Built for BBC

built for BBC

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>>830893086cute, bet she’d struggle at first

Piggy is so excited to be blacked

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>>830893126She'd get used to it fast after being used so much, it'll become her new favorite thing as well.

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>>830893190all whites should be this eager to serve bbc

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>>830893258Oh it absolutely will, but I imagine it’ll take her a bit longer than most because she’s so fkin tight. But in the end we’ll all submit to the bnwo

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which one should be a bbc slave

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>>830893392>>830893442nice asses built to get smashed by huge black cocks

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>>830893551Mmhmm, pretty white girls love dreaming of having their hair pulled while being fucked by a bull

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>>830893615she needs it so bad. It honestly disgusts me that she still has a white bf

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>>830893528My wife

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>>830893666Devils trips, nice. Why not do her and yourself a favour and introduce her to blacked porn?

>>830893671keep posting

>>830893671You want to see her on a real cock? Good boi :)>>830893688Showing off like that, she def wants it


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>>830893779I honestly should. It’s not like I’ll ever have a chance with her so I can just ruin it now by spamming her inbox with bbc

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>>830893945moar holy shit

>>830893885What scene would you send her to guarantee she gets wet panties?

>>830893945this the same girl? Been stroking to her in the socials thread and couldn’t agree more, she needs bbc

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>>830893870any asshole?


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>>830893721She needs to be split in two

>>830893978My fav scene is still the raw one where Mia Malkova is getting railed and her eyes start rolling back with every thrust, so I’d probably go with that

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>>830894027god damn


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>>830894152Feels so much better to pump to the thought of her on a bbc

Why is it so fucking hot imagining sexy tight white girls give over to the pure animalistic desires making them bounce on thick black bull cock?Like the purity of the small white woman being corrupted by the brutish primivite animal trying to breed her gets me fucking hard. She is powerless to fight off her primal desires and submisses totally to filthy nigger cock.


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>>830894120Fuck yeah, that one is great. I'm sure your crush would be angry at first, then hesitant, and finally give in and maybe see some of herself in Mia>>830894158She just has that tiny slut look. They'd destroy her


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>>830894326no question

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>>830894338My useless cock would barely reach past her cheeks, she needs a real man to please her

>>830894409Fuck yes

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>>830894389Her pussy was made to be piledrived and creamed

kids teacher that has

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>>830894326I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mia Markova enjoy herself this much in a porn before, for a woman it must be even more obvious that bbc is giving her the best sex of her life

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>>830894505by bbc i hope

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>>830894491her curves just make me wanna drop to my knees am worship... I’m pumping my limp cock so hard


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>>830894581She looks like she’ll be hesitant at first, but once she’s hooked she’ll never go back


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>>830894512Now imagine your crush realizing that's what she wants and needs>>830894543Oh yeah dude, no doubt. She needs a thick black cock to please her and gape her tiny pussy

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>>830894619Yeah, she'd probably even resist at first before starting to give in to the inevitable

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>>830894629At this point the thought of me putting my cock between her cheeks doesn’t even occur, I just think about myself on my knees worshiping her ass, or a hung black man giving her the best fuck of her life


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>>830894646and finally dumping her bf? It’s insane how happy it’d make me to see her submit to black cock

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>>830894810that right there is a bbc goddess

>>830894810Can’t stop thinking about a bbc cumming deep inside her pussy

>>830894780She looks so small and slutty - like that sort of vapid, dead eyed slut that just looks for the next cock to ride>>830894896She'd just post something on fb about how she had to move on. With an accompanying link to her Onlyfans of course


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>>830894885A year ago I’d still be stroking to this pic and pretending that I’d be good enough to fuck her, today I know my place and just hope that she gets to experience a bbc between her sexy cheeks

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>>830894961spot on. has been single whole time i've known her

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>>830894961Which would subsequently be filled with pics and vids of her on a bbc. Her ex bf would be among the first subscribers and she’d be so turned on by the thought of basically cucking him

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>>830894989the kind of trophy wife you don't even fuck because you know you aren't good enough and let her fuck bbc


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>>830894989I’m ready to cum but at know that I don’t deserve it... I want to edge through all of her pics

>>830895180Just watch her bounce on a bbc instead

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>>830895096"Single", but with very active DM's and uber account to go to the bulls houses. I know girls just like that - they love feeling wanted, but only for a short time before it wears off>>830895139That pretty slim little body getting stuffed deep with BBC... a selfie video of her sucking one off...

>>830894989lmfao and 4chan is the same site full of people talking about muh racemixing agenda in media. the only people obsessed with racemixing and big black cocks are you guys, its so fucking funny to watch.

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>>830895219I’d pay so much for that. Does she have an onlyfans/ PayPal link/ whatever?

