Explain this, IiberaIs

Explain this, IiberaIs.

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>>830891591who cares? doesn't change anything in my life


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>>830891591is that a nigger or a pajeet?


>>830891591Who would abuse this ugly junk face?!

>>830891829A street shitter

L Et s fi GH t racism by beING racis T

>>830891752sure OP your life will never be the same again, right? shit, man, do you really waste your life getting angry about this shit? go live your own life and don't worry about hers. And OP, and if that's supposed to be me, so what? Life goes on

>>830891591She said "White lives don't matter AS WHITE LIVES - all lives matter".Stop distorting reality, really. Only braindead people can fall for this bullshit.

university = kike

>>830891591What an ugly fucker.

>>830892063Look at this retard

ITT: snowflakes mad at words>BuT mUh ReVeRsE rAcIsM

>>830892081This doesn't seem to be true.

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>>83089159190% chance this person wouldn't call themselves a liberal.What she said was a bit more complex then you are making it out to be. Complex arguments aren't really something conservatives are known for.

>>830892325race is a social construct that we should do away with, since it oversimplifies complexity to skin tonebut no, I'm sure she meant abolish white people lmao

>>830892410Still mad she lost?

>>830892410she is a liberal and you are a liberal. you iphone communists talk a big game, but at the end of the day you will bend the knee to Biden.

>>830892424Why is whiteness the only complexion called for abolition by tenured academics?

>>830892325In your own words; what do you think she means with these statements?

>>830892424maybe she should have said that if that's what she meant.

>>830892063Calm down goldensilverdiamondsteinburger

>>830892533An end to white civilization, the one of capitalism in particular.

>>830892516Implying a lot of stuff there my dude.The biggest implication being you don't know what a liberal is.

>>830892325"As White lives". Oh my God can you even read what you are posting?

>>830892410Explain this complexity Herschel

>>830892424Dog breeds are s social constructChiuaua and Doberman are the same because dogs

>>830891591this shit really doesn't matter. you could compare her job and the amount of people she influences to a death metal band.a death metal band will tell a million impressionable youths to worship death, pain, torture, and every horrible disgusting thing you can imagine, in the ugliest possible way. they will make more money than her and reach more people.whatever.

>>830892735Oh please. If you are insuenating that she means "all lives matter" or some non-identarian bullshit, you are only fooling yourself. You know damn well that if she said "Black lives don't matter, as black lives" she would have been cancelled that very day. She is a racist pile of shit, hiding on her campus, propped up by her fellow marxists.

>>830892709a liberal is a democrat. a liberal is ain iphone communist. antifa is full of libs. this lady is a lib. you are a lib. all of these riots are 100% political. the second biden wins, the protests end.

>>830892735Explain your nonsenseBlack lives don't matterAs black livesDefinitely wouldn't cause a twit meltdown

>>830891591They say she said one thing in her tweet and then show the tweet which has far more context.

>>830892735Lol, your skin looks like poo

>>830891752nobody irl cares about any of this shit m8

So me and prof Gopal work in the same building (EFB building in Sidgwick Site). AMA

>>830892915Nobody can understand a word those screaming idiots shriek, so that's irrelevant

>>830893150Why does she look like a man in drag?

>>830892915She isnt the only one. This rhetoric is rife within academia, both in Europe and America. If her rhetoric is new to you, then I suggest that you begin paying more attention to your society.

>>830892944>>830893038her tweet was deleded by Twitter, retards>>830893087is your shit white? I suggest you to talk to your doctor

>>830892543it's twitter, not a longform essay lmao

>>830893063What context?You're retardedYou can post the sake thing 12 times, it's still retarded

>>830893150can you take photos of her feet for me?

>>830893038>>830892735Was going to say the same thing. Imagine the media hellfire storm if someone said exactly the same thing, just switching white with black.

>>830893201yeah after a huge backlash. Twitter is communist garbage. The entire server site and staff should be purged.

>>830893166dunno. life choices? I guess she's just the typical skinny 40-ish yo woman.

>>830893150Does she have a long standing reputation for spouting racist bullshit about white people?

