Dating outside your race experience thread.Also, white guy dating a black chick. Ask me anything

Dating outside your race experience thread.Also, white guy dating a black chick. Ask me anything.

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>married to a Pakistani woman>her parents disowned her for dating me (a white guy)>didn't have sex until our wedding night>she's had a non-zero number of extended family members killed by the US military

>>832383790White guy here. Would def date a black girl if she looked like her. Problem is most black girls are ratchet and ghetto as fuck, because that's the nig culture.

>>832384380How has it been getting her up to speed with sex? Is she 100% passive?

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>>832384498She was passive/nervous the first few times but not so much now. She loves being on top and she takes the lead if she initiates. it was fun exploring things with her and finding out her kinks and what she likes.

>>832383790i'm crushing on a black girl and i've noticed that aggression increases way faster than with my last girlfriend (white). Like when I'm joking around and she gets mad she show no signs of joking but i'm pretty sure she is. Is that normal?

>>832384929How does she show that she is made when you are joking around?

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>>832383790Does she smell like onions and Kools?

>>832385066Not at all

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>>832383790I dated a native girl once and I cummed In that pussy so much it was amazing but then he dad found out and told her she’s not dating a white boy

>>832385047Like she wants to talk me into submission

>>832385195She is probably just shit testing you. My experience is that black chicks want someone who is traditionally masculine more so than white chicks. That doesn't mean getting mad or dominating, but someone who is a natural leader who she wants to submit too.Perhaps physically dominating sexually. But not forcing her into submission outside of that.

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Fucked a lot of flavors of the rainbow. Never a dark skinned Black chick though. I really like Latinas.

>>832385595Omg there the best

>>832384380I am in love with a Pakistani woman and she loves me too. She won't go against her parents to marry me and won't marry me if i don't convert to Islam, and i won't.

>>832383790white guy here, been with a mexican for 12 years. she's maintained her body and she can cook. it's good shit.

>>832385771Got sorta the same thing with a Turkish girl. She is just too scared to tell her family

>>832384929This, Dating a black girl for a year now and they get very angry at jokes, its an ego thing i think.shes 19, im 22, white/puerto rican

>>832385771Bummer. Going to move on? What's your relationship like?

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Married to a black woman she's 21 im 33 she's stunning probably the best relationship I have ever had

>>832383790Never understood how people can be racist when so many hot, sexy females exist in other colors, all bringing their own fun to the mix.

>>832385978What type of jokes? Is this race stuff, or just in general?

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>>832385889Yeah, my girl lives in rural Pakistan, they're hardcore conservative so, they'd either kill her or disown her if we came out.

Chink over here, never dated an Asian in my life. Every girl I've ever dated has either been white or a white/Mexican mix. Not sure if thats subconscious or just happenstance. None of their parents ever gave a shit.


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>>832385985We still keep contact and the love is still strong, we're just trying to accept we can't be together but there's always a bit of hope that maybe we'd eventually say screw it and marry anyway

I've dated some asian chicks before. Had a running joke with her when she started complaining I would go "Ching Chow Ping Pow" and tell her I couldn't understand her.One of the few chicks I ever dated that could take a joke.

>>832386314That's cute!

>>832383790I dated 2 black girls so not an expert but both fucked too rough for me. I would have bruises (I played college football so not a pussy) Both were thin and didn't have big asses that might be why black guys like big asses.

>>832386104Do black, Hispanic, middle eastern parents often push back against white boyfriends?

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>>832386179A shame I'm am eternal virgin.

>>832386392>middle eastern parents often push back against white boyfriends?Yes in my experience. My wife's parents didn't approve of her seeing me and completely disowned her when we got engaged.

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>>832383790I'm latino, and i got a Japanese girlfriend last year.PROS:- Cute, soft-spoken and lovely.- Very kind with everyone, and always thinking what to do/say beforehand, to avoid hurting other people.- Family oriented, hard working girl. She had a graduate degree in psychology, impressive for her age (23).- She would let me do whatever I wanted to her (even eating her ass on our first time). Nice and wet always.CONS:- Was too eager to fully express her points of view.- I little bit too work oriented. This (besides the distance between Japan and my country) is the reason why we broke up.- Was too worried about what other people will think about us, specially our peers.- Even though she wasn't a virgin, she was 100% passive on bed. The "starfish" thing is real with Japanese girls, lads.Still, she was the best girl I've known. No hard feelings towards her. I'm 31 now, so I'm looking for women like her for a serious relationship.

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>>832383790Dating brown girl for years now. It's been great but there will always be a small divide between the two of you. Whether its practices, language, religion, or just everyday customs. It's often fun when we see a small difference but undeniably there are issues with bigger concerns, especially when you start talking marriage and kids.It can be as good as any other relationship but you will definitely run into problems you otherwise wouldn't have to deal with when dating in your race.

