400312Post nudes n I'll tell u if its me, I'm not trans I just think that's where I would be if I had absolute freedom in that sense

>>832400407I'd say live your life user, you're so young.

>>832392291Hey OP do you have any ass vids to share? your ass is sexy

>>832399459I need more of your ridiculously round ass.

>>832400556Yeah I get you. I know you're not then cause they're family aren't Muslims but it's just an odd coincidence I suppose

You fags should get gunned down

>>832400149Just fyi it isn't impossible. I can't be the only guy who's really attracted to androgynous people.

>>832400583Cant afford this shit essentially, theres other stuff to life though too like I started playing guitar and stopped acting as gay, just put the thoughts on to some other challenge,, but like the moment I stop doing stuff it feels like everything is shit and meaningless

>>832398829Like this?>>832399688I’m sorry to whoever this is, thanks for keeping quiet though.>>832399721No sadly, he doesn’t like taking vids or pics >>832400441ArabianIliad>>832400703^^

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I love your panties OP.

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>>832399459Ty! ps2pdf I think worked. Lets find out. Not a hot femboi sadly. Just a tranny

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>>832401015Well that turned out like shit. Back to the drawing board I guess.


>>832400954>Like this?Thats good, but I meant just like the pic. pressing it against your bubbly butt while backing it up. Hnnnnnnnng, maybe next time.

>>832400835Sorry for the horrible writing in general, I'm talking more in the sense of daily interactions with regular people, like maybe if I was up in Dublin or galway I wouldn't be getting side eyed by grannyes, but in the Midlands it's like the south in some ways, like people are really backwards sometimes

>>8324005307 inches, I prefer sucking because anal hurts a lot but both are fun.>>832400941How long have you been playing guitar?

>>832392291that's because you're a faggot .you're boring us too .

>>832400954Play with your boipussy

>>832393897Admit it, commie, you wanna be filled to the brim with white children as the housewife of an Aryan Ubermentch, twins every year until the future of your people is secured.

>>83240101510/10 looks

>>832401062the limit is 2mb. have you tried webmconverter?video . online - convert?

>>832401219Trying again heh. new to webm.

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>>832401118Idk much about Ireland's geography so I don't know which bits would be worst, but that does sound awful. My home city (Newcastle in England) is pretty decent for this sort of thing but we're getting on for a million people including the suburbs, I think only Dublin would have those demographics. Don't give up though, I'm sure you'll find a way to be yourself and get through this!

>>8324011333 years I think, I started building them too because fuckit y not, theres good timber here n I get it cheap locally, ya wanna see one I'm making right now

>>832401252So, the original vid is 20mb mp4. I use vlc to convert to a audioless webm, which turns out to be 1mb. It seems to keep the quality.Using that ps2pdf site fucks up the quality. Dont know what else to do. ffmpeg didnt come with the exes per the youtube. At a loss here.

>>832401355got a pic of your nails? are your toenails painted too?

>>832400954how do you get your body like that? My ribs are constantly showing its a huge turn off to people apparently, dont really know how to distribute weight to anywhere like ribs area to cover em up.

>>832401355Keep your face out of it. You look like a faggot and not the cute kind

>>832401394I don't even know what being yourself is anymore, like if I got a place now I dont think I'd still be able to be open about this side of myself, like acting overly straight and reserved is just what I am now

>>832401555Same! I have lost a ton of weight, running, etc, but my ribs are crazy big and my stomach sinks in, making me look horrible.

>>832401441go to that page, you can disable audio there and compress. Theres a program xmedia recode that can crope and do other stuff too, but just use that page. >>832401252>>832401252I want to see those titties, got any buttstuff?

>>832401133When you say anal hurts, are you talking more about the stretching of your asshole or when he penetrates deep?

>>832401355How does a person manages to get this hot?

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>>832400954Are you using hormones? Maybe some feminization supplement or contraceptive pills? How come you have that hour glass and tits?

>>832392291>That hair tossYou're so pretty.

>>832401695>>832401758Okay so, bad news for you. I lost 110 pounds when i transitioned. I got front stretch marks. However, MY ASS IS FROM THE GODS.Still converting the webm using that link >>832401695 gave me.Pic for ass

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>>832401212No, being a woman is cringe. We can do other fun ethnostate stuff though.>>832401555I have a 20 bmi, so I’m not super skinny, my ribcage doesn’t protrude much either. Honestly most stuff is just genetics/skeletal structure.>>832401737Stretching.>>832401807I started an anti androgen last month, I was already low t to begin with though so not a big difference.>>832401818Thanks

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>>832401695Best one yet. I will try another thing. I dont know why the colors are going wonky though. It looks fine in the normal mp4.