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>>830895351No, nothing

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>>830895274And a couple of public vids of her grinding herself onto a black guys crotch to get the white Bois to subscribe

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>>830895432fk I don’t even get to submit to her... back to pumping then

>>830895344>>830895381Cute breeding toys

>>830895413Oh fuck, look at how pretty she can look while still being so slutty. This must have been on one of those rare weekends when she didn't have a BBC lined up>>830895447Public vids of her at the club grinding on black guys. Maybe if the night goes well she'll take one home... or the bathroom.

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>>830892962My girls ass about to wake my friend up and make her unable to walk

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>>830895585And I imagine most of her nights will go well. God just the thought of her on all of these huge cocks gets me drooling

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>>830895432Got disc or anything? Captcha is starting to kill me


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>>830895694Can't blame ya, user, she's a snowbunny princess. Would you ever watch her get dicked by a BBC in person?>>830895799She knows she has the goods to make any black guy ready to fuck... and any white guy ready to be a cuck

>>830895863put me in the cuck category. could you think of a more obvious bbc appointment outfit

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>>830895863Oh I absolutely would, I’d beg and pay her just to let me watch

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>>830895952Of course, she'd post something on her insta like "Living my best life haha xoxo". Imagine that BBC as deep as it goes in her cunt while she bites down on a pillow>>830895973$100 to watch, $100 more to touch yourself, $100 more to cum. Unless you wanna be her little cucky slave, then there's a discount

Anyone tryna share there wife or gf I’ll drop kik : bigoof420p

>>830895951Kik ?


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>>830895952Kik ?

>>830896218Kik ?

>>830896213Love seeing her show off. I think she'd easily be down to take on two at once

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thoughts? I think she should audition for BLACKED

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my slut gf cams on chaturbate and is live now if ur keen her user is girlscoutxo

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>>830896355She looks like she thinks she's hot shit, some bad bitch who can handle any dick, but would openly cry and hopelessly cum during her scene.

>>830896300i'd kill to see that

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>>830896426Have a kik

>>830896426Glasses too? Oh yeah, she'd take two without a seconds hesitation and call both of them master. And of course you can see it... if you pay for the privilege

>>830896424god I want to see her start off excited on her knees surrounded by nigger cock, then start crying as she's forced to throat BBC, then watch her brain melt as her asshole is ruined in full nelson while she cums helplessly. all for the audition.

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She deserves BBC

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>>830896669It would start off with just a tear rolling down her cheek from how deep she throated. Then they'd get rougher and her mascara would begin to run. When they say they're ready for her pussy, she's unsure, but she's come this far, and hey - at least they're not hurting her jaw anymore...


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>>830896700Frumpy high school nerd ft. BLACKEDComing soon

Welcoming BBC !

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>>830896824it wouldnt take long for her to have her cheek pressed against the floor, looking timidly over her shoulder with mascara streaks down her face and her delicate fingers spreading her pussy as a thick nigger cock begins to split her open. she'd whimper at the first inch, gasp at the second, hiss at the third, and let her mouth fall open at the fourth. it wouldnt take much pounding to bring her to the edge and make her start drooling...

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Built for it

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all these white girls running around in tight little booty shorts

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>>830897011Then, once she's already cum once, it's time for the real test to see if she can handle BBC to start. The remaining four inches of thick cock get pushed into her, and she bites back a scream. She desperately tries to spread her lips wider, bit no luck - she's stretched to her limit and the bull isn't stopping

>>830896977I'd love to see all her innocence taken away, turned into a BBC addicted slut

>>830897103She's just fucking praying some big dicked black guy checks her out and decides he wants to fuck her

she has certainly tried the forbidden fruit

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>>830897103It's enough to drive ya crazy, right? I mean, they're almost naked anyway, so why not stop being such a tease and get naked for blacked? You're watching regardless, so what's the difference?

>>830897143arms elongated and pinned behind her, face against the floor, perky tits and nipples grating on the wood beneath her - the nigger cock starts pumping in and out of her starting slow; not so she can get used to him, but so he can milk the maximum amount of cum out of his balls and into her fertile teen womb

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>>830897164Soon enough she'd be showing off her body in the halls at school and flirting with the basketball team

>>830897270Her pussy feels so good, never before has it been used by such a big cock. Her mouth opens in a silent scream of pain and ecstasy and she quivers thinking about how much she likes being used, even if it hurts

>>830897165>>830897205I can't tell if they do it to tease whiteboys or to show off for black guys... either way they know what they want

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>>830897305That's so hot

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>>830897403It's mostly for the BBC attention, but also to make white boys squirm in their bedrooms while the cum to blacked porn and their insta pics

>>830897301Can you imagine her after some party, drunk but not out of it, on her knees with her dress pulled down under her tits, mouth inches away from a thick sweaty cock of a black dude she doesn't even know, ready to please? Imagine how fucking soaked her cunt would be as she takes his soft but massive cock into her mouth and felt it harden in her throat as she bobbed her pretty white mouth on it. She'd probably play with herself while she drools all over his cock and moans, her mind going blank as she feels herself get more and more full of black cock.