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>>832387946Any specific examples?

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>>832383790I love my dominant african wife

>>832386392IME (have none actually dating a Black chick) Middle Eastern parents dont care (dated Jordanian, Syran, and Israelli) and Hispanic parents will be happy for it. Mom will be proud of them, dad will rib you real hard so you gotta give shit back without being disrespectful and youre golden.

>>832388310Day to day life is different in her house. Growing up my place was always clean and orderly. Hers is nice but its quite messy and dirty, her parents don't care much for cleanliness and are very laid back/lazy. So its uncomfortable to know that she might want to live this way as it won't work for me.She's in favour of circumcising her sons which is absolutely not going to happen to my kids.There's a big push (might just be her family and not her people to be fair) to give money to family members who may need it and she has a useless loser for a brother. She talked once about how if we won the lottery she'd give X amount to all kinds of aunts and uncles, so there's the idea that even if she didn't she would somehow have to give to people in her family. And that isn't going to fly, not with my hard earned money. Stuff like that.

Went to school in the good ‘ol boy boonies and literally had two black classmates; a dude that was on the basketball team and the girl I dated for three years (who was my first everything). She was in gifted classes and pretty chill about race stuff. She’d make watermelon and fried chicken jokes, but I stopped joking as much in that way because it felt like she just used that humor as a crutch to survive in the atmosphere we were in. Maybe not though because she was the one to introduce me to 4chan. The weirdest thing about dating a white chick after her is getting used to the pink nipples and pussy.Couple years later I dated a black girl from the city. Despite being pretty chill, she was super territorial over me. Took me awhile to get her humor because it was a lot drier.Fun fact: In my limited experience, black girls love giving head more and are tighter. Both of the ones I dated were athletes though so maybe that was it.

dated a few diff types, here's the stats>hispanic girls start of cool but are extremely jealous of anyone with a vagina>black girls are aggressive as fuck and will throw a punch and break your shit. they got anger issues. >white girls are a random assortment of daddy issues and omg i was raped when i was 15.>korean girls want that golden dick.. so they can pawn it and buy dumb shit they dont need.if your girl is mixed, then you are mix/matching their personality profile too

>>832389307Korean girl have more money than me, so that plays in my favor.

I was fwb with a nigress for a few months. Fun, though she wasn't the most attractive girl. also kept trying to turn it into a relationship after I said no. eventually ditched her entirely.

I'm married to an African. Her father is a priest. She doesn't drink, smoke and rarely swears. She is now open to kinkier shit. Only since we've married, is she okay with me drinking.


>>832384380>a non-zero numberIs her family part of one of the rebel factions?

>>832384406In the US, most are really vile. They also have no culture.

>>832385194>a native girlFrom where?

>>832385595Have you had a flip? I have a thing for them but haven't fucked one.

>>832385869Is she noticeably Mexican?You get some that just look like regular yanks/

>>832390816Two members were, the other was apparently just collateral damage.

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>>832386381I try not to let her ride me for that reason, she grinds her hip bones down. She has a thick arse too but it doesn't help from that position.

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>>832387010>The "starfish" thingThat's a shame. Did she let you throat fuck her?

>>832391078She is half white. So yes

>>832391048Fuck bony bitches.Cry about getting bruised from bone humping

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>>832389103>Fun fact: In my limited experience, black girls love giving head more and are tighter.How could they possibly be tighter especially with BBC over years?

>>832389103She sounds hot as fuck. My missus makes some black jokes but they're not the stereotypical type ones, more about east africa and I don't get them. They're sort of the same basis but about casava and mandazi.

>>832384319>>832384498>>832384696>>832384856Something really hot about petite black girls, maybe because it goes against the stereotype.

I married a black woman, unfortunately. Bitch smells like a dog now, and shes such a cunt. Bad attitude, loud as fuck. Putting on weight like crazy, sucks in bed. Her friends are the worst, ghetto trash, might as be crack whores. don't how she got mixed up with them, she didn't grow up like that. I'm divorcing her. Thinking of going for a Hispanic white woman next, from Spain, Mexico, Peru, perhaps Portugal.

>>832387010What is the "Starfush thing"?

Dated a (Canadian) native chick for 2 months. Actually brought me to her grandmother's for Thanksgiving like 5 weeks in. I was the only white guy and right before we eat one of her cousin's says "Happy Genocide Day" and they all laugh, except I wasn't sure if I should or not till he tells me to lighten up and he was just fucking with me.Didn't really have any other interactions with family other than that since she had her own place with a roommate. She was clingy physically in public, but never wanted me to pay for shit (I sure as hell didn't mind spending less). 8/10 she would initiate sex and was horny quite a lot.Only had to break it off because I moved provinces. Would probably still be dating if I still lived there.