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>>832401679oh shiit, yeah i do a ton of running it doesn't seem to hurt / help anymore, maybe i should try eating a little more and maybe doing some weights to move the weight around(?) lmfao

>>832399431Same thought, shit's too funnyWhen the great day comes, these weaklings will be slain and forgotten

>>832401993>I started an anti androgen last month, I was already low t to begin with though so not a big difference.Fuck yeah, if I were your man I'd put you on the pill aswell, no condom is worthy of that ass of yours. Cute feet.

>>832402006>It looks fine in the normal it on streamable or vola. Got something else?

>>832401993You got somewhere people follow you?

>>832401993How did you get a prescription for that

>>832401993my mind is full of fuck right noware you a trap? or a real women? i dont understand why a straight male would ignore those sexy toes

>>832401993>StretchingYou have to just relax your sphincter. It's not too hard and it will allow you to enjoy sex more. Then he can pound away, and trust me it is one of the best feelings that exists. You might even cum hands free.

oh hey my>insert amorphous mid-courting titleis ignoring mego drink

>>832402139Eh. I am tired. Just wanted to contribute but kinda tired rn. Probably going to bed. I am usually bored and horny, so, wanted to get it ready for the next time i make a thread.

>>832402006I demand more, you are super sexy

>>832402100Can I keep one of them pretty boys?

>>832402200aww too bad, your eyes are really pretty.

>>832392291Nah, No one gives a shit

>>832402100Alright timmy

>>832402100We’re on the same side Comrade.>>>>832402144I bought it online.>>832402168I’m a guy.>>832402186I know, I try but it’s difficult for me. I’ll get better with it.>>832402188Drinking is bad for you

>>832392291nice flag OP

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>>832402517More content please.

>>832401993Beautiful, more? Can you lick them?

>>832392291Stop reproducing. That will teach him.

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>>832402517make your faggot bf take good pictures of you, put him to work

>>832392291I know who you are and I hate your guts, but I'll let you have your fun.

>>832392291die fag

>>832395507how does one look so androgynous? Is it natural or did you have work done?

>>832401993>implying cutting edge fascist technology won't give you the womb you've always wanted without the faggotry of being a woman or the cold communist logic of reducing you to a sex robot

You post a lot on /soc/ and are kinda of a narcissist but you rated me 8/10 so you are bretty cool to me.Also do you not fear somebody spreads your nudes around?

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I'd eat the poopoo

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>>832402517by drinking i didnt mean go fuck around with hookers because you love your wife and neither of you would ever do anything with or invite anything from another person because that would jeopardize your stability and thats not okay>just shoot me

shes a big girl.

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>>832403298Who is he

>>832403856for you


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>>832402741Thank you, but that’s just a cheap one. In the background of the “ body(1) “ webm I posted you can see my real banner from Ukraine.>>832402833What do you want to see? PP?>>832403507I’m a lot less gay than you’re assuming, I just like when guys kiss me and if I could choose not to I would.>>832403545It’s more of being a neet than a narcissist, thanks though soc friend. And yeah, it can be a problem but nothing major.

>>832404119>What do you want to see? PP?Anything, I crave your body, I particularly like your wild hair and you bubbly butt. You post on /int/ too? or is that just a fan? Theres a lot of gayposting there and its kinda funny, sometimes, not gay btw.

>>832404119>What do you want to see? PP?You have really cute and silky panties, I don't particularly like pps but bulges can be cute. Maybe something like this?

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>>832404119What do you think about a 6.4 inch cock would it be enough to satisfy you? Also i'm 5'6 so i could be your smol b.fUwU

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>>832403978He's just trolling everyone. I didn't read the thread but I'm assuming hes saying hes some fag with a boyfriend and has lots of sex or something. He's just a lonely fag with no sex drive.

>>832404934he has a pic with a white guy in bed though.

>>832404207>>832404329Hope you like

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>>832405025also a troll pic, they did compare dick sizes and other gay shit, but they didn't have sex.

>>832405057ugh, you did both, ty.

hes a lunatic. a lunatic i say

>>832404934What a horrible person, who lies to people on the internet like

ever play peek a boo with a grown lady in public>i wasnt even trying to look i swear

>>832405057light colored panties suit you best

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>>832405824These are the pairs I have currently that aren’t black, I like black personally

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If you look through your ancestors in the last five generations, can you find a rabbi?

Are you the "Hi Ash, What are you playing?" girl?

>>832392291Hello again, Anna here. You’re looking very cute as always, I wish I looked as nice as you do when I was younger. One of these days when I have some free time I’ll message you on kik (if your kik is the same as your Twitter) and draw you something nice.

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>>832406236get something sheer.

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>>832406263I’m Arab, my Father and my grandfather did masonry(which I have experience with as well) and my Mother was a hair dresser. Hopefully no rabbi’s.>>832406503Thank you Anna, I always like when you comment. I hope you’ve been well and yes it is the same, feel free to message anytime!>>832406535If you wish to recommend something specific, link it and I’ll look into buying it.

