Girls who dont wear makeup > girls who wear makeupchange my mind

girls who dont wear makeup > girls who wear makeupchange my mind

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>>830893251All women and girls over age 10 should be executed. They’re all treasonous whores and we need to start over.

>>830893251Agreed, if some bitch needs to put on a clown mask in order to look good then they're literal bottom of the barrel trash. I've seen chicks who never use makeup and still look good, rare but possible.

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>>830893354You just want to increase your chance of gay sex, don't you faggot?

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>>830893354Change that to 13.

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>>830893251I disagree. Would agree that too much makeup is not good.Unless you have a clown fetish.

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>>830893458Did you personally check or are you just assuming they weren't wearing makeup?

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>>830893579Cuter on the left.Brain doesn't register right as human, too artificial.

>>830893251makeup is ew

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>>830893617You don't have to assume, you can just tell by looking at them. It is extremely obvious when they are wearing makeup because it looks fake as fuck.>>830893579Prime example

>>830893897>you can just tell by looking at them

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>>830893821I didnt get any bitcoin yet. How long does it take?

This thread reeks of incel

>>830894011Cringe retard dating a clown detected>>830894088White Knight defends his 3/10 clown mask GF and cries himself to sleep every night pretending that she's not ugly as fuck

>>830894162LOL>He actually thinks the only way to apply makeup is using bright colors and packing it on thickMaybe when you get older, kid...

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>>830894162you fucking virgin. if you had ever actually been with a woman, you would know that they definitely look better with make up.

>>83089404425 minutes

>>830894401Imagine settling for a 2/10 just because when they put a mask on they look like a 6/10 instead. Actually a degenerate simp who is insecure about his literal hook nosed wrinkly ass skin witch and needs to defend her in any way so he doesn't feel like a retard for settling down with trash.

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>>830894625t. When the lack of sex causes brain rot

>>830894670>when you've lost the argument and have no good comebacks because you can't deny the truth of the statementJesus Christ, pathetic.

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>>830894726>begins losing arguments>spams wojaks

>>830893251Lol virgin.

>>830894726>Thinking this is even an argumentBro...Pay a hooker if you must but you'll never make it to wizard without hurting yourself or someone else

>>830894427It didnt work you liar

>>830894850If you buy a wholesome looking hooker and take her out on a date. Do you think you can wife/GF her?

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>>830894929dont worry user money dont buy happiness

Make up is just false advertising.

>>830895022Go try it out and report back with your findings

>>830894807>>830894850Awwww it's okay, you ended up with a clown but it's okay. Just don't pretend like they're pretty when they're not or you'll start sounding delusional haha! You're not delusional, are you?

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>>830894670>>830894766Same fagging this hard, yikes


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>>830895170Nah.Try again


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>>830893251Agreed OP, Makeup makes girls ugly. After it makes them ugly, they need it.

>>830895964shut up faggot we are posting wajacks now>>830895963

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>>830896512this was a good thread user, i will sleep now good night frens

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>>830896565Sleep well user

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