>>832391460Asian girls born and raised in Asia tend to just lie on the bed facing up with their legs open while having sex, like a starfish lying on the sand.>>832391088She tried to, but her mouth and throat were so small that she was gagging the whole time. I didn't want her to have a bad time, so we changed to me fingering her.

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>>832383790Dated an ethiopian cutie, she was married back then. meh, she wasn't really active in bed tbh.

>>832385997never understand how can people want their kids to not look like must be disease or something.

>>832392302Okay Boomer

>>832392302Redneck detected.Go breed your sister if you want your children to look like you.Where are you from? Alabama?

>>832391419you're too stupid to date a white deserve that ugly gorilla you have now, you disgusting race traitor.

>>832392628Only race is the human race, Trump supporter

>>832392417I hope your kids grow up hating you.>>832392570>reddit spacinggo back, nigger lover.imagine looking at your kids and not seeing your features in them.a disease indeed.nop. muttmerica, right?

>>832392859Okay Boomer


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>>832392912Okay Boomer

>>832392912>posts random garbage meme>some how believes it's a legitimate argument.

>>832392909npc detected.race-mixers are so self-conscious.deep down you know you have a disease for wanting to have kids that look nothing like you.

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>>832392859>reddit spacing>actually believing inter-paragraph spacing is a thing invented a few years ago on some cringey Internet forumIndeed, redneck detected. Go take a book, you uneducated imbecile.

>>832383790Ausfag,dated short chubby west indian.Lovely girl lasted 2 yrs but i fucked it up.

>>832393057>thinks that having kids with someone from your own race is the same as incest>thinks that calling other people trump supporters is an insult>thinks that everyone who disagrees with him is from alabama>repeats ok boomer constantlythe absolute state..

>>832383790>have roommate>come>two girls at our apartment>one black one white>all drunk>hang out for a bit>white one starts crying bc her mom has cancer or something>while she cries, black one kisses me>take her to my room>bang her>get her number in the morning>dated for about a monthAll in all it was pretty good. She had a huge ass.

>>832392912Would fuck both equally hard

>>832385771Had something similar with my ex, she's Chinese and I'm Mexican, her parents didn't approve our relationship and I believe that's one of the reasons why she broke up with me

>>832391835>gagging the whole timeMy misso was like that, she's not bad now. You can't push it though, they need to want to be a cum slut.

>>832393083>go read a bookI advise you to do the same.go read something else other than leftist propaganda.>>832393340ok, gorilla fucker

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>>832392912Retarded boomers. Go get Covid and die. Your watch has ended, you're fired.

>>832391194Virgin detected. Cocks do not change a woman's pussy size in the same way as a tight vagoo does not change your cock size. Age abit.

>>832393057>comes to Holla Forums>proceeds to Holla Forums shit up


nigger lovers think this is progress

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>>832393296Did you get to listen to the other one still crying in the other room?

>>832393439I'm a millennial, shit eater.

>>832393492America is a lost cause.

>>832383790Her name is Ariance Braggs. Shes a whore. I dated her. She is under age in this photo

>>832393415>leftist propaganda>he keeps embarrassing himself, and it's actually angry in real life

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>>832393296All four of us were in my living room when she started crying. It was really awkward, but it got super weird when she kissed me in the same room as her crying friend. I was not really paying attention to her crying so I did not hear it while I was fucking

>>832385978That's usually what I when stupid people don't understand jokes. They just assume that you are mocking them.

>>832393617if you want to live among africans go to africa, nigger lover

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>>832393057>ignores obvious, glaring deception of modern "scientists">pretends he's somehow making a legitimate argument.okay, zoomer.stay retarded.

>>832393520>>832393715I linked this to the wrong post.

>>832393617Not who you are replying to. Go take your stupid "let's turn everything into a debate and try and win at 4chan" crap and fuck off. Protip: Nobody wins at 4chan, everyone loses.Sidenote: I fuck every colour known to man so I am not supporting Mr Racist either.

>>832393070Okay boomer

nigger lovers unironically think that pic related is progress

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>>832393195Okay boomer

>>832393460Okay boomer

>>832393870okaymff boomerghmff mffgh

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>>832393740Okay boomer stay pretending your fake science justifies your hatred. Millennial btw, thanks for the shittastic dictatorship you setup


>>832392628What race am I? Idiot.

>>832393962Okay boomer

>>832393870If you can give me the correct age bracket for someone of the boomer generation then please feel free to use that terminology. Otherwise you are just another Npc repeating what you've heard.

>>832393962Top image.