>>832404070Looks like the shitty 5th member of KISS

>>832406796I think satin would suit,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

>>832406796My pleasure! I’ve been alright, all things considered, ha. I’m off to bed myself, take care of yourself until we speak again.

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>>832406796>im arabi thought they killed fags in arab countrys.guess they missed one

>>832406503>>832407136are you one of gadafhis daugters or something? I don't remember. Where can I see your art?

Got a Twitter OP?

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>>832392291Have you considered not being an ugly tranny jew?

>>832406796Ah, Semitic background. I was in the ballpark.

video of you cumming? please?

>>832406796>Hopefully no rabbi’sYour mind and spirit are already pretty judaized, guy. It would make no difference

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>>832392291maybe it's because you're an ugly crossdressing tranny faggot

>>832406981Sure.>>832407136Sweet dreams.>>832407195I live in the U.S and once again, I don’t act yay in public or support LGBT nonsense.>>832407257Posted above in the thread.>>832407318It was a good guess.>>832407402I don’t know if I can tonight, not in the mood.>>832407493Neither is.

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>>832407604>hurr durr,i dont support lgbt nonsense>even though im gayjust kill yourself already faggot

>>832407604Damn, look at that tummy and hourglass figure. You get stares?

>>832407604i would appreciate it but no pressure, it's more enjoyable to watch if you really wanna do it

>>832393263>>832395507>femboy trap faggot>commieyou're a caricature of yourself

>>832407604you should get a cage

>>832407720I’ve had two guys approach me in public, but besides that no one really cares.>>832407919Here’s something for now

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>>832392291strange that you have the flag of an autocratic government that presided over mass forced labor and starvation, political imprisonment, torture and executions in the hundreds of thousands.

>bf ignoring you, but it's probably only been a couple of hours or you know you fucked up>Hits Holla Forums for some validation and attention as you post dick and ass picsSo OP is a typical female sort of thing?

>>832408338thank you. have you ever fucked anybody?

>>832408491I think you meant to say based.>>832408531It’s been 3 days.>>832408679No, I had a girlfriend when I was still in school but we didn’t go that far.

>>832409206So you fucked up

>>832409332No, I think he’s probably on a binge or something

You have are a retarded commie, you have a small penis, and I want to beat the fuck out of your faggot boyfriend for fun. Anyways show feet and asshole

>>832409466Binge of...

>>832407225Here’s some. And no, I was one of his mistresses.

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>>832392291well that's a dang shame user, if i was your bf youd be face down on the bed, ass up whenver i wanted and i always want.

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>>832409592I probably mog you and I showed both.>>832410009He used to go on opiod binges a lot and he did ketamine once and freaked out for a whole week so idk


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>>832410380Wild. Are you sober?Why are you with him?

>>832410380I dont want to see the tops of your foot. Show me the soles and toes also take some more pics like in your back with hole exposed and feet pointed to the camera. Also what does mog mean?

>>832395507>body language of elliot rodgerNice

>>832392291 'Cause you're dick is bigger than his. Fag.

>>832410586I am against drugs and alcohol. But he’s cute and has muscles, makes me laugh, we like the same things, his family has money. If he was 2 inches taller and not a drug addict he would be perfect.>>832410641I’ll see what I can do.>>832410790Frotting has proved that untrue

>>832411123Why does his family having money matter?Do they know how big their son's gf's dick is?

>>832410641On* your back also seconded

>>832411123Are you there?

>>832410641>>832411864Feet>>832411279I’m relatively unwealthy, so it’s good having a BF who can fund things. His parents only know about me vaguely.

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>>832413109You’re a stupid commie but I’d fuck your feet and prostate so hard your eyes would roll back completely

>>832410274this is so nostalgic somehow, really nice! :)

>>832413109Fuck that’s hot. Can you poss like that again but your legs are spread and you curl and then spread your toes out as you play with your tiny penis and finger your boipucci

>>832411123>If he was 2 inches taller and not a drug addict he would be tall is he? you taller than him?

Kys tranny

>>832413520I’m not stupid but yes please to the rest.>>832413707That’s a lot to do, but I’ll give it a try>>832413737Same height, I just like tall guys

>>832413109hate to say it nigga but you got a small dick

>>832414196i have a feeling like he won't be using it much anyway

>>832414675I’d like to suck on it a little but then fuck the cum out of his asshole

>>832413707It was hard to do in webm form, I could probably upload a way better video doing the same thing with my toy on Twitter>>832414196It’s not that small

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>>832416211gawddamn bitchdifferent user but as long as you’re doing requests, can i just get a close up vid of you playing with that tight little hole

>>832416211finger your butthole facing away from the camera

>>832416153>>832416211Hot also deep fingering with those black nails are hotter than any dildo

>>832416153>>832416211Nice but spread your toes outward in such a way that your pinky is facing downward and the others slightly open upwards. Also face your feet down slightly like in >>832413109This is the best for footfagsMy advice also I want to fuck you up so bad