>>830893201Desperate coping lies from a pooskin faggotYou're probably jerking off to that hideous curry beast

>>830893214I wouldn't do that. First, the building is now closed so I don't have many chances. Second, it would get me fired. Third, I'm not in that kind of bullshit

>>830891591Why are you getting so triggered brah? Conservative say all the time that black lives don't matter. Its either fair or you are just getting enraged like some soyboi.

me so sexy

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>>830893294well she's pretty loud about racial issues, let's say that. She's the one who got angry at a porter who called her "madam" instead of "dr" because "he was being racist". tbh I don't think she's doing a good service for the cause

Just hoping now that she was not born here in the UK, and that the Home Office can find something 'wrong' with her paperwork and kick her out of the country.

>>830893409ITS MAAM!!!!!

>>830893409elaborating on this, I'm strongly anti-racist. But that doesn't stop me about thinking that she might have just a bit of a God complex

>>830893355>Conservative say all the time that black lives don't matter.No one says that

>>830893273Join parler, its like Twitter but with out all the communists and totally for free speech, the right free speech.

Seriously think this is a gotcha dumbass? She's fucking retarded.

>>830893395someone with a white cock should tribute this and send it to her

>>830891829It's both. Nothing worse than a Pajigger. Not only can it not fix your pc, it'll steal it too!

>>830893568Yeah and no one has ever said white lives don't matter either. Problem solved.

>>830893425I'm an EU immigrant in the UK. Would kick me out too? Just curious.

>>830891591>>830892325you'd think she'd be less angry after indiana jones brought her back those stones

>>830892063Yeah, just keep ignoring it and it'll all go away. Really working wonders so far dickhead huh? Why don't you fuck off to Ghana along with these black cunts?

Incel's searching around for something to be mad at again. Put this much effort into finding a nice women and half you people wouldn't be so miserable :)

>>830893502Imagine being the nigger of India, then coming to a place that rewards you for being racist to white people...

>>830893630You just said it you racist bigotLiterally hitler

>>830893654Are you a retarded racist?

>>830893656First laugh I've had on Holla Forums this week. Thanks user.

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>>830892063The apathy of modern man

>>830893736Well, I am a republican so you aren't far off.


>>830893409That’s a really bad sign.Anyone who flips out about getting called “Ms.” Or “Mr.” instead of “Doctor” is a walking ego problem, and usually not nearly as intelligent as they think themselves.

>>830893654Course not, you have not done anything wrong!

Explain this conservatives:Electing a washed up celebrity to run your country

>>830893656Oh, goddamn, can’t unsee that now. Well done.

>>830893853Then shit the fuck up and keep existingThis hideous curry beast is a disgusting racist piece of shit, but nobody will oubkucly call it out because shitskinIts a fucking joke

>>830893425>>830893654Ofc he would that's what the racist right did with Brexit it wasn't ever about financial deals or trade or freemovement its been a xenophobic mantra of "coming over here stealin' our jobs" You'll never be seen as equal to a British worker in any job (You'll be 3x as qualified) and a much harder worker but the EDL fanboys won't stand for that. "Bloody Migrants coming over here to do the jobs we won't or can't, Doctors, nurses, Cleaners, Grafters, makin' us look bad when managers come on site and see us lot standing around while the Polish brickies are just smoking as they work"

>>830893702Send her to northern India.Yeah, she’ll get literally raped to death within ten minutes, but at least it won’t be by those mean ol’ white people.

>>830893878yeah, agree. Again, I'm anti-racist, but I don't think she has the right attitude. Also, she did the unfathomable mistake of posting a complex tought on social media. That's not how twitter works. Anything more elaborate than cat pictures is too hard to understand for the average social media user.

>>830893941>shit the fuck

>>830891591Extreme 'progressive' marxists have taken over academia, and embrace and promote their own. Ideas outside their neomarxist construct are censored or shunned. They look at the last hundred years of history with blinders and ignore the obvious: there's never been 'true' communism because the entire ideology is flawed.