>>832392833>Only race is the human raceJew, detected


>>832383790I've dated spics and one nigress. They were basically animals who wore human clothes and spoke some mangled aproximation of human language. They're really not the same race as humans. There's no getting around that fact. No matter how good they look, they're just not people. They lack the mental capacity for civilized behavior and they all cheat just constantly no matter what you do. Non-whites just aren't "people". They're not wife or girlfriend material. They're not meant for civilized human society. And they all have a tremendous victim mentality whereby they feel that they can never say or do anything bad or wrong because "wypeepo done oppressed demsis" even though it was jewish and black people responsible for slavery. They don't care that there were more white slaves than nigger slaves, and they dismiss whatever facts you throw at them because they're too stupid to think thoughts or do any research that isn't wholly biased in thier favor. They're just not people, dude. They don't deserve respect or human cum inside them

>>832393989nigger lovers really think we are equal

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>>832394107Yeah it was super weird. Black girls have no shame.

>>832394018gorilla fucker

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>>832392628Why,there is good and bad in every race.Im smart enough to know the difference,more women for me to fuck i guess.


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>>832394251imagine feeling attraction towards gorillas.there's something wrong with your brain, bro.

>>832386392ME’s care more if you’re muslim than if you’re white. Converts are prizes.

>>832383790She’s pretty

>>832390919Had one full Flip and one Wasian one. Wasian one was fucking awesome, completely American nerd chick but Asian skinny, not chubby White girl nerd. Super cool to hang with, super kinky, I still fuck her whenever I see her and I am single, she cheats all the time. Real Flip from the islands was pretty chill. Looked SE Asian but with very light skin. Super laid back, super shy in bed, wanted me to take her to America (we were both working in Thailand) so we could start a family. Definitely wouldnt mind a Flip wife, my exs mom was super awesome. And one night at a big family gathering with aunts and uncles and everyone one of her aunts shouted Looks like she likes White guys just like her mom does. Her dad was awesome, taught me how to ride a motorcycle, always made jokes about me cleaning the pool for a Filipino family.I have honestly never met a Flip I didnt like, they are very happy musical people.

>>832389307I think you’re selling white girls short, they’re way worse than this.

>>832390919Filipina’s are great if you can get past the fact they all want Disney princes’. Their families are chill and their food is great. On the other hand a lot of the women can be very... dramatic and need a lot of affirmation. They are a handful.

>>832394391Cool bro,keep jerking it.Curretly seeing a girl with laos background.Smart,employed funny loves cock.Keep fighting the good fight champ

>>832391835They dont exactly just lie there they just do whatever you tell them. I lived in Thailand for 2 years and dated Chinese, Filipino, and Thai, all 100% submissive. Put them on their knees, tie them up, you can do whatever.With one Thai chick I couldnt speak Thai and she couldnt speak English but m mates hooked it up (not a hooker, she worked at the school I did.) I became FWB with her but even first night I didnt have a condom, no worries from her but I didnt want to knock up some Asian slut 4 weeks after arriving so I just flipped her onto her knees and stuck it in her ass.

>>832391549Thats pretty based from the cousin.


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>>832383790Do you fall into that BLM shit just to get into her pants? Or force your politics on her?

>>832394811good for you, kid.just don't reproduce with her.the world doesn't need more hapa incels.

>>832383979i need to find a rip of stomi's stuff i love her

>>832392302I only kinda get this because Im White. I wouldnt want my kids to have to deal with racism against Blacks. I wouldnt want Asian sons who will have to deal with smol pp. I wouldnt mind my kids being Latin but it would just be easier if they were White.But if I were anything else I would also want my kids to be White.


>>832383790>dated a mexican woman from 13-18>she was older than me when i was 13 she was 20>long story but we met on myspace>i went to met her at 14 lost my virginity to her>shes insanely jealous >i havent been with her in several years and she still gets mad if im hanging out with other women6/10 maybe date again if she wasnt so jealous >dated a black girl i was 22 she was 21> cup size was HHH >very hot>dumb as a sack of potatoes and less useful >but she was nice, caring, just a little to sexual for my taste and she already had 2 kids 9/10 would date again thats really it for non-white women.

Almost exclusively fucked black/mixed girls in highschool. First and second gfs were both mixed.Black girls are generally very strong willed/loyal. They love getting railed by white cock. Also in my experience, my best blowjobs Ive ever gotten were from black girls. Between white, asian, and latino girls only the black ones were able to actually regularly go down to the base of my dick while giving me head.The parents never liked me, except my first gf's mom who was white. I think they thought I was just some white boy putting another notch in his belt by fucking a black girl. They were totally right. Also black asses are the best.

>>832393564>Not sure if true but I dated a girl whose underage pic is shared a lot. She isnt nude she has red volleyball shorts on and a horse is hugging her and she has a killer ass. She was 15 in the photo.Pic related, 15 year old ass of a girl I railed out from 19-23.

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>>832395352>dumb as a sack of potatoes and less usefultell us what made you think this about her?

>>832395352You were literally rape by a Mexican woman user. Shit the MAGA hats were right they're ALL rapists.

>>832383790MmmLooks delicious

>>832395435>Also black asses are the's because their faces are ugly as fuck.they have to bet on having a huge ass since the only way one can fuck them is in doggy where we don't see their ugly faces.

