Can anyone give me a run down on the Dr Disrespect thing?

can anyone give me a run down on the Dr Disrespect thing?

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He got banned

He probably raped some twitch thot who then metoo'ed him.

finally after sorting through all this weeb shit i found a thread of people talking about this ban; but yeah 90% sure it was a sexual assault thing based on how retards on twitter aren't leaking it


>>830893435His wife is standing by him. She was playing no games after he cheated on her a few years ago. I think if he really raped/fucked a girl and that was the accusation she would bail even without all the information.Twitch went a new route for his ban too, it was direct and not from the usual group. Also discord revoked his advertising and support, among others. All of this while his wife has his back means something more like fraud or tax evasion.

He raped a girl at Twitchcon and she has pictures/videos of the room afterward and a voicemail from him threatening her to stay quiet about it or he would resort to violence. Don't ask how I know, because I'm not telling you how. But now yall can rest.He raped, she went to twitch/police, he in big doo doo.

>>830893641Why even bother coming up with fake made up fantasies like this?>>830893590This is most likely the case

>>830893641"Don't ask how I know, because I'm not telling you how" cuz you don't know shit

>>830893257Hes gay. Anyone who watches streamers is gay. Thats all i know bro

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>pRePaRe FoR tHe 29hTnigga coming back on the 29th niggajust watch.>source?Part of his managers PR team.

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>>830893670Alright, remember this when the news officially comes out. The mother fucker raped a girl at a con, his wife isn't supporting him or talking about him at all in that instagram post.There's pictures of blood on a bed and ripped clothes and bruises on her wrist and the back of her neck, and the voicemail is like 45 seconds of a desperate Dr. Disrespect telling her to "Not say a fucking word or ill fucking destroy you, try me bitch."

>>830893709To me, paying to watch some dude stream is worse than simping an e-thot

>>830893856considering how Twitch and Slasher has been treating this whole situation, I somewhat believe this

>>830893641I don't care how you know, but a scintilla of proof would make you be a lot less of a faggot.

>>830893257his last stream he ended with a huge red pilli cant divulge more information about them because they know where i am and i have to burn my location now and continue traversing to russiastay safe and invest in shungite

>>830893972It was a violent, violent rape. The girl won't be right for a while.And for the fuckheads, my roommate works for Twitch Security and was CC'd in some internal emails warning them that some shit was about to go down.

>>830894071Jesus Christ this is the gayest shit I have ever seen. Reddit is jealous of how fucking gay this is.

>>830894062This is what Holla Forums was going on about. Saying denied for holocaust denial.

>>830894009There's not any physical proof. My roommate can't just bring in a usb and fill it with internal emails. He heard a lot firsthand from someone sitting in on the meetings. They weren't shown the pictures or videos but they heard the voicemail. The rest is in the hands of the authorities which is why nobody seems to know shit.


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apparently shit is

>>830894071This is an image board, an image will help you not be such a faggot.

>>830894165Yeah, notice how she did say Guy or Herschel or Dr. Disrespect? She was talking about the support from the community for her. Shes not going to talk about the shit while there is an active investigation. You think shes going to post something about standing by a rapist? Fuck no.Watch. She won't mention him or anything else at all. Radio silence. She will be instructed by lawyers.

>>830893799luke, mika, durk, anna or stop.Your internet hitstories will be checked.

>>830894197What picture? I don't have any of it. Nobody at Twitch has seen the pictures as they are a part of a criminal investigation. The only reason they heard the voicemail was because the girl sent them it when she reported it to Twitch and the police.Roommate ain't going to risk his job over a streamer getting fucked. Sorry. Besides he told me that you can't sign into Twitch Securities emails while not on their network.

>>830894323You sound convincing at least.

>>830894424Just wait for the news. Docs silence has be deafening because his lawyers immediately told him to shut the fuck up. He won't post on anything and may actually close the accounts.The dude that told my roommate about the voicemail said it was haunting. Like he was mad at a video game times 500, and that he was yelling so hard that his voice was shaking.

>>830894424Thats all you ever really need to be. If people done believe you, just double down on the lie.

>>830893641>Two years later goes to the policeI just.. s... suddenly realized it was rape

>>830894602You know how common it is for people to not report rapes or report them years later?He threatened her to stay quiet.