>>830892660Closer than I thought you would get.White lives and whiteness used here refer to the concept of whiteness, of which capitalism is a major part. Ending white civilization is half correct. She seeks a post racial world, which is about transforming what you would call white culture rather than destroying it entirely. >>830892798"White lives don't matter, as white lives" is a statement to whiteness as a concept. The first white lives is talking about people whose ethnicity is from Europe. The second mention of white lives has to do with the concept of a white life. Which is some professor bullshit that lumps a bunch of positions together and calls them White.Usually Capitalism, Exploitation, and Racial Hierarchies. A non white person therefore could posses the concept of a white life and presumably she would be against that person.Her statement is white lives, as in lives that follow the formula of whiteness as a concept, are not worth existing. A person who is white is fine once we have reached her post racial utopia.Is she calling for killing off anyone who follows this concept of whiteness? I don't know.To me this is all a bunch of high academic bullshit that only makes sense to other race theory academics. Which is why, when taken out of this context it looks very very bad.You don't have to agree with an argument these people throw around, but understanding what they mean is a worthwhile goal.

>>830893959And before anyone starts, I fucking detest the UK. The only thing stopping me from leaving is a lack of money because of Austerity for 10 years. Living on the bones of your arse unable to afford anything because all you get are cut after cut after cut and inflation meaning you literally pay your rent then you have about £100 to pay for everything else for a month

>>830892081>>830892424So this would be ok then? We should abolish blackness, as it's just a social construct. There are no oppressed races because race is a fictitious concept.

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>>830891591LIberals can't "explain" anything. That's why they're liberals, or extremist leftists, or whatever you want to call them. They don't dare go against "the narrative" because they know how they'd treat someone who does, and they know they'd never want to be treated that way. So they're good bootlickers who aggressively project non-fucking-stop. Whatever they are is what they're going to accuse you of being. The more logical, rational, and sane your argument the more you piss them right the fuck off. The more facts you bring into the argument, the more lies and propaganda they'll bring to the table while also accusing you of being a racist, bigot, homophobe, whatever retarded shit that comes out of their dumbfuck mouths. They're not able to formulate and defend an argument so they just try to shut down conversation with insults, or try to get you fired and ruin your life or whatever. They're like dumb, spoiled children whose parents told them they were so super duper fucking special and smarter and better than everyone else their whole lives. There's no reasoning with retards.

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>>830893959You didn't get my post. It is obvious she is a troublemaker. Nothing to do with her race or where she was born, but as an individual. My post about hoping she can be deported was aimed at her only, because of her actions, and not anyone else who has moved here.

humongus zombie infiltrates esteemed college wants to play little big planet but voodoo doll mascot says no.

>>830894155Based. Also, Send her back to India and see how the Caste system treats her, if she's from any of the lower castes I'm sure she won't mind being worked to death, stoned, raped and have nobody listen to her anymore.

>>830894155yeah that's extremely OK. Abolish whiteness, blackness, purpleness. Whatever. Race is a social construct exploied by the rich conservatives to turn poorfags against each other.

>>830894139"Only thing stopping me from leaving is a lack of money because of austerity for 10 years"What fucking shit tier job are you doing that you can't afford to save money? Fucking pathetic.

>>830893409sounds like a very fragile ego...did the porter even know she was a 'Dr'? These ever-angry people are dragging society down, even as they get promoted to higher positions

>>830894253Her features suggest she is of a very low caste.

>>830894280>all jobs in the uk are shittier for payI have worked in Admin, worked as a grad designer, Now I'm working as a Graphic Designer, £24,000 a year is the average wage for my industry. Living in the middle of a city paying more than half of my income in rent. then you have utilities, council taxes, keeping a car on the road, fuel costs, etc etc etc I have about £100 at the end of the month, Even saving that's 10 months just to get a grand. I have about £11k in my bank but guess what. THAT IS NOT ENOUGH TO MOVE COUNTRY WITH AND EMIGRATE.

>>830894139fun fact: as an immigrant in the UK, I already make more than the average Briton, because the UK's classist system relegates most UKfags to shitty jobs. My only English colleagues are my boss and the secretary. Barring these two, in the whole floor we're all immigrants.

>>830892516You need to learn the differance between liberalism and leftism

>>830894452That’s rough, user.I wish I had some advice to give you.

request dirty lewds of semi-normal face zombie.

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>>830894492I can completely believe it. Most Brits are too fucking lazy to actually go to work let alone work hard.