>>832383979I'd kill to fuck her


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>>832395588Nah fam, I wouldn't fuck an ugly chick. Only one black girl I was with was ugly and I literally just made her suck my cock until she eventually got tired of me never fucking her.


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>>832383790Dated a asian girl and a half gypsy girl. The asian was boring and the gypsy was a bitch. So its all white for me, Not many non-whtes in my country so not that common that there are mixes,

>>83238379025 average white guymet fiji woman on linemeet her irl at pubthicc girl Loving,good around house,great cook,sexually active.Still with her 4 yrs later.When she gets home from grocery shopping going to bend her over dining room table.Thanks op for reminding me i got a winner

>>832395791The only time I've ever been cheated on was with a white girl

>>832394603Flip food is really good too, plus the women are wifely material. Know how to be a woman. Just don't let her bring her family over, not even for a holiday.

>>832394789>need a lot of affirmationI would not cope.

>>832383790You're not dating anyone. This is a Psy-Op manipulation thread. You can easily prove me wrong op, right?

>>832395511cant rape the willing user, her fat ass and titties were some of the best i have ever had >>832395484she was trying to get an apartment and i had to fill out all the paper work for her, kept making dumb mistakes. it was alot of things, she was a good mom i will say that, just in the way of general knowledge she was a little lost if that makes sense

>>832395840>fiji womanI have never seen a hot Fijian.Although I have seen a petite, tight maori so I guess they exist.

>>832393459They were just asking a question. Quit being mad.

>>832395853Never been cheated on by anyone, but the gypsy liked to talk about here exes dicks.


>>832395968I hooked up with a hot Samoan, she was 5 foot 0 and 45kg. Super cute. Seen a few pretty Maori, havent seen a hot Fijian but there has to be a few.

I dated a black girl for nearly 3 years.She had big lips that felt so fucking good. And those big breeder titties.Sex was awesome because she only fucked white guys and was down for some race play.Downside is she was absolutely nuts and blamed her behavior on being a "passionate black" also always late blaming "black people time"She has a half white kid now so she's serving her ultimate purpose.

When I was 16 this 15 year old black chick would call me on Windows Live Messenger webcam and do naughty stuff for me. She had a black boyfriend (which also was kind of my friend) but she said that "she loves my white cock". She even fantasized about me getting her pregnant and having a mixed baby, trying to explain her bf that it must be some kind of anomaly lol. Good times.

>>832383790Been with a Thai, black girls, a white girl, Filipina, Mexican, Egyptian, Chinese, Korean, Hawaiian girl, Brazilian, Venezuelan, and a middle eastern Muslim girl from Australia

>>832395702“I don’t know how science works, I just know that sometimes things look different!”

>>832396287No there isn't. And any maori or samoan who is halfway hot, and there are some, gets it from their white ancestors. Full/close to full blooded are fucking bushpigs.

>>832395853>>832396385Also true for me

>>832383790met a short black girl at a frat party. Drunk friend of mine kept trying to get her to come home with him but she told him she only fucks with white dudes. Then seemed displeased that I never told her I had a girlfriend at the previous party. God fucking damn I regret not getting a piece of that ass. Solid easy 9/10 ass and tits with a cute face.

>>832396417Because you have seen every fijian on the planet.Keep trying ausfag

>>832396417The Maori's are actually two groups of people. Just before the poms got there, the Samoans arrived and butchered, raped and/or ate most of the natives. They were called Moriati or some shit.

Dated a black girl before. Dark skin contrasting with mine makes me harder than diamonds. Her family loved me, and she was far from a shy lover in public. She was unfortunately crazy as all hell and browses too much (read: any) Tumblr. See her struggling with mental illness and unemployment on Instagram now and I feel sorry for her, but oh well.Dating an uber petite Latina now and shit is so cash.

>>832396675>>832396645I'm from NZ morons, everything you just said is BS.

>>832392833I believe the same and support trump because he believes in all people. Yet you single out one side and think others are the problem.

>>832394603>musical peopleThat’s a major downside

I'm a Swede who's in a domestic relationship with a norweigan girl. Pretty taboo tbh

>>832396800Do you know the name of the original NZers? I can't recall what they were called.

>>832396800So what do you care go back to fucking sheep


>>832396909have you ever been on the subway in toronto? plenty nigs chimping out.

>>832397106You're thinking of the moriori, generally now considered a subset of maori ethnically although they had a unique culture.

>>832397316Yes and I got shoplifted by a white guy. Wish I was kidding

>>832383790This thread started out with images of beautiful black girls and predictably devolved into a bunch of faggots arguing about dumb shit.

>>832397407He was probably polish to be fair or some kind of slavic guy

>>832397087Which one of you is from Somalia?