>>830893257some higher up at twitch is trying to cover his ass because if you work for twitch, they control your reproductive organ as well as what you can and cannot say

>>830894602From wikipedia - "The majority of rapes in the United States go unreported.[282][275] According to the American Medical Association (1995), sexual violence, and rape in particular, is considered the most under-reported violent crime.[283] Some of the most common reasons given by victims for not reporting rapes are when the victim considers it a personal or private matter, and the fear of reprisal from the assailant.[284] Under-reporting affects the accuracy of this data."

who cares

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im glad he is gone lmao

>>830894627Fake and gay

>>830893641You're just guessing but I'll give you it's a good guess.Either that or CP. This is clearly beyond investigation, too. Twitch wouldn't just give subscribers their money back like this if they weren't sure he was fucked.

>>830893257He’s Dr doloo


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>>830894930It's not a guess. This is literally what happened. No CP. The woman was legal but it was not consensual.

>>830894930Last time he was banned it was a nothing burger though

People should have dropped this edgy cunt when he cheated on his wife, but nah they went full Chris Brown on him and made him even richer.

Should have bought more shungite against the chink developed 5G killer radiation waves, lol

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>mentions David Icke >gets permabanned from all platforms within momentsHe even got a message on his phone during his speech after which he completely changed the direction of what he was talking this point, if you don't believe Holla Forums was right about everything, you are braindead or delusional.

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>>830894627People delay in reporting rapes usally because its not real clear that they were raped or that the sex was not a "clear no" or something. When some dude leaves your sheets bloody and threatens you on a voicemail, you go to the police and he goes to jail. The biggest hole in this hole story is that we are basing this off of social media banning. This are not responses that the police take. The police take him to jail and a court dates are set up, Hell, the voice mail alone is enough for that. These are the kind of responses business take to save face from cancel culture. Twitch banning him only makes sense if this was a public accusation. If this is all behind closed doors, he would have been the one closing ties with these sponsors to mitigate liability.

>>830895001Last time he was banned Twitch didn't refund anybody and everyone knew why.This time Twitch refunded all of his subscribers, refuse to say why they banned him, and the man himself looked like his entire life was fucked all at once.

>>830894930Dude seems remarkably sure of his info though, you gotta admit.

>>830893641>white male is successful and has sexRRRAAPPPEEEEEEEEE>subhuman shitskin actually rapes and killsHe dindu nuffin!

>Doc had sex with minors>Police investigation went to Twitch/Discord for Docs logs>Companies full panic mode shredding multi-million dollar investment due fear of eminent mainstream media backlash about streaming making minors vulnerable to predators>when investigation becomes public stocks will go downhill, lot of advertisers will flee streaming>big media and politicians will call for regulation>public already hate amazon it will be a shitstorm> wife probably already knew, so dont think its something as revolting as babies> Doc will be the industry cancer

>>830895094Should probably mention I'm DrDisrespect, and therefore can confirm he's right, but that he had no prior knowledge and just took some other poster's guess.

>>830895057a whole bunch of stuff, put em around the la casa, little pyramids and stuff

>>830895067Yea this is horse shit. People don't report rapes because they don't want people knowing they were raped. Most would rather take it to the fucking grave. Imagine you just got raped in the ass. Do you want to go to the police and tell them about how you were too much of a pussy to fight the guy off, and half way through you gave up fighting back just took it. And explain how you cleaned cum and blood out of your ass for an hour. Then your whole family knows. Then the guy you blamed goes on twitter and tells everyone you let him fuck you in the ass because you are huge faggot and called him daddy. All his friends reply calling you a fag and a liar. Then you take him to court and you lose the case and now everyone knows for a fact your a faggot who loves people cumming in your ass.That happens all the fucking time. That's why people don't report.

>>830894743This is mostly because our definition of rape is...lazy. When someone says rape, people generally think about back allies and women walking by themselves. Those are reported, not 100% of course but as much as any other crime. The rape that isn't reported is the kind we shit on about here. Becky drinks too much and goes home with some dude. Shannon doesn't say no when her boyfriend goes for it. nonconsensual yes. but not something that will hold up in court. These are the ones that tend also to be reported late because they're telling their loud friend about how they "maybe wern't okay with it" and she yelled "that's rape lets go to the police."