>>830892530Because they equate whiteness with the "oppressors" same way nuts on the far right equate jews to the same.

>>830893012Most liberals would consider themselves Democrats, but there are some that would vote for Trump. These people usually call themselves Libertarians, and were lured to Trump by his outsider status.Communists and Liberals are in opposition to each other as Liberals argue for Capitalism, white Communists prefer Socialism.Antifa definitely is not Liberal. Did you not see the "Liberals get the bullet too" graffiti? The riots are people trying to get some free shit. The protests are political, most protests are. Ask the people protesting if they are voting for Biden and you are probably going to get a lot of "If I have to" or "I don't want to"I hope the protests don't stop if Biden wins, since he will do nothing to deal with what they are protesting.

>>830894560I don't think it's an issue of laziness. It's just that either you are born rich and you can afford one of the top 5 unis or you are basically screwed for life.

>>830894516*Thank* you!I’m also guilty of using “liberal” and “left-wing” as synonyms, but they are not.There are some horrible fucking authoritarians like her who infest the Left, and liberals like me want very much to be rid of them.

>>830894452I was earning 21k straight out of uni, living on my own in a two bedroom flat. Quickly went up to 28k working 60 hours a week.Saved and I've bought a house. 2 years ago at 25Unless you live in London, in which case, don't. You have no excuse. Sorry but austerity isn't causing your problem.

>>830894452Meanwhile council cucks living in social housing pay £70 - £130 a Week in rent if they're working and if they're on benefits even get support WITH that rental income meaning 90% of their rent is covered and they only have to pay £10 - £11 rent. State supported lifestyle is paid for by the taxpayer while they sit around smoking pot and drinking all day breeding to make more shit tier chavs for the next generation.

>>830894076I mean, communism does excel at mass murder and suffering. Around 130 to 150 million of their own citizens killed by far left communist regimes in the 20th century....quite impressive.

>>830894723We should probably just kill off the doleites and benefit scroungers. We'd be better off for it

>>830894680All the design jobs are in London though, you won't ever make a name for yourself without being here there's literally fuck all I can do its a catch 22.

>>830893012Communists despise liberals. You have no clue what a liberal believes. It is incompatible with most leftist doctrine, most centrally free markets and free speech

>>830894492You still work cheap pajeet.And the white women don’t like you


>>830894816also liberal is MUCH different from neoliberal

>>830894887Prove it?

>>830892424sure bro

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>>830893656Very funny

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>>830894887Not race hate actually, but hate of leftists. She has quite rightly been exposed as a bigot because of her far left political view. Nobody was calling for all Indians to be deported.

>>830891591you know, no one cares, I mean look at her, the poor thing is a sad excuse of "woman". I bet no one has fucked her in decades.

>>830894087You're giving this nonsense too much credit. There is no rationale other than thinly disguised hatred.

>>830894139Try Germany. They're currently taking in anything.

>>830894643Utter rubbish. The idea that you either get into a " top yoony" or your life is screwed, has no bearing on reality. This flaccid thinking started when universities stopped taking the academically brightest and best (with the unfortunate corollary of some overbred rich delinquents) and started offering the "yoony experience" as though it was some extended children's theme park for anybody, academic or not. They even had to rebrand polytechnics as universities and introduce bogus courses on crap like pop lyrics and media studies that nobody could fail, to give the illusion of 'successful further education'. All that happened is that dumb kids got into debt for a McDegree and came out with their heads full of Marxist nonsense.Learn to get up in the morning, apply yourself, and don't make excuses.

>>830894797Not for long. London is falling to pieces. The rat and sewage problem alone is hollowing it out from the centre. Totally grim. White flight.

That is one ugly fucker.

>>830893395She's the sister of this guy

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>>830892063You get that she works at one of the highest institutions of learning in the west right? And that her views are being pushed to humanities students who then force them onto the stem students through things like blackout stem insuring the best and brightest fuck off to places like dubai and more importantly China. Your complacency guarantees that in the long run China will technologically outpace the western nations ensuring that they become the global superpower.

>>830892533That whiteness is a social construct independent of any cultural or genetic history and it is only used destructively.