>>832396328nice story user, i too have a few stories from that 2008ish time

>>832396411Actually if you do your research you will see that Sub-Saharan Africans have unique DNA because they bred with one of our more monkey like ancestors. Other races do not have this ape in their DNA and that is the reason for their more ape-like faces and bone structure. I'm down with fucking black chicks but your statement is retarded and uneducated.

>>832383790I fucked a half jap and she squeaked the whole time, fucking worthless race

>>832397383Cheers, I knew it was a similar sounding name to Maori. That tight little maori I meant was more one of them that the big Moari's. She looked a little Japanese, kind of.

>>832386392Hispanic people have an inferiority complex towards white people (Europeans conquering their lands, subjugating them and all that stuff) so they loooove to get intermarried with white people.A common tongue-in-cheek phrase is that the white person will "improve the race" of the family.

>>832398495well i mean they are not really wrong

>>832396411Scientists literally talk about differences in gene variance throughout different groups of populations. Similarities exist between almost every human, but the byproduct of everyone is largely different. It's almost the same as saying that we are literally chimpanzees, because we share 97 percent of our DNA with them. With human? Almost the same amount, yet that 3 percent difference makes a huge difference.

>>832383790I find usually it's everyone BUT the white side that is getting triggered. Look online, white male dating asian female? Endless amounts of triggered asian dudes for no reason, and triggered hapas who just didn't have parents who actually cared about each other and thus blame their mental illness on their fucking racial makeup and not having shitty parents.

>>832397430Half the pictures aren't even exactly black they're mostly mixed. So what a surprise that you find some form of beauty in something that is not absolute.

>>832393492boring as fuck vs totally rad?

Never will I ever.

>>832388649>Hers is nice but its quite messy and dirty, her parents don't care much for cleanliness and are very laid back/lazy.White dude here. The "messy house" has nothing to do with her being "brown". My very white family is the same way and I spend my time trying to fight the bad habits my mom and dad gave me. Right now there is a big pile of paper wads and dust in the corner in my living room.

>>832392302who fucking cares if their kids looks like them?That sounds narcissistic rather than intuitive

My first girlfriend was a mix of black, native american, and white. She had mega huge tits, even in middle school they were HHH cup. She was sorta childish(in a cute way), a little aggressive, and had the libido of a rabbit. We broke up when I had to move across country, but we still keep in touch and are good friends. (Pic related)

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>>832383790Does she buy into the Black Lives Matter organization propaganda? Or does she realize they're profiteering of the black community and white liberals whilst not actually helping?

>>832399158this also other skin color your kid will in all likelihood look a lot like you

>>832399232Just for clarification, we've friends since middle school. This photo was taken recently.

>>832386248just do a fake conversion. what are they going to do, do house checks? Don't let these assholes deny your happiness

>>832393740>ignores obvious, glaring deception of modern "scientists"Its a completely dumbass and ignorant argument that relies on having zero knowledge on how the scientific community works.The definition of species differs from sub-discipline to sub-discipline. The criteria for speciation among birds is very different from that for fish.Additionally, speciation is not dictated by phenotype only.

>>832397646>Actually if you do your research you will see that Sub-Saharan Africans have unique DNA because they bred with one of our more monkey like ancestors.Thats not true at all. In fact, its almost the opposite. Some Europeans have neanderthal DNA because they shagged neanderthals.Dont call others uneducated when you clearly are.

>>832399540moar photos pls

>>832383790Two attractive latinas and one fat half black chick. The rest were white which is my race. Both latinas were pretty good friends for a while. They were always willing to help out around the house and would refuse to stop fucking until they were certain that I was satisfied. They get extremely wet. One of them ended up getting hooked on meth and the other might be dead at this point from the worst alcohol problem I've ever seen. I haven't talked to them in ages. The half black chick was a psycho. I wouldnt have agreed to fuck her if I wasn't drunk and on coke. She had no filter with the shit she would say about herself. I avoided her afterwards because I wasn't attracted and she was obviously crazy. The white women were the least cool in bed. I've been with a few that came a couple times and then just roll over only to deny me an orgasm because they already got off. They didnt have a sense of communication in bed and they made it awkward sometimes. I've been with a few awesome white chicks in bed, but a lot of them are pretty shitty and entitled.

>>832383790Have you ever noticed that the hottest black women look like white women

>>832401730ive noticed that hot white women look like black chicks actually

>>832400090Hey bruh just for you

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>>832383790How many STDs do you have?

My girlfriend is a Chinese exchange student. She’s from a small village in the countryside who managed to get into a western university because she did really well on the gaokao and so the Chinese government gave her a scholarship.Plus points:Loyal without questionGreat cookingPetite and flat chestedVirgin and naive about sexIntelligent in her fieldVery clean despite being both Chinese and ruralCons:Cares a lot about what her family thinksFamily are a bunch of peasantsNot very intelligent outside her fieldDoesn’t like to discuss philosophy beyond trivial issuesDoesn’t swallow unless forced

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>>832387016Yeah... don't do that.