>>830893856You are full of shit

>>830895282No but nice larpingThis is almost certainly sexual assault

>>830895282If it was this tame, Slasher would have leaked it. His tweet saying he's uncomfortable talking about it means shit is bad.

>>830895282Slasher was saying on scuffed podcast just now that the perma ban was out of twitch hands and wasn't decided by them, so it implies that some legal trouble has forced them to cut ties completely, also on twitter Slasher said he's not comfortable talking about what's happened so sounds a little more serious then fraud.

>>830895336I just busted a nut, thanks man really appreciated.

>>830895342Just wait snowflake. You'll find out in the next few days.

>>830895378It is something that will inevitably going to damage Twitch. Slasher is dying to leak, and the fame he is getting but he said he never saw something being kept so tight and so high up at the company. If he leaks he is going to be black listed and fucked hard professionally. Twitch is buying time before this comes public

>>830895336Yeah well, I would agree with you if men were the one rallying behind #metoo. No one talking about unreported raps is talking about men. They are talking about women who didn't have the heart to tell Joe Babyface She didn't want him inside her after dinner. Ever wonder why so many of the solutions they pitch are for men to change attitudes and not from them to protect themselves?

>>830895385No, he just said the ban didn't come from the team that usually issues the bans. Meaning that the decision came from an upper position.

>>830894185hahaha he looks so fucked up when he checks his phone at 2:00

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>>830894528>The dude who told my room matestfu you faggot

>>830895555Because women shouldn't have to live their lives prepared to fend off a rapist at all times, men should just stop raping. What kind of fucking stupid logic is that?

>>830895667Fr real men don't rape

>>830895667Then maybe they shouldn't have banned the universal equalizer, firearms.

Sounds kinda fake and gay tbh but ngl watching that stream video was surreal af. Normal until whatever was on the phone happened, then strange reactions, and FUCK with the cut to outro. Wack stuff, if you all are right I'll be surprised. For the one saying twitch roommate saw photos and voicemail, yeaaaaaaaah right gimme a truck of salt, those would be in an evidence file, not on SOC staff meetings (wayyy too weird). However not being able to access the mail outside the network makes sense, most would use a VPN to get remote access with dat rona making working from home likely.

>>830895788He didn't see the pictures, they know of their existence but they heard the voicemail because the girl sent it to them while reporting the incident.

>>830895667"Criminals shouldnt commit crime"yeah you're right but crime will always exist cause not everyone is a fucking good person are they?Women will always be weaker than men, if you cant accept that i dunno what to tell youif you think a world exists where no man preys on women you're wrong

>>830895788>Sounds kinda fake and gayTwitch giving money back to hundreds, if not thousands, of subscribers says otherwise. Twitch would never dump money like that for a publicity stunt.

>>830893641Nice try

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>>830896099If anything that post proves my source accurate.

>>830895057He mentions david icke after he is spooked from what he reads on his phone.. not before.

>>830893641Lol "big doo doo"

>>830896130no ones leaking anything but this guy and your boyfriend security guard know about it?

>>830896130He's saying you're the same guy just spamming this shit in these threads dude.The rape thing is totally unbelievable because that dude could pull any fucking girl he wants on the planet. He's 6'8", fit, fucking Chad face and stature. And to top it all of, dude cheated on his wife with some chick who WANTED to fuck him. No way rape makes sense here, why would he need to? He's rich, famous, attractive, he has throngs of women wherever he goes. Just doesn't make sense.

>>830896099Doc admitted to cheating on his wife because she fucking made him do it dude, that shit was clear as day to see. She most likely told him on no uncertain terms that if he didn't want a divorce with her taking him to the cleaners and getting full custody of their daughter that he go live on stream and admit that he did it. That's why he was a total blubbering mess, she forced his hand.

>>830896422did you reply to the wrong post?


>>830896511No, I was replying to this part of the screencap:>Doc tried to remove any attention to this by coming forward with cheating on his wife

>>830896357You're either very young or very stupid.

