Build apps without code

"You can actually power the back-end of your app just by connecting different Google Spreadsheets"

Watch the fucking TED talk. Webm related is a taster. This is some next-level scam.

TED Talk:

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Tara Reed for a Turing award when?


fucking lmao connecting spreadsheets means you've made a survey and *still programmed* lol

haters gonna hate

That's a nice business scam you got there nigger, I own it.

At my work we have some of our configurations read from a Google spreadsheat to change the stats of different items it the game. It's nice because the person who is balancing the game doesn't need someone to deploy all the changes to all the servers.

How is this "nice" you moron? You are giving Google your data + metadata and you could simply have the person host it on some barebone server and achieve the same.

Not him, but I would suggest it's because it FUCKING WORKS without having to spend weeks testing and deploying new code

It's just like reading a file from a URL, but with Google in the loop and a billion unnecessary lines of code.

Everyone knows TEDx is bullshit.

You just don't like it when our people try to get ahead and get good jobs in the community.

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kek. It's been a while since I saw that joke.

It seems he has advanced his 'career' since. Pic related.

Oh no! Google can figure out something from a spreadsheet hosted by them instead of just figuring it out by scraping a wiki page while crawling the internet. Whatever will I do?

You can probably get it csv-formatted. I doubt it's complicated.

Preach it comrade. Power to the PoCs!

Then why not just host the csv


i fucking hate when people use the word *app* instead of program

Think about how much shit is under the hood of that csv.

at this point, just fucking using a google sheet for a turing machine.

I wonder if I could write Tetris in google's spreadsheet. Not enough to make a google account, though.

Post this note.
Close tab.

We live in a world where people think that there's a difference.

Shots fired.

Can someone upload a low bitrate low resolution webm? I refuse to use a disservice like youtube.

This reminds me of Zoe Quinn and that stupid twine game she made

I've heard people using term "application" in late 80's


The warez scene 25 years ago was splitting things into 'Gamez' and 'Appz' so apps is not new.

hey look at this bike I made it out of cardboard it's just like a real bike hahaha you paid $1000 for some carbon fiber thing haven't you heard of paper fiber you stupid motherfucker watch me

I remember when someone explained me the textbook definition of post modernism and how they redirected me to Sam Hyde's TED Talk and to this day I still feel like that was one of the most genuine attempts at a comedy within a tragedy I've ever seen.

here you go

You just know that Silicon Valley cucks are going to flood this negress with cash.

That was the entire point you absolute crustacean

Exactly, she is creating jobs in the community

Silicon valley venture capitalists are more racist than we are, since they were lucky enough to be born rich.
Our entrepreneur friend is going to receive state-level funding instead. Why scam the elites when you can scam the taxpayers instead?

Code is racist anyway.

All entrepreneurs are non-technical, technics sit in their basement-rooms and hide from society whereas entrepreneurs socialize and lie, building networks of wageslaves and reactionaries to defend their ancapistani dreams.

Jesus Christ.

Bill Gates seems to have straddled both worlds.

Bill Gates never wrote a line of code. He was a rich parents kid who took credit for Paul Allen's and Gary Kildall's job.

Some people actually believe this.


Evolution stops at the neck. We are all equal.

Being a rich kid doesn't mean he can't code. He does have a background in it, even if the last thing he properly coded was an interpreter for BASIC in assembly.
did he steal credit from Neil Konzen too?

You are more retarded than I first thought.

Whatever you say I'm pretty sure that hotwheels has the same point of view on that.

Make some research on the word "Newspeak".

You do realize that is literally a case of someone "pretending to be retarded". Evolution stops at the neck is an anti PC meme for christ's sake.

I mean, libtards use the term unironically, but it is repeated to mock their idiocy. Sort of like how a feminist is stereotypically triggered.
Read this enemy propaganda if you want to see what race difference deniers actually believe.

Does she even know any Compebonics?

Here's the game: drink every time she says tech-related buzzwords.



He even got the name wrong lol

being delusional fag.
(You) don't deserve that flag nigger.

TEDx is not TED. TEDx is for TED rejects where pretty much anyone can talk about anything.

You know what fucking works?
[ { "name": "Divine Buttplug", "power": 10e20, "lore": "Put this in your ass to achieve the ultimate faggotry levels.", "crafting": {"AA Battery": 2, "Wire": 3, "Buttplug": 1} }, ...]
import requestsdef get_items(): data = requests.get("").json() # do shit with it return items

Is that really preferable over hosting a csv on a private server? You could literally install a FTP server to make it easy for him to change things, if he's some gui scrub.

You should check out his World Peace show if you haven't already, there's some real gold on it.

Is your solution to hand-write JSON? Because that's a terrible solution.

You anons all realize that there's going to be some way for computers to eventually understand vocal commands and be able to link in libraries and such to allow normies to 'program' anything your average Pajeet does in Java, don't you?

They won't be making OS's but they will be building custom tailored applications. It's not a bad thing, that was the whole idea behind BASIC.

This woman's crazy though, it's cargo cultism, she reminds me of a female business owner I worked for in the 1990s who had a very convoluted but essential business logic set up, I was the only person who could understand her shit. It was truly insane but it worked. These days you can't even count on your precarious interlinking of Internet-based services in the way you could with an ancient Macintosh and a couple programs and Applescripts, what the fuck are we even doing lads?

There isn't a path of least resistance any more.

MDE is NOT one person you fucking normalfag

yeah m8 it's called 'the present', we're all aware. And it'll have much the same issues as it does now. We'll see real SHODAN-style AI (and then blissful annihilation) before that changes.

fuck me, you could write a program to read csv files and spit them out to a RESTful api in like thirty minutes

or of course they could just put the csv files on a server somewhere then it'd take you 30 seconds, but whatever.

Is this some elaborate troll she's pull off for easy money?

In her defense, every time I have tried writing Python I always have been reminded of writing complex formulas in Excel.

Faggots will pay to get 'taught by black woman in tech' on their SJW resumes. I'd expect this scam makes a lot of money.

the only thing he can straddle are chairs, wallets, and government supply contracts

t. nervous "coder"

There is a difference?




The age of the street shitter is coming to an end. Watch as the age of the google spreadsheet nigger rises.




I'm sorry, what?

Also, the poster you were replying to never brought up Marxism, nor open borders. How did you extrapolate that from a two-line post?

I'm sorry, what?

Gangbang quest?

I'm not even going to watch it.
Negress giving any kind of tech talk is complete nonsense.


Are you retarded? Don't they teach this shit at school anymore?
What's so confusing about it? The genus has millions of years, although in the very beginning it was the same dumb apes so you can ignore that part. Neanderthals alone have a few hundred thousand years, add their predecessor and it's a few more. In case you don't know, Neanderthals and Sapiens fucked to make Europeans, Asians come from those two plus Denisovans, while Africans are much closer to Erectus (meaning they didn't need to evolve much to survive, relatively few changes were good enough) and didn't breed with Neanderthals or Denisovans.
Pic has a timeline in case your defective ape brain still can't get it. Note pics assume out of Africa. sage for being way off topic.