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>>832387016LOL I have done that, it comes out like a fucking fountain and can even get to your face

>>832383790you catch shit from older black people in passive aggressive ways or nah?

>>832386587the plus side of that situation is you dont have to deal with their interfering in your relationship


>>832393415Eat a bag of dicks

>>832396675That was a popular story but it isnt true, I can get why it seemed that way though.The Moriori were in NZ first, a group of them split off and went to the Chatham Islands right before they had a huge cultural shift back in NZ and changed their name to Maori. So when the settlers found the Moriori in Chatham and they were less advanced, less warlike, and smaller than Maori but with similar cultures they assumed the Moriori were there first and were wiped out by the evil Maori that they are now justified in conquering.

>>832397887My old drinking buddies who have been living in Asia since the 70s said that shit only started when porn videos came out. They are stroking your ego saying Oh pp so big, hurting me. Its a cultural meme just like aheago.

>>832398381Ya, that would be Moriori. They were the same as Maori but the Maori went through a huge cultural revolution with a lot of violence that bred them bigger and stronger.One early explorer to NZ said he thinks settling in cities was the greatest mistake in the history of the human race because we allowed weaklings to survive.

>fooled around with a fobby chinese girl in high school>her parents are apparently super strict typical chink helicopter parents>u do good schoor or i break you regs type>never met the fuckers whatever>theyre on vacation in chingbong bok xiao along with her kid brother>so we arrange to go to her house after schoor to do 'homework'>Suprise supplies her parents got home early>5 foot nothing mom takes one look at me and all hell breaks loose>starts yelling in a language that can only be described as a burlap sack full of starving hyenas that have their balls in a vice>unleashes an akimbo flurry of bitchslaps that would make bruce lee blush>her dad sitting at the kitchen table calmy reading the newspaper like this is normal>kid brother yeets his wiimote and hits her square between the eyes>bonk.jpg>mom drags her to her room by the skin of the neck>I'm just standing there like a deer in the headlights>yeahhh im just gonna go>nonsense user have a seat lets talk>have the most awkward half hour of smalltalk with her dad whom, unaccountably, spoke perfect accentless english>mom comes back with a tray of dubious smelling tea and calmly gestures me towards the girls room>I would have fucked off way before there but I was affraid I was gonna get skinned alive if I made one wrong move>So I go to her room and do 'homework'>when I go to leave her family is still sitting in the room, dad reading the same newspaper, mom plucking a dead chicken on the sofa>kid brother tells me not to worry about the wiimote

>>832383790Is it true that black girl pussy is tighter and juicier than white? Or is that just coincidence?

Whitey dating filipina. She will do literally anything I want and will be happy doing it. It's like it's their life mission to please their man.

>>832383790Dates a double G black girl, nice firm tits but she was hell bent crazy, fucked around a few times nothing fancy, had hispanic girl who stalked me, and a white chick i fucked on the regular dumped me last week, feels good to be single for a while

>>832387016Look hot.

>>832383979Are her tits fake?

>>832398757Its way smaller in between human groups than between individuals. Though there are genes specific to certain locations many of our genotypes arent connected to phenotypes. You can have a Jap and a Bushman potentially with more similar DNA than a Bushman to a Negro.

>>832401385Nice guys finish last :)

>>832405058IME the tightest was a Syrian chick. And the wettest is a 3 way tie between a Hapa, a Mexican, and that same Syrian chick.She had been raped so she had trouble relaxing enough for her pussy to open. She also thinks thats why she got so wet, she said her body was scared to go through the trauma again.

>>832383790Native American Exwife, would not reccomend

>>832394020Insert creamy log directly into your mouth

>>832401385White girls don't really do that right? They're not just gonna cum and then not let you for no reason

>>832406256They just reach a point where they got what they wanted and they're not in the mood anymore. They use that as an excuse. Sometimes I think that blue balls is a fetish of theirs. That's why I prefer latinas. The two I've been with have been much more willing to communicate and try things. Some white chicks simply want to lay on their backs and just say "I'm done" and then put their clothes back on after awhile. Some of them actually had the audacity to hit me up after some time afterwards and I just ignore them.

>>832383790>more white than mexican, my skin gives it away in the summer, my features let me blend.most white girls are pretty fucking vanilla, like even the hot ones. if your into tubing down rivers and going to the same bars, by all means don't let me stop you.

>>832383790if the nigger body and face look white it's good. jungle apes are disgusting but the skin color doesn't matter.

>>832386099internet bride? :/

>>832383790I only dated one non-white girl, a Latina-Cuban mix. She was nuts, like on-medication nuts.I stick to white girls now.

>>832407503Sounds like you are just really good at pleasing white girls in particular. Why not let them hit you up lol

>>832383790kys race traitor.