>inb4 he killed his wife and made that tweet by himself>in that one video he just gave up and waited for the cops while "watching roblox extreme tag"

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>>830896578>no actual argumentmmk sweety

>>830893641This is the most probable theory atm, explains why no one can talk about itPics of the room don't really meant shit though, 99% of girls are into rough sex and being dominated/thrown around. The voicemail is interesting though

>>830896422This is also further evidenced by her becoming a character on his streams afterwards, with the theme of "Mrs. Assassin" always holding him up at knifepoint and making him do things. Most likely Doc's idea, trying to incorporate her more into his work to show that he's playing along and really is a family man, but "she's the boss lol"


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>>830896562I know its bullshit, I was just showing where the retard in this thread got his 'info' from. If everyone who worked for twitch knew, it would've been leaked hours ago

Hassan snitched on dr

>>830893257It's all complete theatre, DrDisrespect is an actor working for the Ruse Cruise.

>>830896843so Twitch is in on the joke too by permabanning him, and refunding all of his subs? that's a pretty elaborate prank

>>830896631The only way this works is if shes not doing this through the police.

all imma say

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>>830893257this was in the works for

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>>830897100blue can + red canfb x youtube

What if the cheating was actual rape?

>>830893257Here's what we know OP:Twitch straight up permabanned doc, removed all his emotes, and is now refunding his subs. This didn't go through the stupid council they formed, Twitch Corporate did it. Discord has also just removed him as a partner.What this means is, that this is 100% a legal issue that is going to involve court. Beyond that, we don't know. But what we DO know is that this rules out the following things>Doc talking about David Icke>Doc talking about Shungite>Doc talking about 5g coronavirus>Doc talking about any stupid conspiracy shitWhy? Because Twitch signed a fucking MULTI MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT WITH HIM JUST TO KEEP HIM ON TWITCH. They don't give a fuck if he goes full retard with conspiracy theories or whatever. To break that contract they signed and immediately pull him with no explanation or public statement means that this IS a legal issue of some kind and it also means that Doc might have supremely fucked up. By doing what, who knows. But shit is giga-fucked because of how this went down.t. work in corporate at a fortune 100 company, know how this shit works.

>>[email protected] 7:53 it's like he was poked and either shown something or told something to end the stream.

>>830897100and how do you reconcile that with the way he was acting the last few minutes of his stream? he seemed genuinely rattled and had something much more pressing on his mind

No, not Suge Knight.

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Was the doc even good at any game? If i remember when i glanced he totally sucked in his matches when he streamed it. What a noob

>>830896357i bet you believe kobe and ronaldo too

>'s the documentary Guy mentioned. The image is the book he mentioned.I've looked at everything I can on the situation. The only truth to what people are saying is that he mentioned Icke. When he looks at his phone he acts not much different, the ending of his stream and what he says is perfectly normal (no police at his house).David Icke was in the press recently because of his 'theories' in 5G and the Coronavirus, from what I can see, Dr Disrespect mentioned something regarding 5G and links to Coronavirus which is a massive NO NO, that's strike 1. Mentioning David Icke again which would then lead people to the 5G talk is strike 2. He also had a strike from when he was previously banned which totals to 3 and you're out.

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>>830897229or heard a noise, like police at his door, which people are wondering maybe it was his wife texting him earlier in the clip that someone was at the door and he needs to get off stream

>>830897276Is mentioning conspiracy theories against Twitch's rules/TOS ?

>>830897260I'm arguing against a completely unsubstantiated RUMOR you're peddling, not fact. If Twitch or whoever put out a statement that confirms what you're saying, then yeah I would be more inclined to believe the validity of it, but I'm SPECULATING that you're full of shit based on the fact that he doesn't need to rape women, they already find him attractive.

>>830897276>>830897334If Twitch banned him for that they would have made a public statement saying so, not what they're doing now. This is a legal/HR issue that's going down.

>>830897366i'm not the other guy you replied to, and i have no idea what happened with him, but rape is not about the sex. it's about power.

Yeah, i'm curious if he admits to it, or if it is potential blackmail, and he's angry because of the frustration.

>>830897260>get pumped and dumped by celebrities>cry rape after

>>830897232kinda clean that he can't keep his head cool during negociations... he's always actes this way when there's deals going on.He's most likely just switching platform.. and twitch got wind of it, terminating his account on the basis of fraudulent claims of other offers.