>>832383790When u fuck her do you ever raceplay with her???

>>832408672I'm just gonna focus on latinas. They've been the best in bed by far. Again, not every white girl is shitty in bed. Theyre just more likely to lay back and let you do all the work from my experience. Latina girls are wild in the best way.

>>832384380That's a lie. No white dude would have married a Pakistani. Ever.

>>832384380Whitefag married to Indian Paki African mix here. Similar experiences. Half her family is devout Muslim and I "converted" for their benefit, though it's an open secret that I have no religion. She wasn't a virgin but she wasn't very experienced either and getting each other up to speed was amazing. Very intense.

>>832409487What do Latina girls do that white girls don't? T. Not a white girl

>>832389307Wtf I want a jealous Hispanic girl now

>>832409929actual culture

>>832384406agree. the good looking nigs get knocked up by the gubnent housing bucks at 13, so we never see them until they are fat mammy sows with 5 kids at 19

>>832393492Long distance vs. subway. Subway has always been crowded noisy etc

>>832410026How does the culture thing play out in bed?

>>832410175cant remember the reason, the was a part on mansewers

>>832410175Latinas can suck fuck ride do anal for ages. Only thing is they literally have the personality of a chihuahua and will be angry and jealous of any female, and will cheat on you quite easily if you aren’t controlling of them as well.

>>832383979>pic related>>832384696>mods (and saved)>>832386056>fucken skinny but prolly a very good hard fuck

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I dated a nigger in college. She was a cute international student from Africa. Was hotter and more loyal than a lot of white cunts I dated. But, she was bad at sex, HATED cum, and was very argumentative and feminist. Also, we got harassed in the streets on multiple occasions for being an inter-racial couple. And I faced a lot of opposition from my family for dating a Black girl from Africa, which is ultimately what drove me to break it off.

>>832384863>She loves being on top and she takes the lead if she initiatesI'm dating a chinese girl with pretty protective parents, but same deal for me. It took us a few tries for her to be able to relax enough for me to get inside, and while not passive, she was more passive to start with. I fucking love when she rides me, shes probably better than me on top honestly, I need to up my game.

>>832390881Pressumably the US, they tend to be the only country blind enough to think they're the centre of the world

>>832387010Thats both pretty cool and kinda sucks, glad you got to experience it though.

>>832411578The first year with my Paki girl we only did missionary. After about a year she got up the courage to try driving. Watching her explore it was great. Now she insists and she comes every time.

>>832392912Hey retard. Members of the same species can be wildly different from eachother. The only real requirement for something to be of the same species is that they can produce children who aren't sterile.

>>832383790I'm half white/mex, with that said:White girls are bottom tier, anyone telling themselves otherwise is lying to themselves.I don't mess with latina girls because I kind of don't agree with cultural aspects I've seen with extended family and girls I've met. Young pregnancy and turning into a goblin is all too common.But korean girls. jfc I wish I had started there. Didn't date one until I was 21. There are hot girls of every race, for sure, but these ones are on another level.

>>832395702>>832397646>>832398757It's a retarded illustration to begin with because it is giving false equivalence between "race" and "species". I've drawn up a graphic illustrating how retarded you are. I've also Americanized it to make it easier for you to handle.

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>>832413408So correct with the latina. They all about having kids as early as possible it seems, and then get all goblin like after or when older. Like someone else said, their parents really like the white guys for some reason, kinda weird. The having kids pressure is fucking real, I once had a whole family of 14 yelling why I didn't have kids with her yet. Grandma, aunts, kids, brothers, everyone except the dad in the corner having a beer. Reason why I broke it off with 2 latinas.Asian girls are cool, many do the starfish thing and it's weird as fuck if you can't get used to it.

>>832405418They're all real on the outside!

>>832414031I think I got lucky and found one who was willing to try mostly anything at least once, and didn't just lay there lol. The culture really is a shock to me, I was just raised differently despite being half. Like even having a multi-generational home is strange to me, but other family have in-laws living with them or abuelo/abuela coming over all the time. Idk im just not down for it

been with my filipina gf for 3.5 years now, not really fun to fuck. she was a virgin when i met her so it makes sense why she sucks in bed, but fuck it gets boring as fuck. Not really open to try new stuff not matter what I try, starfish shit is real. I cheat on her literally almost every opportunity I get.She's amazing in everything else. Cleans everything, soft spoken, shy, kind. Loyal as fuck.Hard to get close with the family cause culture differences.

>>832415257imagine when one of them find out you been cheating

>>832415437happened a few times where they knew i was cheating, but they didnt know who my gf was. (I cheat a lot). They usually freak out/over react but i just leave/distance myself from them and nothing happens of it.


I've never dated anyone who is the same race as me "I'm mixed" So I'll my relationships are outside my race.

>>832387212Yooo what's [email protected]

My Ex was half Black half Korean best pussy I've ever had!

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